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Hera tends to be looked out unfavorably because of her high jealousy in ancient myths and her associations with traditional and conservative ideals. To remedy that a bit, here are some more modern and positive takes on the Greek Queen of the Gods: 

    • Hera is more than just a goddess who upholds the honor of marriage. She is also the spirit of commitment. She is the comfort found in a strong relationship between two people who adore each other. It doesn’t have to be a traditional marriage, just a lifelong bond that each party is dedicated to.

    • Hera is the archetypal mother. She’s regal, dominating, and knows what’s best. She may be hard on those around her, but it’s only out of a desire to see them do better. She loves her family and would do whatever it takes to defend them.

    • Every time a country establishes more rights for same sex couples, both Hera and Aphrodite rejoice. Love is love to them and everyone should be able to express that and have their own families, biological or adopted.

    • Hera is the karma that lands upon those who cheat on their partners. This is shared with Aphrodite, but the ancient myths show that she is not one to take such a betrayal lightly. She understands the pain of heartbreak and seeks to make sure those who cause it suffer for it.

    • Loyalty is one of Hera’s most admired qualities. It’s important to stay true to the people you care for, especially family.

    • Even if she can be a tad traditional and conservative, Hera doesn’t agree with those who believe that allowing same sex marriage weakens the institution of traditional marriage. She believes that those who are dedicated to one another should have the ability to marry, regardless of who they are or what their sexuality is.

    • Hera is the mother who bakes things for new members of the neighborhood and delivers them personally with a formal introduction. She then happily begins guiding them through the in and outs of the community.

    • Hera is a champion for women’s rights alongside her fellow goddesses. She’s especially concerned with reproductive rights as she wants women and their unborn children should have access to healthcare, regardless of economic status or religious belief. Even in the case of women not deciding to have a child, she still wants their health and comfort.

    • Hera and Aphrodite watch gossip and reality shows to mock how utterly ridiculous they are. It’s a nice way of unwinding after a stressful day.

    • Hera cherishes nature, so it’s not uncommon to see her and her sister, Demeter, out together on nature walks or visiting animal rescue shelters.

    • Hera sometimes plays midwife, especially for women who have extremely burdensome or high-risk pregnancies. She does her best to make the process go smoothly and help mother and child to remain in health.

    • She’s the PTA mom. You can’t convince me otherwise. Fight me. 
    • She’s the marriage counselor who does her best to help couples resolve their issues, or in lieu of that, tries to ease the process of divorce, particularly if there are children involved. 
    • Totally goes to Starbucks every morning with either Aphrodite or Demeter to enjoy a caramel frappe or a Pumpkin Spice latte. 

Jotaro is going into great thought about what to order off the new starbucks fall menu now that both the pumpkin spice latte and salted caramel mocha are back in season. he ponders aloud, “do i want the sweet chemical taste of artificial autumn sensations or would i perhaps like the salty sweet goodness which rests atop caramel in the salted caramel mocha…? Hnnrhhg….”

kakyoin chimes in, “mayhaps you would like a green tea frappuccino like myself..?” joseph shrieks, “both of you are fucking babies. man children. drink straight espresso like real men. real men like me.” he says as he downs watered down ristretto shots with cream and a packet of sugar. polnareff is just disgusted with everything on the menu, while avdol chills with a London ™ Fog ™ Latte ™.

Jotaro still continues to ponder.

studyblr introduction

hello fellow students! 

now that my blog is up and ready, it’s time for me to introduce myself to the studyblr community and maybe make some friends! i need buddies i’m very lonely

basic info about me

  • i graduate from high school/the ibdp in 2019
  • my subjects are geography, computer science and english b on higher lever
  • history, math and polish a on standard level
  • for cas i take up norwegian and dance classes
  • my ultimate dream is to study journalism at city, university of london
  • i would love to work for the bbc radio one day

study aesthetics

  • drinking coffee, flavoured, with caramel syrup, or pumpkin spice latte (every single day of autumn not even kidding) 
  • classical music, spotify generated playlists are perfect for me
  • breaks always consist of calling mum and dad
  • daydreaming about laying on the beach under palm trees somewhere far away from responsibilities

random facts

  • when i procrastinate i’m most likely to watch nikkietutorials, threadbanger or simply nailogical on youtube, or friends the tv show (life saver)
  • i run a 1d blog on here and you could have heard about it in early 2016
  • can’t cope with stress too well unfortunately
  • i like to say that i go to concerts often but in reality it’s not that often
  • puppies, kittens, small animals, big animals, they all make me cry
  • the arizona green tea with honey is my unhealthy guilty pleasure

i follow many great studyblrs but tagging the ones that have been inspiring me lot recently and for the past year, i appreciate all of you guys and love your work!!:

@emmastudies  @studyign @studypetals @maryplethora  @busybby @ibmugglestudies @astrnomy @universi-tea @studyingtobeeducated @classicalstudies @booksandstationery @goodgrades-goodcoffee @juniorincollege @revisicn @theorganisedstudent

happy studying!

kat from pumpkinstudylatte ✨☕️ 

The Signs As Autumnal Drinks 🍁🍂☕️
  • Aries: Maple Coffee
  • Taurus: Caramel Cider
  • Gemini: Warm Vanilla Milk
  • Cancer: Pumpkin Spice Tea
  • Leo: Hot Apple Cider
  • Virgo: Gingerbread Coffee
  • Libra: Chai Latte
  • Scorpio: Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
  • Sagittarius: Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Capricorn: Salted Caramel Mocha
  • Aquarius: Cinnamon Tea
  • Pisces: Caramel Hot Chocolate

Independence Day Breakfast Recipe with Macros!

Happy 4th USA FitblrS! To me, nothing say America more than like Pumpkin Pie!!! (I hate apple pie–lol)

**Pumpkin Spice Yogurt with chai + Peanut Butter Banana Toast dusted in cocoa powder + a Salted Caramel Latte**

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt:
- ¾ cup chobani nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt
- ¼ cup pumpkin puree
- ½ tbsp chai seeds
- ¼ tsp pumpkin spice
- 1/8 tsp cinnamon
- 1/8 tap vanilla extract
- 1 stevia packet

Mix and BAM. Taste just like Pumpkin pie filling! Another idea for this recipe, triple this recipe and use this for pie filling for a healthier pumpkin pie!

- make 1 slice of extra grainy multiple grain toast
- in a small dish or spare shot glass, lol lol, mix 2 tbsp PB2 and 1 tbsp almond milk or water. I use almond milk. Congratulations, you have peanut butter! Put in toast!
- cut up ½ banana and layer on top. Cut in half.

Salted Caramel Latte:
- Warm up in microwave for 30seconds: ½ cup almond milk + 1/8 tsp Caramel extract + 4 stevia packets + Caramel creamer + 3 grinds of sea salt. Heat. Pour into coffee mug.
- whisk or use a milk frother. Foam up the mix.
- top off very slowly with coffee

Total of all macros above:
390cal, 61.7 C, 6.6 F, 27.0 P, 308.7mg Na, 587.5mg K

Enjoy!!! I’m gonna digest and start meal prep for the grill. More vegetarian pics to come!

Cute Halloween Things For The Signs
  • Taurus: comfy blankets and pumpkin spice latte
  • Gemini: MURDER
  • Cancer: carving pumpkins and sweet family Christmas movies
  • Virgo: caramel spice latte and boots crunching over leaves thEN ORGANIZED MURDER
  • Pisces: pumpkin patch and Halloween coloring books