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Long time not post!

Work and travel have kept me very busy but thats no excuse for not keeping up with the blog!

I’ve been doing very well at work and got sent on training for Les Mills BodyPump, so soon I’ll be a BodyPump instructor too! 💪🏼😀

I’ve been feeling nice and lean lately but haven’t been checking body fat or weight closely or at all! Gonna have a weigh in and body fat check on Monday and see what happens with all the bodypump classes! 😜💪🏻

quarkie  asked:

I haven't gotten the chance to sit down and watch Vrains yet. So far, if you have been watching what are your thoughts? What do you like about it?

I like it a lot so far! It is very very different from zexal and arcv though. It still keeps up the gimmick of having one lesson it wants to teach but I think it’s trying to do it a little more subtly (as in the protag doesn’t say “step forward and try!” though he does have a different catchphrase). 

There’s definitely more plot development stuff than character development so far, but I can tell they’re trying to have that balance. Zexal and arcv both started out pretty light-hearted in order for us to get more attached to Yuma and Yuya first and I think that really worked in their favor. Vrains started out with a lot of exposition, which I was kind of iffy about because I’d rather be more invested in the character first. But I think this is the kind of show where I’ll very slowly get invested in Yusaku more and more as they reveal more of his personality. So I’m looking forward to that.

Also it almost feels like… there’s not as much focus on the duels so far?? Which is astounding to me (as in they’re putting more time into the plot than the duels themselves) so we’ll see how that goes

I do really like the music and also how they represent Link VRAINS as basically internet culture. It’s amazing. Also I really like the intrigue behind Yusaku’s character. Like all we know is that he’s kind of this aloof asshole but he seems to be searching for part of himself. I look forward to seeing a genuine smile from him. Also Yusaku has this thing he does in a duel that I won’t spoil but it is so kickass and I love it.

gomboc123  asked:

All of the emoji challenge things you've done so far are so adorable! Could you maybe do Riza in C5 and Roy in A5? Thank you!

Aww! Thank you so much! Here you go!

Kiss her already!

Kurobas Cup 2015

I realized my last post was four months ago aaaaaa

Hello! I have been quite busy with RL these past few months, but hopefully, I can reintegrate into the internet again?? *crawls back* Even if I’m not online, you can be sure my love for Akashi and Kurobas still burns!! 

Thank you for the messages in my mail, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to them and now they’re probably months old. I’m doing okay on my end!! I’m just quite busy and tired by the end of the day. However, I was able to go on a day trip to Tokyo for Kurobas Cup on my break! \(*^o^*)/

I joined the Afternoon Batch because I don’t live in the Tokyo area so I had to go home before the day ended. I wish we could attend both batches!!!! Once is not enough!! But I guess that’s what the DVD is for!

I almost missed my ride back home but I MADE IT JUST THREE MINUTES BEFORE DEPARTURE. I ran so much that day to catch my train and it’s funny because in the same row as me inside, two women were across the aisle and were also out of breath and they had the same Kurobas cup wrist band as me.

(ALSO, on my way TO Tokyo, a lot of girls who were also waiting for their buses had various Kurobas bags/merchandise which made it obvious we were headed to Tokyo for the same reasons *cries proud tears* kind of like in August, you just know everyone’s going to NatsuKomi…)

I’m very happy I was able to join IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I LITERALLY CRIED WHEN IT STARTED. The girl sitting next to me also told me she cried. 

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Made Up

This is what I do. A kind of secret I’m letting you in on. I line my lips with a Nars rose tinted pencil, I pat my eyelids with fine Lorac powder, I dab a rosy MAC stain on my cheekbones - which are lost these days but then like magic they appear, blossom colored, vibrant, almost like they used to be. I do this and more - so much more - after I brush my teeth, before I go to the gym, when I need to run to CVS for toilet paper, as I walk toward the ocean shore. I do this all the time. I am that woman.

You look nice without that stuff, my husband says, none the wiser that even when I appear bare faced, I am not. It’s painstaking, the blending, smearing, patting, so that nothing shows, but it’s always there, a fine layer of dust and shimmer like a veil, shrouding me from the world because I don’t know how else to do it.

At ten, I stand in Woolworth’s and choose a 99 cent lipstick, because that’s all I’ve got, a dollar and twenty-five cents, for tax. It smells like moth balls and plastic and leaves my mouth dry and caked, but now the corral will catch their eye and not the sad state of my front teeth. I want Mood Lipsticks and Kissing Koolers, but they’re too expensive. I want Dial-A-Lash and Jane eyeshadows. I want the whole aisle. I dream of Maybelline. 

At twelve, I run my fingers over my forehead and feel the bumps, like grains of sand, white and tiny, pimples sprinkled from temple to temple and I want to cry. I swipe my skin with a white sponge, now soaked with Max Factor Silk Perfection in Deep Beige, even though I’m miles away from anything beige. I paint my face trying not to look at it. I dream of Prescriptives. I dream of beauty you can’t buy at the supermarket, but I can’t afford it, just yet. 

At seventeen, I run into the bathroom, my boyfriend still sleeping, and I trace my fingers under my eyes and I fumble for my jar of concealer. My hands shake. I smooth my mouth with a tiny slanted sponge until my lips glimmer with Cover Girl Outlast Antique Rose. I pick the clumps of mascara from my eyelashes, tearing out one or two in the process. I reapply. I spend my teenage years doing this; reapplying. I love my boyfriend but he is new and he has never seen my face unmasked. I envy the boys with acne scars in broad daylight because there is nothing on TV to tell them they should hide their flaws. 

At twenty-one, Sephora changes my life. I can dawdle, my wrist a collage of colors and charcoal lines, my wrist stained for hours after. I am left to my devices, what will make me prettier better a painting come to life. I run into the store mid-auditions, after lunches, to freshen up, to try something I’d never buy like that forty five dollar Channel bronzer.

At 30, I am smart, sassy, outspoken, married, a new mom. I am better than make up but it’s an old habit and those don’t die, they can only dwindle if you look the other way, but I can’t. I am sleepless and sore from breast feeding, I am a walking zombie, but two coats of Great Lash calm me down.

I want to say make up brings me happiness, because it does. But I don’t know why I fucking need it so much. I don’t know why my purse is eternally weighed down by expensive compacts and cover up sticks and blush brushes. I don’t know why I can wear the same shirts for weeks and years but I buy new lip balms every few days and when I do I spend too much  - do you want a basket, honey? - and I give away all my old shit to the babystter’s daughters and I am joyful as I unwrap the new stash, the beautiful cellophane tearing like transluscent skin.

My mother curled her lashes with a kitchen knife and that was it. There was nothing to pilfer from her pocketbook or bedroom nightstand. She showed her freckles as they were. She had pretty, mauve lips that never saw a purchased shade, not until I began buying and sharing. So where, then? Where does it come from - me at the vanity, expert now, at how to become flawless. It is a vestige of feeling hapless, worthless, less than, a foreigner. The one way to mesh in, to blend in, was by literally doing just that. By snapping my fingers and voila; a better version, a face like I dreamed of - perfect, pleasant, like an American sitcom.

At thirty-seven, I go to a beach house with my family. I pack my pink Marc Jacobs cosmetics bag, just golden sun-kissed colors, copper shimmers, plus Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil, plus a base, just in case, plus three different face creams. But somehow I’ve forgotten the mascara. The mascara is crucial. It brings out the blue in my gray eyes, and helps me look awake. It’s not waterproof but that doesn’t matter. For three days, i tan and swim and play board games with the neighbors and laugh and eat burgers grilled to perfection, all the while hoping no one notices my eyelashes, which, without help, look like thinning whiskers. I ponder running out for groceries and stopping by a drugstore, anything will do, Rimmel, NYX, whatever. But I don’t. I tell myself i can do it. I tell myself i am a grown up, I am curvy and newly bronzed from midday rays, and I am fine. My hair smells like seasalt and Pantene. I don’t need make up. I am laying in the sand, on the water’s edge, and it doesn’t matter what my eyes look like. My husband loves me and he’s seen me worse. It’s ok.

We get back home and I go upstairs and find the shiny tubes, so many, Black Noir, Volume Pump, Smashbox Photo Op. I take a shower and wipe my face clean. And then I cover it all up.

I go downstairs to feed the dog. 

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