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Battle Ready Alolan Form Giveaway (9th Jan, 2017)

Ratman (Raticate) 

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Thick Fat, Holding a Toxic Orb

Move-set: U-Turn, Facade, Sucker Punch, Protect

RazzleDazzle (Raichu)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Surge Surfer, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Psycic, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (ice), Nasty Plot

Khione (Sandslash)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Slush Rush, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-Set: Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Leech Life, Icicle Spear 

Viktor (Ninetales)

Male. Lv. 50, Timid, Snow Warning, Holding a Light Clay

Move-set: Aurora veil, Freeze dry, Moonblast, Hidden power

Klavier (Dugtrio)

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Sand Force, Holding a Focus Sash

Move-set: Earthquake, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Toxic

Penny (Persian)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Technician, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power, Substitute

Smeagol (Golem)

Male. Lv. 50, Adament,  Galvanize, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-set: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Giga Impact, Explosion

Murky (Muk)

Male. Lv. 50, Careful, Power of Alchemy, Holding a Black Sludge

Move-set: Curse, Poison Jab, Rest, Sleep Talk

Eggscelent (Exeggutor)

Male. Lv. 50, Brave, Harvest, Holding a Sitrus Berry 

Move-set: Dragon Hammer, Trick Room, Seed Bomb, Flamethrower

Shego (Marowak)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Rock Head, Holding a Focus Band

Move-set: Shadow Bone, Flareblitz, Iron Head, Earthquake


  • Deposit a MALE ROGGENROLA [Named TapuGA] into the GTS. We do NOT accept anything else, don’t ask.
  • You may only deposit for ONE of EACH pokemon. If we catch you double dipping we will ban you from future giveaways on here and our own giveaway blogs.
  • Level and Gender Lock to avoid sniping if possible. Wrong gender or level lock = NO TRADE. We do not call you out if you use the wrong locks.
  • Wrong nickname = NO TRADE
  • Do NOT pester us about how long you’ve been in the GTS, if you pester us you will be banned.
  • This part of the giveaway will last ~4 hours or until we run out of pokemon, whichever happens first. We will not clone more, we do not do holds. We will announce when the giveaway ends, please don’t ask.
  • Be patient. Do not tell us when you deposit, we don’t want to know.

Thanks for participating!

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The Eye of the Sun is a full body cyborg developed by Tao Fai omni industry to track and eliminate high value targets. Installed within its head is a high powered pulse laser that can be used in conjunction with an external optic system to better track targets. Notably it is able to track heat and x-ray signatures of its targets and can detect changes in the atomic makeup of the air around itself. 

Few such units exist and they serve mostly to track those who would defect from The Men of the Black Sun. 

She's Not...

She’s not fragile.
I wish people would stop seeing her
This way.
It makes her think she’s not strong enough
To face her demons throughout the day.

She’s not weak.
She handles things differently,
That’s her way.
It keeps her from going mad and lashing out
But keeps those she could love, at bay.

She’s not desperate.
It’s her thoughts that lead her
On her way.
She won’t let herself feel a thing
But loneliness throughout her day.

She’s not lonely.
Though she acts as if she’s
This way.
She misses someone that she can trust
To hold her close and heal her pain.

She’s not a storm.
Though she feels the wind and
All the rain.
She pulses power beyond the sun
As it courses through her veins.

She’s only human.
Yet she’s more than the whole world
Can take.
She’s all desire, burning fires, gentleness
Calmly pulling at the reigns.

She’s everything.
She’ll never believe me if I told her,
It’s her way.
Her innocence, hidden in distinct
Harmony, is a song I’ll always play.

-H. Murcia 10/30/2016 4:47PM


Requested by Anon #291

Y/N: Daisy, I can’t…
Daisy: Y/N! Y/N! Listen to me! You can pull yourself out of this!
Y/N: I can’t! I feel the power pulsing through me!
Daisy: You need to control that power, don’t let it control you.
Y/N: I can’t! Daisy it hurts! How can I control it?! I want…I want…
Daisy: *kneels to the floor and grabs your shoulders* You want what Y/N?
Y/N: I want to hurt you.
Daisy: No, you don’t. Your powers are taking over,
Y/N: *tears fall* Help…me.
Daisy: Okay, remember when we first met?
Y/N: *nods* You…you walked in with Coulson and me being…the awkward person I am…
Daisy: You, being the girl I know and love, you tripped over your own feet walking over to meet me. *laughs*
Y/N: *laughs slightly* I was so nervous.
Daisy: Remember when we confessed we loved each other?
Y/N: I thought my heart would beat out of my chest, I thought I was dreaming and I would be scared that every morning when I woke you wouldn’t be there.
Daisy: I’m here for you Y/N. I’m always going to be here for you. I love you.
Y/N: I love you too Daisy. *screams in pain* It’s not working!
Daisy: *kisses you*
Y/N: *feels the pain leave and holds onto Daisy*
Daisy: Are you okay?
Y/N: *nods* I’m just…tired.
Daisy: We’ll train again tomorrow and keep going until you can control it.
Y/N: What if I can’t? Will SHIELD put me down?
Daisy: NEVER. They would have to go through me first.
Y/N: Thank you.

lacyazlin  asked:

bright light, pulsing power.. ".. what?" stare at "... well.... so, I say that's a yes on a connection it looks like.. " headachy and still tired. Sighs and sits next to Edgar and just.. waits for the moment.

“Whats supposed to happen now? Cause this .. doesn’t feel good at all.”

“Edgar, what side effects are you feeling? Can you see anything?” 

“No.. its just.. really dark- .. wait..I think I see…” 

“Eddie! I can see him!” 


“Great… now what.”

Originally posted by trashwilldo

He felt you the second he arrived on Tatooine, a desert planet in the outer rim.

The homeworld of Darth Vader, the thought haunted him when he stepped out of the commander’s ship into the hot sand which crunched beneath his boots. What a wasteland. He saw the small town from afar, barely ten families living there and made his way over there. 

Kylo Ren hated sand, and noticed people staring, hurrying with their children away from him and his troops. Good, he thought with a smile, fear me. Fear the First Order. 

Your presence, the essence of your aura, led him easily to you. 

When he laid his dark eyes on you, he saw nothing that resembled family. You looked nothing like his uncle, or even his mother. But he felt the power, pulsing through your veins, stronger than in any of his fellow force sensitive allies. His eyes wandered over you slim, starved body, how you worked on pulling out weed.

“What is your name?” Kylo Ren asked you and you almost shrieked, jumping to your feet, backing a few steps away from him when you spotted him behind you. 

“Sir.” You said, confused and afraid of the tall man and his troops before you. “M-my name is [Y/N].”  

For a moment, he let his glance wander around. Nothing but wasteland. “Where are your parents?” His voice was deep and imperious, allowing you no way out. 

You swallowed hard, your throat burning. “They are dead.” 


You frowned at his questions. “I have no family, Sir.” 

“That’s not entirely true.” 


C e r e m o n i a l  M o r t a l i t a s i   S k u l l

The Mortalitasi do not take on apprentices to teach their craft. At least, not until after they have passed on. A true necromancer creates a relic that will house the soul of another who is already dead. They must ensure it is respectful, and that it pulses with power enough to demonstrate their serious intention—that will draw a Mortalitasi to teach them the final arts, whispered from the mouth of a polished skull.

Power Surge


This hadn’t been part of the plan.  Magnus had heard that there were several young warlocks who were being tormented by some witch hunters, evil humans playing with the children like toys, leaving them hidden and terrified.  It was one thing to mess with people who could fight back but to attack innocent children was something Magnus could not stand.  

He had been angry, so angry, when he saw what they were doing.  Now the witch hunters were no more, the children were safe with Catarina who was calling in favors to get them to safe houses, and Magnus was pacing his loft, his own magic coming off him in pulsing waves.  So much power.  He had never accessed all the power he had before but he had been angry and lost control.  Now he couldn’t get it back.  

He heard Ace coming home and turned h is head to look at him, cat eyes glowing partially with anger still, but also a plea for help, a plea to his lover to help him get back to being himself and not Asmodeus’ son.

Magical Madness 5e #13

The bident of Aidoneus

This +3 two-pronged fork, forged of dark metal is held by a black wooden shaft and pulses with power. if used on an undead creature, they take an additional 5d6 radiant damage and must make a DC 14 saving throw or be paralyzed until their next turn. if used on a living creature, each hit the target takes damage they must make a death saving throw. Once they roll 3 failures, they remain at their hp but are down and dying. afterward, they roll death saving throws as normal with 3 successes allowing them to stand at their previous hp and 3 failures reducing them to 0 HP.

any creature attuned to this item takes 1d2 con damage unless they pass a DC 10 will saving throw at midnight each night. if a creature dies from this con damage, their body is resurrected as a revenant of death (grim reaper, ect). This revenant ironically seeks to return undead to their natural state, knowing the location of powerful undead upon creation. unlike a natural revenant, this one stays on the material plane until it is destroyed.


Mega ideas for today:


Hold Item : Dusknite

Type: Ghost/Fighting

Ability: Iron Fist

New Base Stat total:
45 - 145 - 160 - 59- 160 - 51



Hold Item : Gourgite

Type: Ghost/Grass

Ability: Flash Fire

New Base Stat total(Super Size):
85 - 50 - 120 - 154- 85 - 100

Gourgeist has always made more sense to be a special attacker. I think it should have also been Grass/Fire but Megas don’t lose there base Type, which is Ghost in Gourgeist’s case. There is no reason to have Shadow Ball, Psychic, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Charge Beam(I don’t even get that one), Nature Power, Dark Pulse, and Giga Drain only to end up not having good special attack…

To be queer is to find oneself to be literally excessive: too much for standard understandings of biological necessity, too much for heteronormative ideologies of gender and desire. And this realization can be nothing less than a kind of death. It’s a moment when we must face the fact that what society calls a normal life is impossible, that no matter how tolerant our surroundings or how normative-seeming our lifestyle, our relatively minuscule presence in the population means we will always be forced to view life through the veil of difference. Despite radical dreams to the contrary, the world will never truly be remade in our image. It’s not inaccurate to say that to come out is to go into mourning.
—  J. Bryan Lowder, “Pulse and the Power of Queer Tears”

|| @kingofthe100 ||

Sometimes she didnt know how to stop it. There were times that something lit underneath her skin and nothing could put it out. Its happened more than once before, because she remembered the look of fear on her fathers face. On Ravens face. It felt like a tidal wave crashing over and over again. And all she could do was let it. She learned that magic was a force of nature and she was a conduit. She had to release some in order for there to be balance even in a world that no longer believed. 

The blonde walked through the forest around her mountain side home, chosen because the bones of her ancestors buried in the earth. It was dark, nothing by what moonlight could escape the canopy of trees. She wore nothing but a simple white slip, barefoot as she walked with her eyes closed, her power pulsing and surging outward. With her parents dead, she didnt know a damn thing of why it stretched so far like it was searching for something. Why it had been out of control since she turned eighteen. 

Mostly to tried to pull it in, flowers bloomed at her feet with each step though most forest creatures ran from her. She breathed in and out, slowly, the nature around her guiding her.  


Pulsed power

Pulsed power is the science and technology of accumulating energy over a relatively long period of time and releasing it very quickly, thus increasing the instantaneous power.

Steady accumulation of energy followed by its rapid release can result in the delivery of a larger amount of instantaneous power over a shorter period of time (although the total energy is the same). Energy is typically stored within electrostatic fields (capacitors), magnetic fields (inductor), as mechanical energy (using large flywheels connected to special purpose high current alternators), or as chemical energy (high-current lead-acid batteries, or explosives). By releasing the stored energy over a very short interval (a process that is called energy compression), a huge amount of peak power can be delivered to a load. For example, if one joule of energy is stored within a capacitor and then evenly released to a load over one second, the peak power delivered to the load would only be 1 watt. However, if all of the stored energy were released within one microsecond, the peak power would be one megawatt, a million times greater. Examples where pulsed power technology is commonly used include radar, particle accelerators, ultrastrong magnetic fields, fusion research, electromagnetic pulses, and high power pulsed lasers.

Pulsed Power was first developed during World War II for use in Radar. Radar requires short high power pulses. After the war development continued in other applications leading to the super pulsed power machines at Sandia National Laboratories (above).