puma can

Delinquent Rover Adventures 5
  • *about two hours into the trip to Farm Station
  • Miller: Bellamy, we're getting hungry.
  • Bellamy: So what do you guys want to eat? I see three headed deer, puma, wild boar, or giant water snake.
  • Miller: Ooh! Wild boar!
  • Harper: No, deer!
  • Bryan: I don't want that. I want puma!
  • Bellamy: We can only pick one guys. Monty, what do you want to eat?
  • Monty: .... Snake.
  • Miller: Ew no, no one wants snake. We're getting boar!
  • Harper: Miller, you can't decide for all of us! We're getting deer.
  • Bellamy: If you guys can't decided we're getting nothing.
  • *a few minutes of arguing go by
  • Miller: BOAR!
  • Harper: DEER!
  • Bryan: PUMA PUMA PUMA!
  • Miller: You know Clarke will be mad if you let us starve...
  • *Cut to them in a field eating giant snake
  • Monty: 😊

Football Edits Challenge: Day 4 [Favorite Kit]
↳ Borussia Dortmund 14/15 Home Kit

I am amazed at how PUMA can design so many kits with the palette of only black and yellow. The designs are so simple, yet eye-catching and memorable. I love all of them, but this one is just stunning.

Shattered Dreams

After Peridot buys a satellite dish to pick up more channels, Lapis tries to attach it to the barn’s silo, only to be struck by lightning. While Lapis is fine at first, her behavior soon becomes increasingly erratic in the days following the accident. While Peridot is willing to put up with the strangeness for a while, she grows concerned after Lapis sees an episode of Beach City Wrestling on TV and becomes obsessed with ‘erasing’ Purple Puma. Can the tag team of Peridot and Amethyst defeat “Shattered Lazuli” and help their friend get back to normal?