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I’m like so fucking excited for EXO to be on party people because like they’re gonna be chillin there on jyp’s leather couch sipping on champagne and they’re probably gonna talk about what it’s like being the top boy group after debuting for 5 years and then they’re gonna dance power and kokobop and Chansoo are probably gonna perform an English cover with yeol on the guitar and it’s just gonna be so chill and EXO are gonna talk about themselves and probably do some exposing and like I’m just so excited because jyp really does know what fans want and he really has respects for the artists that appear on his show and ahhhh IM SO EXCITED LIKE IVE WANTED THIS SO BAD AND I CANT BELIEVE ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING

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I love your stories so much (especially the way you write Taehyung~ ^^). I noticed in House of Cards there was a discreet mention of Suga wanting that scenario to happen again. Would you be interested in writing a drabble or story revolving around that?

It’ll be a little drabble- that’s too many bodies to fuck again lol:

Second Round:

It had been a few months since the full out orgy happened at Taehyung’s house. Of course the next day was a little awkward for you but the guys went on like nothing ever happened, simply like it was just a figment of your imagination. You hated it, no one asked you if you were sore or needed anything not even Taehyung but he made sure to take care of you nonetheless. They would still take you out to places, still watch movies with you and cuddle, but the only one person that seemed to push it all away was Min Yoongi. You didn’t know why he acted the way he did but, he wasn’t the same.

He would give you lingering looks, and sometimes he would growl if you even took a glance in his direction so you avoided him. If it were just you two on the couch watching movies, he would make sure that he was far on the other side from you. You felt like an outcast and more than anything you felt he did indeed use you for sex. And that hurt you to the bone, who wouldn’t it hurt when you’ve invested so much time into them? Building bonds and making connections only for it to be broken.

It was a few more passing months before you would confront him. A big Christmas Eve party was being thrown at his house. He was excited about it, and you were excited to be entering in a new year with Taehyung of course and all your friends. You had dressed up in a short red Santa outfit, your breast being a bit revealing, the little hat on your head and green and white socks up to your knees with little red pumps clipped at the ankle. Your hair tumbled down your back you thought you were the shit, until Yoongi laid eyes on you like you disgusted him.

Having enough, you waited until he walked towards his room to get something, telling Taehyung you would be gone to talk to Yoongi, he didn’t care you were all family and friends and the distance for Taehyung made it awkward too. Slowly you stomped down the hall and turning corners to locate Yoongi’s room far from the party. He opened the door to come out, eyes popping wide open when he saw you, and you took the chance to push him into his room slamming the door.

“What’s your problem bitch?” You asked him and that may of been to harsh but who cared.

“What the fuck you call me?” Yoongi asked slamming you into the wall. See, the world saw the sweet cute Yoongi, but you and those who were close to him saw his temper when he had one. His hands jerked at yours pinning them above your head, his jaw clenched and rigged as he watched you with dark dilated eyes.

“I said. Bitch. Is that not plain enough? Pussy, cunt, asshole. I can keep going.” You shot back bitterly.

“I would advise you to watch that mouth before I fuck it raw.” That was his warning, the way he spit those words out deep and low, had your toes curling into your shoes, heart beating fast panties getting wet.

“W-what?” Is all you could manage to get out in a small voice.

“Yeah w-w-w-what? You talk all that shit but whose the bitch now? I bet I know what this is about. Why I act the way I do and treat you how I do that’s it isn’t it? Well let me tell you why. Because I want you, I fucking want you. I want to eat your pussy until you’re begging writhing and crying for me to stop. I want to tie you up and fuck you until you can’t even cum anymore. Fucking shove a vibrator up that tight little pussy and play with the remote while I’m gone from you so when I get back you’ll beg me to hit it again and again. I don’t say these things out of respect for Taehyung. But I want you and almost everyone knows. I talk to Namjoon about it all the time, what happened that day, how you were so good and willing. How you looked when I ripped those pretty panties.. You wanted to call me daddy, you wanted me to tear that ass apart. I know you did. I know how you still look at me with those ‘give it to me’ eyes, and you’re so lucky that I’ve held off til now, if you were smart you would’ve stayed away.. But guess whose kissing under my mistletoe tonight? Guess whose going to bounce on this dick and bring in Christmas with me. Get the fuck on my bed on your hands and knees, if you don’t you won’t be walking out of here.”

You were shocked and left writhing from just his mere words alone. It was rare that he talked so dirty so demanding. This was a whole new side to Yoongi and honestly you liked it. He let you go, a satisfied smirk on his face at how your legs turned into jelly. You knew the guys would probably spend the night anyway because of the drinking and if they didn’t oh well. You did want Yoongi, it wasn’t just him all of them gave you something to remember but he was the one that pushed and pulled on you until it burned  your core. You knew regardless you wouldn’t walk out that room straight but you didn’t care. Looking at the blonde you sauntered you way slowly to his bed, once you got on the soft black sheets on all fours, his body was pinning you down under him, hips softly rutting into you while one hand gripped harshly at your jaw forcing your head back so that he could claim your lips and start a all night fuck session.

Yesterday I was getting my insulin and the woman in front of me had a tslim pump clipped to the back of her pants. She was counting out change to pay for her insulin. It was heartbreaking to see and it made me fully realize that as a type 1 diabetic I am always going to have to pay to be alive.

I thought about how this woman was counting pennies to get the drug she needs and I was behind her and didn’t have to worry about that now because I have my moms insurance. But that could be my future. Who knows what will happen and I’ll always have to choose insulin before other necessities because it is life support.

Type 1 and Sex

Is feeling too self-conscious about the needle-marks and bruises on your butt and thighs to even consider being with someone.

Is the first time a new partner caresses you and you have to explain the insulin pump clipped to your bra.

Is the first time being intimate with a new partner and having to tell him the sore spots where the infusion site and CGM are.

Is having to disrupt a tender moment to plug back in and get your dose.

Is making light of it, but remaining self-conscious underneath.

Is not wanting to be a high-maintenance girlfriend, but wondering if he’ll want to be with a girl who might die in bed next to him while we sleep. 

Is wondering if he’ll want to be with a girl who might not be able to have kids.


My Diabetes Supplies

This is how I store my diabetes supplies(most of them, I do have an extra box of reservoirs and infusion sets), A makeup traincase from Sephora :)

From left to right

Shelf 1 holds 400 glucose test strips and a few infusion sets

Shelf 2 holds 3 boxes of insulin, an extra lancing device(Accu-Chek Multiclix), and lots of multiclix lancets

Middle compartment holds batteries for my pump and meter, extra infusion sets, pump reservoirs, sugar tablets and skittles(separated by colour)

Shelf 3 holds a copy of my prescriptions, pump site covers, medical tape, and tubes of sugar tablets

Shelf 4 holds extra pump clips/attachments, a pump holster, alcohol swabs and bandaids 

This is my Testing Kit

-Contour Next Glucose meter

-Contour Next glucose strips

-Accu-chek Multiclix lancing device

-Multiclix lancets

-Clear lancing device cap(for alternate site testing)

-Novorapid Insulin

-Mio Infusion Set and Reservoir

-Extra reservoir plunger, transfer guard, and pump site cover

-A penny for unscrewing the battery cap on my pump and an extra battery

-A tube of Dex4 glucose tablets and Glucolift glucose tablets

-Skittles for an extra boost

-Alcohol swabs and Bandaids

The lovely belledefaire asked about supplies the other day so I thought I would show mine!

Not Me, But We

This morning I walked to the train station for work. Typical morning. I’ve walked the same stretch of sidewalk to the train since March when I moved to the city. Today was different though. As I walked up the steps to the platform, I saw something I rarely see, an insulin pump! Diabetes doesn’t leave scars on your face, it doesn’t require a cast or an oxygen tank, it doesn’t change your skin color, it’s often well hidden. Whether it’s under your shirt, mistaken for an old cell phone, hidden in your purse, inside your head, or just specks on your fingers, the things we use or the disease itself is rather unnoticeable. Sometimes it’s flat out invisible to everyone around you. Today I saw an older woman, maybe in her 40’s or 50’s with an insulin pump clipped to her side. It’s funny because if her shirt was covering it, I wouldn’t have known if she was diabetic at all. Such a HUGE difference, can often be hidden in such a small way. At the same time, it’s a difference that I feel isn’t so huge at times. You know, the ol’ I can do anything a non diabetic can do mindset. Which is true, 99% of the time. You can do what they can do. I don’t know about anyone else but just seeing someone in person with diabetes, in this case just a pump on someone, can make me feel a lot of different things. At first, I was going to say something, just like a “hey!! Me too!!”. I didn’t, which I kind of regret, but hey it was early! It’s sort of a reminder that hey, I’m not alone. I’m not a freak. I’m not the only one battling. It also made me kind of sad after thinking about it a bit. Like “man…I hope she has a good day. Hope she isn’t struggling.” She looked fine, but of course as I’ve been pointing out, you can’t know the whole story about someone from just the cover. I also wanted to say hi because maybe that’d give her some positive energy. Like “oh hey that guy is just like me!” I’ll have to say hi if I see her again. The whole thing reminded me of you guys. I know I haven’t seen any of you in person (or maybe I have and I didn’t know it?!?) but you’ve all helped me immensely. I’m humbled anyone even follows this blog, and every time I see the follower count I laugh at how absurd that number is. Whether it’s seeing a pump in a stranger’s belt, someone checking their blood in a restaurant, or getting a message from one of you on tumblr, I realize it’s not just me, it’s WE.

things to look forward to in the 19+ MV:

  1. hoseok throwing fries at jungkook
  2. jungkook’s intense gaze when he shook someone’s hand off his throat
  3. taehyung hitting a man with a soju bottle
  4. yoongi on fire, literally
  5. taehyung dancing on a table in chipotle
  6. taehyung covered in blood
  7. fries up namjoon’s nose
tied up

member: jungkook
rating: m for man, this is long overdue
word count: 1,795
a/n: this is my first time writing smut so uh .. yeah.. i’m still learning

“Tell me again why I agreed to this,” You’re almost done tying the necktie around his left wrist to the bedpost, tugging on it one last time to make sure it doesn’t loosen later. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

“You wanted to play a game,” Your hand traces Jeongguk’s jawline. “and I wanted to try something new.” You lean down and give his lips a quick peck before coming back up and standing at the foot of the bed.

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