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Artists Louis has worked with and/or acknowledged in 2017 (so far):

Worked with:

  • Steve Aoki: Dim Mak Records, Ultra Records (Sony), Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Jay Pryor: Future House Music 
  • “Sir” Nolan Lambroza: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Digital Farm Animals: Syco/RCA (Sony)
  • Lunchmoney Lewis: Columbia (Sony)
  • Jason Evigan: EMI Publishing (Sony)
  • Matoma: Pulse Recordings (Independent)
  • Skylar Grey: Interscope Records (UMG), Universal Music Publishing Group
  • Rozes: Lost Colony Music (Independent), Warner Chappell Publishing Group
  • Jesse Thomas: Red Parade Music Group (Independent)
  • Nick Monson: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Sasha Sloan: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Eric Rosse: Capitol Records (UMG), Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Camille Purcell: Virgin EMI Records (UMG), Sony ATV Publishing
  • TMSLDN (production team of Tom Froe Barnes, Ben Kohn, Peter Merf Kelleher): Universal Music Publishing Group
  • Samuel Elliot Roman aka ROMANS: Roc Nation, Sony ATV Publishing
  • Sarah Blanchard: (no info, wrote with Clean Bandit)
  • Pablo Bowman: Universal Music Publishing Group (likely)
  • Richard Boardman: Band signed with Polydor (UMG), Universal Music Publishing Group
  • Jason Dean: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Bebe Rexha: Warner Bros Records

Twitter mention/recommendation:

  • Digital Farm Animals: Syco/RCA (Sony)
  • Hailee Steinfeld: Republic (UMG)
  • Devlin: Devlin Music, Island Records (UMG) 
  • Julia Michaels: Republic (UMG), Warner Chappell Publishing

17.06.17 ARASHI WakuWaku Gakkou Repo - ARASHI

[Words on the setting from my side]
- physical education
- friends
- teaching
- activity
- kid
- joy
- gymnasium
- team
- happy
- sportive (?)

[Birthday surprise]
Before opening the setting monitor showed words asking us not to say おめでとう until instruction and then we shall sing Happy Birthday together. This was a surprise to Nino.

[Nino sensei’s teaching about unko]
- Nino-san’s jacket was green and his tie with green patterns.
- Nino asked if everyone had unko today. Aiba-san answered five times. Nino said it’d be problem then.
- In western world, high heels were made in order not to touch unko in street. Hat with brim was made because people in the past threw unko out of window (in time when there was no toilet?)
- Perfume was made to remove odour of unko.
- In Japan unko was seen as thing can be re-used and was used as fertilizers.
- The setting was to teach how food turns to unko. Sakurai-san was to demonstrate his typical day. He ate delicious meat. He was super cute when demonstrating going to toilet.
- ARASHI members dined together last night.
- Sho-san did “ho!” deep breath, the one they learned in himitsu. Aiba said it was reminiscing. Sakurai kept doing this.
- Sho-san did a lot `marius` gag e.g. itadakimarius when he started eating.
- After the demonstration Nino said Sho-chan arigatou.
- Unko’s shape can tell our health status. Banana shape is healthy, hard is lack of exercise, too soft is eating cold things or drinking too much beer, juice etc.

[Sakurai sensei’s teaching about manliness and femaleness]
- Sakurai-san’s jacket was pink and tie with grey and white pattern.
- He partnered with Sato Shori. They were double Sho combi and double S combi (both names were SS).
- The corner was to wrestle with Hamaguchi Kyoko. Sho-san asked Fuma to do it and Fuma said he wanted to do unko, and Sho-san said `no more now!` (giggle)
- Masaki-san was still sweating up till the second teaching. It seemed that the dome was bit hot.
- In VTR, Sho-san entered VS ARASHI’s green room to get members’ blood (by a nurse). When getting Masaki-san’s blood, Sho-san said `It`s red, right?` When getting MatsuJun’s blood, Sho-san said `Is it thick (same word in Japanese to describe MatsuJun’s face), and MatsuJun laughed ‘Not thick!’ When getting Nino’s blood, Sho-san asked him if he was happy and Nino said he was happy. When getting Leader’s blood, Leader shouted ‘Painful!’ The nurse failed to get the blood vessels several times, at last she managed to do it, Sho-san said 'Great~ So he is human~’ When getting Sho-san’s blood, he was the only who didn’t look at the needle. And he said 'Not painful~’ with a pitiful look.
- Sho-san said while people may have a sterotype on manliness and femaleness, in nature different species have different interpretation. For example for King Penguin, man is to feed the baby penguin while the female is to hunt for food.
- For human being, female may unconscious have consideration factors on choosing partners i.e. good voice. This may be related to immunity (sorry I didn’t take note on this part so I am not sure)
- The blood of members were sent to immunity test. Nino got almost full score, meaning he has good immunity. MatsuJun and Nino have two areas which were the same, there is only 0.01% for two persons to be the same in two areas, they were like miracle brothers. Leader and Sho-san got one area the same. Masaki-san had three out of four areas different from other members (the remaining area, all members were the same). So Masaki-san was different from them. Sho-san (?) said that so that Masaki-san can get along with anyone.

[Aiba sensei’s teaching about sports]
- Masaki-san’s jacket was navy blue with brown tie. He took the jacket off during his session.
- The word sports has association with the word deportare which means joyful and play.
- Masaki-san asked if animals play sports or not. Sho-san answered no, because animals do not comprehend rule. <– Very Sho-san-like way of thinking, I think.<br> - Then Masaki-san said lions play and the lost one will go away, there is some sort of rule in it.
- Masaki-san introduced interesting sports in the world, in Finland there is a game called `Transporting wife`, husbands carry their wives and run through barriers. The winner will get beer in equivalent kg of his wife.
- They had match on this game. Nino acted wife for ARASHI team. Sho-san tried various ways to carry Nino but failed, at last he carried Nino on back. Leader carried Nino with ohimesamadakko, the venue (including me) couldn’t be more excited. MatsuJun carried Nino like carrying mannequin in Shukudai kun. Masaki-san tried to carry Nino from behind but failed and they both fell. Masaki-san tried several ways to carry Nino but failed and they fell several times. At last Masaki-san succeeded and he was in full sweat. MatsuJun commented that the game was interesting out of imagaination.
- Masaki-san said that one can train `brain working nerve` (運脳神経) to help on do better sports. Examples of exercise to train such brain working nerve include walking while sitting on floor and using the butts to move forward.

[Matsumoto sensei’s teaching about nervousness]
- Matsumoto-san’s tie was green.
- He taught us way not to lose to nervousness.
- His corner ask one audience to talk to member. When staff searched the audience which took some time, Sho-san asked what if doing one time of `transporting wife`.
- MatsuJun listed out symptoms of nervousness, Masaki-san added `want to go to toilet`.
- MatsuJun’s corner was to let the members to experience nervousness. He asked Nino to player recorder (flute). Nino said he was not nervous, he entered Johnny’s because of playing it (during audition). But his pulse was recorded rising.
- Nino didn’t play very well and he fell into foams like MMDA.
- Masaki-san said 'Ninomi~’ when Nino fell.
- MatsuJun then said he also practiced recorder and wanted to play a song. He talked to Nino 'Kazu! Listen to it!’ But his playing was out of tone and Nino laughed so hard and said 'Jun-san! Jun-san!’
- MatsuJun wanted again but still out of tone and he laughed hard.
- At last the song came out to be birthday song. We sang it to Nino. The birthday cake was strawberry cake with 34 candle. 3 is pink and 4 is yellow.
- Nino said he’ll start doing sports coming to age 34.
- Right nervousness can make us perform better.
- Athlets learn to control nervousness by setting up routine, like some actions you decided to do before a game and when you do it you can concentrate.
- MatsuJun taught us 'WakuWaku routine’ there were four steps: 1. jump twice to straight your body 2. breathe slowly 3. look straight 4. straight your hand, circle two times, and fingers down. Just like 'ARASHI, ARASHI, for dream’.

[Ohno sensei’s teaching about tears]
- Leader talked about an episode of him and his teacher in primary four. There were regrettbale tears and happy tears.
- Leader said he cried when watching the finale of Hanzawa Naoki, but during testing he didn’t.
- During test it was found that when one cries, the stress level will go down. Crying helps one alleviate stress and relax mind. It is a good way to change mood.
- Leader said animals don’t cry.
- 5 x 10 in 5 x 10 con was broadcast because many fans mentioned it during voting. The venue was full of appraise when Sho-san appeared. After the video Sho-san joked that he was really slim that time.
- Leader said he didn’t expect a full version will be broadcast.
- Masaki said it is a good group (as depicted in the video).
- MatsuJun said that in the VTR Aiba-san tried hard throughout the song to hold his tears while at last he smiled. It was good. Love you! (To Masaki-san). And Masaki-san answered Thank you.
- Leader said that crying is actually a resonance with others’ feeling.

* Sorry I have not crossed checked with other repo. I took handwriting note. Please feel free to let me know if I have repo anything wrong. Thanks.

Add: During closing Sho san did two times disco star byebye. And Masaki san did one disco star walk. And when they entered the door, since the camera was filming Nino, Masaki san who needed to cross in front of them bowed to walk in order not to bother the filming.

justanothersaltandburn  asked:

Eek drabbles! Thank you! J2 and risk of getting caught/public sex? ^_^

“You can’t just pull me into a conference room,” Jensen hisses. “What if someone hears?”

Jared’s already on his knees, pulling at Jensen’s belt. “Then I guess you’ll have to be quiet.”

“Our panel starts in…in…” The sentence trails off when Jared pulls his cock out and starts mouthing at it. He looks up, so innocent, as the head of Jensen’s dick smacks against his pink lips.

“In what?” he asks.

“Who cares,” Jensen sighs, defeated.

He pulls Jared’s face closer, biting his lip when he feels the first licks of Jared’s tongue. He does have to be quiet, because he can hear people just on the other side of the door. The door that doesn’t have a lock on it.

It doesn’t stop Jared, who just sucks at Jensen like he’s a lollipop, wet and messy, until Jensen’s shoving his cock deeper, fucking Jared’s throat.

Holding back his own grunts and groans, he can hear the sucking sounds, the wet slurp of Jared’s mouth, and he’s coming in record time, pulsing thick and hot all over Jared’s pretty lips, then watching as Jared licks them clean.

“Come on,” Jared says. “We have a panel.”

“What about you?”

“I’m going to be sitting out there, hard enough to cut diamonds, and thinking about how good it’s going to feel to fuck you later.”

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HEADCANON TIME! The interruption of Cutter's call in the live show was staged. The line was still open and Cutter was listening in secretly, meaning he knew everything ahead of time, including Lovelace being there.

OH BOYYYYYY ive thought about this!!!!!!!!!!!! its definitely something cutter would do.. and even if he wasn’t still on the line theres probably recording devices listening allll over the station. not to mention the phone call was probably being recorded

title Frequency
summary Seriously, how?
pairing science, but also sasusaku

(For @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart​‘s Fluff Friday)

Static filled the screen. A sharp buzz filled the air, piercing her left temple with an unbearable sharpness. Hissing, tongue between her teeth, she ripped her headphones off. When she shot her partner a glare, his hands were already up in the air.

“Don’t touch the radio again. Got it,” Naruto promised. She clucked her tongue before she twisted the knob a few notches to the left. Naruto scribbled down a note on his legal pad. While he certainly caused a lot of trouble, Sakura had to admit that he was at least a diligent notetaker.

“They say she’s got magic hands, you know. Since Haruno came on board, we’ve found two new signals worth listening to,” Kakashi drawled as he walked in with a microwaved dinner. Sakura eyed the flimsy plastic tray with curiosity but didn’t say anything. She cranked up the volume on the equipment to drown out their voices.

This was from one of the older stars. One that her own mentor had discovered nearly thirty years ago. Kakashi had flagged it as a less probable prospect and so most of the other researchers skimmed over it. Or if they did listen, it wasn’t for more than an hour at a time.

But something about this star felt strange to Sakura. Something about the fuzzy nothingness bothered her. Her eyes drifted shut just as a sharp ping erupted in her headphones. Sakura jolted upright, her binder toppling off her lap. She flapped her hand at Naruto. He fumbled to pull on his own headset. His eyes grew huge as another pulse of sound rose and fell in pitch.

“1….1….2,” Sakura counted out loud. Kakashi dropped his meager dinner before he scrambled to find anything to write on. He began scribbling on the back of an old invoice.

“3…5…8?” she continued. Her eyes met Naruto’s.

“Is that the Fibonacci sequence?” he asked her. She didn’t answer. Knuckles white, she gnawed on her lower lip as she counted the next set of sounds.

“Holy fuck. 13. Sakura. You found something,” Naruto whispered.

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“Well, I dunno, depends. Do you put out?”

Harvey just stares at him for the briefest second, not humored by the light-hearted joke in the slightest. He gave a short nod and shrug of his shoulder, right before the elevator doors began to close, said, “Bottom or top?”

In the end, he’d meant it to return the joke. They were friends. It was all so… easy.

But the doors slid open again and Mike’s hand was dropping to his side. When had that happened? Oh, right. He was too busy imagining being the bottom or top to Mike’s top or bottom. “Top,” Mike said confidently, tilting his chin in a show of defiance toward his boss.

Harvey’s smirk spoke volumes. What a silly kid. “Bottom.” Harvey’s voice said softly through the cabin, both rough and smooth - all kind of smooth - as he tilted his chin toward the associate in the same way he had only seconds ago. Quickly, he added, “And maybe if you’re good I’ll let you finish.”

That seemed to do the kid in. His shoulders slouched, and his expression couldn’t be described by any word other than “ugh”. Clearly, he thought this was some dirt-humored joke. Classic, between them. But not when he had been asking a serious question and Harvey had been toying with him.

As the doors began to close again, Harvey called out, “Hey, rookie?”

Mike’s hand came up to stop the doors again, although with much less enthusiasm this time.

“Get in.”

MIke’s eyes went wide, and his skin flushed ever so slightly, but he stepped into the steel box anyway and watched the reflective doors close behind him. His pulse had reached a record speed, and he wasn’t exactly sure if he was still breathing. He sneaked a glance over to the man next to him, analyzing his demeanor. Harvey stood proud as ever, biting his cheek to (although not very well) hide his amusement.


They stood in the hallway of Pearson the next day; Mike’s eyes trailing after the sight of Harvey’s tongue grazing deliciously across his lower lip, a mischievous glint in his eye  making the younger heat up from the inside. No, things were definitely  not going to be awkward between them.

I Was Born On The Dance Floor: A Playlist For Pulse
The mourning process reminds those who love to dance together that to gather on a dance floor is to open one's arms to life. We asked 11 writers to share the club song that changed their lives.

Liberation is a practice, an insistently loving one, advanced every time people gather to shake off judgment and open their arms to life. The songs enable the practice. They are the conduits through which a superordinary current travels.”

'Glee' star Lea Michele talks debut album, loss of Cory Monteith

“I didn’t record one word I didn’t feel – whether or not I wrote it,” Lea Michele says during a recent listening session for her debut album. “These are words that are parts of me.”

“Louder,” released on Tuesday, shows the Broadway veteran and star of Fox’s hit musical, “Glee,” making a solid bid for pop stardom.

While “Louder” is packed with club-ready dance anthems and sweeping ballads, some beautifully crafted by pop expert Sia Furler, the album doesn’t sidestep the personal tragedy that changed the singer’s life.

In July, her longtime boyfriend and “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith died from a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol, sending shock waves across the legion of the cheery show’s loyal “gleeks” who watched the pair fall in love both on and off screen.

With the highly anticipated album finished in June, Michele opted to head back into the studio after she postponed the project in the wake of Monteith’s death.

“Now that I had this experience happen to me … we decided to write about it,” she told a room of reporters at Pulse Recording where she cut the album. “We decided that’s what felt organic.”

Michele teamed with Furler to pen the album’s stunning closer, “If You Say So,” which was inspired by the last conversation she had with Monteith.

That collaboration quickly altered the direction of the album.

“After we had this very, very emotional writing session we were about to end the day and she says, ‘Listen to this song,'” Michele said. Furler then left Michele alone with “Cannonball,” a track produced by Stargate and Benny Blanco that became the singer’s debut single.

"I just literally keeled over because grief is a very scary thing, and there comes a point where it can really take you down,” she said of her reaction to hearing the inspirational ballad. “[The song] lifted me up. It was what I needed to get through my difficult situation.”

“And now I will start living today, today, today / I close the door / I got this new beginning and I will fly / I’ll fly like a cannonball,” she sings.

“As awkward as it might be, we needed to put something out there to explain to people how I am,” Michele added. “A lot of people don’t know how to touch this situation. It’s like walking on eggshells. I felt ‘Cannonball’  …  kinda puts it all out there. It’s like this is really hard, we’re not denying that it’s hard, we’re gonna get through it and so it made sense for it to be the first single.”

Since “Glee” premiered in 2009, all eyes have been on Michele and her cast mates to capitalize on the show’s early success for solo careers. Michele admits she always wanted to record an album, even if she “never really knew what kind,” but the breakneck shooting schedule of the series made it difficult.

“I was really settled at ‘Glee’ and settled in my personal life and I thought, ‘OK I get [the show] well enough now I know how to juggle that,” she said. “It’s like I felt like I had one kid and now I’m ready to have another and so I decided to make this album.”

Despite its often reflective lyrics, Michele’s rafter-reaching voice remains the core of the album.

She’s at her best when she sings with resiliency on "Cannonball” and “Battlefield”; when she’s reliving true love on “You’re Mine”; or dealing with the crushing pain of loss on “If You Say So.” But dance numbers like “On My Way” and the album’s title track will likely appeal more to her younger fan base that keep Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson on constant repeat.

“My goal in all of this was to make an album that was honest, and true to me,” she said. “It’s something beautiful that came at a very difficult time.”

“If I’ve learned anything from this past year is that you have one life. I didn’t really understand what they really meant until recently,” Michele continued. “You have to live your life to the fullest. You have to love as hard as you can love and live as hard as you can live because we just have one life. I feel like ‘Louder’ really expresses that.”

[A dated jazz record pulsed throughout the ransacked chambers of the notorious heir to the massacred Waits fortune. With a limp lit cigarette in hand, he burned a hole alongside the many scaring burns upon his wrist; the stinging sensation hardly present, for the still man was too preoccupied with the dulcet trumpet notes flowing past his ears. Pulling out another cancerous stick, he sparked a match and lit his lungs on fire once more.]