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American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (2016)

“First published in 2001, American Gods became an instant classic, lauded for its brilliant synthesis of “mystery, satire, sex, horror, and poetic prose” (Washington Post) and as a modern phantasmagoria that “distills the essence of America” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). 

It is the story of Shadow—released from prison just days after his wife and best friend are killed in an accident—who gets recruited to be bodyguard, driver, and errand boy for the enigmatic trickster, Mr. Wednesday. So begins Shadow’s dark and strange road trip, one that introduces him to a host of eccentric characters whose fates are mysteriously intertwined with his own. For, beneath the placid surface of everyday life, a storm is brewing—an epic war for the very soul of America—and Shadow is standing squarely in its path.“

by Neil Gaiman, cover by Robert McGinnis

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The January 1953 Fate contained famed saucer investigator Gray Barker’s write-up on the September 1952 Braxton County incident.

Near the town of Flatwoods WV, a mother, a couple teens, and several children encountered a strange menacing creature in the woods while investigating a meteor crash. As one of the first accounts of interaction with a saucer occupant, the story traveled far and wide.

Gray Barker (1925-84)  was a Clarksburg WV theatrical booker, saucer enthusiast, and prankster who created much of contemporary UFO mythology. This Fate article was his ticket to national prominence in the saucer field.