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Just a dump post showing off what I’ve been working on the last few months! One day maybe I will be able to finish way more projects that I start, but this is looking pretty good to me! :)

(A few of these things are available on this Etsy shop I run with my friends, in case y’all are interested; anything not on the Etsy, you can message me about, if it’s something you wish to own.)

So if y'all haven't heard about Pumpkin Online yet...

It’s time to EDUCATE YO'SELF. 

pumpkinonline is a farming and dating RPG game (inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, if you’re into that) currently in the works. It’s gonna be the BEST DAMN MMORPG ON THE INTERWEBS, and I’ll tell you why:

  • it will feature NPCs of multiple skin tones, physical ability levels, and body types.
  • Character creation will feature MANY more skin tones than most RPGs allow (the creators are even designing a character with vitiligo).
  • You won’t have to choose your character’s gender until AFTER YOU’VE CREATED YOUR AVATAR, so trans* and nonbinary characters will be not only encouraged, but freaking possible. Your character can have any body you want–from rail-thin to “chubby”, big breasted or flat-chested, muscular or wiry–and THEN you get to choose how they identify.
  • Your character can date or marry any NPC or player character in the game world, regardless of body or gender. Multiple player characters can date the same NPC and each play as if they are the only character dating that NPC.
  • Into polyamory? Cool! You can date multiple NPCs in the game without drama, and will also be able to negotiate polyamorous relationships with other players in the game who are into it too!
  • Asexual/aromantic? Also cool! Dating isn’t required in the game, and physical affection is mostly just implied rather than explicitly shown. You can farm to your heart’s content and make best friends with NPCs and other characters if that’s all you want to do.
  • The head of the design team for the game is an African-American woman. Supporting diversity in gaming companies FTW.
  • Speaking of the design team, they have been super helpful and responsive to people who want representation in the game. If you look at what’s being designed and you feel left out for some reason, contact them and they’ll try to fix it!

The reason I’m putting so much effort into this post is because Pumpkin Online, this massively inclusive and positive (and fun looking!) game is still in the fundraising process. They have 20 days (as of today) to raise $22,000 for the project. They have staggered levels of rewards on Kickstarter; a minimum $20 donation will get you beta access to the game. If you want this game to become a real thing, go donate here or at least signal boost the pumpkin guts out of this. Please. For me.


Jack and Sally dresses! 

I’m getting excited for Halloween, and I know some of you guys will be too. For a while I want to focus on some more costumey designs. 

If you have a request for a costume or another design send it in here. :)

It’s not Halloween yet but I just can’t wait!

I just open a new blog, I’ll put some different work there, such as things I put on DA. It will be different works between here and there! Don’t worry, I’ll still update this blog as usual. This is my playground and I draw things I like in a happy way.

To the new blog | Luce Into Space

Someone just took the old name I always use :-( But I still use “Luce In The Sky” as title!

anonymous asked:

Could you try drawing Pumpkin as an Animal Crossing villager? If you've played the game, you might think of things like, who might her friends be? What activities might she enjoy? What wardrobe would she like? What would she like in her house? If you haven't, maybe you could just try the style?

If Pumpkin was an Animal Crossing villager she would look pretty much the same, I think? She would miss just a dew details.
She would probably be a peppy villager. I kinda see her hanging around shops, and she would like cute items.