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“ANTHRAX - Among The Living (1987)” - Concept Posters

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So I pointed at the sun ascending in the horizon. Just as the darkened sky began to lighten. “Keep your eyes there.”

Her green ones flickered to me before following my finger. Her pulse picked up speed. “And what happens when it disappears?”

I would’ve loved to tell her that it never would. That no matter where we were the sun would always be present. But it wouldn’t have been true.

The only thing we could count on was that the sun would rise again.

“Wait for it to return,” I told her.

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“Hanazawa-kun… Is it okay if I ask you a personal question?”

Teruki looked up from his maths homework in surprise. Admittedly, Mob being overly polite wasn’t anything new to him, but Mob actively risking to offend him? (At least in Mob’s eyes. Teruki didn’t think it was possible to be offended by the sweet esper.)

Plus, Mob looked pretty nervous, even more nervous than he usually was around people. Not that there were any other people besides the two espers in Arataka’s office, especially with the self-proclaimed psychic out to buy cigarettes.

Teruki smiled at Mob softly, wishing he could dispel Mob’s anxiety as easily as he could evil spirits. “Sure, no problem. What is it?”

“Do you…” Mob bit his lip in a way that made Teruki’s pulse speed up.

“Do you like someone?”

Teruki thought he could feel his heart slow to a stop.

Had Mob caught on to him?

He’d been so careful. Trying so hard not to stare at Mob’s cute smile, at the way he bit his lip when he was nervous, at his dark eyes that were simultaneously so innocently pure and full of broken dreams.

Yes, Teruki liked Mob, to an extent that it was dangerous. But Mob could never find out, Teruki had known as soon as he’d realized his own feelings - not even because he was afraid of rejection, but because he was afraid of acceptance.

To Teruki, there was no question whether Mob liked him - he was certain that Mob didn’t reciprocate his feelings. But since the black haired esper was so selfless, he would probably agree to a relationship, just to make Teruki happy. And Teruki could imagine nothing more painful than Mob forcing himself to be with him, just for his sake.

Thus, when Mob asked his question, Teruki was so panicked that he was unable to respond.

Mob immediately pulled back. “Oh, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have asked. It’s just… I…”

He squeezed his eyes shut. “There’s this girl I like, but I have no idea how to get closer to her. I already asked shishou, but he said I shouldn’t pursue anything with her because she’s not worth it. But I can’t agree! Because I really do like her. So I thought, maybe you could help me. You’re very good with people, I bet you’re good with girls too!”

Teruki’s heart plummeted. Well, at least he hasn’t found you out, he told himself, but somehow he got no joy of the thought. Despite the fact, though, that his chances had sunk even more, Teruki felt his heart warming from the compliments in Mob’s last statement. “Yeah, I suppose… though I’m probably not the best guide to love. Any girls I’ve dated before…”

He averted his eyes, guilt turning his stomach into a mosh pit. “Well, you know, before our fight. I wasn’t actually in love with any of them. They were just accessories to me - it’s one of the things I regret most.”

He made himself look up to gauge Mob’s emotions and found the esper softly gazing at him, his eyes sympathetic. “Well, I suppose we’re both not good at emotions then,” Mob stated in that gentle way of his and smiled at Teruki, sending his heart to new, jittery heights.

Which explained the incredibly stupid idea that left his mouth before he could think about it. “But I am good with girls. If you want, I can teach you how to approach them, and make them like you. And how to d-date them.”

The stutter came when he realized what he’d just proposed, but he couldn’t back out now, not for the life of him - because the way Mob’s face lit up at his proposition was so beautiful that Teruki would have done anything to keep that smile on his face. “Really, Hanazawa-kun? You’d do that?”

Teruki forced himself to smile. “That’s what friends are for, right?”

Why is proto-Lucio literally a Lucario gijinka…
Note the dreads, shoulder strap, neat decorated glove, spike design on the contrasting tank top, thick black belt with zigzag, silly blue shorts, nonsensical legs…

Never mind the fact Lucios name is Lucario without the -ar- …
Lucario can learn Healing Pulse and Extreme Speed….
His hidden ability is ‘Justified’ which goes by ‘Heart of Justice’ in Japan which also seems appropriate…

I want answers.


Guys hi. So I have a super fooking adorable idea for a Larry fic. So there’s these rings they’re making now where two people where it and it displays the pulse of the other person. So what if Larry both wear these so they feel connected when they’re apart? And then one time they aren’t together, like different building or something. And Louis is in an interview and the pulse on the ring he’s wearing (which is Harry’s pulse mind you) starts to speed up erratically. Like unhealthily fast. And Louis immediately knows something is wrong with Harry, so he leaves the room and runs to wherever Harry is. And because he’s running his pulse speeds up and Harry can see it speed up so he knows he’s coming for him and it helps him relax and omg please somebody write this.

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No but y'all, Fleur and Hermione getting together after a gay rights protest.

Image Fleur decked out in rainbows, and wearing a stomach-showing shirt saying, “I’m here, I’m queer,” on the front, and “Get used to it” on the back.

Like, Fleur attending a gay rights protest at the Ministry, where she sees Hermione in her Ministry robes wading through the people, a look of pure hatred on her face. Fleur’s pulse speeds at seeing her. 

Ever since she broke things off with Bill, Fleur’s been too uncomfortable to visit those close to him, like Hermione, no matter how badly she’s wanted to. But just looking at Hermione’s determination, her dark and wild hair, and her chapped lips makes Fleur shiver with delight.

But when Hermione makes it to the center of the protesters, she conjures a stool, charms her voice louder, and explains that she’s been told to ask them all to disperse, because they’re making daily work difficult, and because none of them received the appropriate permits to hold a protest there.

Hermione lets them boo her, and dodges a few poorly aimed projectiles, before she stands up straight and clears her throat. “However, as a bisexual woman, I personally think that you should stay put, and that the Ministry’s policies are downright cruel.” 

Hermione goes on and gives an impromptu passionate speech about equal rights. Just as she’s finishing her speech, Hermione pauses and looks down at Fleur. A bright smile passes between them.

Fleur has never been more in love with her. So of course, when Hermione owls her to ask her out for dinner, Fleur is quick to accept.

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hey tess! i really want to enjoy a banana date smoothie but the dates don't blend into the smoothie they just chop up into chunks. is this how yours are? or do you have a method that allows them to blend better? i have a vitamix as well. thanks!!! xxxx

Everything I put in my vitamix blends up smoothly and fine :)

Blend on the highest speed and pulse if needed! If your dates are super hard just soak them in hot water to soften!

*Falling asleep to music playing in the background*
*Previous song ends*
*MCR begins to play* When I was a young boy
*Heart speeds up*
*Pulse quickens*
*Sweat begins to form*
*jumps out of bed*
*uses lamp as microphone*

John loves Sherlock’s neck. He stares at it. He touched it. He wants to kiss it. He has dreams about kissing it. He dreams about feeling the warmth and softness of Sherlock’s skin under his lips. Whether he would be able to feel Sherlock’s pulse speed. Sherlock’s throat flexing as he swallows. The tiny vibrations of Sherlock’s moans and sighs.

Fic: As One

Kurt thinks Rachel’s plan for finally meeting her soulmate is terrible. But what does he know, really?

Soulmate AU in which you have two pulses - your actual heart, and the pulse of your soulmate in your wrist. Once you get in proximity to each other, the pulse speeds up until you finally meet, and then they synchronize.

Thanks to Caroline @thehouseofthebrave for the setting idea! PG-13, ~1400 words, fluff fluff fluff.

Kurt loved his best friend. Really. Honestly! But he also cursed the fact that somehow he had saddled himself with the only person on Earth who was more stubborn than he was.

“I don’t see why you’re being so unreasonable,” Rachel lectured as they strode down the hall to their next class - well, Kurt was striding. Rachel had wrapped one of her arms in his and was basically being pulled along like a very loud balloon. “It’s not like anything could go wrong with this plan!”

“Have you been to this school?” Kurt asked, incredulous. “It’s like an interactive exhibit on Murphy’s Law. Buses lose wheels mid-drive. The actual nutritious food they buy us somehow goes bad overnight, sticking us with mystery meat. Mr. Schue teaches every single one of our classes, yet is only certified in Spanish. From the Sesame Street online Spanish courses.

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Communication ways,
business area,
leisure sectors.

Tall buildings,
other long
some flat.

Also there are cylindrical
in various sizes
and varied colors.

A real city,
where some items circulate
while others are stored.

A parallel world,
miniaturized to the extreme
and high performance.

Authentic simulation
a city where life
are micro electric pulses.

Crossing at speeds,
Hard to imagine, spaces
between electronic components.

A special world where
the real and the virtual meet
mix and result.



I’m afraid I’m going to fall
and scape my knees and you
won’t be there to help me up
and wipe away the blood and
I won’t hear you tell me I’m not
alone in this, as my pulse 
speeds up when your skin ignites
mine. I’m afraid that I will find out
that all of this came with the price
of the sacrifice of my heart and
I will never be whole again no matter
how many times I try to put back all
of the pieces, because there will always
be a few of them missing.
I’m afraid you’re going to give up 
on me before I realize you’re gone.