pumkin fest

anonymous asked:

OKAY HALLOWEEN SCENARIOS TIME how would Jae react when he finds out that Hyung Suk is, let's say, allergic to pumpkins bUT THE SCHOOL IS SETTING UP A PUMPKIN FEST THERE ARE PUMPKINS EVERWHERE THERE IS NO E S C A P E -🌼

AAAHHHHH the first day isn’t too bad, hyung suk thinks maybe the chillier fall weather made his nose a little runny, but he doesn’t really think much about it. The next day p u m p k i n s  all over class, he breaks into hives and his throat swells, he ends up asking to go to the nurse and is sent home. The class offers to clean the classroom but he doesn’t wanna be “the guy who ruined the pumpkin fest” enter: jae yeol, he shows up to hyung suk’s with a hazmat suit and offers to tutor hyung suk and bring him all the assignments they do in class. They bond over their mutual disinterest in graphs and factoring. A few weeks later they’re even closer and enjoy the pumkin fest with hyung in the hazmat suit and jae yeol being entrusted with his epipen, at the end of the night they enjoy a brisk embarrassing kiss through the hazmat’s face protector (aha, and another one without the mask when hyung is taken home)💗💗💗 -mod bear