Hey Y’all!!!!

Now, I was gonna do kin fusions, but it sounded a little boring,,, so, I decided to try out something a little more interesting?? 

A Kinship is me, yours truly, drawing a “ship” between one of my, and one of your, kintypes!

 This is totally just for fun, and if you aren’t into the idea of it, that’s totally cool!


- You have to supply me with either a ref or a detailed description of your kintype!

- Choose which one of these (either the fallen or the noodle) you would like to have your particular kin drawn with!

- If you’d like, please give me a prompt! I.E., both ‘kins cuddling, having a forest adventure, etc. It doesn’t particularly need to be romantic, but that’s the general idea. 

- Prompts can be as modern or as non-modern as you’d like! I.E, them eating sushi or them fishing by a river.

- NO (sexual) NSFW!!! Gore etc. is fine tho…. murderers? good

I will be addressing my fallen angel kinself as Silas and my Serpent kinself as Noodle. To help you out a bit with my Kintypes:

Silas is funny, jokes around constantly, and is a very free spirit. Likes flying, the forest, and has more energy than she knows what to do with.

Noodle is very shy, kindly, and touchy. Also a huge crybaby, is pretty much afraid of existing. He likes naps, fish, and pretty shiny things. Will collect you, probably. 

Again, this is totally for fun, and please note these are /still my kintypes/ and not /normal/ characters. While I am happy with playing around as if they are characters, some people may not be, and that is perfectly fine and understandable. None everyone is so casual.

Thank you for your interest!

I love and support you

*grabs my fictionkin followers* You are now my children and I will fight for you.