puma boy

171019 puma fansign - JIN being worried about fans losing their voices and teaching them how to call for him 


  • Jin: Ah! You will hurt your throats, stop~
  • Fans: It’s alright!
  • Jin: *concerned* What do you mean it’s alright, you guys still have to go to your daily routines tomorrow. You will lose your voice!
  • Fans: We wooon’t~~
  • Jin: Eh what do you mean by you won’t, you will lose your voice. If you want to call/shout for me in the future, use vocalization and do it! Don’t go *imitates fans voices* “SEOKJIN OPPA” in the future, go *deep voice* “Seokjin oppaaaa” *laughs* do it like that! Alright?
  • Fan: *in a deep voice* Seokjin oppaaaa
  • *Everyone burst into laughing*

Trans by jeonmilk Video by jinKissLetsgo