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You have explained how invisibility and intangibility could work using 4D physics,but what about "ghost rays"?Do they adhere to 3D rules only or do they function through 4D physics as well?

Ghost rays are ectoplasmic plasma, which is a form of 3D matter and generally behaves like an extremely hot ionized gas should. Although, ghosts have a lot of control over its shape and direction, probably through manipulation of the electromagnetic fields within the plasma. They form ghost rays by drawing stray atoms of ectoplasm in from the Ghost Zone (or by ripping off bits of their own body) and pumping it full of energy until it dissociates into ions. Don’t stare at a ghost ray too long, it’s like looking at a welding torch.

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How would the chocobros wake up their s/o? You can make them sweet or funny...or both haha.

Both? Both. BOTH! We’re going for BOTH!  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑



You were dating the Prince of Sleep, the King of Slumber, the best friend of the Sandman. So him waking up earlier than you happens once in a Blue Moon. Yet if he does, you have two options.

The first, the Prince will roll to your side of the bed and mutter within his sleepy mind, “We gotta get up, Y/N we gotta get up.”

You both won’t get up.

This will be followed by counting to 3, when either of you get to 3, you’ll find that the both of you are still laying down in bed. Typically on these kinds of mornings, you both will just have to wait for Ignis to come get you. Otherwise nothing is happening.

Other times, should you need to get up for an early appointment, Noctis, bless his little soul will set an alarm on his phone. Yet he had been known to turn it off in his sleep. So he’ll place it on your side of the bed, so he’s required to roll over towards you, and towards you typically means on you, directly on you.

So with the extra weight of the Prince added to your body, you’ll wake up to his face smushed against your own, with the Prince still snoring away, having turned off his phone but not rolling back to his side of the bed. Resulting in you shoving and prodding at the man to get him off, so by the time you actually get up your body is already pumping with energy of shoving the man off as trying to move a sleeping Noctis is like trying to move a sleeping cat, not happening.

You wouldn’t say it’s a normal way to wake up, but it’s pretty effective.



Prompto absolutely loves waking up beside you, a nice night holding you close. So it always takes him awhile to decide to wake you up. Depending on which way you’re facing him, the blonde would place sweet little kisses to your face if you were facing him, until those eyes opened and greeted him and the day.

Should you be facing away from him, he’ll place little kisses against your shoulder blades and neck, until you roll over, so that he can start the assault on your face. He has often stated, that he wants to be the first thing you see, so that you can see his love.

Yet if the little mischief blonde is feeling extra spunky, typically on your shared off day, he’ll grab a hold of the covers and yank hard. Leaving you shrieking at the blonde, about being unblanketed and exposed to the elements of the bedroom.

You thought that you’d could counter this by sleeping nude, yet you found this only seemed to momentarily stun the man, before you spend all day in bed together.

Being woken up by Prompto is always an adventure.



Everyone, everywhere knows that Gladiolus the future King’s Shield is a heater of a person! Just pure heat, and you often find yourself falling to that warm comfort of a heating pad. Head resting on his chest, just above his heart, which has often led you to lulling into deeper sleeps than needed.

Gladiolus often will wake you up with soft caresses up and down your bare skin, as the both of you alway attempt to sleep in the bare minimum. Which can often lead you giggling awake, only to have a sweet kiss pressed against your forehead, as the man sits up, forcing you to sit up as well, as you’re normally mostly on him, to start both of your day.

Other days, when Gladiolus compares you to Noct, he’ll physically pick you up snoring and all, before pulling you into the shower with himself to get ready. The first time he did this, you panicked resulting in you grabbing the shower curtain and failing out the tub, taking down the curtain ,which you got tangled in, and popping the bar out. Had Gladiolus not reached out to grab you, you were one thousand percent certain that you would have gotten a concussion from slamming your head into the toilet.  

Now the big guy, held you close, or you’d wrap your arms and legs around the man, resting your head on his shoulder, still in a soft sleep, until the man made you climb down so that he could wash both of your fronts. Which would normally end with you being held against cold water, resulting in you shrieking and him laughing after you refused to climb down.

How either of you haven’t slipped or fallen is a mystery to you both.



A soft kiss against your cheek, before the ebony, before the shower, even before glasses. You’d feel a soft press of those lips against you every morning, than a slight whisper of a phrase you never grow tired of against your ear.

“I love you, my love, my world.”

Ignis always woke up before you, should you ever wake up before the man, it was normally due to the man being ill, or you happened to wake up prior to the alarms. Yet you’d wake up to those soft lips and that little phrase, and within 15 minutes, you’d head into the bathroom after Ignis to start your day.

Other times you’d still get your phrase, and kiss, but should you be in a deeper slumber on an off day. Ignis will start breakfast, if he didn’t hear the patter of your feet or your arms wrap around his waist while getting breakfast started. He’d sneak back into the bedroom, with whatever he was cooking that morning, bacon, omelet, crepes on a plate, and watch as you followed your nose from the bed.

Careful, so you won’t run into any door frames, or walls, he’d lead you to the kitchen table before helping you to sit, and placing your plate for you, with a kiss to the forehead. It always confused you when you woke up at the kitchen table mid-chew, and your beloved across the table sipping ebony, and eating across from you. Every time you’d ask, he’d simply state.

“Your nose knows, my love.”


NY Faerie Festival 2017 Garb: Plans & Details ✨🌙
Hair lifted off of the shoulders. White markings. Wool collar regalia. Labradorite & moonstone fripperies. Dangling bones. Gotland crystal ball. Crescents, whirls, stippled dots. Crochet, lace, cotton. Bare arms. Wild layering of skirts.
I won’t be attending Faerie Fest until this Sunday after work, but I’ve been playing around with different looks in the meantime! This is what I’ve come up with so far, but it’s pretty cozy & relatively casual for a day where mud is likely to be slung… so I’m digging it 🥕 Hair stylings & face markings are subject to change as they’re a very fluid force as is, but for the most part I’m pretty content! 💖 Beyond the love for the creative process, though, is the EXCITEMENT FOR THE ENERGY. Pumped to be surrounded by hordes of beautiful people. Magical people living, expressing, & loving their truth 👁 Trolls, goblins, faeries, pixies, mermaids, imps… HAPPY HUMANS.
🌟 My Instagram: ‘trolltail’ Xx

Secrets and Snarky Statements (ONE) - Steve Rogers

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Y/N’s meddlesome teammates seem to be the only ones who attempt to bring the two apprehensive friends to their conclusions. But, of course Tony Stark finds some way to screw it up.

Requested: No

Warning: language

Word Count: 2076

This is Part1 of two part imagine! Trust me I know Tony is an ass but it’s all worth it in the end, trust me!! I hope y'all like it I loved writing about Steve for the first time!:) and @imsecretlyromanburki wanted to tagged!! If you would like to be tagged in my imagine posts let me know!




“So, are gonna tell him?” Natasha pushed you, arms folded across her chest as she stared intently at you.

You sighed heavily, pushing your calloused palms against the end of the end table, your weight resting on your hands, “No, and I don’t plan on it!” you hollered at her, eyes wide and eyebrows raised in annoyance.

This was the fifth time Nat has asked you about it this week. Was your brain ever planning on you to ferociously admit your secretive and strong feelings towards your colleague that have been occurring for the past six months? No? No.

Of course not, you couldn’t. It wasn’t something that was exactly on your bucket list, especially since it’s something you wanted to keep a secret. Due to the fact it could tear apart your gifted friendship with him and make thing exceedingly difficult and awkward for everyone in the time being. But, was it still as big of a secret it had been for the past couple of months? Nope. This was due to the fact your other trustworthy boisterous colleague Natasha decided that she didn’t want to keep it secret. She chose to spread the word around the surrounding.

First, to Sam. Who then lovingly decided to pass it on to Clint. And then he decided it was best to tell Wanda, who told Thor, who then opened his sly, loud mouth to Tony. Tony of all goddamn people, the one who literally and physically could not keep his mouth shut. Then, soon enough the entire base knew. And when you found that out, you knew you were entirely screwed. Since then, for the past two months you’ve had to endure complete and utter crap from almost everyone.

“Hey hey hey, Y/N. How’s Cap doing?”

“Woah wait , where ya going? Steve isn’t with you.”

“Miss Y/N, I’m sorry to bother you, but where is the light of your life, Mr. Steve?”

You had felt your eyes roll into the back of your head at least ten thousand times in the past couple of months. You couldn’t take the obvious comments and snarky remarks they would cast upon you as soon as your presence became known in a room.

So, you decided enough was enough. You needed to shut this entire controversy down instantly, especially still continuing to keep it a secret from the superhero himself.


“Y/N, you got the report finished for today?”

“Yeah, I set it on the counter over there,” you answered Sam, your right arm extending behind you as it pointed towards the kitchen area.

Your nose was shoved into a book, not daring to separate your attention away from it for even a split second. Anything that was a possible distraction was your best bet right now. That and the fact you didn’t particularly enjoy any of the team’s company as of this moment in time. The antagonizing had gotten even worse and it had come to the point where they were so obvious and deafening, your secret had been exposed to now everyone. And when you say everyone, you mean everyone. Your mind eventually drew itself away from the pages of the book as the words became blurry, your thoughts gathering somewhere else, somewhere you couldn’t get out of your nagging head the entire night.


(Flashback to last night’s previous events)

You walked in to the room where everyone was gathered, just talking and hanging out. You had seen just a few of your teammates gazes shift to you as you attempted to walk in without being noticed much. But their gazes lasted a mere second as you saw them snap their attention back to Tony, who was standing among everyone in the middle of the floor. His hands were moving back and forth quickly and his eyes were wide with excitement as he told his seemingly great story.

You decide to sneak over and sit next to Nat on the couch, hopefully not causing anyone’s attention to snap to you. You slowly sank yourself down into the spot next to Nat, her attention barely hits you and her head bobs at you and then back to Tony as a smile spread across her face in bewilderment. You nodded at her, knowing Tony must be telling some story where he just cracks everyone up.

But, you couldn’t focus on the story. Your gaze has shifted to something sitting cross legged directly across the room from you.

Steve Rogers.

Your eyes dazed over in a feeling of regret yet love for the blond-haired superhero. You watched as his muscular right hand grasped his bent knee, you eyes trailing up his long sleeve of navy blue to be hit with the bulging bicep that flexed naturally from underneath his shirt. As your attention made the trail to his collarbone you felt yourself almost drool, his chiseled features pairing so well with his light, airy, and sweet personality.

His bright pink lips formed a sly yet happy smile, along with his pearly whites. That smile ignited something in your heart that you couldn’t deny, and you hated how much it affected you. No one before has made you feel this way, and it scared you a little. But, whenever his crystal blue eyes met yours in a fiery, unbreakable stare, you’re pretty sure you felt your insides explode.

As you sat for what felt like centuries, admiring the man in front of you, you heard a loud cough emit from someone nearby, dragging you out of your thoughts and back into reality.

Your head snapped in the direction of the sudden sound, to see Tony staring a hole through you. His muscled arms folded together across his chest as his dark eyebrows raised in a seemingly sneaky way.

“What?” you question oddly, turning your head to look around and see everyone’s stares directed to you.

Tony shrugged his shoulders happily, lips forming a slight smirk, “Oh, nothing! We were just wondering what was on your mind. You haven’t been listening for the past couple of minutes.”

Your brain hit you with the realization of what you had been doing for ten minutes. You felt yourself begin to cough up a lie you had established in no time, not finding any other to get out of the fact you had been drooling over your colleague for the past ten minutes.

“I-I was just thinking about who would work best with who on the next mission!” you chirped a little too loudly, voice squeaking as the lie rolled off your lips.

You felt confused looks from everyone around you, and Tony’s sly, knowingly gaze was giving you nerves you didn’t dare want.

Nat turned to face you completely, hand slapping your right shoulder in a playful way, “Then why don’t you share? I’m sure we’d all like to know.”

Your Y/E/C eyes narrowed into thin slits at Natasha’s comment, knowing she was trying to get something started.

“U-Uh, no. No, I mean nothing’s set in stone I was just suggesting-”

“Y/N, whatever you suggest is going to work in our favor,” Steve smiled sweetly at you. His blue eyes sparkled as they set themselves on you and you felt your stomach knot.

Your brain needed to switched from stuttering lies to quick-thinking facts in about a split second or your cover would be blown. Your eyes hit everyone’s in the room as you attempted to pair them up with a member of equal caliber. Nerves slapped against your mind as the lies began to build up one by one.

Before opening your mouth to let out the “so called” matching teammates, and embarrassing yourself in front of nine people, you were interrupted by someone coughing loudly.

Thank god. Someone wanted to change the subject, add something, interject, or whatever. At least you could steer clear of the embarrassment.

“I for one, have some matches of you all that I just think, might be made in heaven,” you heard the deep and cunning voice ring through your ears.

Oh no.

Everyone’s eyes adverted to Tony’s figure standing smugly in front of the team, hand scratching his head as if he had been thinking long and hard about these pairings.

On instinct, whenever Tony felt the need to embarrass and harass you in front of everyone, you shut your Y/E/C eyes tightly as if the appearance of your eyelids would make a better safe-haven.

You heard Tony’s footsteps began to pace around the room daringly before he opened his mouth, “Well first off, how about you, Y/N!” he hollered, eyes rolling to the back of his head as if he hadn’t thought of the idea of you being paired with anyone first.

As your eyes grew open slowly at the sound of your name, once again everyone’s gazed turned to you and you felt your body light up like a Christmas tree. You dared not to speak as Tony pointed his finger at everyone for a split second, and then drawing it back as if they weren’t a right fit for you.

You nervously watched as his finger pointed to Wanda and then drew back, and then the same for Sam, and drew back. Your heart beat grew increasingly as his game inched closer to the blond-haired beauty sitting quietly across from you.

You knew that if, once he pointed to Steve, his voice wouldn’t belt out how perfect you two were as a team, but as much greater than a team. At least in your eyes.

His finger met Steve’s body sitting on the couch and his head flipped from Steve to you in an instant, “Yes! That is it! Mr. America, that’s who Y/N wants!”

Instead of your mouth dropping open in shock, his shut tightly in embarrassment and your veins began to pump nervous energy all throughout your body.

This can’t be happening to me. This can’t be happening to me. This can’t be happening to me.

Steve’s attention focused on you and his lips turned up in a light smile, voice deep yet soothing all at once, “Of course, I think Y/N and I would make a great team.”

Your heart felt like throwing up with all the emotion that were flowing through your body at that very moment. Anticipation, infatuation, adoration… nervousness, guilt, regretfulness, and horror.

“Oh no no, Cap. Not just a team for this mission, I meant as a team for the rest of your lives.”

Your throat closed at the comment and you put a hand to your stomach to feel the aches that were running in the out of your stomach right now.

Steve looked at you and then back to Tony confusedly. You laid a hand on Nat’s shoulder and she looked to you with guilt displayed across her face. Your horror grew as you knew what was going to come out of Tony’s mouth next. And you had no way to stop it.

Tony’s hand flew down to Steve’s shoulder and clapped it twice before looking at him and muttering, “I chose you and Y/N due to the fact that you-” he pointed to Steve and then back to yourself before continuing.

Everyone sat in riveting positions, their attention fully focused on what was about to go down, no one daring to interrupt a precious moment of any of it.

Tony continued, “-and Y/N, need to work out whatever nervous and sexual energy you have going on between the two of you.”

Your mind wasn’t there anymore, it was completely detached, gone. You didn’t know what to say or how to fix what has already been said. You were screwed, and you knew it.

Steve'a eyebrows furrowed in shock and confusion as he looked to you for a simple answer to the equation, “Y/N what is going on?”

Your mouth couldn’t form the words to speak as your eyes met his a horrified look before Tony sighed deeply and finished what had already been started.

“The moral of the story is that Cap, Y/N wanted to tell you the crush on you that’s been eating her up for the past couple of months, and I for one feel like you need to recuperate what you’re feeling and-”

You didn’t even hear the last few sentences that came out of Tony’s mouth  as you leaped off your position from the couch and ran so fast out of the room you thought your lungs would burst.

Fun Musician Asks

1. Favorite movie soundtrack
2. Favorite soundtrack piece from a movie
3. Favorite TV/anime show soundtrack
4. Favorite sad soundtrack
5. Favorite powerful soundtrack
6. Favorite instrument
7. Favorite percussion instrument
8. Your favorite thing about the instrument you play
9. Your least favorite thing about the instrument you play
10. Prettiest looking instrument
11. Prettiest sound
12. Your definition of band nerd
13. Favorite band piece
14. Favorite symphony
15. Favorite brass quintet piece
16. Favorite woodwind quintet piece
17. Favorite chamber ensemble piece
18. Favorite overture
19. Favorite symphony
20. Favorite opera
21. Choose one: brass quintet, string quartet, woodwind quintet
22. Piece that gives you energy/pumps you up
23. Piece that makes you emotional
24. Piece that makes you sad
25. Favorite slow piece
26. Favorite fast piece
27. Favorite piece to play
28. Favorite excerpt
29. Favorite Etude
30. Piece that kills your lips the most (or hands)
31. Favorite solo literature for your instrument
32. Favorite classical music composer
33. Favorite band composer
34. Favorite soundtrack composer
35. Favorite genre of music
36. Most musical inspirational quote
37. Favorite and least favorite note
38. Favorite orchestra
39. Who do you look up to most in the music world
40. Are you hoping to continue playing music past ms/HS/college?
41. If you could talk to a composer right now, who would it be and what would you say?
42. If you could bring a composer back to life, who would it be?
43. If you could learn another instrument, what would it be?
44. Have you ever cried while listening to music? What piece?
45. Have you ever cried on stage?
46. Embarrassing performance?
47. Performance really proud of?
48. What made you decide on playing your instrument? (What was your “Ah-ha!” Moment?)
49. If you are wanting to play music professionally, did you have an “Ah-ha!” Moment to decide that?
50. What was the first orchestral piece you ever played?
51. What is your favorite piece to listen that has a fantastic part for your instrument?
52. If you could make a living off your instrument, what would you be doing? (I.e. professional orchestra, freelance, etc)
53. If you were to compose a symphony about your life story, what would it be like?
54. What makes you want to throw your instrument across the room? (Pls dont)
55. What is the best instrument to use as a weapon?
56. Do you have playlists on your iPod? If so, what are your fav playlists/the names of them?
57. Have any random, good musical stories?
58.If you make a mistake during rehearsal, what do you usually do? (Do you make a face? A noise?)
59.what type of music do you listen to other than classical?
60. What do you do during long rests?
61. Have you gone to any music camps? If so, which ones?
62. Post a pic of your music binder/folder
63. Post a selfie with you and your instrument
64. Post any selfie at a band event/festival/honor band
65. Post any selfie of you with your HS or orchestra section
66. Post a practice room selfie
67. Post a picture of you right before or after an audition
68. Post your favorite pic of your conductor
69. Post a picture of your case
70. Post a picture of your practice area

Ivar the Boneless One Shot - Sleep Sex

Idea came so I wrote it down

Warnings: the usual smut, no choking this time though, nsfw and sleep sex…kind of

If there’s anything I should of tagged for this don’t be worried about telling me. It’s 3am here and my brain’s not functioning anymore.

Originally posted by ivar-thebonerless

You drift into consciousness, your eyelids still heavy as you blink lazily, trying to gather your surroundings. You lay on your side, it is dark and it takes you a moment to remember that you are in bed, but you cannot remember why you have woke. Your mind is still foggy and thick with sleep, you lay still in the darkness until your eyes grow hazy once more as you begin to drift back to sleep. Then you heard it. The sound of movement in the room you thought you were alone in, as though something was dragging itself across the room towards you. Your mind wakes to the sound, but your body is still heavy and drowsy, you cannot even lift an arm to roll yourself over. You hear the creaking of your bed, and feel it dip beside you. Though you are not fully awake, you know instantly by his scent and the sound of his breathing who it is, and it only makes you more determined to let yourself fall back to sleep.

It has been days since you last saw him, since the argument he had yet to apologise for. You hear him say your name, softly through the silence of the room, but you close your eyes and keep your body still. He places his hand on the dip of your waist, the heat of his skin radiates on your body even through the pelt that covers you. He shakes you gently, trying to stir you, but you only shut your eyes tighter, exaggerating heavy breaths in an attempt to portray unconsciousness.

His hand leaves you, and you expect to feel him leave the bed as well, but instead he reaches for your hair, brushing it from your face as he places a soft kiss on your exposed shoulder where your night dress had fallen.

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Requested by @kittycatpasta11

Pew! It looks like Nebby escaped the bag again, and came straight for our blog! Today we have the pleasure of examining everyone’s favorite bag-defying rebel, Nebby Cosmog. Cosmog is the “Nebula Pokémon”, so naturally we should talk about nebulas.

The word “nebula” comes from the Latin word for “cloud”, which is a pretty good description of what a nebula is. A nebula is cloud in space: but instead of being made of water like clouds in Earth’s atmosphere, they’re made of stuff like hydrogen, helium, ionized gas, and dust. There are four main types of nebulae, so if we want to learn about Cosmog we first need to figure out which kind of nebula it is.

Planetary nebula are sometimes formed when a star dies,  gently puffing out its outer layers until all that’s left is the core of the star, which usually becomes a white dwarf star itself (which you can see as the central dot in all of these images). The central star pumps light energy into the nebula, which causes it to glow the bright colors.

Supernova Remnants, on the other hand, are formed when a star dies violently. When a massive star runs out of fuel to burn, it will explode in a supernova, tearing itself apart at speeds of over 30,000 m/s. A neutron star or black hole is left in the center, and what is left of the star in the explosion becomes the nebula.

The third kind of nebula is called a Dark Nebula or an Absorption Nebula, obecause it “absorbs” and blocks out light behind it. They’re made of molecules, such as molecular hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide – which is why they’re also called molecular clouds. These are the coldest, and most dense clouds in space. In fact, they are the only nebula dense enough to collapse into stars, forming new baby stars as they collapse.

The last of nebula is called an HII region. HII is astronomy jargon for ionized hydrogen–in other words, just a proton. These clouds are made of mostly protons. HII regions are typically larger than the other nebulas we’ve talked about, and often just had a lot of recent star formation  in them: they were molecular clouds, but since they just formed new baby stars, they’re full of new energy. The baby stars add so much heat and light into the nebula that the molecules are ripped apart once again, leaving mostly protons.

Cosmog, of course, is much smaller than actual nebula. But, we know Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem, the “Protostar Pokémon”, which means that Cosmog must be closest to a star-forming nebula, or a molecular cloud. You can even see the little glowing spots in Cosmog’s arm where it’s starting to form stars.

Cosmog is a dark nebula made up of molecular hydrogen and other molecules, collapsing to form new stars.

Night Out on the Town - Tom Holland x Reader Imagine

Words: 1200~. Warning: Swearing? Lil’ bit. 

A/N: I mean I just really wanna get drunk with Tom, I think it would be such a fun time

There was a buzz of excitement in the air as the final day of shooting Spiderman Homecoming had just wrapped up. You decided to join the crew on set for this momentous occasion, popping champagne as Jon Watts called “that’s a wrap!”

Tom was running around the place, giving out high-fives to everyone he could. He ran over to you, threw his arms around your waist and hoisted you up as you spun around as he cheered.

“I think we need to go out and celebrate!” Tom announced as he steadily placed you back on the ground. You could already tell that this would be an eventful night for the both of you. 

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Bad Reputation

Word Count: 1,732

Requested: Yes (The request was super long so I’m not gonna post it like I usually do)

A/N: Okie dokie so I don’t think I got every detail of the request but I tried. enjoy!! Also, I didn’t really know what to title this so if someone can come up w a better title thx

You weren’t used to the fame. You weren’t used to all the attention you receiving over the past couple months due to your new relationship with pop star Shawn Mendes. But it wasn’t just you. The entire country you lived in wasn’t used to it. You lived in a small European country that never received a ton of attention until you became lucky and had the chance to meet Shawn and eventually date him. You were constantly being interviews, questioned, and caught in the street by your local reporters just to catch a glimpse of the life of a local girl who was now a superstar’s girlfriend. 

Shawn was currently in Canada, traveling on his world tour and always busy. You never had time to talk to him because of timezones and his schedule. You always felt lonely and the fact that you were now your entire country’s muse was not helping. You always felt like you were only wanted for the headlines and never for who you really were, and this finally became too much. You craved Shawn’s attention, touch, and just his presence in general. As the pressure and loneliness became too much, you planned a day to go surprise him on tour. 

You woke up early in the morning to catch your flight and hopefully miss the reporters and fans that would show up to ask you questions. You successfully landed in Toronto, your heart speeding from the excitement of getting to see Shawn. You quickly walked out of the gate and made your way to baggage claim. 

You were standing outside waiting for your ride to pick you up and take you to Shawn’s place and at first everything was quiet. No one noticed you. It was quiet and you were silently thankful for the lack of reporters that would now follow your every move. It was peaceful. But this peace was broken as quickly as it came. 

At first it was one girl who politely came up and asked for a picture and walked away. Then it was two. Three. The number kept rising until you felt overwhelmed. You had become completely swallowed by the crowd of fans now surrounding you. You saw flashes of light from cameras. Everyone was saying everything at once. Your breathing felt heavy, like someone was pressing on your lungs, suffocating you. You couldn’t make out a single face, just a blur of colors. You were sure you were going to pass out until you felt someones hand on your shoulder, pulling you away from the crowd. The voice you didn’t yet recognize yelled for everyone to make a path, taking your suitcases and guiding you to the car. He helped you in and gave you a bottle of water, helping you settle down. 

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Till the end of the line

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Fandom: Marvel
Pairings: Steve x (sister)reader, slight Bucky x reader
Genres: so. much. angst, tiny bit of fluff
Words: 2.810
Summary: Not wanting to leave her brother’s side, reader insists on getting the serum as well. She lives through it all, fights by his side and eventually comes face to face with Bucky, the man she fell in love with, who’s now HYDRA’s weapon - requested by @hopelessgarbage

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anonymous asked:

can you do RFA+V+Saeran for an mc who does MMA fighting :0 like they see her all banged up but she's still smiling (ofc bc who can't smile at the babes) n stuff. thank uuu

“bc who can’t smile at the babes“ Very accurate. I could be bleeding to death and I’d still smile at them.

-That’s mildly intimidating..
-He’s definitely not a fan of violence…
-That’s not going to change the fact that he is very impressed at how talented you are.
-Like you’re so strong?? How?? Can you tell me your secrets??
-Even though it’s violent, he’s supportive until the end of everything you do, so he attends all of your matches and sometimes also your training, if allowed.
-He was watching a match of yours and was growing more and more concerned. Never once has he doubted your skill, but your opponent is not holding back at all (not that he expected them to).
-During a time out, he rushes over to check on you.
-Your face is so bloody he almost screams.
-“H-hey, are you okay?”
-You give him a big smile. “I’m great!”
-Not the answer he was expecting but honestly he has so much respect for you. Like he’s always had so much respect for you but damn you just doubled it.
-Now, he’s your biggest cheerleader and fan, but he was before anyway. The only difference is he’s not as worried about every little thing that happens during your matches. He’s more focused on giving you encouragement from the audience.
-Seeing you injured isn’t a pleasant thing, but the fact that you can take so much is so admirable.

-He does take comfort in knowing you know how to fight, though. It takes some weight off his shoulders. You can defend yourself from the wolves~
-He watches all of your matches, of course; from the front row, if possible.
-Just like how you go to all of his performances.
-He’s very nervous the whole time because he’s paranoid that you’re going to get seriously injured. He is on the edge of his seat. Anytime you get hit, he has a heart attack.
-Zen knows you’re amazingly talented, but he can’t help but worry.
-When he sees you all beat up,
-he panics.
-Your nose is bleeding and your face is littered with bruises and dark marks.
-“Jagiya, are you okay??!!”
-You give him the most sparkling smile ever. “I’m great!”
-…Not the response he expected…but it’s adorable!!!! You have such a fighting spirit!!!
-He still worries about you, but now, he believes in you even more. He cheers from the sidelines all the time.
-He brags to everyone he knows that his s/o is an MMA fighter. He even tells exaggerated stories about matches you’ve won.
-If you have any awards, he displays them around his place.
-So proud.

-She knows judo.
-So everybody knows not to mess with either of you.
-You guys are the badass couple that looks all adorable and relationship goals worthy, but everybody knows to be nice or else they’ll get a black eye, if they’re lucky.
-You aren’t just a loving couple running a cafe together. You could fuck them up if needed.
-Don’t mess with Jaehee and her s/o or else.
-But anyway~~
-She is supportive af
-Words cannot describe how proud this Mom Friend™ is of you. She’ll go to every one of your matches. She wouldn’t miss it for the world.
-Soccer mom but instead of her kid it’s her s/o and instead of soccer it’s MMA fighting
-In her opinion, you’re more talented than she is when it comes to fighting.
-She’s usually able to stay calm when your opponent is beating you up. She knows it’s part of the sport and you’ve been through it all before.
-But you were getting beat. up. during this one match.
-When you have a timeout, she rushes over.
-“How are you feeling, _____?”
-You smile at her with a busted lip, bleeding down your face. “Better than ever!”
-Jaehee smiles back, inspired and pumped up by your energy.
-“That’s my _____!”
-Jaehee would rather attend your matches than musicals.
-That’s how much she loves you and your career.

-He doesn’t want you getting hurt.
-here we go again
-You tell him that you’ve been doing this for a while so you know what you’re doing, and you also go very in depth about all of the safety precautions in the sport to calm him down.
-While he was watching you fight once, you got beat up pretty bad, so he was very worried.
-When there is a timeout, he goes straight to you.
-“Love, are you okay?”
-You smile up at him. “Yeah, I’m doing great!”
-“…They must’ve hit your head too hard. Where is my lawyer?”
-Seriously, your bleeding profusely from your lip and you’re covered in bruises you’re not “doing great”.
-“Jumin, I’m fine.”
-Have fun convincing him
-With time, he’ll calm down. When you say you’re fine, you’re really fine. He trusts that you’re skilled and know your own limits.
-Eventually, he’s more proud and impressed than worried.
-Granted, he is still worried, but only low key.

-Impressed, to say the least.
-He knows how to defend himself, but you? You’re like a professional.
-He really pushes the “Defender 606” nickname. He calls you that all the time now.
-You’re so strong he just swoons.
-He likes watching you practice because you’re so talented and he’s so in awe of everything you can do.
-Stop staring at me Saeyoung I’m trying to focus on training
-At matches, he’s only a little worried about you.
-He knows punches are nothing. His 606 is too strong to be fazed by something so weak. He only gets worried about serious injuries like broken bones.
-You were getting the hell beat out of you once though and he was getting worried.
-During the time out, he goes to you.
-“How are you holding up..?”
-Despite having a busted lip and bloody nose, you give him the most determined, energetic smile and say “I’m doing great!”
-He laughs. “Yeah! You show ‘em, _____!”
-Cheering so loud it disturbs the people around him and he almost gets kicked out happens a lot.
-But he brags about you constantly. He’ll make up stories that are no where close to real just to make you sound even better than you already are.

-He doesn’t like violence of any kind really but he’s still sooo supportive of your MMA career.
-V, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, in love with you, an MMA fighter.
-Seeing you get hit always makes him worried but he trusts your skills.
-He can be a bit of a doting mother hen sometimes, like he’ll give you bandaids and treat even your smallest injuries once you get home because it’s important to him.
-“Make sure to stretch, _____!”
-“_____, remember to drink plenty of water while you’re training!”
-He does go to all of your matches as support. Honestly, his presence motivates you.
-But, one day, your opponent was beating the hell out of you.
-V became concerned. He rushed to you during a timeout.
-“My love, are you okay?”
-Busted lip and bloody nose, you smile widely. “Of course!”
-..Oh, okay.
-No need to worry then. _____ can handle themselves.
-So he just calmly goes back to his seat after giving you a few motivating words. He’s not as worried about you because you’re obviously fine.
-He congratulates you after each match and tells you how amazing you were, even if you lost.

-He likes that you know so much about fighting because it means you can handle yourself if need be. It eases his worry and anxiety knowing that if you were in danger, you could defend yourself, and if he was in danger, you could defend him.
-He flinches every time you get hit, and sometimes even when you just get swung at.
-One match, you’re getting really battered up, so he is a big ball of anxiety.
-He comes over and checks on you during a time out, visibly very concerned.
-You smile widely, your mouth a bit bloody. “I’m fine, Saeran. I feel great!”
-Is that normal..?
-But he trusts you so… he believes you when you say you’re okay.
-He really doesn’t like you getting hurt but you’re obviously okay, judging by your attitude towards the sport.
-He really doesn’t understand the appeal in this kind of thing, but he doesn’t want to be unsupportive. Sometimes, though, he doesn’t attend your matches simply because to full of loud crowds and people fighting so it makes him uncomfortable. If it means anything, he does wish he could support you better…
-He tries his best please be patient

Self-Love Spell Bottle

Hey, loves! I have a self love spell bottle for you guys. I made it during the last full moon since that was one of the moons for relationships/love. ❤️
You will need:
Moss Agate Chips for improving self esteem
Rose Quartz Chips for attracting love (to yourself)

Sage for wisdom of your absolute perfection :)
Rosemary to enhance memory of your beauty if the bottle isn’t around

🌸Flower Petals/Buds🌸
Rose Petals for love 🌹
Sunflower Petals for a healthy ego🌻

A tiny piece of paper for a scroll with a sigil of your choice. I also prefer to put the saying on the scroll 📜
A yellow piece of string/yarn/ribbon to tie the scroll with after you roll it up💛

1.) Ground/center yourself to get that energy and your intent flowing!💥
2.) Add the stone chips at the very bottom in any order you choose
3.) Pour some rosemary into the jar. Not too much because we still need to add the scroll in a bit
4.) Add the sage. Again, not too much
5.) Add in a sprinkle of the sunflower petals
6.) Roll up your scroll with a sigil on it so it’s small enough to fit in the tube then tie it with the yellow string/yarn/ribbon then fit it in there
7.) Add in the rose petals. If you accidentally added too much to your bottle (it’s okay, I did too :p), I’d recommend you rip the petals up if you haven’t done so or you can wrap the scroll in the petals to make it fit.
8.) Use this inctation while pumping your energy and intent into the bottle and the ingredients inside by holding the bottle in your hands. I magine the bottle glowing as you fill it with your energy:
Anytime version –
“[Fill in deity/energy source], help me out with this spell today,
So my negative thoughts are at bay.
Hold positive thoughts in my mind and ear
With self love that will be held dear.
Blessed be.”

Night time version – “[Fill in deity/energy source], help me out tonight
So my negative thoughts are replaced with (your) light.
Hold positive thoughts in my mind and ear
With self love that will be held dear.
Blessed be.”

You did it! You now have a spell jar for self-love! You can switch up this spell any way you want so you’re comfortable, need alternatives to ingredients you don’t have, etc. Lots of love and blessed be!!💗


Request 42- Hard Little Life

He was the king to her queen; the ying to her yang;  the sun to her sky. He made her complete but he didn’t know what made her her.
They brightened her smile; made her eyes shine; and made her laugh regular.

Before she met Dan, y/n depened on hard little pills to help her live her life. The doctor prescribed them every 6 months and that never changed. They took her frown away, pumped energy back into her and put love back in her heart. In a lower point of her life taking a break from them could have meant breakdown after breakdown. But when she met Dan everything changed.

Their relationship had only been official for a short period of time yet they knew eachother better than anyone else. The only time they spent apart was when one of them had to return to their own apartment which was a rare occasion. He loved her, she loved him. There’s wasn’t a secret between them. Even though y/n never told Dan about the hard little pills that built her up she never considered it as a secret it was just something she did that Dan didn’t know about.

After finishing her most recent tub of pills she stopped taking them. She didn’t talk to the doctor about it; she listened to the little voice in her head that told her Dan would leave if he found out. As much as she tried to push it away and ignore it, it always made itself present. He won’t trust you  it told her There’s so many other girls without issues like you.

Two weeks after giving them up the 25 year old woman realised why she needed them in the first place. She couldn’t pull herself out of bed, she couldn’t change her clothes, she couldn’t care. She hated herself for not having any effort but it was just so difficult.

Dan spotted a change in her behaviour. He noticed how she forced herself to smile, he saw the dark colour under her y/e/c eyes, he lay awake while she tossed and turned next to him failing to sleep. He wanted to confront y/n about her attitude towards life.

“Dan?” Y/n spoke quietly. It was late at night and they were both they in her lightly cushioned bed. Her soft y/h/c hair was pulled into a bun and his was pushed back out of his face.
“Hmh.” He replied in a whisper to signal he was awake. Within moments he heard a sob from the woman next to him.

Dans body shot up as his hand searched for the switch. Seconds later the dark room was illuminated and Dan saw his girlfriend with eyes dark and marks down her arms. He reached his arms to lift her from the crisp grey sheets and cradled her on his lap.
“Y/n shit babe what happened?” He questioned feeling drops of her tears fall onto his light tshirt.
“I’m so sorry.” Was all she could manage before the tears streamed down her face.

While the tears continued to soak through his shirt, he listened intently to the woman in his arms. His heart shattered and his stomach sunk upon hearing the love of his life sob; his brain ticked over how she could have believe he wouldn’t love her. He loved her with every inch of himself and that would never change.

For the rest of their time together he loved and cherished her. For the time through their lives when she was still acquainted with the hard little pills he helped her; kissed her on the forehead with his chapped lips and held her close after every little pill. He picked her up when she was down and held her hand when they were out. Dan stood by y/n and promised to never let her go and he never did. They became home for eachother and never let either of them forget that.

Even though she had a hard little life, which resulted in her taking hard little pills, she had a big soft Daniel by her side through every step of it.

A/N: sorry this took so long and is so short. I have end of year exams coming up and i need to get my self ready for them but I’ll do all the writing I can