pulse speeds

Music Major Gothic

-The metronome keeps going, at its eternal, pulsing speed. You turned it off 3 days ago. It slowly drives you mad.

-You hear quiet sobbing from beyond the wall of your practice room. You go to check on your comrade, but the room beside you is empty. You realize it was you that was sobbing.

-The tuner is set to A = 460. You are unsure how, as your tuner does not have a setting that high.

-Your professor hands you your math midterm. You are in music theory. You do not understand.

-How long have you been in this practice room? You are uncertain. There are no windows and time doesn’t seem to pass here. You emerge to discover that it’s 2AM and you missed your graduation.

-Your private instructor tells you to buy a piece. You scour the internet, but you cannot find it. You find one copy, for $600, in “poor” condition. There are no recordings of it. It is not on imslp.

-The practice room clock has never worked in your years here, but it somehow always reads a different time.

-You suddenly forget how to play your instrument. Your fingers fumble on the foreign object. You’ve never played this piece before. Juries are tomorrow.

-The practice rooms are all full. You wait for hours, but no one comes out. You knock on the door, you just want to practice. Something hisses at you. You do not try again.

-There are intruders in the music building. They are unwelcome. They know this, and hurry quickly in and out of their music appreciation gen ed class. They do not make eye contact. You hate them, but you do not understand why.

-You see a familiar face in the hallway. You do not remember their name, but you do remember what instrument they play. They’ve been attending this school for seven years and you’re certain they graduated…..twice

-Your instrument whispers to you while you sleep. You haven’t been practicing enough. The voice is threatening, demanding. You’ve lost 2 roommates because of it. They never informed you of this. Your 3rd one trembles.

-You reach for a pencil during class only to discover that you have none left. You’ve lost the last one. Classes started three days ago. You weep softly.

-Your ensemble director keeps conducting. He never speaks. You sneak out when the class ends. He doesn’t stop. What is he conducting, anyway? It’s syllabus day.

Cookies (M)

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Wonho x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. Face riding, slight spanking, dirty talk,

Word Count: 3,035

Summary:  You’re new in the neighbourhood, and decide to be a good person and go introduce yourself to your neighbours. Turns out that was a bad idea.

A/N: This is my fic. I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Being the new girl was tough. It was tough in high school, it was tough at a new job, and it’s still tough on moving day. You had just moved downtown into a cute apartment on the 10th floor of a pretty nice building. You loved being so close to everything, and the view you had made the hassle of moving up here worth it. You were still unfamiliar with your neighbours and neighbourhood, having only moved in a week ago. You took the opportunity a rare day off gave you to walk around and explore, as well as introduce yourself (finally). Baking wasn’t your strongest skill, but you tried, and made some cookies to take to your neighbours. You were glad you had taken this chance to introduce yourself, as everyone you met seemed friendly and kind.

Until you met 10A.

10A was the guy that resided in the apartment next to yours; he was relatively quiet, so you didn’t know what to expect. You knocked on the door and waited for the owner to open it, and when he did, you regretted doing this ‘introducing-yourself-to-your-neighbours-to-be-nice’ bullshit in the first place.

He was beautiful, and he was in nothing but a towel. His milky white skin still glistening with water even in the harsh lighting of the hallway, his damp bleach blond hair that begged to be touched, wide brown eyes that made him look both cute and sexy, and plump, pouty pink lips that made you want to bite them until they bruised, his toned chest and stomach that made you want a peek under that towel, he was too much at once and you were quickly becoming a flustered mess. Your eyes travelled back up only to see him staring back at you, eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side, and a smirk plastered on his face.

“You gonna tell me what you’re here for or are you gonna just keep staring, baby?” he smirked. You rolled your eyes, your earlier lust filled thoughts were shattered by the conceited remark.

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Reminder for those concerned:

Accurate ways to assess a person’s health:
—– Teeth (Are they rotting, yellowed, missing?)
—– Skin (Is it sickly green, yellow, rash, injuries?)
—– Eyes (Are they red, pink, half-lidded, bruised?)
—– Breathing (Is it shallow, heavy, fast, laborous, coughing?)
—– Blood circulation (Can they feel their extremities? Pulse speed?) 
—– Posture (Do they seem tired? Dizzy? Standing up straight? Limping?)
—– Presence (Are they often missing? Do they not seem “all there”?)

Inaccurate ways to assess a person’s health:
—– Size


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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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Beautiful Disaster (Negan x Reader) Smut

Request by @ellayf-of-ravenclaw: Kink #15 for Negan pleaseeeee :D Preferably both break up and make up wink wink.

Summary: Tired of feeling used, you break up with Negan. But he isn’t so willing to let you go.

Warnings: SMUT, Oral, Rough Sex, Sweet and Fluffy Sex, Angst, Fluff, Swearing, Loving and Caring Negan.

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Words: 1173

“I can’t believe it!” Stan exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. “After all these years, you’re finally here! Brother!” He took a step forward, arms out wide to embrace his long lost twin. He didn’t expect the reaction he got.

Ford backed away, his hand flying to the blaster in a holster at his hip. He chided himself silently. This was his brother. It was his twin. He couldn’t shoot him, no matter how terrified he was right now. There were two young kids here too, anyway, along with some sort of large hairless hamster-like man. His heart pounded in his throat. Every instinct he’d developed over the last thirty years was telling him to run get away no run away danger danger danger death you could die.

Stan frowned, taking another cautious step forwards. “Ford? You okay bud?”

Ford shook his head quickly, already beginning to hyperventilate. His back pressed up against the cold metal of the now-closed portal and he held his hands out in front of him, a silent gesture for Stanley to stay away no don’t come closer I’m scared no please no-

Stan registered the fear in his brother’s eyes and stepped away, giving Ford his space. His heart sunk. Ford was acting like a terrified, helpless animal, cowering in the corner from a vicious predator or a cruel owner. He swallowed. What had happened to his brother while he was lost? What had been so terrifying that it had rendered him unable to speak?

Stan took a deep breath, his own hands out in front of him. He took a slow, careful step forwards, keeping his voice low. “Ford, listen to me… I am not going to hurt you…”

Ford pressed his back against the portal even harder, his terrified eyes locked onto his brother. He kept his mouth shut, shaking his head frantically. No no no no get away get away from me get away danger danger

Stan stepped forward again. “Please… I want to help you… I am not going to harm you…” He kept his gaze down. He knew damn well not to ever make eye contact with a terrified animal and right now his brother was no different. He kept his head down low. “Just breathe, okay? Breathe for me, you can do that, okay?”

Ford inhaled through his nose slowly before exhaling through slightly parted lips. He repeated the process until he got his breathing under control, yet he still didn’t say a word.

“Grunkle Stan? Is he okay?” A quiet, soft voice from across the room made Ford’s pulse speed up again and he started breathing quickly. Stan took another step forward until he was within arm’s reach of his twin.

“Easy there, Ford… it’s okay… that’s my - our niece. She’s just a child, she means no harm.” Ford slowed his breathing down again. Stan took this as a sign to move forward once more. He put a hand on Ford’s shoulder, recoiling instantly as his brother slapped the hand away.

Ford took a step sideways and tripped, landing on his backside on the ground. He kicked his legs and scrambled away - danger no no no too close too close - until he was pressed up against the stone wall. He brought his legs in close, his hands up to shield him from everything.

Stan slowly walked over, kneeling down to Ford’s level. “Hey, Poindexter,” he murmured quietly, “look at me. Just look at me, okay?”

Ford slowly lifted his head from behind his hands, lowering his arms to his sides. He laid his right hand over the blaster. He raised his head to meet his brother’s gaze.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I want to help you, okay?” Stan asked softly. “Please, just trust me. I know what I did was terrible and I’ve worked for thirty years to bring you home. I want to help you, Stanford.”

A second quiet voice - much like the first, only male - piped up from across the room. “Stanford? But you’re Stanford, Grunkle Stan.”

A sudden flood of anger rushed through Ford and he fixed Stan with a cold glare, getting to his feet and shoving his brother away from him. Stanley stumbled back and was about to retaliate with a punch of his own, but stopped. He couldn’t lash out at Ford, not while his brother was so petrified. He took a deep breath and got up. “I’m sorry, kids, but I’ve been lying to you all summer. This is Stanford Pines,” he gestured to the furious, terrified man in front of him. “My name is Stanley. I had to lie to keep myself safe long enough to bring my brother home.”

“It’s okay, Grunkle Stan… we understand.” The young girl said softly. She took a few steps forward towards the newcomer. “So you’re our great uncle too, huh?”

Ford swallowed, the anger leaving his face. He exchanged a look with Stanley, who nodded. Ford looked back at the little girl and nodded. The girl grinned widely and took a step forward, her arms out to hug Ford. Ford took a step back. His hand drew the gun from the holster, causing the girl’s eyes to widen and step back.

Stanley saw what was happening and moved in front of her, his arms thrown out wide to shield her. Ford had the gun halfway up to aim at the girl until Stanley knocked it out of his hands. It clattered to the floor and slid out of reach. “She’s a child, Ford. She was just going to hug you.”

Ford chewed his lip, guilt seeping into his mind. He’d been about to shoot her. A young girl. She’d done nothing wrong, but because of his own paranoia he’d seen her as a threat. He took a deep breath and knelt down, holding his arms out. He let a small smile creep onto his face. The young girl ran around Stan and embraced Ford in a hug. Ford sat down on the ground, holding the small girl in his arms. It had been decades since he’d had a proper hug from anyone. He’d missed it.

The young boy, presumably the brother of the girl, walked over slowly. Ford looked up as he came over and smiled a little bit. He held one arm out to him, the other still wrapped around the girl. The boy grinned and ran over, wrapping his arms around Ford.

“Mr Pines?” Ford blinked as the new voice filled the room, coming from the person he’d thought was one of the residents from Rodentus 7. “What are we gonna do about those agent guys upstairs?”

Stan noticed Ford cast him a questioning glance and he scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah, well… uh… the entire US Government may or may not have found out about this place.”

Ford’s expression turned cold and hard. Stan sighed. He sat down on the floor beside his brother and gestured for the other man to join him. “I’ve got some explaining to do…”



Gah! I wanna write so much more for this but I’ve already got a plate full of writing to do, alongside college work and drawings and UCH!

This prompt was great!

Counting Stars

Happy, happy birthday, @raindrop-rouge. May your day be filled with laughter, smiles, cake, tea, bubbles, and everything good. This is for you. <3

“You are beautiful,” Eren says one night, his soft-spoken words cutting sharply through the quiet darkness surrounding them and making Levi blink open his eyes to meet a pair of shining eyes that regard him intently.

A contradictory frowns forms on his brow, disagreeing and puzzled. Levi isn’t vain, but he knows his body is too small for a grown man, forged by a life on the streets that only taught him how to survive, leaving behind nothing but broad muscles on too feminine limbs, and a too translucent skin paled by an ongoing lack of sunlight and proper nutrition. His movements are sharp and directed, efficient and precise. Not round and smooth like Eren’s.

His face isn’t pretty either, with the droopy eyes that are too small and colourless, half-lidded, shadowed, and bruised by too many restless nights and cruel days, by sorrows and grief and loss, with his pitch black hair that stands too much in contrast to his bloodless skin. His cheekbones are too prominent, his lips thin and chapped. His beard, if he could grow a decent one, would be patchy and just as odd-looking as he is himself. Something that should have been more than it is.

His hands are petite and calloused, his feet cicatrised after years and years of being tied to the straps. His back is marked by them as well, his neck too thin and aching from the weight on his shoulders.

Words don’t come easy to him, and when they do they are harsh and curt and vulgar, and too often not what he really wants to say. His personality is jagged and his spirit jaded, his core blackened by blood and broken beyond repair.

A life in the darkness has made his body strong at least, battered and branded, but powerful and chiseled as well. It’s making him capable of dealing with whatever is thrown their way, able to do his best to protect. He’s a weapon, edged and deathly and violent.

But beautiful…no.

And yet he can see it in Eren’s eyes that meant every word. Their green and blue is paled by the silvery light of the moon and the lingering traces of sleep, but their intensity is just the same as always, conveying nothing but serious honesty and openness.

Levi swallows and reaches out with a rustle of the bed sheets to brush over a prominent, brown eyebrow, a stubbled cheek, a soft bottom lip that wraps around his fingertips to catch them in a kiss.

Eren, Levi knows, isn’t really what others would call a raving beauty either. His hair is mouse brown and mussy all the time—a wild beast like its owner, always vivid and fighting against an invisible force, stubbornly defying anyone’s will in untidy strands that beg to be touched and caressed and ruffled—or combed—, but also daring to try. His skin is tanned by spending his whole life under the merciless sun, the fading stripes around his neck and wrists dividing the parts where the heat kisses him every day from the part that’s always hidden under his clothing.

Despite all of Eren’s hardship there is no single scar on his body, making it into something that shouldn’t really exist, something dangerous and surreal, something barbarous and threatening, something contradictory.

Then there are his eyes. Not quite as big as they once used to be, but still as expressive. Two shiny, burning flames of neither green nor blue and somehow both, that haven’t lost their feral fire over the years and oddly stand out in that still boyish face that should be much more tarnished than it is. They are just as unnatural as the rest of him.

He is perilous and an oxymoron simply by existing, by still living and breathing. He’s abnormal.

And yet, to Levi, this man is beautiful. Gorgeous even. And then some.

Eren’s pulse is speeding up under Levi’s touch, making him think silly things and dream against all odds. Eren’s body is pristine and warm, teaching Levi that time heals all wounds—at least the ones one can see—and that there is hope. The fury that has once dominated Eren’s features has abated, cooled down into a dangerous, unstable simmer that will never leave completely, and yet every time he holds Levi Eren’s hands are gentle and kind, even when the hunger between them boils over into a rough, all-consuming need.

They trace Levi’s ugly scars as if they were saying hello to a dear, old friend and when they come to rest against the nape of Levi’s neck the fingers begin to play with the stubbles of his undercut in caressing circles like it is everything they ever wanted to do.

When Eren looks at him his eyes are like a pair of gems that seem to have a direct link to Levi’s soul, unyielding, endearing, and enticing, gazing at Levi and laying him bare as if he was the answer to all of Eren’s hopes and dreams, the remedy for all his sorrows and tears, a guiding light through the darkest of times. Levi looks back and Eren holds him there, steady and unwavering, until Levi can feel the blush rising on his chest, his arms, his neck, his cheeks, and ears until the cool night begins to sting on his skin.

“Bastard,” he whispers, and Eren chuckles. Pokes Levi’s nose. Snuggles closer. Smiles. Fills the world with colours and ease.

His laugh is like the sun glistening on the ocean’s surface on that early spring day, fickle and warming, dancing and cheering, lively and vast, lifting and grounding at the same time, like listening to the water caressing the shore in affectionate waves and to the breeze whispering through the marram grass nearby whilst feeling the sand under his naked feet. It’s like seeing the open planes and birds for the first time, stunningly green and too much, yet never enough all at once.

Levi has seen a lot of strange things in his life, but the one laying right next to him in their bed must be the strangest of them all. A miracle.

And he understands.

Beauty isn’t really something you see or that you can measure like tea leaves for the perfect cup.

It’s something that can only be experienced in its entity, something so simple as blinking against the overpowering daylight after nothing but darkness and something so complicated as trying to count the stars up in the sky after being enclosed by clay and dirt for a whole lifetime.

He still doesn’t know what it is that makes Eren look at him like he does. But when Eren pulls him into his arms to hold him against his beating heart and kiss the top of his head, their legs intertwining and their bodies sharing that wonderful heat close-close-closer, he knows it’s Eren’s right to see more than the eyes let on, just as it is his own, and he won’t question it, just as Eren doesn’t in return.

Eren isn’t one to make false promises. Everything he is and does screams blatant honesty and commitment, and yet Levi expects with every passing day that Eren will change his mind eventually.

But this is Eren and the world will cease to exists when he stops loving like he does, with everything he’s got. As long as he’s let he’ll press his velvety smile against Levi’s frown, and pass a silent promise with sweet brushing of lips, meeting of tongues, and connection of something Levi hasn’t found a name for yet.

He seizes it nonetheless and wraps it around his heart, makes it his armour and his shield.

Even though he doesn’t know how long it will last he at least has this and the knowledge that once someone chose him and thought him perfect in all his flaws.

He looks into these too sparkling eyes and smiles, letting himself fall as they begin to count the stars.

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Hello, if it's alright can I request a loki x RC fic where RC has feelings for Loki but won't tell him. But then Loki notices her heart racing when she is around him, so he starts flirting with her more and eventually gets her to admit her feelings. Thanks so much my lovely 😘

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: language

A/N: hello darling! thank you so much for this request! I was going down the smut road, but then decided against it, so this is sfw for once lol. 


You were currently making tea in the kitchen of the Avengers compound. The day had been long and you just wanted to have a steaming cup of tea and a book to relax a little, before heading to bed and sleeping for 12 hours straight.

Thankfully, most of the Avengers were asleep by now. Only a few were scattered around awake, watching TV or training downstairs, so you were enjoying the quiet right now.

“(Y/N), good evening. What are you doing up so late?”

So much for the quiet.

You didn’t turn around but knew who it was nevertheless.

“Just came back from a mission.”

“Ah, I understand.”

Once the tea was done, you turned around and almost dropped the cup.

There he was.

Loki of fucking Asgard.

But the thing that had your cheeks all red, was the fact that he was only wearing a towel around his waist, his hair sleeked back since it was still wet.

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keeping count (losing count)

This started as a headcanon, but got a little long for bullet-points, so here we go. A little meandering from my tired brain on Flintwood. I don’t do Valentine’s Day, so this is belatedly in lieu. Dedicated to the lovely Flintwood squad at large.

Premise: Marcus uses numbers to manage anxiety. He keeps count of their kisses. One day, he slips, and he says the number out loud.

Kissing Oliver is always different each time for Marcus. He keeps count, and he isn’t sure if it’s because he doesn’t know how else to cope, or if it’s because each one bears remembering. It might well be both. Numbers help him to keep the chaos in his head ordered in the same way that Quidditch strategy does. He’s never told anyone. He never plans to.

There’s the first time, when their blood is boiling mid-argument; there’s a cut on Oliver’s lip and Marcus’ eye is swollen from where the other punched him. Oliver’s mouth tastes like blood when he closes in, firstly just wanting him to shut up, to stop talking, to stop being so tempting and beyond reach, to just stop, but then Oliver yanks his head back and bites his lower lip, turns what should have conquered him into silence into yet another challenge. Marcus is really, really bad at resisting challenges. As it turns out, he’s even worse at resisting them when they come in the form of a Gryffindor Quidditch captain, whose hair is always a mess and who, as it turns out, makes not kissing him seem like a sin.

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Implexium Vitae PT 7

A/N; Oooooo look at that angst! Poor Lucy and Natsu, will they ever settle into their new lives?

It is said that some people have old souls, reborn every couple centuries to find their loved ones again and continue on their never ending journey. But what happens to these intersecting lives when one is immortal and the other is ripped from them?

Vampire AU.

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 3333

Rating: M

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Lucy wandered around his- no, their- room, running her fingertips along the dark wooden shelves that displayed all of the trinkets Natsu had collected over the years. Dried flowers, worn tickets, some rubble, and a few sketches just some of the things that Lucy could identify. Some of the mementos brought back a tug in her mind, and Lucy could tell where a certain item came from without looking at the neatly written note beneath it. A rueful smile tugged at her lips as she carefully brushed a finger over a piece of sheer pink fabric. If she recalled correctly this was from their time in Joya, when they had visited the king whose name she could not recall. One of his sons had seen Lucy he had tried to take her as part of his harem, and Natsu had promptly freed all of their slaves in retaliation, dragging Lucy from the revolting palace cackling the whole way.

It was strange, these memories. They didn’t normally flood into her brain all at once like she would expect, but rather it was like walking down the street and remembering you needed milk. It was suddenly just there, and Lucy had to take a moment to remember that she hadn’t always known it. She wondered if it would ever stop, or if she’d be slowly remembering her previous life in small increments for the rest of eternity. She chuckled quietly at her own assumption, that she’d be with Natsu for the rest of eternity, without even a hint of hesitation. The two hadn’t talked about it, but Lucy had already decided. She was never going to leave Natsu again.

Her thoughts now focused on Natsu, Lucy became aware of his stare burning into her back. His sharp eyes followed her as she explored the organized chaos, and Lucy felt her pulse speed up at feeling. His possessiveness made a curl of low heat burn in Lucy’s abdomen, and the safety she felt in his presence something she didn’t know she’d been missing. There was a lot Lucy hadn’t known she’d been missing. Clearing her throat Lucy spoke teasingly, looking over her shoulder to see his reaction.

“I understand that I am amazing to look at, but you don’t need to watch me from afar. I’ve been told I’m even more beautiful up close.” Lucy had tried to use a semi-serious tone as she spoke, but Natsu’s responding snort and fit of laughter told her he had seen through it. Footsteps rang across the stone floor and then Natsu’s arms were snaking around her waist and pulling her tightly against his chest.

“Oh?” Natsu asked, nuzzling into the skin behind her ear. His deep rumble traveled through Lucy’s skin and sent pleasant shivers through her body as he spoke against her quickly heating flesh. “And who would have fed your ego like that?” Natsu questioned, soft lips never leaving her skin. Lucy hummed as she brought her index finger to her lips, pretending to think.

“I seem to recall my pink haired husband mentioning it a few times.” Lucy said softly, her light tone fading as she spoke. Natsu’s face also stilled, remaining buried in her hair and neck.

“Sounds like a smart man,” was his reply, voice deepening and arms tightening. Lucy rested a hand on his forearm and turned in his grip so that she could now face him. She trailed her fingers down the side of his face, gently as if he might shatter if she wasn’t careful.

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We Need Someplace Quiet

Anonymous requested: #1 with bts v! Part of my prompt request series.

Originally posted by hellosarang

You’d been playing a game of “dodge Taehyung’s grabby hands,” since you’d come over. You knew it wasn’t entirely his fault. It felt like ages since the last time the two of you were able to be alone. His time consumed by practices, comebacks, and world tours. None of that bothered you, however because you knew dating an idol wasn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world. The last statement becoming more evident each time the two of you were left without any of his band mates around.

When Jin and Jungkook exited the kitchen, he’d wasted no time pressing himself against your back. His arms wrapping around your middle making you pause in finding a drink out of the fridge.

“Ya, Taehyungie,” you’d mused. “Can I find a drink in peace?”

He rested his chin on your shoulder and lovingly nuzzled into the spot.

“Just pretend him not even here.”

Taehyung’s voice advised in a rough whisper that sent your body into a heated mess. You forgot all about wanting to grab a water, although now you actually needed one. Your mouth having gone dry like the desert as his hands kneaded against your hips.

“Like that’s going to be easy,” you muttered.

His chuckle didn’t help matters when you reached in to grab a bottle, his hands still not letting go after you shut the door.

“Tae, I can’t walk like this.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?”

You let out a sigh of defeat, your feet turning back towards the living room where currently Jimin put on his first co-star in a drama, Hwarang. Taehyung had been embarrassed at first when his character made his appearance. The boys shouting and clapping and J-Hope even throwing a pillow at him that he’d easily caught. You all agreed after the third episode you all needed a break leaving Taehyung to become like a Koala stuck to your back.

The both of you shuffled back into the living room leaving Yoongi to teasingly scoff at your entrance.

“Ya, can’t you guys save that cute stuff for when you’re alone?”

“I tried to get him off, but he seems stuck here.”

Taehyung tsked in your ear and the sensation tickled the skin making your hand reach back to push at his face.

“We have to sit down, you pabo.”

You knew he wanted to tell you to just sit on his lap, but the both of you could already hear his hyungs remarks. Reluctantly, he released his hold on you and plopped down on the couch. His arm stretching back over the open seat next to him waiting for you to join him. You settled down beside him with your back set comfortably on his chest. The rest of you waiting for the others to return until you realized: “I need a pee break.”

Yoongi’s nose crinkled and you couldn’t help but laugh at the words you knew he was already going to say.

“Too much information, Y/N.”

You shrugged as you stood up and set your water bottle down on the coffee table.

“Just letting you know in case I go missing.”

“Who is going to steal you in our house?!”

Yoongi looked completely at a loss, and you didn’t bother answering him. He should’ve known the person who would steal you away was already seated on the couch.  

You were halfway down the hallway to the bathroom when someone grabbed your hand from behind. You went to let out a yelp of surprise when Taehyung wrapped a quick hand over your mouth. He let go to put his index to his lips to tell you to keep quiet and lead you to his bedroom. As soon as he had you inside you waited until he was finished closing the door to ask, “What the hell?”

His answer didn’t come right away, and came less in the form of words and more of action. His hands found their way to your hips and pulled you to his chest.

“I just want some time alone with my girlfriend. Is that so much to ask?”

His gaze left your pulse speeding up as his lips moved down towards yours. He claimed them softly; a peck here and there, until it deepened and it had your fingers digging into his shoulders. You didn’t protest when he nudged you back towards the bed. Your own hands now locked in his hair and bracing against his neck. A small giggle leaving you as you both landed in a heap on the bed.

Taehyung wasted no time in turning the sound into a moan. His hands working their way under your shirt until they were under both layers of clothing and rolled your nipple between his thumb and index. He tore his lips away from yours and moved down to lock his mouth on your breast, sucking gently to pull your nipple into his mouth.

You let out a gasp as your back arched into the sheets. Your reaction only making him nudge your legs open wider until his hips sat perfectly between them. The position giving him enough control to roll his hips allowing his erection to rub against your core.

Taehyung released your breast and moved back up to kiss you, his hands already making furious work of his shirt. You pressed your hand on his chest to stop him with his shirt halfway over his head.

“Are you sure this is okay? I mean…”

There was no denying you wanted this. God, did you want it. That didn’t mean you weren’t painfully aware of the other six bodies that were currently still very much inside the dorm.

“They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”

As if the universe wanted to prove how wrong Taehyung could be a solid knock echoed against the door. The surprise of it making you jump on the bed and your hands rushing up to cover up your scream.

“I’m gonna have to disagree with you there, Taehyungie.”

At the sound of Namjoon’s voice you felt your face instantly grow pale. How long had he been standing outside? Were they all standing out there?!

“I’ll give you guys a couple minutes to, ugh, situate yourselves but I expect you both out here in five.”

Taehyung let out a groan as his head fell down to your chest. You were too freaked to bother nagging at him, and quickly shoved him off to the side. The embarrassment of having to go out and face them, with all of them knowing what you were doing in here, probably had your face blazing red making you search for comfort by hiding your face in your hands.

“Just leave me in here to die.”

Your words came out a muffled groan, and no matter how hard Taehyung tried to pry your hands off your face, he remained unsuccessful. “No one was going to notice my ass.”

S/C ficlet - As the Light Fades

Well, shit. I’ve written another one. Just a wee snippet. 

It was a good day. Fic inspired by our players, Sam & Cait

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As the Light Fades

We raced for the light, like two kids on bikes in the height of summer, desperate for one more hour before our parents called us home. Cape Town had become our neighborhood, and the Audi, our Schwinn’s.

I had spent the day watching the sheer water of the pool, shimmer off her body, the droplets streaming along her skin like strips of wax, trailing a line down the stick, rolling over the curves and grooves of her body until they evaporated against her heat.

We had made love in the morning, with the wind blowing the sheers across our bodies, the Cape Town sunrise slowly revealing our nakedness to the world. Our climax came in unison, as the cool morning air tickled our skin.

We had drifted languidly by the pool, our lounge chairs pushed together as I gave into the quiet. With every weekend, thus far, spent in the mountains or at the gym, I had been ordered to relax. With a wicked smile and an appearance of her womanly whiles, I was more than happy to be brought to my knees.

Her back to me, she turned her head, and with a smile and a wiggle of her bottom in her silky white panties, she rose her hands to the sky. I watched as the yellow dress she chose, slowly stole her naked body from my eyes. I was jealous of the fabric and its delicate touch grazing her skin. But with little time to waste, I took her by the hand, and lead her out to her carriage for the evening.

The wind and the sun enveloped us, lighting the way as it glided us along our path. We had kept the music off, enjoying the therapeutic whistling of the passing breeze.

Her hand felt small, fragile, in mine. The callouses from the weights, scraping across her fingers as I held it within my grasp. I brought her fingers to my lips, kissing them, enjoying the moment. Enjoying my life.

She is light, and any darkness I may have held inside me, was broken apart and scattered into tiny pieces across a tiled floor, the moment she held my face to hers, kissing my lips softly, declaring her love for me. She had taken my hand, then, and made love to me in a way I never knew existed. Made my body ache and rejoice in her embrace. I was a man to her. I was a man for her. Gone were the days of bed-hopping and childish ways. I would make her proud of me. Proud to be a part of me. And in her pride, is where I would find my own.

I glanced down her body, the yellow dress dancing in the chaos of the wind. She grinned and nodded her head forward.

Steady Heughan. You’re driving, mate.

We awaited the sunset through whirls of dust and cries from the passing cars. I rested heavily against the car frame, her back pressed tightly against my chest, as we watched the sun’s glow descend into the ocean. The wind wept around us, and with feet firmly on the ground, it took us away. In that setting sun, we were lovers. Nothing more, and nothing less. I rested my head upon her shoulder, pulling her in tighter, her body sinking into mine. With her hair whipping to and fro, I kissed behind her ear, feeling her pulse speed up, and her fingers relax in mine.

There is a kind of sadness to a sunset. As the light fades, it seems to take a piece of you with it. The happiness and peace you felt as the pink and purple hues painted the skies, gets pulled beneath the waves, never to break the surface again.

There is no sunset ever the same. Such is our love. I had thought I had loved before. But nothing stole me away as she did. Nothing made my body ache, the way hers did, when we were parted. She was always my first thought before my eyes even looked upon the morning glow; and the last one that would steal me away into sleep.

Our love was a single, never-ending sunset. No other could be the same.

With a heavy sigh, we said goodnight to the light. I took off my over-shirt and wrapped it around Caitriona’s shoulders, as she turned in my embrace. I hugged her close, closing my eyes, feeling her breath against me. Her hands lowered, delving into the back pockets of my jeans.

I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to push her body across the hood of the car, her skin naked against the heated metal. I wanted to dive between her thighs and have cries of my name from her lips, carried off with the wind. I would claim her body and to hell with all those that passed us by. She would push her hands up under my shirt, and drag her nails across my nipples, calling me forth, and our passion would paint the stars in brilliant colours of pink and blues and it would be us that would slowly fade from sight as the light would, once again, claim the land from darkness, across the Earth.

But with a shiver and sigh, I was pulled from my thoughts. I kissed her lips, lingering in her sweetness, before guiding her back into the car.

She undressed before me, in the bungalow. The dress pooled around her ankles and the panties, with a flick of her foot, were sent flying across the room. She giggled in euphoric bliss, taking my hand and undressing me. I did not help her. She earned every inch of my nakedness as I let her peel away my clothes, with a smile across my face. She took my hand in hers, guiding me to the pool outside. I flicked off the outdoor light; and as the light faded, our bodies slowly slipped beneath the surface and out of sight.

alive and safe and with me

They’re sitting at their dining room table and Philip smiles over at Lukas, picking another piece of pepperoni off his slice of pizza. 

“Why’re you still wearing long sleeves?” Philip asks, narrowing his eyes. “It’s hot in here.”

Lukas has had a sort of quiet contentment on his face since he got home late this afternoon and he just smiles, shaking his head.

“How are you not hot?” Philip asks. “I’m hot.”

“Yeah you are,” Lukas says, grinning at him.

Philip laughs, shaking his head. “What’s up with you? You meet some new cute guy at that group project thing? You getting ready to tell me you’re leaving?”

Lukas scoffs. “As if,” he says. 

Philip knows it’s the most impossible thing, which is why it’s so easy to joke about it. “So why are you acting like you’re staring at something beautiful?”

“Well, I am,” Lukas says, gesturing towards him. He grins when Philip sits back in his seat, clicking his tongue. “Angel face, you walked into that one.”

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Telltale final pt: A Peter Pevensie fic,

A/N: You know how I said in the previous chapters that it’s not explicit, just a bit racy? Well, this one’s explicit. :) Thanks to everyone following this! Everything’s below the “keep reading” line this time, as I knew explicit stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Here’s the links to the previous chapters if you’re new.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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Someday- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:
prompt: how about reader taking care of graves after a serious auror fight? no smut pls”

Warnings: None…just some fluff and good ol’ fashioned angst! xD

A/N: Ugh I really, really loved writing this one. I hope I managed to capture his character alright…it’ll get easier the more i do it. Just a side-note, I did make some things up for this just for the sake of the story. I have no idea how the laws work in the American wizarding world, but I made up some for the sake of the story, as well as some other slight magical elements that I wasn’t exactly sure of. Enjoy! Let me know what you think! 

I swayed slightly on my feet, bracing my hand against the nearest wall. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, waiting for the room to stop its tilting and the ground beneath my feet to steady. Apparating after a fight was always rough, as the adrenaline was slowly squeezed out of my bones and exhaustion seeped in to take its place.

“You alright?” a familiar voice asked.

My eyes fluttered open to see Dortman, a fellow auror, watching me with a scrutinizing expression. He adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose, a sheen of sweat coating his forehead. He looked just as weary as I felt, like my limbs were weighed down with lead. Though perhaps that was what happened after fighting a losing battle. We hadn’t lost one in a while.

Which just reminded me that Grindelwald and his followers were becoming more and more dangerous by the second.

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Seokjin Scenario: Follow My Lead.

Request: Could i request a cute/romantic scenario where Jin is y/n first boyfriend and isnt sure about how to handle all her firsts (first movie date, time together etc) including the kiss where Jin has to actually teach her and grade her in a teasing way until she got a hang of it and shes comfortable with all the other skinships. It would be nice if Jin was a little mischievous but still gentle with her. Thank you our fairygodmothers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Every day was a brand new discovery, or so you described it to him. Each time you got too close and he reached out for you, you either got flustered or giggled until you were getting a little red and precious and if Jin was honest with himself, he just loved each step of being a part of all this. He hadn’t believed that he was really your first boyfriend, you were playful and flirty even if you sometimes didn’t notice it yourself, you were still so innocent beneath all that confidence you had that this was also practically a first to him, being with a girl like you.

He leaned back on the couch with a smile on his lips, waiting for you to be ready. You were going to watch a movie that night at an outdoor cinema and you seemed pretty excited about that idea which was relieving since sometimes he felt like he didn’t know the right ways to go with you to make you feel comfortable enough around him, he’d been thinking a lot for things that you would enjoy without feeling overwhelmed or that he was going too fast because he didn’t want that, he was taking his sweet time with you and actually enjoying it.

–I’m all set! I believe…– you entered the living room with sparkling eyes and looking every definition there was in the dictionary for gorgeous, with tight high waisted black jeans and a light pink cropped sweater that left a bit of your waist exposed. Seokjin walked towards you praying to all the gods he didn’t look like the things he was thinking. –Should I take a jacket with me Jin? I wasn’t sure…–

You were too beautiful and too attractive, if it was for him he would jump right into the part when he could teach you how a good kiss was given, but he just settled for a light kiss on your forehead, you liked those, he could see it in your face whenever he did so, in your body language and the little smile you couldn’t fight away, the same one that bloomed on your lips right then.

–If it gets cold I’ll keep you warm – You giggled, averting your eyes from his and nodding, looking a little flustered but you held his hand and intertwined your fingers with him, which was a nice advance, now you reached for him more often without asking if you could, just because you wanted to and Jin felt proud. –You’re so pretty, did you doll yourself up just for me baby?–

He smirked when your eyes found his again, he made you do a little around for him and then tugged at your hand to pull you closer until you were pressed against his body with one arm sneaking around your waist. You stood there looking at him with big eyes until you brought your hands up to your face to cover half of it, you were laughing cutely. –Well… I, I just…–

–I like it Y/N– he whispered really low, moving his face closer to yours as if he was going to kiss you, but he just stayed with his lips in front of yours, you closed your eyes and he observed your pulse on your neck speeding up and he smirked a little wider, moving to speak next to your ear. –I like it a lot – he said at last, leaving a soft kiss on the place below your ear.

You opened your eyes then, taking a deep breath and biting your lower lip before giggling, you tended to do that a lot when you were nervous and it was cute. –Um… let’s get going, if not we’re going to be late and we don’t want that right? right… –

You laughed some more, turned around and fanned yourself a little and he pretended he didn’t see you do it, your hand kept holding his while you rambled a little, speaking too fast. You raised such tenderness in him, and at the same time Jin was sure you could drive him crazy without even trying to. Seokjin was really into you already, and now tonight than ever, he was up to teach you a few things.

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addictedweek day 3: favorite book(s) | hothouse flower and long way down

So I pointed at the sun ascending in the horizon. Just as the darkened sky began to lighten. “Keep your eyes there.”

Her green ones flickered to me before following my finger. Her pulse picked up speed. “And what happens when it disappears?”

I would’ve loved to tell her that it never would. That no matter where we were the sun would always be present. But it wouldn’t have been true.

The only thing we could count on was that the sun would rise again.

“Wait for it to return,” I told her.


“ANTHRAX - Among The Living (1987)” - Concept Posters

created by Minimal Pulse Art [minimal-pulse.tumblr.com]

Title: Until I Met You Part 2

Character: Isaac “Ike” Evans

TV: Magic City

Warnings: Smut!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

*2 years earlier*

Isaac had fallen into a depression. His beloved wife, whom he grew up with, had passed away from cancer a year ago.

She hadn’t suffered long, but towards the end she was still in pain.

He knew that she would have wanted him to move on, but he found it to be increasingly difficult, so he buried himself in his hotel, doing damn near everything, which was driving his employee’s absolutely crazy.

Eduardo, the maintenance man of the hotel had told him that enough was enough and that he was going to live a little. No more moping around because his wife would kick his ass if she’d seen what he had become.

“Dancing?” Ike said, smoking yet another cigarette.

Eduardo nodded, “Yes, Ike. Dancing.”

Ike had two left feet, there was no way…

“The woman that teaches, she’s very patient, trust me, okay?”

Ike looked out onto the horizon and chewed on his bottom lip.

It was just a dance class… get out of the hotel for a bit, get something to eat and go home. No big deal, right?

Well, that’s what he thought, until he saw the dance instructor enter the studio.

The first thing he noticed about her, was her smile. It was kind, her bow shaped lips just begging to be kissed tenderly. Her eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled and greeted everyone.

Her hair was in a bun at the top of her head and holy hell, how he wanted to just take it down and run his fingers through it.

She wore a black leotard with a black flowing skirt and a pair of black flats. Her hourglass shaped body filled the tightness of the fabric perfectly.

As she neared him, he looked down at his red shirt, dress slacks and polished shoes, and hoped that he looked presentable. He ran a hand over his freshly shaven cheeks and wondered if he should have shaved his mustache as well.

“Y/N Russo, Isaac Evans,” Eduardo said, introducing the two.

She held out her hand and he gripped her delicate fingers, “Pleasure to meet you, Y/N,”

With a faint blush to her cheeks, she dipped her head slightly as she smiled, “Nice to meet you too Isaac,”

“Ike is fine,”

He saw her pupils dilate at the sound of his voice. When she spoke, he had to lock his knees to keep them from shaking.


She was called over by another student and he felt like he could finally breathe, but damn did she make it difficult as her hips swayed while she walked.

“She’s not married or seeing anyone,” Eduardo whispered.


Eduardo clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, “You think I didn’t see that? You both were practically fucking each other,”

Ike laughed, clapping Eduardo on the back, “I don’t know what you’re talking about my friend,”

Eduardo smiled, knowing that his friend was in denial, but he knew that itch was going to get scratched once he danced with her.
“One, two, three and four,” Y/N counted as she clapped her hands to the beat.

People were dancing, some not on rhythm and Ike was one of them.

Ike growled in frustration as he missed another step.

The music stopped abruptly, everyone pausing mid step and looking to the instructor.

“Listen to the count, but most importantly, feel the music deep inside of you,” she said, fisting her hands on her chest and stomach as she spoke.

Y/N walked over to Ike and smiled, “You’re trying too hard, Ike. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out,”

He mimicked her and honestly, he did feel better.

“Good, now, give me your hand and place this one here,” She held one hand in hers and placed the other on her hip.

Ike could feel his pulse speeding up at the softness under his palms.

Y/N turned her head and nodded at the person at the record player.

Music flowed from the speakers, the slow Latin beat sounding far off to Ike’s ears. His main focus was this woman.

The more he held her, the more he spun her around, the more he wanted to bury himself deep within her.

He never thought he’d ever have the desire to be with another woman, but Y/N had proven him wrong.

He lifted her from the dip, their torsos touching. Jesus, her breasts felt amazing against his chest.

Both clearing their throats, they stepped back from one another. Y/N clapped her hands, instructing everyone that class was over.

Ike felt a sting of disappointment, figuring he was the cause and that he made her uncomfortable.

Crestfallen, Ike went to follow Eduardo, but was met with resistance.

Eduardo held his hand out, pushing slightly on Ike’s chest, “Stay,”

Ike shook his head, “I think I made her uncomfortable, Eduardo. Let’s just head back to the hotel,”

Eduardo cursed in Spanish and rolled his eyes as he shook his head, “Isaac, stay damnit,”

Ike looked over his shoulder and found Y/N peering from around the corner of her office.
Y/N’s back collided with the mirror that lined the walls of the studio.

She panted, flicking her tongue against Ike’s as his hands ran down her sides.

Moaning, she cupped his hardness through his pants, gently squeezing his heavy sac.

Ike’s hand slapped against the mirror. Nipping his way from her chafed, plump lips, he sucked and nipped at her neck.

The feel of her fingers caressing him through his pants was enough for him to come right then and there.

Not able to withstand her touches, he fumbled with the button of his pants, his fingers slipping.

Y/N placed her delicate hands over his, moving them out of the way so that she could unbutton them.

Cool air hit his skin once she pushed down his pants and they pooled at his ankles.

While Y/N took his length in her warm palm and began to pump him, he ran his hands up her thighs, pulling up the thin material.

Hooking his fingers inside the crotch of her leotard, he yanked it to the side, holding it open so that he could slide into Y/N.

Her legs were opened wide as he gripped her bottom in his hands. He squeezed the cheeks of her ass, lifting her just a bit.

Holding his hardness, she lined him up with her hot, wet center and let go as he snapped his hips forward.

“Oh my God!” Y/N shouted, holding onto his shoulder.

Ike held his hips still, her tightness tempting to milk him dry.

Y/N’s legs were securely wrapped around him. Taking one hand, he reached up and pulled the stretchy material down one shoulder, then the other to reveal her delicious breasts.

She pulled her arms from the confinement then slowly ran her hands over her breasts before plucking at her nipples.

Ike grunted, licking his lips as he rolled his hips.

Cupping the bottom of her breasts, she held them up just as he dipped his head down to suckle on a nipple.

Moaning as he groaned against her breasts, she encouraged him to nip and suck harder, “Harder, please,”

Letting her nipple fall from his mouth, he growled as he moved to the other breast, doing what she asked for.

“Holy shit!”

Her breast fell with a plop from his lips as he started to move his hips.

Looking up at her through his thick lashes, Ike made sure that she was watching as he flicked his tongue over her nipple with fast flicks.

“Yes, ohmygod, yes!”

Her tight tunnel started to tighten and grip him firmly. Lifting her hips, he held her as he snapped his hips with hard thrusts making her breasts bounce.

“I’m coming!” she whined, digging her heels into his backside.

“Jesus Christ!” Ike shouted, pulling out just in time as his release hit him.

Y/N reached down and pumped her hand over his shaft, his release splattering on her mound.

She slowed her hand just as Ike’s body began to twitch.

They both panted, basking in the moment before real life came crashing down.

Slowly, her legs fell from his hips, her feet just barely holding her up.

Ike reached down and pulled up his britches and wiped the sweat from his brow.

He took a deep breath and finally looked up at Y/N to find her tearing up.


She sniffled, not able to look up at him.

Cupping her cheeks, Ike wiped her tears away with the pads of his thumbs, “Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head and bit her lip, “No, I…”

“Talk to me, Sweetheart,” he urged.

“I promise I’m not a whore,” she said, quietly, “this is out of character for me,”

“Honey,” Ike pulled her naked torso to his, running his hands up and down her bare back.

With his lips resting on her neck, he spoke loud enough for her to hear, “The thought never crossed my mind once,”

He pulled his head back and cupped her cheeks again, “In fact… I want to see you again… take you out on a real date,”


He smiled, his thumb gliding over her bottom lip, “Really,”

That night, before Ike left, he helped Y/N clean up and made sure that she was presentable before leaving the studio.

He walked her to her car and held open the door.

Just as she was about to get in, he stopped her, “Y/N?”

She graced him with the same smile that she had given him earlier, “Yes?”

Holding her chin, Ike leaned down and laid his lips on her’s in a slow, unhurried kiss.

Y/N held his wrist, bobbing her head in sync with his as they took their time tasting one another.

Once he pulled back, she could feel the heat rise to her cheeks.

“Drive safely, Doll. You hear me?”

Placing one last peck on his lips, she nodded, “I will Ike. Thank you,”

He winked, closing the car door as soon as she was in, “Thank you for tonight,”

They may have done things backwards, but it worked for the two and now they were happily getting married.



Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes 

Warnings: None 

Summary: Bucky helps you study for your anatomy exam.

A/N: Please let me know what you think! 

Word count : 613 

Groaning you dropped your head onto your textbook. Your anatomy exam was in two days. Two days and you still couldn’t recall names of muscles off the top of your head. You heard footsteps behind you enter the empty living room but decided to keep wallowing in despair with your head down.

“What’s wrong, doll?” Bucky was mildly concerned at your apparent state of distress. 

Groaning again you answered, “I have an anatomy exam in two days and I know nothing about these stupid muscles!”. You loved your university class but lately you had been slacking because of your duties with the Avengers.

“Want some help?” Bucky’s slight twinkle in his eyes almost gave him away. Having just come out of the gym he was in a black tank top and sweats. You bit your lip at the sight , sweat glistened on his skin ,his veins were almost pulsing and it was as if his body thrummed with energy. 

You nodded your head as he unwound his boxing wraps with ease. With his hands on his hips , Bucky asked “where do you want me?”. Your head snapped up at his words, you thought he was going to offer to help with revision.

“What do you mean?” at your words Bucky’s grin widened. Reaching back he pulled the tank top off and threw it down on the couch. You gulped and you were sure he could see your pulse speed up under your jaw. 

“Don’t you think I’d be the perfect model?” Bucky spread his arms out in a grand gesture, you loved when he was cocky. Nodding shyly you got up on shaky legs, nervous around Bucky especially a shirtless Bucky. Holding your book in front of you, your hand hovered over to his shoulder. He tutted at you, pulling your book out of your hands and throwing it on the floor, “without the book, doll” . His eyes were hooded as he looked down at you. Grabbing your hand he placed it over his shoulder and looked at you expectantly. 

“T…trapezius” stuttered your answer, the proximity of Bucky was invading all your senses. His shoulders were magnificently sculptured and you could feel every breath lift his muscles. Slowly he dragged your hand over this arm, his skin was warm from training in contrast to the cool metal hand holding yours. “Bicep” you spoke, the tension rising in the room with every move and breathe between you. He continued down his arm, “Triceps” he moved your hand “extensors” you breathing had sped up and you heart hammered against your chest, “flexors” you finally answered.

Bucky had remained silent so far but you swore you heard his breath hitch when you touched his bicep. Finally he moved his hand down toward the hard muscles on his stomach. You closed your eyes , breathing in deeply. His stomach rose with every breath , he was warm to the touch and you shivered at the contact. 

The tension in the room was palpable and the air crackled with unsaid words and intentions. “Name it , doll” his raspy voice broke through your reverie. “Abdominal muscles” you whispered , not being to help it a small moan escaping your mouth. 

“Look at me , y/n” Bucky whispered as if speaking would ruin the moment. You opened your eyes and looked up into his. He bent his head and touched his lips to yours. The kiss was soft and searching at first, in a heartbeat the kiss was passionate and full of yearning. With ease Bucky lifted you so you could wrap your legs around his waist. “I think we should continue this lesson in private” he murmured against your neck and you were glad your exam wasn’t tomorrow.