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Bloodborne extended cut Trailer, Customization Features Detailed, Screens

Bloodborne: Customize Your Weapons

Hello, PlayStation fans! We’re just a few days away from the launch of Bloodborne, and the team at Japan Studio and From Software couldn’t be more excited about the fans finally getting to experience this game for yourselves. To tide you over these last few days, I’m here to share some brand new information about some of the game’s customization and leveling, as well as the 90-second extended cut of our TV commercial.

If you caught our preview of the first 18 minutes of the game during the IGN First coverage in February, you know that the main hub that players will use as their home base is the Hunter’s Dream. Find lanterns spread throughout Yharnam to return to the Hunter’s Dream at any time.

In the Hunter’s Dream, you’ll be able to purchase items, level up your character by speaking to the Doll, repair and upgrade your weapons (more on that below), and get useful advice from Gehrman, the old man in the wheelchair.

The main currency in Bloodborne is called Blood Echoes, which you can earn by hunting beasts and more. Use Blood Echoes to purchase items from the shop in the Hunter’s Dream, or even repair and strengthen your weapons. In your adventures, you’ll soon come across special items called Blood Gems, which can be attached to weapons in order to increase their attack power and even add special characteristics to your weapons.

In the Hunter’s Dream, you can also interact with the Memory Altar in order to memorize special Caryll Runes to upgrade your character. Some runes may allow you to carry more items in your inventory, or boost the amount of Blood Echoes you receive from each beast you hunt down, allowing you to customize your hunter however you see fit.

I don’t want to give away any more information so as to not spoil any major surprises for you. But I do have one cool piece news for those of you who have an official PlayStation Gold, Silver or Pulse Elite headset: on March 24, open your Headset Companion App to download a custom Bloodborne Audio Mode that’s been tuned specifically to bring the unique world of Yharnam to life.

The hunt begins March 24th. See you soon.

Masaaki Yamagiwa - Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio

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I only heard about this game a few days ago from word of mouth. It sounded like a really interesting game, and from the way it was described, I doubted a video game could be so scary.

So, I got home that night, downloaded Outlast off of Playstation Network for free since I’m a plus member. Immediately, for an Indie game, a free one at that, I was absolutely astounded with the quality of the graphics. I thought for a free game it wasn’t going to be that great of quality. The tone of the game is set fairly quickly, as lighting plays a huge factor. After some aimless wandering I find out where I’m supposed to go in order to enter this Asylum, and within 30 seconds my heart was beating faster than normal. 

Now, it definitely helped that I was playing this game while wearing my Pulse headset. The surround sound made the game even better. Not only was my heart rate picking up, you can hear the character you play as, Miles Upshur, breathing heavily at times, swallowing hard, and even shaking a little. It was very realistic. 

Now, about 2 minutes into this game, I open a door, and jump about 20 feet in the air. 

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t do that.

Sure someone can pop around a corner and scare me, but watching movies, or playing video games, rarely do I get scared, especially to the point that I actually jump. This was most certainly not the first time this game made me jump, but I had to pause the game a nervously laugh for a while after this first time.

Wielding only a camera, I venture through the asylum, often requiring to turn on the night vision on the camera, and even more often jumping out of my seat. After collecting documents and recording everything possible, the story develops as I run for cover, slowly hoping to escape this asylum.

After roughly 4 hours of gameplay on normal, I met the end of the game, and with a heart ready to explode. I can honestly say, I was absolutely shocked by this game. Expecting nothing but some time to kill, all aspects of this game exceeded more than passing time. Anyone into video games, and even anyone who enjoys a good scare, I highly recommend checking this game out. Especially if you are a Playstation Plus member while this is still free. Definitely worth your time.

New PS4 Firmware coming Tomorrow

No, it doesn’t add DLNA support but it will finally let you mute your PlayStation Camera and adds stability, Which is always nice. Firmware 1.60 will also let you use your Sony PULSE headset and it seems other wireless headsets… maybe. YMMV. Along with the new firmware update, Sony has announced an official headset for the PS4. You can view the trailer for it below, because everything now has a trailer. 

This new headset offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games, a hidden noise cancelling microphone for voice chat while playing online, customizable faceplates, and other features –all for $99.99 (MSRP).