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Palette 16 from Persona 4 Ultimax! A colorswap so eye-searingly ugly we had to make them.

Why cheesecakey/pinup poses? The joke is ピンク/pinku can refer to pinku eiga, which I would not advise googling if you’re at work. (The link goes to the EN wiki page for it, which contains no images but has some nsfwish text.)

Souji: Me
Yosuke: @impureimpulse
Sho: @wafflesmccoy


“Don’t… Don’t look at me…”

So it’s no secret I’m a huge sucker for Shadow Souji in any form, and BOY, did strangestquiet​ deliver in spades with P4: New Days! We’ve only reached the “Alone” and “Rejected” endings so far, but with as much as I love abandonment complex Souji, I really love playing with the idea that his biggest fear is that his Fool’s “0″ represents emptiness and abyss instead of infinite potential–that he has no true self outside of what people want him to be.

When the CG that bedsafely​ contributed popped up to reveal this Shadow’s true form, I may have screamed and rolled around for a while, then spent a lot of time looking up makeup tutorials for a “cracked” doll face. Success? You tell me.

Thank you so much to Kelly for working so hard to make this game. Happy belated birthday??? You’re the best.

( Photographer: impureimpulse )


Creeper!Adachi repost because as much as I want to run out and do an Accomplice End shoot RIGHT NOW to let out my feelings about P4GA’s Episode 6, adult responsibility dictates that I don’t, in a weirdly ironic sort of way. Either way, Adachi shoots are always fun to set up and pretty much inevitably end up being super creepy.

( Adachi 1/Saki | Souji | Adachi 2 )


P4 Week Day 02 - Shuffle Time: A character in an alternate outfit

I have a deep love of girl!Souji (Souko? Yuuko?) having the exact same haircut as boy!Souji.  Plus, kitty tights and shoes? She probably gets in trouble at school for those. Also for suplexing police officers, maybe…

( Photog for 1, 2, and 5/Girl!Yosuke | Photog for 3 & 4/My poor Uncle Dojima )


It’s Throwback Thursday and almost a year later I’ve realized we never posted proper photos of our P4U2 Palette 16 nightmare outfits. These pink Yasogami uniforms are officially the ugliest things I’ve ever made. (We had several other group members but given how hideously ugly these outfits are I will let them decide if they want to share any images of their costumes…)

Yosuke: @impureimpulse | Adachi: @hieropierrot | Photos by @nbanezart


“If you’ll permit me to offer my advice…” Sebastian banishes the offending tarot card from sight and shuts the Compendium as he leans forward. “Tethering your happiness to the dead will only bring you pain. Let him go. It’s the only way either of you will have peace.”

He sits there, stunned, his eyes stinging and his throat working, a scant second from breaking down, when suddenly all his sadness and grief switches tracks and careens into blinding anger instead. Where does he get off saying something like that? He’s not the one who has to live with what happened. He doesn’t have to clean up the mess that was left after he’d gone. He’s not the one who was left behind.

Every Mistake by strangestquiet

Yosuke | Sebastian/Souji