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UMMMM….Can we talk about Jin and Hope for a sec? 


Okay so I just picked up the themes of these ads, and I think it’s super awesome they played on some personality traits and characteristics that make each member unique.

You can watch with English subs here.

No Sell

After a long, unsuccessful search for Jasper when her gem mysteriously goes missing, the Gems take a break and accompany Amethyst and Steven to show support for Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire’s return to the wrestling ring. Much to their surprise, they find the new reigning champion is none other than Jasper, dominating the ring as the “Ultimate Rock Runner Warrior,” using brutal moves from “worlds unknown.” Can Puma and Millionaire defeat the Warrior and take back the championship belt? Can Pearl and Garnet get into kayfabe and entertain the audience as “The Delmarva Blueblood” and “The Most Electrifying Gem in Entertainment?” Or will the sudden appearance of “That Little Pie” and “Lustrous Lapis Lazuli” throw everyone for a loop?


[푸마] 네가 빛나는 순간  BOG SOCKㅤ X BTS: ISSUE 2. 제이홉

[PUMA] Your Shining Moment BOG SOCK X BTS: ISSUE 2. J-HOPE
[Video] HS - No no, you shouldn’t dance like that…With soul! Let me just show you once~ Now do you kind of get it? SJ - Your dance…is so cool…
[Writing] Your Shining Moment. BOG SOCK.

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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Shattered Dreams

After Peridot buys a satellite dish to pick up more channels, Lapis tries to attach it to the barn’s silo, only to be struck by lightning. While Lapis is fine at first, her behavior soon becomes increasingly erratic in the days following the accident. While Peridot is willing to put up with the strangeness for a while, she grows concerned after Lapis sees an episode of Beach City Wrestling on TV and becomes obsessed with ‘erasing’ Purple Puma. Can the tag team of Peridot and Amethyst defeat “Shattered Lazuli” and help their friend get back to normal?

but can we talk about these books that appeared in J-Hope’s Puma teaser on Puma’s instagram account

Eatzine = Eat Jin

Let Me Know by Agust D

Edit: Thank you @mint-ee and @minjom for the rest!

어색하진 = Awkward-Jin

어디에서 왔는지 = Where Did You Come From

The last one is Kafka on the Shore which is has a reference to Butterfly!


Never knew that PUMA ad can sounds so sexy..


REQUESTED Kylie’s school style essentials. 

Kylie’s new thing is wearing bodysuits with high waisted jeans so it’s a must to have a few of both items. Recently she’s been wearing a lot some cute sneakers so Converse, Nike, Adidas, Puma or even others can finish the look. She loves wearing jeans with crop tops as well as leggings. Buy yourself some cute tops which can be match with pretty much everything and last but not least a cute backpack can finish the look on 100%.