Pitchfork Festival Outfit Day III: In which I douse myself with H20 (on purpose)

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most… mainly because of Twin Sister (Cut Copy & TV On the Radio were awesome also).  It was also the day that it was a hundred million degrees :(.  

We stationed ourselves in the shade at the Puma tent, because the Puma boys were our new favorite people.

I poured water on myself pretty much every 30 minutes.  Tryna make things sensual… or just not hot.

  • Grey American Apparel onesie
  • Hair in princess leia buns
  • Puma sweatband (worn on my leg, since I wore it in my hair the day before and I figured I needed to switch it up… plus it’s really hard to wear a sweatband on your head with princess leia buns)

Someone actually commented on my hair saying ‘nice buns’… I’m pretty sure she was talking about my hair… or my butt… whatever.