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Comic Book Artists Create Publication to Honor Orlando Victims

“The comic book community is coming together to help the victims of the Orlando shooting. In December, DC Comics and IDW Publishing will publish “Love Is Love,” a 144-page comic book whose proceeds will benefit Equality Florida and its fund for those affected by the June 12 attack at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.” (x)

This is really awesome and this art of Batwoman is both gay af and beautiful!

Installation shot of I wish I wish I wish in vain, by Elin Melberg @ Maria Veie’s booth at Pulse.  Viewers don custom-made mirrored crocs before entering the space, a dazzling dreamlike environment featuring a mirrored floor, rotating lights, ornate strings of beads, and thousands of inlaid images clipped from books and magazines.  The sole furnishing is a an embroidered and beaded arm chair with a deep pit created in the seat, and the only sound is that of an ultrasound recording of the artist’s heart.