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At last, it’s time to share some new drawings with you! Here’s another part of the series inspired by the iconic music videos from the 90′s. Big Jarvis is watching you… Yep, it’s Disco 2000 by Pulp! This guy also was in one of the Longpigs’ videos, he must be a local star in Sheffield. Wonder what became of him… I hope he’s doing well and didn’t die of heroin overdose.

Oh the boys all loved you, but I was a mess
We were friends, that was as far as it went
I used to walk you home sometimes but it meant-
Oh, it meant nothing to you

Marcus Flint, to Oliver Wood at their reunion

(Disco 2000 by Pulp)

Pulp performing at Halifax 1991 lol


Very early Pulp 1991 performance. Their first gig in Halifax. The legendary one. Lol

Jarvis dressed up as some kinda weird chicken poof thing something going on about space and aliens..disco dancing and shit lolololol pure awesome nerd disco fest. Absolutely fun . Love it.

Opening band starts the show…pulp take stage at about 48 mins in.



“You’re in my Eyes (Discosong)” by Jarvis Cocker live at Glastonbury 2009

Disco Jarvis!