canon call!

hello, im roxy! im looking for my wife, porrim!
we were in a tl where the beta and alpha roles were switched, i died rather early on and so did dirk.
we spent abt a year in the bubs b4 porrim and kankri came.
me n porrim started flirting and pretty much instantly got into a relationship that lasted until the bubbles exploded
i was also in a 90 year something blackrom with Aranea and loved Latula quite a bit. if any of this sounds familiar i BEG of u 2 talk 2 me, especially if u r porrim…i miss u

Yes, I'm talking to you

You know who’s cute? You. Yes, you are adorable, even if you don’t see it. Oh, you’re worried because you’re a demon? Well, demons are beautif- What do you mean you don’t see it?.. Oh, I see, you’re thinking of those demons. Well, if we all looked like we did back then, we’d be models! But.. You can still be a model, dear. What do you mean you can’t? Your curves accent your figure. I think your eyes are pretty. What do you mean they’re too commonplace? No, no, your eyes are a different shade. Here, let me get my mirror.. See. Look, they’re very pretty. You have stretchmarks? Stretchmarks are gorgeous, what are you so worried about?.. Your acne, well, that’s are part of growing up.

What do you mean angels are prettier? Angels are beautiful, yes, but you’re your own kind of beautiful, young demon. The fae? Yes, they are beautiful in their own ways as well. You all are, oh.. There’s a lot of you, uhm.. You’re all gorgeous and handsome, and attractive in your own ways. You are valid as your kintype. Your sexuality and gender is just as valid, too, even though otherkin doesn’t have to do with gender- Yes, you can still practice your religion. Oh.. uhm, oh gods, mind my blush, but thank you.

  • What they say: Well looks like Murdoc hasn't changed at all :')
  • What they mean: MURDOC HASN'T CHANGED AT ALL!!! What about plastic beach?? All those songs he wrote?? The Pirate Radios??? Mentions of going to therapy, of missing Noodle, of calling his band his 'appendages' and how he basically couldn't function without them?? What about his vulnerabilities, his mental illnesses, HIS TRAUMA?? His bio IGNORED HIS FATHER ENTIRELY??? WHAT ABOUT THE DINER LADY!!! MURDOC FAUST NICCALS YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING BETTER!!!!

I only draw the most self indulgent things.

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