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This next fanfic here comes from the lovely NDRV3 Headcanons blog place, and it is this prompt here specifically, sent to me by the nice mod @listles-s

This one’s a long one, and contains some death stuffs and trial stuffs :0

Enjoy ^3^


“But I just don’t get it! Amami is smarter than most of the guys here! How could he have even been tricked by the culprit to meet alone? He should’ve known better!” Tenko sighed, shaking her head and pressing her fingers to her temple.

“Who knows…? He was pretty mysterious, we still don’t even know his talent…” Ouma murmured, thoughtfully stroking his chin.

The class was in the middle of a heated debate, but Ouma Kokichi had never felt colder. The blood that ran through his veins felt frozen, as if made of ice. He couldn’t feel the fire pumping in him, not anymore, not since…

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Movie night revelations

Requested - Your a vampire and liam doesnt know this, your afraid if you tell him because if you do you dont know what he might do. (You and him have been dating for a year now) so one night you guys were having a netflix date and you guys started kissing, once things got heated up, your inner vampire started to come out… You can add on from there… Thanks love - damned-by-love 

A/N: Right, sorry if it sucks (I’ve still not seen series four yet so I tried my best with what I do know about it). So yeah, hope you enjoy it.

      To say that Chemistry was boring was an understatement, and today the lesson seemed to be dragging more than normal. I couldn’t focus, my attention kept flicking to the butterflies that were dancing around each other just outside the window.
      After a few moments I turned back to the lesson. The instructions on the board made no sense, and I wasn’t in the mood to ask for help. I sighed, leaning back in my chair slightly as I slipped my phone easily from my pocket.
      If I don’t make it out of this lesson alive, Li, remember that I love you xx
      I smirked down at the text to Liam before sending it.
      The response was quicker than I’d anticipated. I’d barely been able to make a few notes from the board, looking over the shoulder of my friend sat in front of me, when the phone vibrated. I jumped slightly, causing my notes to have an odd squiggle to them, but smirked.
      Babe, you’re gonna pull through. Just think, we get our Netflix date after this. Stay strong. I love you xx

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