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okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.


  • Peter would have never been to a concert
  • But he would have heard tales about May and Ben’s trips to various concerts and festivals
  • He would have always wanted to go but knew that he didn’t have the time or the money
  • Big, warm hugs and laughs of disbelief
  • “When is it?”
  • “This weekend”
  • “You mean like, tomorrow, this weekend?”
  • “Yeah”
  • “Oh my -“
  • He’d be breathing so heavily and grinning so much and aw just so exciTED
  • For the rest of the day you guys would ONLY listen to that band while you hung out in his room
  • “What color do you think this song is gonna be?”
  • “What?”
  • “You know, how the lights are different colors at concerts and stuff, what color do you think this one is gonna be?”
  • “Oh, I dunno, Peter”
  • “I think it’s gonna have purple lights.”
  • You’d just smile and shake your head causE DO r K
  • The next morning you’d get some texts from him
  • “YOU READY?”
  • It’d be at like 7 in the morning too like why is this boy even uP
  • He’d come over a few hours prior with snacks and stuff
  • “Is this okay? What I’m wearing? I didn’t know what to wear.”
  • He’d be in a plain t-shirt with an old jacket on over
  • Looking real cute
  • “Looks great, Peter”
  • He’d just give a relieved smile aww
  • He would have also brought some special earpieces Tony made to make the sound less intense for his special spidey hearing
  • He’d sit on your bed and watch you get ready
  • Like be so amazed watching you do your makeup
  • “How do you - how doesn’t that hurt?”
  • “It’s just mascara, Peter”
  • You’d both be cracking up by the end because he’d be making stupid faces behind you in the mirror trying to get you to mess up
  • “We’re going to see them oh my gosh”
  • “They’re going to be right in front of us”
  • “oh my gosh”
  • s o  g i d d y
  • You’d get to the venue with your tickets and the sun would be setting
  • A small crowd would be gathered around the door
  • You’d both thank the ticket lady and head in
  • It’d be an outdoor concert
  • An amphitheater kind of thing
  • Small groups of people would be gathered around in various places and you guys would head up towards the front
  • The lights would start to dim and since the band was kind of obscure, there wouldn’t be an opener
  • Peter would be really jumpy at your side and would keep turning and just smiling really big at you
  • The band members would come on stage and you’d both
  • lose
  • it
  • Like I’m talking Peter’s jaw would drop and you’d just be stammering
  • “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod”
  • Peter would be hitting your shoulder over and over in shock
  • And then you’d both start screaming and hollering and Peter’s hands would shoot up in the air
  • The members would be silhouetted by a blue glow and smoke and fog would be billowing from the machines on the stage
  • The sky would be nearly dark now
  • The shadows of stars peeking out behind the blankets of smoke
  • The band would wave and move to their places on the stage
  • Peter would turn to you with such wide eyes
  • “It’s actually them”
  • “Oh my god it’s actually them”
  • Literally this kiddo would be on the verge of tears
  • Light, hearty laughs of disbelief awww
  • You’d both be jumpy and giggly
  • “Thank you so much for inviting me ohmygod”
  • “Who else would I go with you dork”
  • Goofy smiles uF
  • The bassist would strum his first note and it would crash over the whole area
  • Wild cheers would erupt and Peter would do a gasp-exhale type thing
  • And they’re hit another note, getting more cheers
  • Peter would be smiling and laughing bubbly laughs, as would you
  • Soon, the song would start up
  • The drummer would start with the beat and then the guitarist would start strumming
  • The singer would be swaying a little bit with their head down in the middle of the stage, hand gripping the microphone
  • You’d be struggling to make yourself watch them because Peter’s face would be pRICELESS.
  • His features would be intensified with the contrast of the dark of the night and the glow of the stage
  • Eyes open wide and bright with reflections of blue
  • His mouth would be gently open and the corner would be tugging into a smile
  • Curls tucked neatly and jacket strings uneven
  • Breathless and in disbelief
  • s h o o t
  • The song would start to pick up, along with the bassline, and the whole area would be throbbing with the beat
  • The shadows of heads in front of you would be nodding along and swaying
  • Peter would be smiling really wide now, gently shaking his head and swaying his shoulders
  • He’d keep looking over at you, watching you bite your lip and move to the song
  • It would get to the heavy part of the song and the bass would be sO intense
  • Peter would turn to you and tap the center of his chest
  • “I can feel it, I can feel the beat”
  • You’d be grinning at how he was having to shout a little bit to be heard
  • You’d nod and smile at him
  • “I can feel it, too, Peter”
  • He’d breathlessly laugh and keep his hand on his chest
  • “We have the same heartbeat”
  • He’d turn back to you with his realization, wide-eyed and giddy
  • “We all have the same heartbeat”
  • He’d gesture to the field of people
  • You’d giggle and nod, patting your chest
  • A couple more songs would go on and slowly Peter would get more comfortable dancing
  • Little nods and lip bites and head shakes and his hands would be tapping his hips
  • His neat curls would nOt be neat anymore
  • They’d be falling over his forehead, a little damp with sweat, shaken from all of the goofy dancing
  • He’d even start shouting out the lyrics to the songs he knew well
  • Fist pumping occasionally
  • You’d start to do the same and you guys would be aw so cute
  • But you’d also be like that couple
  • Holding hands and crap
  • Cause Peter was normally weird about PDA and so were you
  • Like uhh no one wants to see that that’s for later
  • But he’d be so adrenaline-filled
  • Like at one point he’d just turn to you with the biggest grin on his face and pull you into a kiss
  • You’d feel the buzz of the music on your lips
  • Warm and strong and happy and humming
  • You guys would both start laughing and break away
  • And then thAt song would come on
  • The one you guys were talking about earlier
  • The lights would go from a light yellow to a cold purple and Peter would turn to you, wide-eyed
  • “It’s the song, it’s the song, it’s puRPLE
  • He’d be so jumpy and giggly
  • “Yeah, I knew it I KnEW IT”
  • AW
  • He looked really good in the purple lighting too like cmon but he also looked good in any lighting though so
  • The band would finish up with a slower song
  • It was one that you guys had a lot of memories with
  • He had come over when you were sad and pulled you off the bed to dance with you
  • It had helped a lot
  • May had also had it playing one day while you were chilling on the couch
  • You had hummed to the beat and snuggled more
  • One day you guys had been baking to the song
  • Might have also made out to it one time whoOps
  • When the song ended you guys would both be so sappy and content 
  • Your head against his shoulder
  • One hand holding his arm, the other looped in his hand
  • He’d mumble into your hair, sighing as the lights faded
  • “You’re the best.”
  • “So are you, Parker.”

- -

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remember these, kids? they used to be so popular on deviantART way back in like 2008 and i remember i used to be so pumped about doing one, though i never really did. so, last night i even had a dream about doing one of these, so i put together some scenarios and here we are, haha! feel free to reblog or save the template for yourself if it catches your fancy! 

please tag your finished meme as  harteus meme so that i and others can find your artwork easily and collected. <3

Video Games

**Request: Can u do a smut where jungkook is playing a game and u keep bothering him bc u know how serious he takes his games so when he finally gives u his attention u walk away provoking him? **

Type: Smut

Word Count: 2331 

*I do not own this gif, credit to its owner*

Sunday afternoons were your favorite time of the week. You didn’t have to work, you weren’t obligated to go out with friends and for the past few weeks it had been raining lightly giving you enough of an excuse to stay in with your boyfriend and just enjoy each other’s company.

He had been working so hard as of late, so hard that for the past few days you and he both thought he’d be working, ruining your perfect streak of Sunday afternoons together. When he showed up on your front door step at noon exactly you almost cried with excitement, it felt like it’s been forever since you’ve seen him. You couldn’t help but melt when he smiled widely and pulled you into his chest while whispering ‘Surprise.’

Since you thought you could be spending the night alone you had absolutely nothing planned, so it made your heart flutter when Jungkook took the liberty to order pizza so the two of you could eat pizza and watch a movie together.

“I’m just gonna play a bit until the food comes, I haven’t been able to all week.” He’d call over to you as he bent to start up the machine that sat on the table in front of your tv.

You didn’t mind it when he played, in fact you thought it was cute the way his nose would slightly scrunch and his bottom lip would find itself in between his teeth, threatening to slip out when ever he jerked the controller one way or the other.

You watched him quietly, your fingers scratching softly under the material of his shirt, something he didn’t even have to ask you to do any more. You didn’t stop until the sound of the doorbell rang, making you jump slightly.

“Pizzas here, pause it and put the movie in while I go get it.” You said kissing his cheek not stopping to notice if he acknowledged you or not.

Grabbing a piece before you even swung the door shut with your butt you made your way back to the living room, stopping by the kitchen to grab paper plates and napkins. You made him scoot over by nudging his thigh with your knee. He flipped over to the other side of the couch and looked at you briefly before opening his mouth for a bite.

“Are you actually serious?” You said with an amused look on your face.

“Just five more minutes, I’m almost done with this level.” He’d say before opening his mouth again. You rolled your eyes and brought a piece to his mouth. Though annoyance grew in the pit of your stomach there was still something about the way his jaw flexed that made you tingle. You bit your lip gently before breathing hard and taking another bite of your pizza, sitting back to run your fingers over his back once more. You sighed heavily again and started a five minute countdown.

“Okay 5 minutes is up, please?” You said wrapping an arm around his shoulder so you could lightly tap his cheek.

“Okay just one more second.” He said kissing your cheek quickly before turning back to his game. You sighed loudly and flopped back on the couch, crossing your arms as you watched him play now.

“Kook.” You said kicking he knee gently.
“Kookie.” You said pushing his thigh with both feet.
“Kook come on.” This time you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him so he now was laying in between your legs.
“Jungkook I swear to god.”

He just grunted and propped himself up, eyes not leaving the screen. You sighed and shifted your body, so your head rested on his lap. You pulled your phone out and began to scroll, anything to ignore him just like he was ignoring you. But then after a few more minutes of him still refusing to change to the movie  you began to grow needy. You kicked your knees out and let your phone fall on your chest as you crossed your arms. You saw a slight smile tug at the corners of his lips and that made you even more aggravated. If he wanted to play this game, you’d not only play, but you’d win.

Rolling to your stomach you let your head remain on his lap. You turned your face towards him so you were in licking distance of his clothed member. He peered down at you for a second before letting out a long sigh and moving right back on to his game. You started to leave the light scratches he loved so much across his thigh, smiling as he sighed deeply once more. It wasn’t enough though so you removed your fingers and replaced them with your lips, kissing gently across the bare skin until your lips were hovering right above his member. You could see him looking down at you in longer increments this time, watching to see what your next move would be. But when he didnt respond you just breathed heavily, making sure the warm air of your breath hit his clothed member. You smiled to yourself as goosebumps rose across his thighs.

You sat up now, squeezing his upper thigh  just enough as you used it to hold yourself up. You could tell by the way he was breathing it was working. You lent against him and pulled your phone up once more and started to scroll, your hand ever so lightly moving up till the back of your hand was placed gently on top of his member. You fake yawned, stretching your hand firmly across his member and dragging it back across lightly, just how he liked it.

“Y/n…” He said, eyes not leaving the Tv.

“What?” You said innocently.

“What are you doing?”

“Um, stretching? All this video gaming is so boring.” You said leaving you hand to rest on his thigh. You smiled reaching for your water bottle. Unscrewing the cap you took a lazy sip letting just enough to dribble down your chin.

“Oh shoot, Kookie, can you pass a napkin, Im wet.” You said, dragging the last bit out just long enough that his eyes flicked to you.

“No? Okay well I guess Ill get it myself.” You said kneeling up and swinging a leg over his lap. You sunk down and reached for the napkins, making sure to drag your core over him just enough that you could feel him getting hard under you.

You tried to dismount, putting air  between his crotch and yours but the sound of the remote controller hitting the floor make you smile as his hands held firmly to your thighs. You tried to keep the innocent look in your eyes as he stared at you, his eyes darkening.

“What are you doing.” You said cockily as his hands started to trail up your thighs.

“If you want to play, Ill play.” He said squeezing your thighs once more.

“Play what? I was just getting napkins.” You said, all innocence that you were trying to fool him with was gone and replaced with a lustful look.

Still, you kissed his nose gently and took yourself off of  his lap and started to make your way to your room. You hald expected him to pick the controller up and continue where he left off so when his hand quickly caught your wrist and pulled you back down so you were sitting beside him. He quickly took aholdd of your cheek with his hand before his lips were crashing to yours. The force of the kiss allowed Jungkook to push you backwards till your head was resting against the arm of the couch and he was wedged between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him further into the kiss. Once he knew exactly how close you wanted him to be your hands trailed down to hook under his shirt and then back up, taking in every inch of his back. You could feel him growing between your legs so you lifted yours and hooked your ankles together to bring him down closer to you. Ankles still hooked you started to roll your hips. The need to feel him growing faster as you felt yourself opening up.

He responded by hooking an arm around your back and pulling you up to meet him so you were now straddling his lap. This gave him easy access to pull your shirt from over your head and to get to work on your bra. He would have had it off in a second but the feeling of you grinding against him was enough of a distraction that it took him longer than usual. The moment it was off he laid you back down again, now slipping your shorts off your body with the help of you raising your hips. Hiked down your body and over each thigh before diving right into your already sopping core. He’d lick the length of your heat while his fingers followed slowly. You let your mouth fall open, a light airy gasp leaving your mouth as he repeated this over and over again until you knotted your fist in your hair and pulled him closer to your core. He chuckled, the  heat of his breath and the vibrations against your most sensitive area making your body jolt in pleasure.

His fingers found their way inside of you, rotating in and out as he circled his wrist so you could feel every part of his fingers. Your hands gripped tighter as he kissed your clit and began to pump faster. Only a few fast pumps though before his fingers curled up and hit your g-spot instantly. You moaned louder at this, the moan trailing off into a staggered laugh.

You couldn’t take it any more. You reached out to his shirt and grabbed at it before pulling it over his hand and pulling him up so his lips met yours again. He slipped his tongue into your mouth letting you taste yourself as you fumbled with his shorts, pulling them off of his bottom half as quickly as you could. He chuckled helping you finish the job before pushing you further into the couch. You kissed him harder as one hand pumped at his member a good few times before you lined himself up with you.

His tip would have barely touched you before he took charge and pressed into you harder, another breathy gasp leaving you lips. He wouldn’t take any time to let you warm up to him. Instantly he’d be pumping fast into you, his arm wrapped around your head in a way that caused you from you being to uncomfortable he rammed into you. His kisses would grow sloppy as he tried controlling his heavy breath and focus on the way he drove himself into you. He’d lay rough kisses across your bare collar bone, marking it here and there before meeting your lips again for a brief moment. He sat up more and looked at you as he drove even faster, watching as your moan fluctuated with each pump.

He pulled you up instantly and directed you over his lap. His hands found their way to your hips as yours hooked around his neck. He held himself steady with one hand which let you sink down onto his member. A breathless gasp leaving both of your lips as you sunk as deep as you could get him.

You pressed your forhead to his, supporting yourself on his shoulders as you began to rise and fall. You started off slower, enjoying the way it felt when his tip was barely in you before sinking lower against him. The moment you started to pick up the pace, rolling your hips with every drop was the moment the groans from him loudened as he watched his member disappear inside of you. You started riding him at a rapid pace, your hands now gripping to the back of the couch as the feeling of him hitting your cervix with each pump brought the familiar clenching feeling in between your legs.

The very first time he felt you tighten around you was when he tightened his grip around your waist and held you to him. He rose his hips and began to once again drive into you, but this time it was at such an alarming pace you had to brace yourself. Your moans turned dangerously loud as you tried holding on from letting your orgasm get the better of you, but the friction between the two of you plus the twitching of his member sent you over the edge, You grabbed into his trap as you came, your legs shaking and your eyes squeezed shut. He wasn’t far behind you as his hips bucked up one last time so he could unload.

He pumped a few more times as he pulled you down to kiss him, this time a lot softer than before, but just as meaningful. He’d smile up to you as you brushed the hair off of his sweaty forehead and would close his eyes before tracing his fingers up and down your bare back. Taking his hand he’d let you pull him up and he’d wrap his arms around your shoulders as you lead the way to your bathroom.

Turning the sower on you’d let him pull you onto him so your head rested in the crook of his neck and you traced small circles on his chest. Just as the bathroom began to steam you’d reach up to kiss him, but it didn’t take  long for him to have you pinned against the shower tiles with one legged propped up on the side for a second round.

I like the idea of pidge in elementary school… cute little girl with little pigtails who skips around while being a genius a couple grades up and she always wears headphones while she works.

One day a kid next to her is like “hey what are you always listening to?” And pidge just being like oh yeah hey listen!! She hands over the headphones and then it just being blasted dubstep with increased bass. The kid just kinda slowly gives the headphones back and turns to their work while pidge puts them back on and just nods her head side to side with a smile, finishing her assignment

6 + 37 from this prompt list, requested by @di and @kevindxy! <3

6. I’ve got a lot of regrets, but you’re not one of them!

37. If you tell anyone, I’m gonna kill you and hide your body.

It’s time for another team night.

All of the foxes are huddled together in the room of the girls, tons of already empty bottles and tins spread around them, empty pizza cartons stapling in the corner. Dan is half sleeping at Matt’s side as Allison suddenly speaks up. “Let’s play ‘Never have I ever’!”

No one finds it in them to disagree or is too drunk to care as they all sit up.

Neil looks at Andrew out of the corner of his eye, curious if he is playing with them. His blood is buzzing with alcohol, which is comforting and daunting at the same time. However, he trusts Andrew to keep him safe and from doing something stupid.

“Okay, this is easy: Never have I ever been to the hospital.”

“How creative,” Kevin comments before they drink collectively – except Andrew. He is watching them with a bored expression, maybe waiting for something to happen.

They play on for a while, more or less interesting questions as it’s Nicky’s turn. Aaron is already glaring at him like he is sensing he is about to say something stupid. “Never have I ever had regrets.” Silence. Neither of them expected such a question. Nicky seems proud of himself to have shocked them all into silence and chugs his glass.

Neil stares at the beer bottle in his hand, his thoughts racing. Does he have regrets? He doesn’t regret killing the men who were after him and his mother, but … he regrets not noticing that she was dying until she gasped her final breath on the beach. He regrets not having a normal life, although that is definitely not his fault. He regrets that his teammates got hurt because of him, even when they assured him that it is okay. His fault.

Neil.” Andrew’s voice snaps him out of his thoughts.

All of the foxes are staring at him and he suddenly feels crowded in this small room.

“Are you okay, Neil?” Matt asks with furrowed brows, putting down his glass.

“I’m fine.”

Dan groans. “Really? I thought we were over saying this, Neil.”

He shrugs and takes a sip of his bottle, feigning nonchalance. His heart is pumping like crazy, though. He feels Andrew looking at him, scanning his face for the obvious lie.

“We’re leaving.” He ignores their protests and gets up, knowing that Neil will follow him.

Neil shrugs, half apologetic, half careless, and leaves the room. They end up on the rooftop and Neil is surprised to see that the sun is already rising.

A touch at his hand makes him look at Andrew. He offers him an already lit cigarette while already lighting another. With a small smile Neil takes it and leans back a bit, still gazing at Andrew.

“Stop that.”

“You don’t believe in regrets, right?” he says, obediently averting his eyes.

“They are stupid,” Andrew simply answers.

“So you don’t have any because you don’t believe in them?” He receives a hard stare in return. “Well, I have,” Neil continues, slowly feeling the tension fading.

Birds are already chirping in the distance as he inhales the smell of the cigarette, the smoke still bringing back the memory of his mother. He closes his eyes. “Not being able to save my mum. Not having a normal life. Getting the foxes hurt.”

He hears Andrew snort and opens his eyes again. “Does the list get longer?” Although his words are harsh, Neil can feels his pinky brushing over his.

“Yes. I’ve got a lot of regrets, but you’re not one of them.”

He can literally feel Andrew freeze next to him, his movements stopping.

“Shut up,” he says, stubbing his cigarette out and glaring at him.

“I mean it.”

“127 %.”

Neil suppresses his grin and leans in closer instead. He gives Andrew a moment to withdraw before softly pressing his lips onto his, still feeling like the world is tilting sideways whenever they kiss. After some time – minutes or hours, Neil doesn’t know – Andrew pushes him back slightly.

“You know what? I have one regret.”

Neil looks curiously at him.

“Not pushing you of the fucking roof.”

“I’d drag you down with me, remember?”

Andrew hums, lightning a new cigarette.

“So, as you recently discovered regret,” another glare, “do you regret me?”

“Every single time you open your mouth,” Andrew replies boredly, but contrary to his words tucks Neil closer by his collar.

“So you don’t.”

Andrew stares at him intently, but doesn’t come up with another snarky comment except: “If you tell anyone, I’m gonna kill you and hide your body.”

“Six feet under the ground, right?” Neil grins, so Andrew shuts him up with another kiss.

And he sure doesn’t regret that.

{ virgins have more fun | erwin smith x reader }

A/N: A Erwin Smith x Virgin!Reader lemon.
Warnings: unprotected sex. Erwin being too sexy for his own good.
Word count: 1654

“Why are you still standing?” Erwin’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You realized that he had been sitting on the edge of his bed and you were left standing with your arms wrapped around your mid section.
“I um-”
“Come closer.” Erwin requested. You took a few steps forward until you were standing directly in front of him. He  looked up at you with a warm smile and rested his large hands on your hips.

“Your body language tells me that you’re nervous.” If there was one thing Erwin could do it was read your body language. It could be his super power easily. He always knew when you were upset.
“And may I ask for what?” He asked. You chewed on your bottom lip nervously as you looked down at him.
“I don’t feel as well as I did earlier is all.” You gave a halfhearted smile and pushed your fingers through his soft blonde hair.

Your hands were on both sides of his face when you gave him a light chaste kiss on the lips. All of a sudden, Erwin wrapped his arms around you and playfully slammed you onto the bed taking you by surprise. His hands traveled up and down your sides tickling you as you laughed in pure joy.  The biggest mistake was telling Erwin you were ticklish because he took advantage of it every time.

The tickling eventually stopped leaving your cheeks flushed and your breathing a tiny bit uneven. Erwin smiled as he took your beauty in. His heart seemed to flutter when he noticed the silver diamond necklace he gave you on your very 1 year anniversary. It was simple but yet very beautiful. You have yet to remove it.

“I love you..” Erwin said in what seemed like a whisper. You smiled and brought your hand to his cheek grazing your thumb over it gently.
“I love you too.” You smiled softly. He looked into your eyes deeply searching for something. Maybe a sign that told him that you were ready. He wanted to take your relationship to the next level.
“I want to show you how much I love you.” Erwin said never breaking eye contact. You were a little shocked but deep down you knew this was going to happen eventually and you were completely fine with that. You wanted him to be your first and your only.

You opened your mouth to say something but you slowly closed it and nodded your head. Erwin leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss that was filled with love and tenderness. His hands slowly but surely explored your body. Feeling on your breasts and massaging them through your shirt. The feeling was new but it felt amazing. Erwin lifted up your shirt to where your bra was completely exposed and noticed your hardened buds through your bra. He felt himself twitch in his pants.

Erwin finished taking your clothes by unhooking your bra and gently tossed it to the side. You felt your cheeks heat up as his eyes explored your body. The cold air hit your sensitive buds making them aroused. Erwin pecked your lips and started to suck on your neck, attacking your sweet spot the was just under your ear and you let out a breathy moan.

His warm hand found its way to your breast and started to massage it while playing with your hardened nipples in between his fingertips. You blushed even more as you felt his hard member against your inner thigh. You slowly started to rub your leg against his member earning a very deep groan of pleasure from him.

Erwin’s hand found their way to your pants and unbuttoned them before taking them off completely. Erwin took a finger and grazed it over your underwear, right over your clit. A jolt of pleasure went through your body causing your hips to buck.

“You’re so sensitive, doll. I barely touched you.” Erwin said and a blush appeared on your cheeks.
“Don’t tease me.” You pouted.

Erwin chuckled and lifted himself up from you then discarded all of his clothes but leaving on his boxers. His member was extremely prominent through the thin fabric of his underwear. His size was very impressive, it was bigger than you imagined. He left a trail of kisses from your lips to your belly button and all the way until he met the lining of your panties.

He looked up at you from confirmation to continue and you gave him a small nod. He soon pulled down your panties and out them to the side. He smiled to himself as he spotted your hardened bud and took a finger then started to rub circles around it. Your hips bucked at the new sensation but Erwin kept your hip pinned down to the bed forcing you to take it.

“W-wait, Erwin-” You whimpered at the feeling.

He wasted little time and attacked your womanhood with his mouth. His tongue did amazing things to your clit, flicking it up and down and drawing shapes and patterns around it. He inserted a long finger into your awaiting hole earning him a deep arc in the back from you. You felt something in the pit of your stomach form and you just had to release it.

Your orgasm took the breath out of you and made your body shake uncontrollably. Erwin kept your hips pinned down firmly enjoying watching your orgasm attack your frame so hard.
“Hm, already?” He smiled to himself. His fingers parted your lips then kissed your sensitive clit.
“Can you teach me?” You asked in a sweet voice.
“Teach you what?” Erwin asked looking up at you with curiosity in his eyes.
“How to make you feel good.” You said propping up on your elbows.


Erwin was now laid on his back with you playing with the elastic lining of his boxers.
“Take it out for me, dove.” He ordered you in a soft voice. You pulled down his boxers revealing his cock that had sprang up and hit his stomach.
“It’s very big, Erwin.” You said in awe making Erwin chuckle at your cuteness.
“Grab it then I want you to start stroking it.” You followed his directions precisely then looked up at him for a reaction. He threw his head back and a small moan escaped his lips.

He continued to guide you until you wanted to try something different so you licked the underside of his cock in one long swipe. Erwin took in a sharp breath and his eyes averted to you. Getting the reaction you wanted from him, you began to kiss and lick the tip of his manhood until you eventually took what you could fit in your mouth.

“Am I doing it right?” You asked looking up at him through your eyelashes stroking his manhood slowly.
“Y-yes. You’re doing so well, doll.” He tried to compose himself.
“I want to feel it inside me.” You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, but you were growing very anxious for him to take you.


“Just ease down on it slowly, okay?” Erwin said and positioned his cock right at your wet hole. You nodded and took a deep breath as you eased down on his cock. The both of your reactions were completely different. Erwin moaned out loudly in pleasure as he felt your tightness surround his manhood and you cried out in pain from his manhood stretching your hole to what seemed like it’s limit. Tears escaped your eyes as he finally filled you up fully. You rested your hands on his chest and had your head slumped as you shut your eyes tightly.

Erwin lifted himself up and wrapped his arms around you drawing light patterns into your naked back. You rested your head in the crook of his neck.
“We can stop if you’d like.” He whispered into your ear lovingly. You sniffed and shook your head.
“No, I want this.” You said.
“I don’t want to cause you any more pain.” Erwin said, the same caring tone never leaving his lips.

Without warning you started to kiss on his neck and grind onto him. The feeling of pain was becoming very faint as the new feeling of pleasure overcoming you. You felt his cock poke you in all the right places making you feel very dizzy. Erwin laid back down his hands attaching to your hips.

“Take me, Erwin.” You whispered. It took him very little time to start thrusting up inside you. The feeling of us cock slamming up into you was enough to put you over the edge.
“You’re so tight..” Erwin moaned in pleasure. He took his thumb and started to rub your clit you felt yourself tighten around his member. Your orgasm took you by surprise but nonetheless it was extremely powerful.

“I-I” You tried to get the words out by you just couldn’t. You leaned over and rested your head onto Erwin’s shoulder. He didn’t stop pumping into you though. You noticed his breathing started to become very uneven and you could feel him twitching inside of you.
“Cum inside me please.” You pleaded and if on cue, Erwin released his seed deep inside of you. You felt the thick hot ropes of his cum shoot up inside you as you let out a whimper of pleasure.
Dear god, (Name)..” Erwin moaned.

You both stayed like this for a few more moments until you got off of him laying beside him resting your head on his chest. Erwin wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Did I do good?” You asked looking up at him with big eyes.
“You did amazing.” He said with a reassuring smile.

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okay I get where people are coming from when theorizing peacock!nino ( with the whole eye pattern thing)but where would the brooch even go? with the turtle miraculous he can just put it on his wrist but with the peacock miraculous it'd just be to obvious if he pinned it to his t-shirt

Hey man I get where you’re coming from, the turtle braclet would be an easy fit but

he could also

clip the brooch

there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My body exists
where he has not touched it.
It is not smoke and vapour,
it is flesh and bone.
My body is not diminished
by his ridicule.
How fuckable I am or am not to him
cannot stop
this sturdy heart from pumping blood
though my steadfast veins
my breaths do not falter
when he says he doesn’t love me.
—  L.H

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"Haunt me" for Yatori }:)

Leave a “Haunt Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character watching over another [as a ghost, watching from a distance, or otherwise, feel free to specify.]

Hello I am not gone from the Noragami fandom. Life is still busy enough that I can’t do any of my longer fic ideas yet, but one day I’ll get there. Until then, this goes out to the skype chat and @paperypiper in particular because I owe y’all a lot of fluff and this is just the beginning.

AO3 or FFN. 

It isn’t so much the way he hovers around her like an overanxious hummingbird, questions fast and soft from a mouth that never stops moving – are you too hot? Want something to eat? Watch out for that crack in the sidewalk, a godde–queen like you shouldn’t risk tripping – that makes warmth crackle in her chest and the world seem just a few shades more colorful.

It’s the quieter moments when she catches him watching Yukine with eyes bright and full of paternal pride, or sitting alone in the corner of the room sewing another outfit for his growing Capypa doll set, or smiling wide and unguarded as he hoists Ebisu onto his shoulders that make peace bloom in her soul.

Yes, Hiyori thinks, smiling around a mouthful of Daikoku’s home cooking at Yato’s grossly exaggerated story involving chapstick and thigh highs, this will always be home.


He knows she tries to play it cool when their lazy afternoon study dates are broken by an upbeat text tone and a quiet Sekki, but he never misses the flash of worry in her eyes or the stiffness in her parting wave before he’s bounding out her window towards the latest ayakashi swarm. But even when they’re apart for more than twenty-four hours, be it due to her school schedule or a sudden uptick in business for him, she always makes herself known in sure, memorable ways.

Sometimes it’s a little doodle in a bento she shoves at him in a creepy, almost prescient manner right before his phone rings and he has to run off again. Sometimes it’s a Twitter message – @godoffortune500 hope you have a great day! don’t be mean to yukine or i won’t make you lunch anymore >:c – and sometimes it’s the way she stands up for him with a glint in her eye and a fight in her stance when visiting gods titter at his scraggly appearance behind robed hands.

But mostly, it’s how she just seems to know when the world is a little too much, his secrets a little too heavy, and laces her fingers through his without a word. She never asks for an explanation, and he’s still too scared to offer her one, but the power of her presence is enough to calm the anxiety about their futures for one more night.

Her pulse is steady in his hand as it beats in harmony with his own, and she gives him a small squeeze he takes to mean I’m here. A gentle breeze blows through them and he breathes in the earthy lavender of her shampoo, a smell he’s begun to associate with a sense of permanence, and says another silent prayer for the forces that brought them together in the first place.