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Here’s more Fang at the Pulsian waterfalls. Care for a little swim, Light?

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Final Fantasy XIV: Lore Facts VII

Did you know?
The Clockwork Knights and Paladins outside of the Cooling Station in Azys Lla (and other places like Ragnarok’s core) have Pulsian words etched into various parts of them?

The language and alphabet originally comes from Gran Pulse, featured in the Final Fantasy XIII / XIII-2 series of games. In most cases the text reads, “Pulse machine”. Original, huh? It provides a credible tie between two Final Fantasy universes.

Did you know?
The Fenrir boss in Snowcloak isn’t actually the Fenrir, but named after a “legendary spirit-hound” of the same name. That information is confirmed on his Triple Triad card. Could the real wolf appear in future as a primal? Who knows.

rurukaando  asked:


“Ooh! Light, isn’t that woman gorgeous?”

Serah gestured excitedly at a muscular woman with long dark violet hair and a navel piercing. The woman was intently examining a selection of cured meats in the deli area (Serah had dragged her older sister Lightning grocery shopping with her today, wanting to monopolize as much of Lightning’s free time as possible before the latter officially joined the Guardian Corps) and seemed not to have noticed Serah’s outburst.

Lightning just rolled her eyes. “You’re 15, Serah, I’m not letting you get your navel pierced.”

“I wasn’t asking,” Serah replied with a scoff, before elaborating, “I just meant…don’t you think it’s kind of sexy, having a piercing there?”

“You think it’s sexy?”

“Yeah, like…seeing one, it kind of makes me want to…touch it, you know? And maybe even—”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Lightning advised, and Serah flushed, which made the older girl smirk. “I didn’t realize you had such a thing for a piercings, Serah.”

“I do not have a thing, Light. I just think they’re…sexy, is all.”

“Right, of course.”

And with that, the subject was effectively dropped…

That is, until the night of Lightning’s first Guardian Corps mission.

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goddess-light said:

The pinkette couldn’t fight away the smile that was starting to compliment her usual stoic expression. Taking the cupcakes that Pulsian had made for her, the smile persisted and took one to take a bite out of it.” Thank you, Vanille. It was very kind of you to do this for me.”

 —— “Of course!” Vanille chirped, happy that she finally got the woman to smile. She set the tray down onto the table, and sat next to the soldier, buzzing with happiness. “Maybe we could make them together one day~” She suggested, tilting her head.

FINAL FANTASY XIII scenes [ 05/ ]

C H A P T E R  O N E • Fallen Innocence

Cocoon’s citizens have always been terrified of Pulse and the mysterious horrors that are said to stalk its hostile wastelands.

Their fear is so great that if a Cocoon native were to have even the briefest contact with Pulsian elements, former friends and neighbors would consider them corrupted and dangerous.

In light of this fact, the Sanctum orders the Purging of Bodhum in an effort to remove all potentially Pulse-tainted civilians.

Accordingly, soldiers round up all those identified as candidates for relocation and inform them of their impending exile.

However, PSICOM, the elite arm of the Sanctum military, then begins to massacre the helpless civilians. This prompts Snow to lead the people in a rebellion against the army. Tragically, one of the civilians who decides to follow him, hoping to protect her son, dies in the act of saving Snow’s life.

From afar, the boy witnesses the moment of his mother’s death in shock and disbelief.