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Drunk In Love - Jack G Imagine for @magconboyzaresexy

You and Jack G were invited to a party. It was filled with old high school friends, and new friends. As you guys entered hand in hand, you guys smiled.
“Babe I’ll go get us some drinks.” Jack pecked you on the cheek and went to get the beverages.

You felt a tap on your shoulder. And turned around to see your old friend, Matt Espinosa. “Oh my god Matt! What are you doing here?” As you hugged him.
“I was invited, and you looked so familiar.” You smiled, you and Matt had good memories since he was always there for you during middle school. After awhile you realized Jack, your boyfriend wasn’t back. “Excuse me Matt, I gotta look for my boyfriend.”

As you searched for Jack , you see him. Surrounded by people. You could smell the aroma and saw him slowly lit one.

You watched him from afar. To see what else he would do behind your back. You saw him constantly take swings from different types of beers,vodka, etc.
You finally show yourself. Jack realized it was you, and took you into a separate room.
You stared at him. Angry. Upset. Worried. Disappointed.

“Why would you do this to me.. You promised Jack.. You would quit. Quit for me. When I saw you smoking and drinking it shattered my heart.” You felt tears start falling down your eyes. The fact you did it behind my back was a slap in the face.“

Jack’s eyes turned dark, and then into anger. “Your really playing the victim card? You shouldn’t even be talking. I saw you talking to some guy. Looks like you were having fun while I was gone, avoiding people who wanted me to smoke. When I came back I saw you. Hugging him and laughing.”

"I got upset so I started. It’s not my fault ”
You started to feel the tears fall down, knowing it was your fault.
“Babe, he was a middle school friend. He was there for me when no one else was. I wouldn’t want anyone else but you. Now I know why you stopped drinking and smoking. Because of me. But i was also the reason why you started again.” You whispered. You felt tears start dropping quickly.

Jack came up and wiped your tears. “Baby don’t cry. I just really hate standing the idea that someone can take you away.”
You wrapped your arms around him. “No one is going to take me away. I promise. But please. Please stop smoking and drinking. I care to much about you to see you throw your life away.”

He looked at you directly in the eye. “I promise.”
As he pulled you into a kiss, gently pressing his lips against yours.