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NO, NO, NO! annie and jeff can not be together. this isn’t one of your stupid fairytales. plus, that whole archetype is so overdone. ABED WON’T ALLOW IT.

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Annie and Abed for life! That plus Troy and Britta leave ladies man Jeff Winger as the odd man out

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these writers need to get their shit together. Jeff and Britta! that’s how it started, that’s how it ends. Jeff is NOT going to end up sad and lonely and pathetic like Pierce. Annie and Abed are a better fit, they both have mental issues and she’ll be the super-organized, anal mother to his socially-awkward little boy.

are you guys kidding me?!

you are of course free to ship whatever you want but you can’t just go and write your dislike on my ship’s post.

That post is about Jeff and Annie and I am free to ship them and make a gifset about them as you are free to not reblog

but it is really rude to reblog it and write these kind of things on a post of other people’s ship

Zombie 101

Hey guys I was bored so I wrote the intro to a zombie story that I think I’ll set in Binghamton. It’s pretty bad. Enjoy.

Back before the world turned to shit, people used to love to point out how impossible a zombie apocalypse really was. They’d always go on and on about how the reason we never see the beginning of the zombie apocalypse is because it simply would be put to a stop before things got out of hand. What our ethnocentric, first-world selves  failed to realize was that it would never start in a country where we could just watch movies and discuss random crap like the realism of a hypothetical Rapture. It started in places where people didn’t know what brand names were and the most valuable commodity was water. If we ever bothered thinking about it for one second it would’ve made sense. These places are breeding grounds for disease with almost no relationship with first world countries and have never been taught “the rules” of zombies. To make matters worse, it  As these countries begin to realize what’s going on, the more radical ones, perhaps Somalia, Afghanistan, or Iran thought that they had just been handed the greatest weapon of all time, something that could change society. Naturally, instead of attempting to contain the disease, these geniuses decided to devote all their resources into inserting operatives into key locations who would inject themselves with the virus in areas that would maximize the damage. Others went to hospitals to inoculate patients, ensuring that all possible relief areas would be overrun. While this was happening all over the world, the twisted fucks that started all of this failed to keep their own countries safe and were never able to implement the stages of their attack.

            By the way, the reason I’m being this vague is because the events I just described purely conjecture. It turns out investigative journalism tends to take quite a hit when the age of information comes to an end. All we know for sure is that when the world fell into ruin, it happened everywhere all at once and that specific research facilities and relief centers were targeted. Six months ago, I never would’ve believed that Binghamton would be one of the east coast’s last sanctuaries for humanity. However, looking back, I couldn’t have picked a better place to be when shit hit the fan. Low profile enough not to attract attention from the initial attack, located in a fairly mountainous and hard to reach region, enough food to feed tens of thousands of ravenous college students and  a focus on sustainable energy, Binghamton really was the complete zombie survival package.

            I’d like to think that 100 years from now some kids will be going to school  to study humanity’s darkest period and how it recovered from the brink of extinction, but right now the only class I’m taking here is Zombie 101.

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drunk eita is happy that megan has people that love her because she's an amazing person qwho deserves all the love in the world and a shitload of friends because she's an understanding and kind hearted person who is patient and incredible and deserves hugs from everyone!


Drunk [K]eita is awesome.

This made my afternoon. 

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lol yea we start school september 4th but it just kinda sucks cuz everyone I know will already be at school while I'm on Long Island still, and nothing much about to go for a walk. Need to remember to watch The Dark Knight tomorrow.

Merrr, it’s weird because a lot of my friends don’t leave until the 30th either, and I have one friend who doesn’t even start school until Sept 24 because of trimesters or s/t like that.

And omg dude, I’ve done absolutely nothing today and it feels fucking fantastic. But I really wanna watch TDKR this Friday except I can’t and omgaajkvhgsifz /silently awaits spoilers on Tumblr/

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same! The only thing that sorta sucks is that I don't move in until august 30th. so whatcha doin?

Oh wow that’s pretty late.  I mean, at least you get to start school later, right? My classes start the 27th.

And I’m not doing anything. Watching Peter Pan. Just woke up from a pretty brolic nap. Yourself?

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lol besides never being able to take a good picture in my life and feeling really short while i was there, I really liked orientation a lot. I'm pretty happy with my schedule and the O.A's were really chill and basically let us know that partying is generally accepted as long as you're not a dick about it. so overall it was really fun =)

See? So it’s not as bad as you thought it’d be :)) It’s good that you had fun, though. Make new friends?