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Go to your largest playlist of music you have, put the “SHUFFLE” option on, and answer the questions with the song you get. Then re-blog and tag some people =) DON’T CHEAT!

 I was tagged by @gimme-a-frubooty Thank you lovely!! 😄💕 

 1) This song describes your personality:  
- The Chain: Fleetwood Mac 

 2) This song describes what you want/wish from your life:
 - Nitro: Irontom 

 3) This song describes how other people perceive you:
 - Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky: Red Hot Chili Peppers

 4) This song describes love of your life:
 - Sexy To Me: JoJo (lol 😂) 

 5) This song describes your life at this moment:
 - Tell Me Baby: Red Hot Chili Peppers 

 6) The song to make love to:
 - Shadow Twin: Niels Nielsen

 7) The song to dance your heart out:
 - Pumped Up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix): Foster The People (Trap God on YouTube) 

 8) The song that will make you cry:
 - New World Coming: DiSA 

 9) The song about your future:
 - Young Turks: Rod Stewart 

 10) The last song you will ever hear in your life:
 - My Way: Limp Bizkit 

 11) This song describes who you will be in your next life:
 - This Velvet Glove: Red Hot Chili Peppers (lol imma be a glove 😂) 

 12) The song that makes you feel better:
 - Be Bold Like Elijah: Irontom  (this was probably the most accurate one lol 💕) 

 13) You end up listening to just one song for the rest of your life, and this is it:
 - In Bloom: Nirvana (💙💙💙) 

 I tag: @l970 @freakyfrusciante @kaleidoscope-mum @amandadalton33 @xgrungeandroses @never-is-a-long-time @johnmotherfuckingfrusciante @zephyrsong @the–sweeet–escape @alex-is-gold if you guys wanna do this and whoever else wants to as well 😄❤️

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Hit shuffle and write out the first 10 songs that come up

Congratulations cover by cavetown

Figaro fist pump remix

Fall away - tøp

Nightcore Megamix - don’t threaten me with a good time

Are you ready - teminite

Truce - tøp

Earthquake - teminite

Petrify - cavetown

Dysphoric V.2. - cavetown

Candle- cavetown

Alright I guess I’ll tag @theboopofdoops @totallynormalmaggie and @the-theorist but you don’t have to do it

UNTIL THE HORROR GOES - an anders fanmix [ listen / art ]

pumped up kicks ( remix ) - beat down productions | take a bow - muse | further - vnv nation | amenamy - purity ring | oleander - mother mother | until the horror goes - john congleton | the laying of hands, the speaking in tongues ( the mass hysteria ) - the paper chase | breezeblocks - alt-j | arsonist’s lullabye - hozier | yellow flicker beat - lorde | this song will eat itself - the paper chase

Song: We Goin’ Fly (Remix)

Composer: Gyfted

Game: Pump it Up: New Xenesis (2006)

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Playlist: It's 4:00 am

a list of songs i listen to at 4AM is what im getting from this… this is a playlist of songs that make me think of 4AM bc it makes the world feel nice and quiet and empty hush hush..

1. viva la primadonna - zach syrylo mashup/remix
2. splash mountain demo tape
3. pumped up kicks - foster the people vaporwave remix
4. pink and blue - hannah diamond
5. happy - pharell (sad remix)
6. any song by thatpoppy
7. out the door - kate micucci
8 anything by kimya dawson

IDK this might not be very 4am-y for ppl but its very 4am-y to me
maybe listen to this at 4am and get that full insomnia effect im aiming for

sympathy for the devil || ‘ah, what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.’

thiskidsnotalright - awolnation // comprachicos - pendulum // this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race - fall out boy // seven nation army (remix) - the glitch mob // soul wars - awolnation // pumped up kicks - foster the people // monster - imagine dragons // sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones

[ listen ]

supersonic overdrive // tanaka and noya’s pump up mix

here comes the hotstepper (yuksek remix) - baby & me // double bubble trouble - m.i.a // le disko - shiny toy guns // just a little bit - kids of 88 // kick ass - mika & redone // looking like this - lyre le temps // bad boy good man - tape five // jump on my shoulders - awolnation


playlist for life for all u seventeen fans out there

wedding: adore u acoustic version shed a tear or two
birth of ur first child: lotto original version get the blood pumping
birth of ur second child: lotto hip hop unit remix tURN UP
ur kid’s twentieth birthday: twenty actually play it at all their birthdays because this is a great song
anniversary: dirty dirty jam jam
ur kid’s graduation: ah yeah because ur so happy they’re finally out of the freaking house
ur wake: no f.u.n
ur funeral: o.m.g
afterlife: adore u original version baby u are my angel