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I love your SIT DOWN poster. May I use it as an icon on fb? I was also going to share your original post there if that's alright.

Yes go for it! All you have to do is link back to me but I’m 100% okay with you using the poster as your icon and sharing it on FB!

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so Nodo. this totally means that you're going to post and translate the entire Sinbad manga for us, right? hint hint wink wonk

I… I would if only my Japanese was good enough and if I had the scans of it but probably I’ll be able to find them as soon as they’ll be out.

Anyway, I have to clear this misunderstanding! Sinbad’s manga isn’t out yet. As you all already know, the manga is coming out with the first DVD.

These are just samples (that I found on chinese blogs and Japanese ones), and these samples are from a little book that was given today with Magi volume 15. (source

Anyway, if I find good scans of these samples, I’ll post them!

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I ended up with hardened leiliana by the end of DAI but for good or bad I’m pretty sure my dalish inquisitor would choose her regardless

In my original playthrough I got hardened Leliana because I didn’t know what I was doing. Subsequent playthroughs have given me Cassandra, but she seems so miserable that I really can’t stick with it. I’ve been thinking about trying our softened Leliana to see how that feels. I haven’t managed to get Viv once yet.

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please don’t punch anyone

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I think I should hide….

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those sound like fighting words friend u wanna go

This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars.mp3

dskljdkf nawww all of you guys are too cool I cant fight anyone


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Nah man, I just appreciate that you’re doing drabbles for us at all!

I honestly really love doing it! I get so excited when I get a new prompt, and when I read the tags on reblogs…it just makes me smile so much. I also feel like it’s really good practice for me and teaches me better writing habits.

But man is it embarrassing on those days when the words won’t come.

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TAG. You're it! The rules are state 7 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your 10 favorite blogs and tell them they're it.


  1. It’s so hot and yet I’ve ordered pizza for lunch and it was good.
  2. My room is currently a mess.
  3. I’m too lazy to clean up though… but probably I’ll do it later.
  4. When I was studying, I thought of other 23448585 things I wanted to do, but right now I don’t want to do any of them… OTL
  5. I seriously need someone to teach me how to make up because I suck so much and I need it for cosplay
  6. I don’t watch tv very much. 
  7. … neither I watch movies. (still, I think that thanks to tumblr I’ve watched many things without really ‘watching’ them)