I am a huge fan of all of the best sign language music out there – but this is the list that contains great professional and production value combined with sign language. These videos have a respect for making sure that the sign language itself is respected. This is based off of the playlist and is listed in order of popularity on YouTube. Soon, this list will be much, much longer. #deaftalent

5. Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” by Azora

4. John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change” by DPAN

3. Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” by Sean Berdy

2. White Stripes’ “We’re Going to be Friends” by DPAN

1. Pharrell’s “Happy” by Camp Mark Seven

Fantasy Football names for every team


Bengals - Vontaze Me Bro, Cedric Yabuehi (Ya Boiiii)

Browns - Kizer Roll, Crow’s Hoes

Steelers - Saved by Le’Bell; JuJu On That Beat

Ravens - Wakka Flacco Flame; Bones, Suggs n’ Harmony

AFC East

Bills - Rebillding; Forgot About Zay

Dolphins - Suh’s Your Daddy? Resting Cutler Face

Jets - Return of the Hack; Forte Days and Forte Nights

Patriots - Too Many Cooks; Gilmore Girls

AFC South

Colts - Swoope, There it is!; Luck huck a duck

Jags - Blake Bortles School for QBs who can’t read defenses good; Never Fornette

Texans - Turn Down 4 Watt; Brutal, Savage, Rekt

Titans - Super Mariota Bros; Adoreez Nuts

AFC West

Broncos - Brock of Ages; Siemian Toast Crunch

Chargers - Rivers Fertility Clinic; Bos’ n’ Hoes

Chiefs - Kansas City CrunchBerries; King of the Hill

Raiders - Sin City Aces; Dude, Where’s my Carr?

NFC North

-Bears - Bear Jordan (Thanks @jaycatler) ; Trubisky Business

-Lions - Stafford Loans; Questions and Ansahs

-Packers - Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Montgomery Burns

-Vikings - Hooked on a Thielen; Can You Diggs it?

NFC East

-Cowboys - Get Your Zeke On; Dak & The Power of JuJu

-Eagles - I Wentz Myself; 3 Pumphreys and a Flag

-Giants - Playbook of Eli; Ol’ Dirty Beckham

-’Skins - Kissing Cousins; Pryor Offense

NFC South

-Bucs -  24K Fitzmagic; Jacquizz in my Pants

-Falcons - My Vick in a Box; Sanu’s Clues

-Panthers - Run CMC (Thanks @christianmccaffrey); All About the Benjamins

-Saints - Easy, Breesy, Beautiful; Bourbon Street Ballers

NFC West

-49ers - Foster the People; Hyde and Seek

-Cardinals - Yo Gabba Gabbert; Fire the Bucannons

-Rams - California Gurleys; The Toddfather

-Seahawks - Russel my Jimmy Grahams; Rawls Royce

What You Do To Me (Part 1)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Well, @theoneandonlysaucymo and @douchepoolonsie spammed me with a lot of Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy gifs. This is because of them. Good god. You two I swear.

Word Count: ~2700

A little violence? Yeah that’s about right.

A/N: A bit of an AU, just no Dark Lord trying to destroy everything here. I am super happy with this, but nervous as well???? It’s parts now. As I hit over 5,000 words, and wasn’t even done yet??? Yeah, whoops lol I got carried away.

The “what if” Draco Malfoy actually got to be a normal student… well, as normal as you could get for a magical school. What changed for him? He met you.

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  The day you had shown up in his life, Draco Malfoy had just run into the one and only Harry Potter in the school foyer. You were all first years, itching and scared to know what the future held before you. Harry had just given Draco the cold shoulder over that damn Weasley boy, and Draco was absolutely fuming that Potter would blatantly disrespect him. He decided to let his cold grey eyes wander across the crowd behind him.

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