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Congratulations to the Artists Selected for PLAY Miami Beach 2017

We are thrilled to announce the works selected for PLAY Miami Beach 2017. Each of the nine works chosen by curators Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Pauline Jampol relates to this edition’s theme of POWER, a theme the curators chose to define in a broad sense, inviting artists to explore the multiple iterations of the word, it’s definitions, and the myriad of ways to interpret and contextualize power. 

PLAY Miami Beach 2017 Selections

Bolo, Carousel
Delphine Fawundu, “the cleanse”
Andy Fernandez, MIRIAM
Bang Geul Han, How to Remember the Black Book in Seoul
Melvin Harper, 3017
Amy Khoshbin, Protest
Surabhi Sharaf, Intensities
Rodrigo Valenzuela, El Sisifo
Ventiko, 꿈을 깨어 (Waking Dream)

“By the time it reached its half-life, the year 2017 had witnessed the gamut of powerful events, powerful people, powerful movements, and powerful paradigm shifts. In feeling the impact of overwhelming examples of social, political, ecological, civil, economic, and even personal power (or lack thereof), we decided to address these moments through the PULSE PLAY program,” say curators Wahi and Jampol.

“The nine videos that we picked include works that contend with the stripping away of power through the lens of the oppressed or expose the dynamics of political dominance through the perspective of the spectator. Others intend to ameliorate the negative impacts of history, validate the power of personal achievement or emphasize the crippling impact of cultural power paradigms on the masses. Each of the videos selected are intended to illicit a visceral response and may be difficult to watch; a few may make you weep, gasp in shock, laugh with an unexplained sense of victory, or sigh with relief. It is our hope that this collection stirs you, and that you feel the full impact of our idea of power.”

The selected works will be shown at PULSE Miami Beach 2017 as well as in a pre-fair, month-long exhibition at Project For Empty Space. Join us in celebrating the artists at the opening at Project For Empty Space on Tuesday October 10 from 5pm - 7pm. 

Photo Caption: Video Still from Delphine Fawundu’s “the cleanse”.

Judge Me

Fuck. I slammed my head against the wall. My trembling hands were tangled in my hair, my nervous tears splattered across the carpet. I had screwed up. Brianna lay in the sofa across the room, a hypodermic needle dangling from her pale arm. I knew it was too much heroin, I knew it. I walked over to her again to double check. I grasped her wrist carefully, stabilizing one trembling arm with another. Her flesh was cold, yet so was mine.  No pulse.

It’s not fair for you guys to judge me. I was terrified. Terrified of losing my friends. Terrified of losing my job. Terrified of losing my life. You can’t judge me. I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.

I decided to dispose of her body. I lived just beside a forest, and I knew a good ditch deep inside left over by a fallen tree. I returned to Brianna’s side, a bucket with garbage bags in one hand and a knife in the other. Swallowing, I slowly drew my blade to her right shoulder and pushed. I pushed hard. Lukewarm blood immediately spilled over my sofa, and I let it run slowly into the bucket, the loud drips competing against my deafening heartbeat. I rocked the knife back and forth and twisted a little, trying my best to wedge the steel through the joint. With a loud crack, I could tell that the arm was finally dislocated. I sliced away the remaining skin, muscles, and tendons, and placed Brianna’s arm in a garbage bag. I vomited.  I had an extremely weak stomach when it came to blood.  Don’t judge me.

I couldn’t stop now. Cold sweat pouring down my face, I stabbed at her right knee. I hit a bone. I tried again from a different angle, and this time, the knife slid under her kneecap. All of a sudden, I heard a sleepy groan in front of me.

“Jason… what… are you doing?”

“I need to do this”, I responded.  Don’t judge me.

Animal Instinct - Dean Winchester One Shot


“I reallllly love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a one-shot based on the imagine “imagine Dean feeling bad after he fucked you hard and hurt you.”

Word Count: 1,600

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Rough sex and a bit of an injury (It’s part of the imagine) :)

Animal Instinct

The bags had barely hit the floor when you heard the bedroom door slam behind you and Dean had you pressed against the nearest wall. His lips crashed against yours fiercely, his hands tangling in your hair and you could barely breathe as he squished his body firmly against yours. You hooked your fingers through his belt loops, pulling his hips against yours and making his voice falter with moans as he tried to speak against your lips,

“Oh God, remind me never to share a motel room with Sammy again! It’s been driving me crazy being so close to you and not being able to hold you,” His hands ran up your curves feverishly, “to feel you,” They trailed through your hair, moving it away from your face to give him easier access to you neck, “to taste you,” His lips locked onto your neck, just below your jaw, sucking hard enough to draw a low moan from you as he marked you. “to fuck you.” He grabbed your hips tightly, his frustration clear in his strong grip, and you felt yourself getting more and more turned on by the rough way he handled you. Dean was always dominating and intense, especially after a long hunt, but he seemed particularly driven tonight, which you didn’t mind at all.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he hoisted you off the ground by the bum, almost throwing you onto the bed the two of you shared with a devilish grin, his eyes intensely locked on you, sparkling with desire.

You loved the effect you could have on Dean and just by smiling or biting on your bottom lip slightly you could send his mind reeling and his pulse racing. So it’s fair to say after a long two weeks of having to keep his hands off you, he needed to feel every inch of you desperately. You could hear material tearing and buttons popping as your shirt was ripped from your chest and you quickly pulled your bra off, letting Dean’s tongue roam your chest. You tugged his t-shirt over his head urgently before his lips returned to ravaging your breasts. While one hand massaged, his tongue darted over your nipple, licking and kissing and biting down lightly, causing you to let out a small yelp, which only seem to stoke the fire raging in Dean even more.

His lips found their way back to your neck, sucking and nibbling just above your collarbone as he fumbled with the button of your jeans, the excitement trembling through his hands making everything infinitely more difficult. He let out a relieved groan as he finally yanked your panties down along with your jeans, his thumb finding your clit and rubbing roughly.

“Oh God Dean!” You practically screamed as he plunged two fingers into your wet entrance curling inside of you and filling you with the relief of rough friction. Your head was spinning from his frenzied touch and the animalistic noises he let out as he bucked his hips against your thigh, the bulge in his jeans straining against the material. As your back arched up under his touch he bit down roughly on your shoulder, and you let out a gasp as he seductively licked up the blood he had drawn. “Dean please!” You begged, a needy ache filling you from the way his fingers worked inside of you, and Dean glanced up from your neck, his eyes dark and filled with lust at hearing you pleading for him. His face was almost severe as he kicked out of his jeans and boxers, his manhood already solid with anticipation.

He took a second to drink in the sight of you lying there, quivering with need for him, your neck covered in bruises and bites, your lips almost swollen from his desperate, hungry kisses. He slammed inside of you, gripping your hips hard enough that you could almost feel bruises forming as he pumped into you mercilessly. Usually he started slow and built up speed, but tonight his self-control didn’t even leave you with a moment to adjust to him as he filled the air with animalistic groans. You grabbed fistfuls of Dean’s hair as you adjusted to his frantic pace, and as he spoke his voice was so low, it was practically a growl,

“Fuck I’ve missed the way you feel so much! You’re so sexy, so gorgeous, my girl. Mine.” It almost sounded like a command the way he looked down at you so intensely, his hands clutching you painfully tightly. You had never felt Dean be this rough before and if it weren’t for the incredible vibrations he was sending through you, the pain of his grip would have been uncomfortable. You raked your nails over his back as he continued his rough movements, and he shuddered with pleasure at your touch on his overly sensitive skin, the new sensation only giving him more desperate desire for you. You pulled his body flush against yours as you felt yourself crashing over the edge, his strong thrusts sending incredible pleasure you as you came. He groaned and grunted your name sexily as he felt your walls tightening around him, and his nails sunk into your hips as he finally lost control, spilling his seed inside of you.

He collapsed beside you, panting loudly and smiling victoriously as his lust finally subsided and he was filled with affection again.

“I swear I’m never going that long without touching you again!” He beamed, but his wild grin dropped as he noticed you wiping away a bit of blood from where he had bitten you. He leant over you, stroking your wounded skin apologetically as if he couldn’t quite believe he had done that. “Shit, I’m so sorry (Y/N)! I don’t know what came over me, I just really needed you.” He explained softly and you could see the sadness on his face so you quickly kissed him sweetly and reassured him,

“I’m fine Dean, it’s just a little mark. More than worth it.” You added with a wink, pulling his arms around you, both of you ready for some much needed rest.

“If you’re sure you’re okay.” Dean’s words were lost somewhere in a yawn as his tiredness sunk in and he pulled you into his arms snuggling up against you as you tried to drift off despite the dull ache coming from between your legs and the stinging in your hips.


The next morning you woke up to the sound of someone bustling about in the kitchen and realised Dean was no longer next to you. You pulled on some pyjama shorts and a crop t-shirt, moving stiffly and uncomfortably like you had just finished an intense session in the gym. You combed your fingers through your hair in front of the mirror, sharply taking in breath when you accidentally touched the raw bite mark on your shoulder. You shrugged it off, having put up with a lot worse injuries while on hunts, and shuffled to the kitchen to find Dean humming happily as he made some coffee.

“Good Morning Beautiful!” He greeted happily, moving over to you for a morning kiss. He lightly gripped your hips, and you winced, flinching away from him before your lips could meet. He withdrew his hands, confused by your reaction until he noticed the dark bruises on each side of you, with red marks from where his nails had dug into you. You hadn’t even noticed the marks when you had gotten dressed but now you looked down you could almost make out distinct finger marks where he had held you last night.

Sadness and disbelief washed over his face as he shakily asked, “Did I do that last night?” His face was pale and his eyes full of shame and fear as you tried to reassure him,

“Dean, it’s fine, I really don’t mind. I barely even noticed at the time, I was just so happy to be back in bed with you.” You flirted, smiling your sexiest smile and leaning up to kiss Dean again.

“I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted you so badly and you’re so perfect and I guess instinct sort of took and I forgot my own strength…But I promise I’ll be more careful next time! I never want to hurt you (Y/n), all I ever want to do is take care of you.” He spoke sincerely, wrapping his arms around your shoulders tenderly and kissing the top of your head as you rested it against his chest. “You know I love you right?” He asked, sounding concerned and almost panicky that you might be upset with him.

“I love you too Dean. My sexy, strong hunter.” You purred stroking your fingers through his hair and looking up at his sparkly green eyes. He smiled brightly and kissed you sweetly before saying,

“Well I still want to make it up to you, so how about I take you out for some breakfast, since who knows when we can next actually get something to eat together that isn’t from a drive-through?”

“You really don’t have to prove that you want to take care of me Dean but that sounds amazing.” You chirped happily, already picking out a cute a date outfit in your mind.

“You’re amazing.” Dean replied simply and sincerely, leaving you to get changed while he sipped his coffee, feeling like the luckiest man alive.