pumpkin crossing


Just a dump post showing off what I’ve been working on the last few months! One day maybe I will be able to finish way more projects that I start, but this is looking pretty good to me! :)

(A few of these things are available on this Etsy shop I run with my friends, in case y’all are interested; anything not on the Etsy, you can message me about, if it’s something you wish to own.)


Jack and Sally dresses! 

I’m getting excited for Halloween, and I know some of you guys will be too. For a while I want to focus on some more costumey designs. 

If you have a request for a costume or another design send it in here. :)

It’s not Halloween yet but I just can’t wait!

I just open a new blog, I’ll put some different work there, such as things I put on DA. It will be different works between here and there! Don’t worry, I’ll still update this blog as usual. This is my playground and I draw things I like in a happy way.

To the new blog | Luce Into Space

Someone just took the old name I always use :-( But I still use “Luce In The Sky” as title!