Mental Ramblings of Nepeta Zahhak, May 2nd, 1924, early morning

I don’t think he’d mind if I got in bed with him… would he? I just missed him so much and it’s so lonely and pawful here without him, and he helped me save the kitties today and it’s so cold on the couch…

Mental Ramblings of Equius Zahhak, May 2nd, 1924, 7:30 AM

Why is my bed full of kittens and little sister? This is so improper, I need to put a stop to it at once. After just five more minutes…

Diary Entry of Equius Zahhak, May 1st, 1924

Drama at the house today.

Nepeta found a nest of stray kittens in the garden and, being the kind soul that she is, brought them inside. She might be kind, but she is not a fool, and tried valiantly to hide them from Father, remembering what he does to kittens if he finds them.

He found them. I swear, that man can smell out joy and happiness and then does everything he can to try and end it. He ordered them drowned, of course–completely expected, that’s what he does to all things he does not want to deal with–and Nepeta flew through the house in a dreadful state until she found me and led me, tearful and unable to speak, to the kitchens where the small executions were to take place.

I intervened and managed to save all but one of the little foundlings, and they are now safely ensconced in a small basket in my chambers, and the help has strict orders to not venture into my living area without my express permission. There are times when being large and intimidating has value.

Nepeta is in here now, asleep on the floor and covered in kittens. I will have to carry her to her room and put her to bed. Or perhaps she can sleep on the couch in here; that would not be entirely proper, but she has had a traumatic day, and I’m sure sleeping with the kittens would make her feel better. Very well, she can stay.

I sometimes wonder that Aurthor did not drown both of us when we were wigglers.

Memo from Sollux Captor to the Chief of Police, April 13th, 1924

You’ve got two be kiiddiing me.  You can’t po22iibly expect me two work wiith that iidiiot.


Memo from the Chief of Police to Sollux Captor, April 13th, 1924

Two things:

1.) Yes

2.) Learn to type.

Gamzee Makara, May 3rd, 1924

Mental Ramblings of Gamzee Makara, May 3rd, 1924

mixin, MIXIN, mIxIn.

I wish I could pretend all this mixin will result in a miracle for my little long horn bro but I know it won’t. I could mix and mix all day and all night long, and nothin will happen. I can’t stop his nerves from curlin up and dyin on him anymore than the doctors can. Kid’s gonna be in a wheelchair someday, and there’s nothin anyone can do.

It kills me, he comes in here, all bright eyed and expectin that my sweet elixirs can change things for him, and it breaks my heart knowin that all I’m givin him false hope.

But then, who knows? Maybe false hope can turn into real hope, you want it hard enough. Maybe someday I’ll get the mix right and his legs will be just as fit and fine as can be again. Stranger miracles have happened.

Terezi Pyrope, April 30th, 1924

Mental Ramblings of Terezi Pyrope, April 30th, 1924


Sollux Captor, April 25th, 1924

From the files of Sollux Captor, April 25th, 1924

8 PM: Arriived at work.

8:30 PM: Began walkiing beat.

10:00 PM: Noiise complaiint iin the 2lum2.  Iinve2tiigated, diiscovered a group of drunken human2.  2ent them on theiir way.

12:15 AM: Break for lunch.

12:45 AM: Re2umed beat.

2:00 AM: Dii2turbance iin an alley.  Fiigured iit wa2 ju2t racoon2 or 2omethiing, wanted to leave iit alone.  Dumb Kiid iin2i2ted on checking iit out.  2cared up a vagrant, 2ent hiim runniing.  2tupiid Kiid cha2ed hiim for three block2.  Waiited on the corner untiil the Retarded Kiid came 2lulkiing back.  He diidn’t catch the vagrant.

3:30 AM: Back to the 2tatiion.

3:55 AM: Turned iin report.

Aradia Megido, April 22, 1924

Diary of Aradia Megido, April 22, 1924

This is really difficult for me, I usually get by without getting so angry like this, but this situation isn’t very promising at all!  How can father think I’d be okay with this?  I understand he wants me to stay out of college, I understand his wishes there, stay at home for now just as mother does, but this?

This is kind of the final straw, I’m not sure what to do.  Maybe Kanaya can help me.  I have a lunch date with her tomorrow.  Though I doubt she’ll be able to assist me.  It’s not as though I don’t enjoy the boy’s company, but father can’t do this, he can’t make such huge life decisions for me anymore.

Rufus 'Rufio' Nitram, April 28, 1924

Ramblings of Rufus Nitram, April 28, 1924

Harley’s got skill I tell you what, but the dame is a little loopy in the noggin if you get my drift.  Not a problem though, she seems to be a valuable part of the team, just like my boy.  Wish I could stop seeing her face when he’s around though.  Damn kid… those eyes are hers, why’d he get her damn eyes…

Found Scrawled on a Napkin at Black Bird Speakeasy

It doesn’t matter the color of your skin nor the lack of horns on your head… what matters is the iron inside a man’s heart. And the heart cares not whether it pumps the multi-hued beauty of a trollian bloodline nor the off-color shade that binds all humanity together, only that it pumps the will and the glory of all its owner’s dreams and wishes for the future…

Kanaya Maryam's daily planner

Schedule written in the front of Kanaya Maryam’s daily planner

6:00 AM: Arise.
6:15 AM: Breakfast And Coffee.
6:30 AM: Dress.
7:00 AM: Leave The House, Catch Street Car To University.
8:00 AM–11:00 AM: Class.
11:30 AM: Lunch.
12:00 PM–3:00 PM: Class.
3:30 PM–7:00 PM: Dress Shop Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Macy’s Makeup Counter Tuesday, Thursday.
8:00 PM: Home And Evening Meal.
8:30 PM–11:00 PM: Study.
11:30 PM: Bed.

John Egbert, early morning, May 4th, 1924

Mental Ramblings of John Egbert, early morning, May 4th, 1924

Slow night tonight. That’s okay with me, though, meant I got to play some of my own stuff instead of the same constant shuffle of requests. It’s nice to stretch the fingers sometime, let them really tickle the old ivory.

I saw that troll girl come in. I wish she wouldn’t do that, she makes everyone else nervous, one of them in here, in one of our places, but Dave won’t kick her out. I know he won’t.

I’ll try to talk to him about her later, but he won’t listen. He’ll just do that stupid cool kid face at me and hand me the keys so I can lock up, then he’ll go back to his shitty apartment and be lonely until she comes by again.

Kid’s got it bad.

I wish his brother was around. Broderick could always talk some sense into him.

Kanaya Maryam, April 27th, 1924

From the Diary of Kanaya Maryam, April 27th, 1924

Aradia Came To The Shop To See Me Today. She Was Clearly Upset About Something But Wouldnt Come Right Out And Say What. Im Certain She Will Tell Me Eventually; Until Then I Hate Seeing Her So Sad And Out Of Sorts.

I Asked Her About Her Writing As She Was Trying Things On And That Cheered Her Up A Little. She Asked If I Had Seen Her Piece In Yesterdays Paper And I Was Pleased To Tell Her That I Had. She Then Chattered For Awhile About A Policeman Who Has Been Helping Her Get Scoops And Might Even Let Her Tag Along With Him And His Partner On Their Beats. I Told Her I Thought That Sounded Awfully Dangerous But She Scoffed At Me. Said She Could Take Care Of Herself And That Her Officer Would Protect Her. I Then Asked If Perhaps This Officer Was A Handsome Young Troll Of A Marrying Age And She Denied Everything But Blushed While She Did So.

She Left The Shop With Two New Dresses And A Cheerier Outlook On Life. I Only Wish I Could Help Her More.

Jade Harley, April 26th, 1924

Diary of Jade Harley, April 26th, 1924

Wow, so Mr. Nitram is a really nice guy!!  Ever since all that crazy stuff happened with grandpa I’ve been working for him and he’s just really nice.  I wonder why Tavros doesn’t like him at all?  He seems like a really good dad to me… I’ve been working for him and he’s just really nice.  He even invited me over to eat spaghetti with the other guns!  It’s really cool of him to do this for me, work is really hard to come by lately and to be honest I don’t mind this kind of work either!  Kind of sucks I can’t tell Rose about it though. :(

Maybe I should mention I know the LaLonde family to the boss?  Uuuggghhh, but maybe that’s not a good idea?  He said I need to tell him everything, buuuuut…

Sollux Captor, May 8, 1924

Thoughts of Sollux Captor, May 8, 1924

Why am I alwayth reminded of them when I really get hammered.  I drink to forget ‘em.  Ain’t never anything to me, neither one of them.  It'th a load a shit, them being the betht thing in a kidth life.  I ain’t… I ain’t yer little boy anymore, never wath, both a ya, both a ya er dead.  Dead.

Shit, now I made mythelf fuckin’… damnit.  The tender’s tryin’ ta make me leave again… Maybe I should be takin’ that galth advice and cut back…

But then it jutht, keepth makin’ me feel better.  And 'thides, if I thtop now that little shit Vantath’d think it wath becauthe a’ him.  Granted that kid needth an ego bootht… but, whatever.

Damnit, ugh, a'right, thtoopid barkeep, I’m out, jutht, refill thith glath, one more time, the latht one I thwear.

Latht one here anyway.

Vriska Serket, early evening of May 4rd, 1924

Mental Ramblings of Vriska Serket, May 4rd, 1924

I…I got away from them!  Hahahahahahahaha!  Stupid humans.  No, I’m NOT going to explain to you how mom and pops got together, not like I don’t know from nothin’ about them horsefeathers…  And NO.  I’m not going to let you keep givin’ me shiners- oh god, okay…  Having a BIT of a hard time moving right now, maaaaaaaaybe, a small rest.  That fence was a killer.

Tavros Nitram, April 23th, 1924

Ramblings of Tavros Nitram, April 23th, 1924
Wow, just going to say that for the record.  Can’t believe pops is finally caving and letting your boy T-tav get into the uhhh, well get into the life.  Never thought this would happen s-so soon, and… Well at all, not with all that baloney going down back when I was a tot, and to him, still goin’ on n-now…  Though to be honest I doubt I’ll ever live that bunk down, pa’s always gonna take me for a failure.  Because old father time thinks he’s the t-town ostrich and all, tch, what a crock.  I’ll show him, I’ll show the whole crew, confidence is key and I got barrels full now.  Therapy did wonders for the ol’ dogs.
Granted, business with rubes is pretty low on the meter as far as action goes, but a guy’s gotta start somewhere right?  And with that Zahhak fella helpin’ us out, uhhh, we’ll be sure to do a bit better.  Apparently I gotta meet up with his son for our first trade off.  Wonder what the kid’s like.