pulp novel covers

i’m googling art of jesus and john for a sufjan thing and this was literally in the first row of results

this is some “pulp novel cover sold in the back of your least favorite gay bar” shit


“Le Simenon Lyonnais”….

….so the nickname of Max-André Dazergues (1903-1963), legendary pulp writer of all genres. He wrote hundreds of stories between 1925 and the early 60′s, for almost all pulp publishers in France.

Max-André Dazergues himself became a novel character. He appears in “Passez-moi la Joconde” of his friend San Antonio (Frederic Dard): “The 446 F 69 is a motor vehicle belonging to Mr. André Compère, 12, rue Philippe Gonard, Lyon-Croix Rousse” (p 101, Special Police n ° 48, Fleuve Noir, 1954) His real name and informations of perfect accuracy but in the role of a … forger!

Here, five more novels by Dazergues in his hometown collection “Le Glaive”: Le manoir aux crapauds (#16) - Du sang sous la porte (#30) - Passage du Vieux Lavoir (#32) - L’énigme du vivier (#43) - Le mort au parapluie (#63).

cover art: Roger Roux, Uzo (#30 & 32)

publisher:Editions du Puits Pelu, Lyon

source: amsaklapper’s collection & his quote in “Le Rocambole” #37



First publishing any kind of genre, this german pulp collection (1951-1975, 1629 issues) then divided in the sub-series “Westmann” and “Kriminal”…and from #897 on, only “Westmann

Some covers from their thrillers and detective novels with a slight change in the presentation….

The novels featuring “Peppermint”, written by Walter Fürst, are seemingly considered as highlights of the collection….

publisher:Fritz Mardicke & Wolfgang Marken Verlag, Darmstadt, Germany

source:amsaklapper’s collection

I was thinking of Nikki Wilde and Judy Hopps and this is the result

Lesbian Pulp Novel cover 

*Policing on QUEER street*

It’s just Nikki seductively laying over a police cruiser, but badly.

‘This small time rabbit cop never thought that the city would change her, but on her regular route she finds something she never expected, the temptation of a LESBIAN FOX!’

Blurp at the back

‘Judy Hopps came from a respectable family, in a respectable town. But now that she’s moved to the BIG City, will she become depraved by joining a con-woman witch in a LURID affair of police work and seduction? Or will she overcome the temptations of this LESBIAN FOX! Read on gentle mammal, for inside lies a story so depraved that it was banned in 4 different countries. From acclaimed author Natasha Hedge, comes this thrilling and depraved tale of a bunny forced to answer either to her police code or her wanton desires.' 


The Still Gulch found from Sunday, July 16th,2017

  • Henry Holt Trois verres vides…(Police Secours, Editions R.Simon, 1938)
  • Oscar Montgomery Brelan de blondes (Collection Noire Franco-Américaine #14, Le Trotteur, 1953)
  • André Duquesne Une paire d’ailes au vestiaire (Série Noire # 278, Gallimard,1955)
  • Wade Miller La foire aux crimes [Fatal Step], (Série Rouge # 23, Morgan,1948)
  • J.A. Flanigham Condoléances et Tulipes noires (Collection Noire & Rose #22, Editions Lutèce,1955)
  • Etienne Gril La Marquise de Brinvilliers (La Vie Amoureuse #4, Ventillard, 1957)
  • B.R.Bruss L’oeil était dans la tombe [comics adaptation](Hallucinations #27, Arédit,1973)
  • Sainte-Aube La Louve solitaire [comics adaptation] (La Louve #1, Arédit,1974)

source:amsaklapper’s collection