puma simone

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Do the boys ever frequent any articles of clothing? Like do they ever wear stuff more than once?

yes they do! :D here’s a few
suga’s grey beanie (x)
jimin’s volume down caps (x) (x)
their puma coats
j-hope’s raf simons shirt (x)
this long-sleeved t-shirt used by both jimin and suga (x) (x)
jungkook’s many stussy t-shirts and precious timberlands
jungkook’s stussy jacket (x)
stussy long-sleeved tee used (again) by both jimin and suga (x) (x)
tae’s acne studios denim jacket (x)
jin’s acne studios sweatshirt (x)
jimin’s naked sense striped top (x)
jin’s charm’s pink and black caps (x) (x)
rapmon’s raf simons turtleneck (x)
these fear of god jeans mostly worn by jin (x)
jimin’s denim jeans (suga also uses them) and maison margiela boots (x) (x)
and most recently, vetements hooded bomber being used  by jimin, tae and jungkook (x)

………………………and a lot more


real football-players at the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro…playing -of course- on sand. incredibly skillful.

There is a lot more to it than it meats the eye. Speed, Skills, balance. The pitch seems small, but it isn´t and if you ever ran on sand, you know how tough it actually is. Besides running with a ball on an uneven ground with others pulling your shirt, kicking your ankles…RESPECT