pulseline cosplay

“Our next story is an update in our ongoing report on the bizarre murders occurring in Inaba. At around 7:00 A.M., local high school student Saki Konishi was found dead in Inaba’s residential area. Since the body was positioned similarly to the last victim, and since Ms. Konishi was the one who discovered that body…

Police are proceeding under the assumption that this may be a serial murder case related to the death of Mayumi Yamano. The coroner’s report has established Ms. Konishi’s time of death at around 1:00 A.M. last night. The body went unnoticed until this morning as a result of the heavy fog blanketing the area.”

(Saki | Adachi | Dojima | Photo )


“Don’t… Don’t look at me…”

So it’s no secret I’m a huge sucker for Shadow Souji in any form, and BOY, did strangestquiet​ deliver in spades with P4: New Days! We’ve only reached the “Alone” and “Rejected” endings so far, but with as much as I love abandonment complex Souji, I really love playing with the idea that his biggest fear is that his Fool’s “0″ represents emptiness and abyss instead of infinite potential–that he has no true self outside of what people want him to be.

When the CG that bedsafely​ contributed popped up to reveal this Shadow’s true form, I may have screamed and rolled around for a while, then spent a lot of time looking up makeup tutorials for a “cracked” doll face. Success? You tell me.

Thank you so much to Kelly for working so hard to make this game. Happy belated birthday??? You’re the best.

( Photographer: impureimpulse )


P4 Week Day 0- I am a Shadow

“You are The Fool. You are zero, nothingness. Empty.”

Infinite potential or infinite abyss?  I’ve always loved the idea of Shadow Souji and pretty much enjoy every headcanon of him that exists; whether he’s the cruel and heartless king of Shadows or he’s helpless and lonely without his friends.  

Yosuke | Chie | Yukiko | Kanji | Rise | Naoto | Adachi | Photos by 1, 2


Palette 16 from Persona 4 Ultimax! A colorswap so eye-searingly ugly we had to make them.

Why cheesecakey/pinup poses? The joke is ピンク/pinku can refer to pinku eiga, which I would not advise googling if you’re at work. (The link goes to the EN wiki page for it, which contains no images but has some nsfwish text.)

Souji: Me
Yosuke: @impureimpulse
Sho: @wafflesmccoy


linefaced​ and I brought fancy butlers and masquerade masks to KatsuCon this year with the intent of grabbing some photos, but then we also stumbled across a group of awesome maids at the SMT/Persona gathering, and asked if they’d like to shoot with us. They agreed, and so we were all fancy together because why not?

Maid Souji: jinagilla | Maid Labrys: fataleflare​ | Maid Sho: wafflesmccoy
Butler Souji: linefaced​ | Butler Minazuki: impureimpulse
Photog for 1-6, 9: bedsafely | Photog for 7-8: jiveammunition