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im so exhausted that someone’s gonna need to use the Necronomicon to get me up tomorrow

mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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Polish gothic - Warszawa

• there’s graffiti on the bridge. you have no idea how anyone could get that high and pain it. you’ve never seen anyone even try. you begin to wonder if a person did it or has it just always been there.
• a homeless man dressed in weird clothes walks around the city centre. everybody knows him, but not by his real name. people are happy to see him. you’re happy to see him. you don’t know why.
• in different parts of town you find the same letter stuck to lamp posts and bus stops. a man writes that he is being poisoned by someone pumping gas into his flat. is it real? you don’t know. his name haunts you.
• new places pop up everywhere and disappear before you have a chance to visit. yet the old bookshop you knew as a kid still stands. the cat still lives there, too. part of you starts to believe in all the stories you read about witches.
• the mermaid is everywhere. had she really lived here?
• a man is standing on a trash bin. he holds a bible and loudly tells his story: he has killed someone in the past. you stare at the ground and walk faster. for the first time in years, you pray. don’t let him kill again.

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MOM. MOM I GOT A REALLY GOOD JOB I APPLIED FOR IN THE FIELD I WANNA GO INTO. But now I have to go buy business casual clothing and I just-what exactly is business casual? The internet is vague


And business casual is that weird realm where jeans are not acceptable but you can normally get away with a nice tunic over slacks and flat pump shoes rather than having to wear a fitted shirt/skirt or heels which tends to pass as business smart in most circles. In my experience it’s better to show up slightly overdressed for your first week at work, see what everyone else is wearing, then blend in accordingly. That’s how I’ve been tricking everyone for the last decade that I’m a Real Adult™.

Again, congrats, so psyched for you :D

Me Inside Of Me

Warnings: Angst, implication of suicide, self hate, one possibly gory description

Tag list: @musicphanpie-b, @imin-loveanon, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon,

Notes: Another Heathers songfic, this time it’s to Me Inside Of Me. I only used Heather’s “suicide note” because otherwise it would be too long

Read on AO3 here

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What To Wear To Convince Your New Boss You’re An Adult But Still Look Like A Super Cool Millennial

So, you and your suit you got at The Limited have made it past the interview process and finally landed a soul-sucking corporate job. Yay! You have a cublicle and everything! But, wait. Before you start imagining the taste of that good ol’ break room Folger’s, you have to address the way you dress.

Unless you’re working for a super-cool start-up, you’re probably surrounded by super professional people who won’t really appreciate you throwing a cropped blazer over a bandage dress and calling it business casual. But you don’t wanna look boring, everyday. After all, what if Jacob in the mailroom invites you out for happy hour? Do you really wanna dress to impress in chinos? No. You don’t. That’s why I’m here to help.

Update the tried and true pencil skirt + white blouse combo with a printed or brightly colored skirt. Make sure your skirt is knee length and not more than 5% spandex, to keep it professional, but also, don’t be afraid to go for assymmetrical hems, unique textures or details like a self-tie belt. Finish the whole thing with a nude pump or flat. 

If you’re a truly stylish Child of the Internet, you’ve cultivated a wardrobe of too-short tops and are struggling to find something you can tuck in as per the dress code packet HR gave you on your first day. Rock a crop top during business hours by hiding your inappropriate and distracting one-inch sliver of tummy with high-waisted big-girl-trousers and a blazer. You’ll be ready to get go get cosmos with Wanda from finance right when the clock strikes 5. Just don’t wear anything too low-cut or high-cut for that matter, otherwise the jig is up.

Can you wear leggings to the office? The answer is yes, but, you’re going to have to go back to middle school rules and make sure the shirt covers both your crotch and butt. Go with an oversized blouse and a cool loafer and take the butterfly clips out of your hair so people stop asking if you’re an intern.

She finds him late one winter’s night where moonlight bleeds into morning.

The samplings are diverse: ale, liquor, sparkling wine, peach schnapps, fruity shots, a nightcap of Sambuca. They sipped to lengthen time, to add moments onto the black night the windows kept at bay, knowing the sun will rise in a few short hours.

Finding several coins in her pocket, Regina plunks them in the jukebox.

“Tom Petty? A bit on the nose, yeah?” Robin grins, staring at her.

“I love Tom Petty.“

And so does he.

Coffee tables become their stage as they stretch for the ceiling’s beams, singing what lyrics they know, unable to hear themselves over the rising volume of “Oh yeah, all right. Take it easy baby.” Seeing their breath form small clouds inside the heated pub, they keep moving around the square columns, their anthem blaring. They jump from one table to the next, empty bottles for microphones, squinting as they reach for the high notes. Robin strums an air guitar, shoulders moving to the beat, the anticipation of the next chorus building. They lose and gain their balance as he leaps onto Regina’s small table, obnoxiously professing the words in her face.

Regina and Robin dance and sing until their voices go a bit hoarse, their throats scratchy from nearly shouting at the top of their lungs, red in the cheeks. It’s heated and rushed, and then their song fades, the moment slows, and in a bout of courage, he inches his body closer to hers. She’s milimeters away, her cheeks flush, her chest rising and falling in time with each breath.

It’s his turn to dart his eyes to her lips, and she licks them in anticipation, whether she realizes she’s doing it or not. He’s so close, towers a head over her with her in her flats. No heels or pumps, just flat soled boots that come mid-calf.

Regina stares up at him, her eyes flicker to his parted mouth, and he notices, grins, bites his lower lip in between his teeth, and she smirks.

He tastes of Sambuca, and guilt-free. Feels like sunshine punching through the clouds on a cold day, wrapped up in his arms, pressed against his chest.

She hadn’t been looking for him, hadn’t been trying to find anything more than knowledge and wisdom cultivated from being buried in the stacks with the Classics and French. But she’d found him nonetheless with his bottle of Sambuca, and his cheeky grin, and dimples that practically begged to be kissed.

|| Heathers: The Musical Sentence Meme ||
398 Quotes Send in a sentence or send ♡ for a random sentence.

tw for violence, drug use, suicide, nsfw

  1. “I believe I’m a good person.”
  2. “You know, I think there’s good in everyone.
  3. “I look around at all these kids I’ve known all my life and I ask myself–What happened?”
  4. “We were so tiny, happy and shiny.”
  5. “This ain’t no high school. This is the Thunderdome.”
  6. “Hold your breath and count the days, we’re graduating soon.”
  7. “College will be paradise if I’m not dead by June!”
  8. “I know life can be beautiful.”
  9. “I pray for a better way.”
  10. “If we changed back then, we could change again.”
  11. “We can be beautiful.”
  12. “Wake from this coma, take my diploma, then I can blow this town.”
  13. “Fight the urge to strike a match and send this dump ablaze!”
  14. “What did you say to me, skank?”
  15. “We were kind before; we can be kind once more.”
  16. “We on for movie night?”
  17. “Don’t you have it memorized by now?”
  18. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.”
  19. “He is the smartest guy on the football team. Which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.”
  20. “I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?”
  21. “I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend.”
  22. “You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant.”
  23. “Why do they hate me?”
  24. “Why don’t I fight back?”
  25. “Why do I act like such a creep?”
  26. “Why do I cry myself to sleep?”
  27. “Somebody hug me!”
  28. “Somebody fix me! Somebody save me!”
  29. “Send me a sign, God!”
  30. “Give me some hope here! Something to live for!”
  31. “Head cheerleader. Her dad is loaded–he sells engagement rings.”
  32. “No discernible personality, but her mom did pay for implants.”
  33. “She is a mythic bitch.”
  34. “They are solid Teflon; never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that.”
  35. “I’d like to kidnap ___ and photograph her naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave her tied up for the rats!”
  36. “Maybe you should see a doctor.”
  37. “This is an excellent forgery.”
  38. “I crave a boon.”
  39. “Let me sit at your table at lunch. Just once. No talking necessary.  If people think you guys tolerate me, they’ll leave me alone.”
  40. “For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.”
  41. “You have a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, I’d have matching halves. That’s very important.”
  42. “Ya know? This could be beautiful. Mascara, maybe some lip gloss, and we’re on our way.”
  43. “Let’s make her beautiful.”
  44. “Who could survive this?”
  45. “I can’t escape this!”
  46. “I think I’m dying!”
  47. “You hope, you dream, you pray, and you get your way!”
  48. “Ask me how it feels, looking like hell on wheels.”
  49. “I might be beautiful.”
  50. “When you’re beautiful It’s a beautiful frickin’ day!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey lisa! Since spring is arriving I wanted to ask you if you know any nice clothing items I should get to extend my wardrobe ?

 sure:) I looked at some online shops and picked items I liked for spring/summer time,and listed the links. so I ended up having found plenty of items, sorry, however I hope I could help you :)


-Striped T-shirt                   - Jersey Dress                  - A-line Skirt

-Plain White T-shirt            - Light Blue Jeans             - White Lapel Blouse 

Tops/ vests / T-shirt:

- Draped Top                     -Navy Tassel Vest             - Bandage Vest

- Coral Neck Top               - Embroidered Vest            - Royal Blue Vest

- Lace Vest                        -Grey Print T-shirt               - Crochet T-shirt

- Striped Shirt                    - White crop Vest                - Lace Crop Top


- Cropped Blouse            - Off-shoulder Blouse            -  White Hollow Blouse

- Floral Gypsy Blouse      - Geometric Print Blouse       -Lapel Pockets Blouse

- Striped Blouse               - Batwing Blouse                   -Polka Dot Blouse

Sweatshirts/ Cardigans:

-Mesh Sweatshirt             - Floral Sweatshirt                - Knotted Cardigan

- V-Neck Sweatshirt          -Loose Cardigan                 - Lace Cardigan

- Crochet Sweater            - Pink Knit sweater               - Striped Cape


- Rose Pink Blazer          - Blazer with Belt                    - Black Blazer


-Black Floral Kimono         - Lace Kimono                    - Floral Tassel Kimono

-Floral Satin Kimono         -White Floral Kimono          - Half Sleeve Kimono

-Loose Print Kimono         - Maxi Kimono                    - Orange Tassel Kimono


- Black Biker Jacket        - Rosy Biker Jacket             - Nylon Bomber

- Floral Zipper Jacket     -Embroidered Jacket           -Black Tassel Jacket


-Pea Coat                     -Blue Trench Coat                 - Army Green Loose Coat

-White Coat                  -Pink Lapel Coat                    - Loose Coat


- Black Ripped Pants      -White Pants                        -Pleat Tapered Pants

-Black Crop Pants          -Black Pu Pants                     -Baloon Line Pants


-Chiffon Shorts              - Black Pu Shorts                  -White Lace shorts

-Blue straight Shorts      -Suede Shorts                     - Black Tassel Shorts

-Striped Shorts              -Embroidered Shorts            -Apricot PU Shorts


-Blue Floral Skirt            -Black Strap Skirt                - Black Leather skirt

-Printed maxi skirt          - Striped Midi Skirt              - Crochet Skirt

-Khaki Pleated Skirt       - 60´s a-line skirt                 -Blue Skater skirt

- Black short skirt           - Navy A-line skirt                -Printed Midi Skirt


-Black Jumpsuits          - Denim Dungaree               -White Printed Jumpsuit

-Floral Print Jumpsuit     - Navy Jumpsuit                 - Bandeau Jumpsuit


-Mint Maxi Dress          - Black Pleated skirt            - White Lace Dress

-Green Backless Dress    - Flare Dress                  - Ruffle Dress

- Split Maxi Dress          -Light Blue Dress              - Floral Maxi Dress

-Off-shoulder Dress       - Lace Dress                    - Printed Maxi Dress


-Black Shoulder Bag         -Black Backpack           -White Envelope Clutch

-White Tote Bag             - White Shoulder Bag      -Apricot Shopper


-Sequin Sneaker           -Black Leather sandals      - Balltes

-Adidas Sneaker          -Blue pumps                         - Flat Sandals


-Cat eye sunglasses     -Oversized Sunglasses         - BrownSunglasses

- Brown Belt                 - Headband                            -Floral Sunglasses

 -Waist Belt                 - Straw Hat                             - Black Hat


-High waisted Jeans      - Denim Shorts               - Denim Jacket

-Denim Blouse              - Denim Dress                 - Denim Button skirt

-Ripped Jeans              - Denim Dress                 - Denim Romper