pulsar gti r


the boys in husky situations continue to be the rowdiest and most entertaining group of drivers i have ever watched. the assortment of s-chassis all take a similar and subtle styling, but are all different in parts, powerplants (dual cam ka, s14 sr20, s13 sr20, rwd converted pulsar gti-r sr20, rb20), and gearing. yet, no matter what order they run in, they always keep a tight formation. I hear a lot of people make claims to banging doors but watching them drive its far from the case (hitting eachother and spinning/losing drift doesnt count). the huskies can talk the talk and walk the walk. if you want to get in some serious tandems, head to vancouver island, but don’t be afraid to trade some paint.

canon ae1 - 80-200mm f4.5 / fujifilm superia 200