W I T C H Y   A R T   C H A L L E N G E

  1. Day 8….Wiccan Witch
  2. Day 9….Hermit Witch
  3. Day 10….Plant Witch

I am so sorry about the delay! Overwatch distracts me so much but I finally got to catch up. This are the witches from the last 3 days! I finally reached the 10th challenge and I am really proud of myself I have come this far.

Days until... June 26th 2017

Independence day 🎆🇺🇸 9
Christmas in July 🎄 29
September 🍃🍂67
Autumn 🍂🍁89
October 🦇 97
Halloween 🎃 127
November 🎄🦌128
Thanksgiving 🦃150
Black Friday🏷️💳151
Winter ❄️🌨️🌧️179
Christmas Eve 🤶🎅🦌🎄181
Christmas 🎁🎄182



Peridot and pumpkin comforting​ lapis ~u~
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