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UshiTsuki Week DAY 2 - May 3rd [Scents]

Coffeeshop!AU: Tsukishima is a regular, but barely pays any attention to the baristas, until this happens and oh my ;) (sorry this is just me being delusional >_<)

Actually, the only reason I choose this is because I wanted Ushijima to be the barista (just imagine him grinding coffee beans with those arms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

5sos Preference: You are with him when he hears She Looks So Perfect on the radio for the first time!
  • Calum: "Higher Cal, higher!" you shout down to your boyfriend who has graciously agreed to push you on the swings at the park down the street from your house. "Ok Miss Bossy" he mumbles and sticks his tongue out at you when you glare back at him "Only joking princess" he teases catching the swing and running back to give you an extra huge push. "Woooo!" You shout tilting your head back as you glide through the air. He runs around to the front and stops the swing as it begins to slow down. He hangs over you by the strings and gently reaches down to smooth your hair behind your ear "I like seeing you smile (Y/N), and I love when this happens to you" he smiles, grazing his fingertips across your blushing cheeks. "Well Cal I just, I love you, every single part of you…and that was really cheesy, but screw it, I like cheesy" You say trying to hold in your laughter as you tug Calum down by the shirt and press your lips to his. "That was pretty bad (Y/N) even for you.." he mutters against your lips. "Hey" you tease lightly slapping his arm "Kidding, kidding!" he yells ducking out of the way of your swinging arms "My baby is feisty" he jokes wiggling his eye brows at you, you are about to respond when his phone begins to ring, "It's Luke, one sec?" "Of course babe" you say and he answers the call. "Wait, wait, wait a minute slow down, what?…you serious? No way! Shit we're gonna miss it! Hey bro gotta go, but augghh so pumped!!" He hangs up the phone and looks over at you with wide eyes. "She Looks so Perfect is playing on the radio for the first time as we speak" he squeals with excitement "WHAT? NO WAY!" you shout "Well we need to get the hell home then!" you yell. The two of you take off running as fast as you can back to your house and charge up the stairs to your room. You dive across the bed and reach for the stereo with shaking hands. Finally, you hear it, just in time to listen to Calum sing his verse. You turn to look at him and find him standing there in shock listening to his own voice play on the radio. He doesn't really move a muscle until the final chords come through the speakers, and you don't try and make him, you just let him have his moment. When the song ends he collapses onto your bed and buries his face in his hands "Cal…honey, you ok?" you whisper crawling up behind him on the bed and rubbing his back softly. When he looks up, its clear that he was crying "Happy tears?" you ask quietly. "Yeah…crazy happy, I cant believe I could ever have gotten this lucky, my dreams are coming true tears" he says wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. "Well Calum Thomas Hood believe it because you deserve every single wonderful that has happened to you and it's clear that you have many, many more wonderful things to come." You reach up and ruffle his hair "God I'm so proud of you" you say now crying a bit yourself "Fuck, what is happening to me right now" Calum says turning around and pulling you into his lap. He wraps his arms tightly around your stomach and buries his face in your chest. He remains there for several minutes, sniffling quietly and taking it all in while you gently run your fingers through his hair and tell him over and over again how proud of him you are. "What the hell, this is the most embarrassing way to react to something like this ever…" he groans. "Hey, hey, hey this is not embarrassing, it's actually one of the sweetest things I have ever seen, you have no idea how much I love you right now Calum" "Really…?" he asks looking up at you "Hell yes" you say. He sits up and looks at you "Babe, yano how the song is called she looks so perfect? Well she" he points to you "Looks so perfect" he finally smiles "Who's the cheesy one now?" he jokes tackling you to the bed and sloppily kissing you all over your face. You squirm and shout and carry on until he stops and hovers for a moment his soft lips directly above yours "I mean it though, (y/n) you're the perfect girl for me" he whispers so close to that it sends shivers through your entire body. He continues to torture you leaving his lips just close enough to drive you crazy, until you can't take it anymore. You curl your arms behind his neck and pull him down so you can passionately press your lips to his. He immediately gives in dropping down to press his body onto yours as he urgently moves his lips against yours. He whimpers quietly into your mouth as you run your fingers roughly through his hair. "Fuck (y/n), this…this is the perfect day" he groans, you just smirk mischievously "It's about to get even better" you say as you begin to slip of your shirt.
  • Michael: "…HEY, HEY HEY. HEY, HEY HEY…." with a sudden jolt you jump up from the couch as a familiar tune start to play from the stereo across the living room. "WHAT!?! MIKEY GET DOWN HERE! DO YOU HEAR THIS??!?!" You shout as you charge over to the stereo and turn the sound up so high the bass drum begins to shake the windows. "DON'T MOVE HONEY" you shout/ sing along with Luke while stumbling up the stairs two at a time. You leap up to the final step and burst into your boyfriend's bedroom. "MICH-…babe seriously" you say as you spot him still sound asleep under the covers with a pillow over his head, only Michael could sleep through something this exciting you think to yourself with a giggle. Considering this is a monumental moment in Michael's life, you don't feel too guilty when you jump onto the bed and rip the covers off of him. He groans immediately and tries to pull them back over his face "no, no, not this time Mr. you don't wanna miss this" you say plopping down onto his back and pulling his arm away from his face. He groans, but it does get him to open his eyes and peak up at you. "Michael, listen carefully, do you hear what is playing?" He looks at you warily, but sits up to listen. There's a second of silence before "HOLY FUCK, THAT'S, THAT'S US, THAT'S ME!" he shouts suddenly wide awake. "well come on then it's almost over let's get down there and dance our asses off!" you say jumping up and dragging a very shocked Michael down the stairs after you. He grabs your hands and the two of you spend the final chorus dancing like maniac's. "AND I KNOW NOW THAT I'M SO DOWN!" the final words blast through the speakers as Michael slides his arms around your waist and sloppily kisses your neck just next to your collar bone. "Holy shit" he mumbles against your shoulder. "Annnnndd that was a new one, She Looks So Perfect by the up and coming band 5 seconds of summer, what a tune, what a tune!" the announcer finishes. "That's us!" Michael shouts and his smile is so full of pride and excitement that you can't help the tear that slips down your cheek. "Wait what, babe why the tears?" he says worriedly stepping closer, "No, no happy tears Michael, I just, I'm so proud of you for everything you have accomplished and that was your song on the radio and I just can't believe how far you have come. Just, wow Michael" As the words spill out faster and faster you mentally kick yourself for ruining Michael's big moment with your emotions. "Aww c'mere baby" He says opening his arms for you. You burry your face in his chest and he wraps his arms tightly around you. "I love you for caring this much, it really does mean the world to me, there is no one on this earth who I would rather have spent this moment with then you." He mumbles against your hair. "I'm so proud of you Michael" you say standing up on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "Aw stop your making me blush" he teases. After a few more minutes of hugging, he leads you over to the sofa "I wish I hadn't slept through the beginning, but oh well, thank god you were around to wake me huh?" he says elbowing you in the ribs. "Well…we could always call back and request that they play it again" you smirk pulling out your cell phone and dialing the radio station.
  • Ashton: "Babe come on hurry!!" you hear your boyfriend shout energetically from the basement. "be there in a sec Ash!" you yell down the stairs. He groans "it's coming on in exactly 2 minutes, you're gonna miss it I can't feel it…" he says nervously "Ok , ok I'm here, I'm here" you say as you jog down the stairs and plop down onto the couch next to him. You can't help but smile from ear to ear at the sight of him nervously anticipating this exciting new aspect of life as the member of a famous band. You still can't get over how much has happened in the past year, the boys have accomplished so much and you have been right there along with them through it all. Sometimes as their biggest fan sitting front and center cheering them on, or occasionally as a late night reassurance phone call for Ashton when being alone on tour got just too hard. It's been a long road, but the happiness it bring's Ashton makes it completely worth it. With all that in mind, you're heart swells with pride as you watch your boyfriend sitting on the edge of his seat, absently shaking his knee to the beat of "royals" as he stares at the clocks visibly counting down the seconds until She Looks So Perfect will makes it's debut appearance on the radio. "20 seconds!" he shouts, turning to flash that classic Ashton smile at you that you love more than anything. "10! count with me (Y/N)!" the two of you jump out of your seats and shout at the top of your lungs "10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1!!" theres a silence, neither of you move until the announcer begins to speak "Alrighty, next up we have the new single from our very own 5 seconds of summer! Great song boys, you've made us proud! Here it is, She Looks So perfect!" there's a pause and then the familiar guitar chords begin to play. "HEY, HEY HEY!" the two of you shout jumping around the room singing along. During Luke's verse you dive onto the couch and use the TV remote as a microphone "IF YOU DONT SWIM YOU'LL DROWN!" Ashton then jumps up to join you "SO DON'T MOVE, HONEY" You begin to air guitar as Ashton air drums "Augh Ash, that drumming, that's you! My baby is playing drums on the radio!" you shout jumping on his back and kissing him sloppily on the cheek. "Holy shit you're right, that's me!" he shouts over the music with wide eyes. The final chords ring through and Ashton steps back staring at you in shock "Well then what the hell (Y/N), my band was on the radio, we did it!" his smile shines brighter than ever and you have no doubt that you are smiling just as bright. "Wow I can't believe this, we need to keek this, I need to thank everyone, is that ok?" he asks, "More than ok, let's do it babe" you say grabbing his phone from the table and handing it to him. "Hey guys! So I don't know if any of you heard but THEY JUST PLAYED SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT ON THE RADIO! I must say it was a pretty crazy time for us over here in the Irwin household, I've got my girl here (Y/N) who was air guttering like a pro, say hi babe" he says turning the camera on you "hey guys! So proud of the boys, they deserve all of the success in the world don't you think?" you say "Ohh come on you're making me blush" Ashton groans, walking closer to you and putting his arm around your shoulders "She is too nice to me guys I don't know what to do" he says kissing you on the cheek "Too nice? really then, so you would rather have me be mean?" you say jokingly shrugging his arm off of your shoulder "Nooo, I like when you're nice" he says pulling you back over to him "Augh 5 seconds, ok I love you all thanks for supporting us!! bye! Say Bye (Y/N)" you wave just as the keek finishes. "Nice, thanks (y/n), this was just too monumental not to keek it" he says fiddling with his phone to post the video. "No problem" you say kissing his cheek. he looks up from his phone at that and smiles "(y/n)? Did you mean that, you really are proud of me?" he asks quietly. You're eyes get wide "Ashton are you kidding? I am so proud of you words can't even begin to describe it. You have accomplished so many of your dreams and I know it can only get better from here and I just can't wait to see what the future will bring. Not to mention the fact that you are one of the nicest guys I know, the most talented drummer I have ever seen and the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, so yeah saying i'm proud is a bit of an understatement" You say hoping that the sincerity of your words carries out through your voice. "God how did I get so lucky to find you, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, aw come here lovely" he says moving forward to squeeze you into a tight hug. "I'm most definitely the luckiest guy on earth" he mutters into your hair.
  • Luke: You were just about to boredom-check twitter for the 9th time in the past 15 minutes when the "Lukey <3" contact pops up on your phone screen. "Hey Luke" you answer "Hey lovely what are you up to?" he asks brightly. You bite your lip at the sound his deep voice through the speakers "Not much actually, it's a bit of a boring day at home I'm afraid" you reply. "Hmm wellll, I'm sort of on your front porch and I was wondering if I could come in for a bit, but I understand if you're too busy I should've called first…" he trails off shyly. You are already running down the stairs as you reply "Are you kidding me? Seeing you're number pop up on the screen made me happier then I have been all day!" you heave open the front door and suddenly your breath catches in your throat. Luke is leaning against the wall, wearing a tight black t-shirt and his famous skinny, skinny jeans, and he looks…well breathtaking. The beauty of this boy never ceases to catch you off guard, maybe it's in the way his t-shirt clings to his broad shoulders or the styling of his hair that is just messy enough to make you desperately want to run your fingers through it. Everything about Luke takes your breath away, his bright smile, that fucking lip ring that never fails to instantly turn you on and most importantly those bright blue eyes that have the capability of drawing you into them with no hope of finding your way out. "Hi…hi…" you say slowly lowering your phone from your cheek. "Hey there beautiful" he says flashing a smile and stepping forward to greet you with a kiss. He is about to lean in, but stops himself "Hey (Y/N) you ok? You seem a little…" he trails off, his eyes studying your face carefully "What?" you say snapping yourself out of it "yeah just…well you, you're kind of gorgeous yano that right?" you blush distracting your gaze by staring down at your toes. He chuckles "Me? Nahh, you're the gorgeous one" his fingers raise to gently lift your chin and finally, his lips press against yours, lightly at first as if he is expressing all of his feelings for you in the tenderness of a single kiss, but that's not enough for you right now, you step forward and encircle his neck with your arms, you begin to kiss him with much more intensity and before long he returns it with a gruff passion of his own. His tongue darts across your lips quickly, and his hands begin to fall lower and lower down your back as he urges you to jump up and wrap your legs tightly around his waist. you continue to desperately run your fingers through his already tousled hair. He slowly moves back and presses your back against the bricks of your porch never breaking contact with your lips "Fuck…" he groans against your mouth "We're on your porch, we should uh…go in" without putting you down he opens the door and carries you up to your bedroom. He walks over to your bed and sinks down onto it. You stare at each other for a moment and then it's the tangle of limbs and lips against lips and the quiet sound of moans slipped unconsciously from both of you. In a rush Luke sits up and pulls his shirt over his head, yet again your breath catches in your throat "This never get's old" you mutter as you run your fingers across his chest. You lean up and pull your shirt off as Luke stares in awe "God you're beautiful" he mutters as he leans down to connect his lips with yours once again. Minutes go by of the radio playing faintly in the background and Luke driving you crazy with his the feeling of his lips and his warm touch against your skin until you can't take it anymore you reach down and begin to unbutton his jeans when suddenly something else grabs your attention. "simmer down simmer down…" Luke obviously doesn't notice because he continues to kiss along your collarbone and up your neck leaving what is surely several hickeys behind in his place. Though it's insanely distracting, you strain your ears to be sure you heard right, "She looks so perfect standing there in her american apparel under ware!" you definitely heard right "Luke, listen!" you say trying to contain your excitement, he stops for a second to listen and suddenly sit's up straight "Holy hell babe, that's us! On the radio! I have to turn it up" He runs over to the radio and raises the volume until it's blasting. He throws himself back onto the bed and the two of you scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and air guitar throughout the entire thing. As it comes to an end Luke rolls off and turns the volume down "Well then, wasn't expecting that" he says crawling back over to you "Can you believe they actually played us, my band, 5 seconds of summer on the radio?" He says shaking his head "Well actually I can, you deserve this Luke, all of it" You looking at him sincerely. "Thanks babe…so uh, that was a rush, but it doesn't mean I forgot what was happening before" he teases rolling the two of you over so he is once again hovering on top of you. "Now, where were we?" he smirks wiggling his eye brows at you.
  • ***: Sorry these are so long I sorta got carried away, but I hope you like this! Augghh just this fricking band, I can't anymore. I'm going through a crisis because I can't decide which girl I am…so I have decided I am simply a luke/calum/michael/ashton girl. That's all there is too it.