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  • spinach, 
  • brown rice,
  • steamed veggies {broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini}, 
  • cucumber, 
  • tomato,
  • pumpkin baked with penzeys sweet curry powder, onion and garlic powder, fresh sage and black pepper

‘One in the Same’

Pompeon is the first successful hybrid Elemental, combining both Ignis and Silva magic…. Unfortunately it comes with a price, the pumpkin he wears dulls his more fiery side and helps him put on a friendly face for all to see. When the pumpkin is removed however that’s when he can get destructive.


“Waiting on the plug”
Blog Post #283
My Outfit !

Hair : Unorthodox Marc Hair Noir [bag] (VIP Members 50% Off)

Headphones : HX: Royalty Headphones (King) [BOXED] [FATPACK] @Versus Event

Phone : [Bad Unicorn] X7 Smartphone & Bluetooth Earphones

Jacket : ..S..: Vintage Denim Jacket - Black @Versus Event

Tank : [Pumpkin] TMP. - Tank top- Black

Jeans : FLI. - Rubbed Denim Black NEWW

Shoes : FLite. -Gianni  Hightops . Black