pulse spiral


Each lightbulb shows the pulse of a past participant.

Pulse Spiral by Rafael Lozano Hemmer is on display for just a few more Thursday nights (6-10pm) before the exhibit closes on 8/14/14. 

Pulse Spiral was created from a heart rate sensor, computer, DMX controller, custom software, digital dimmers, 300 incandescent lightbulbs, 3 miles of cable, and a metal platform.

Photos by Instagram photographers:

1) @velmaismysti 2) @marshallzhang 3) @robertc35 4) @marshive

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Pulse Spiral, an installation by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Pulse Spiral features an immense hanging sculpture composed of hundred of light bulbs that illuminate the gallery by responding to visitor’s heartbeats. As is signature of Lozano-Hemmer’s work, this spectacular piece links technology, often considered cold and impersonal, to an unexpectedly joyful, personal and even spiritual experience.

(Introduction from the artist’s exhibition flyer)

This piece of art is amazing. But it’s one of the artwork that you have to see and experience in person in order to have a proper appreciation.  While the concept of imprinting heartbeats on a mechanic system is nothing short of extraordinary, there is also this indescribable feeling of being connected, seeing your own heartbeat among those of others, both friends and strangers. 

You might have seen it before

This spiral

Pulsing like that

in and out

in and out

You know you want to look

look at it

stare and look

look into the spiral

in and out

in and out

You simply look

You look and relax

You find yourself swaying

swaying with the spiral


in and out

As you relax

As you calm down

As you focus

focus on the spiral

My Words

As you feel yourself letting go

letting go to the spiral

to my words

Feeling the stress

The tension




as you give in to the spiral

in and out

in and out

My words go in

Your mind goes out

My words go in

Your Thoughts go out

My words go in

Your cares go out

it all goes out

leaving just my words

and the spiral

in and out

in and out

as you let go

let go and


Drop down

drop deep

all they way down


nothing but my words

the spiral

All else fades

All else doesn’t Matter

you simply look at it

In and Out

All you want to do is look

is stare

stare deep

and let go

drop deep

deeper than you’ve been in a long time

as you look

you stare

stare deep

deep into the spiral

You keep looking

keep focusing

dropping deep

dropping all the way down

in goes my words

out comes your mind

in goes my words

out comes your thoughts

deeper and deeper

That once you feel you’re the deepest you’ve been

you’ve been in a long time

you simply reblog

reblog and type

“Thank you for taking me deep”

once you do that

you will slowly wake up

feeling refresh

so happy and good

to drop this deep

to read my words and drop deep

so until then

you simply keep looking at the spiral

you look

you stare

you focus

and drop

drop deep

in and out

in and out