pulp 4

All Unaired Episodes (Updated)

- Kick the Bucket List: Lincoln and Clyde’s plans to spend the spring holiday are turned upside-down when they have only one day to complete all the activities on their activities list. (Airing 4/10)

- Party Down: Lori manages to successfully throw a party, but all of her invited guests are unable to come due to their plans. (Airing 4/11)

- Fed Up: Bored with monotonous meals, the kids sabotage dinner to get pizza, but they are caught, and therefore, forced to prepare the food for the family. (Airing 4/12)

- Shell Shock: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have to deal with an egg at school, but Lincoln does not trust the chaotic Ronnie Anne to take care of the fragile egg. (Airing 4/13)

- Pulp Friction: Lincoln and Clyde submit an Ace Savvy comic to a meet-the-creator contest, but are foiled by a surprising nemesis. (Airing 4/14)

Episodes with No Synopsis:
- Arrgh You For Real
- Change of Heart
- Garage Banned
- No Laughing Matter
- Yes-Man
- Back Out There
- Fool’s Paradise
- Friend or Faux
- Future Tense
- Health Kicked
- Job Insecurity
- L is for Love
- Legends
- Lynn-er Takes All
- Mall of Duty
- No Spoilers
- Out of the Picture
- Pets Peeved
- Potty Mouth
- Relative Chaos (30 minute special)
- Room with a Feud
- Spell It Out

I’m trying to watch all of the Quentin Tarantino movies soon. Gonna rate them all in a list of favorites. Only seen 4 so far… Never seen any before this year. :x

1. Reservoir Dogs

2. Kill Bill Vol 1

3. Pulp Fiction

4. Inglourious Bastards

tagged by @filthkid (thank you!!) 

shuffle tag

1. the figurehead by the cure
2. just a girl (demo) by suede
3. pink glove by pulp
4. heroin (not heroine) by suede
5. mother of the village by public service broadcasting
6. the only one i know by the charlatans
7. 3 ways to see despair by manic street preachers
8. the order of death by PiL
9. here comes alice by the jesus and mary chain
10. leaders of men by joy division 

personal stuff tag

nicknames: freysie 

gender: female

star sign: capricorn

height: 5′3

time: 15:08

birthday: 30th of december

favorite bands: manic street preachers, suede, JAMC, echo & the bunnymen, the cure, placebo, bauhaus, marina, pulp….many more.

favorite song: die in the summertime (animal nitrate is a close second and so young is third). it’s consistent.

song stuck in my head: in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel.

last movie i watched: requiem for a dream (I’m still not recovered)

last tv show i watched: erm probably peep show

when did i create this blog?: 2014

what do i post about?: oBSESSIONS and images that make me weep for the past.

last thing i googled: “ballad of the bangkok novotel songmeaning” (i just wanted to know more about that thailand trip because my parents are forcing me to go back next year so i was looking for some #relatable content from nicky).

do i have other blogs?: nope

do i get asks?: yes and i love getting them <3

why did i choose my url?: i love velvet goldmine & there was a festival in blackwood called velvet coalmine n i just think it suits my blog!

following: 382

followers: 899

favorite colors: pastel pink, pastel blue, black, grey, forest/emerald green.

average hours of sleep: not a lot at the moment 

lucky number: 27

instruments?: none really. bit of bass bit of guitar

what am i wearing right now?: blue britpop-esque jumper and blue and white striped pj bottoms.

how many blankets do i sleep with?: two

dream job?: ermmm

dream trip?: honestly just back to abergavenny lol I’m so boring

nationality: british. my dad is australian and my mum is welsh/english 

favorite curseword: pisskidney ??? idk 

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Cable and Deadpool Reading Order

I haven’t seen one of these so i thought i would make my own. These are the comic issues that have both of them in it so its not a complete reading order for all of their individual comics. I have included a few issues that only has one of them but only if its part of a larger story or if its part of Cable & Deadpool. If I’m missing something let me know because that means i haven’t read it.

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i was tagged by @televisionvenus to post ten songs i’ve really liked lately so here i go

1. tomorrow comes today - gorillaz

2. my sweet prince - placebo

3. i want you - pulp

4. ever fallen in love - buzzcocks

5. paralytic states - against me!

6. one more try - george michael

7. … baby one more time - britney spears

8. i bet on losing dogs - mitski

9. faggot - mindless self indulgence

10. coffee & tv - blur

i’ll tag @nimbulo, @jcdi, and anyone who wants to do this lol


“Okay, no more than one bite of each dish,” I say. My resolve is almost immediately broken at the first table, which has twenty or so soups, when I encounter a creamy pumpkin brew sprinkled with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds. “I could just eat this all night!” I exclaim. But I don’t. I weaken again at a clear green broth that I can only describe as tasting like springtime, and again when I try a frothy pink soup dotted with raspberries.

I decided to make this particular soup now, because it’s summer (at least in my part of the world) and you can buy raspberries that don’t taste like frozen crap.

The food that the Capitol residents eat is extremely rich, so a simple chilled raspberry soup just won’t do. Can you imagine those dumber than a box of pink glitter rocks spoiled kids eating a plain raspberries, sugar and sour cream mix? Someone would have a stroke.

English is not my first language so bear with me.

To make this pink like Effie’s hair, rich, sweet, oh so Capitol and not suitable for children soup you gonna need:

  • 4 cups of raspberries
  • 1 cup of sugar (½ if you want less sweet soup)
  • 2 cups of vanilla yogurt (you can use greek or raspberry yogurt instead)
  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • ½ cup of red dry wine (you can use pomegranate, cranberry or raspberry juice tho)

#1 *mom’s voice* Wash your raspberries, kids! 

#2 Put them in a blender. Cover and blend on high speed until smooth *race car noises*

#3 OMG seeds! *screaming bloody murder*. That’s not very Capitol. Press your berry mush through a sieve to separate seeds from the juice and pulp. 

#4 Put it back in a blender. Add yogurt, ½ cup of sugar, wine and blend *more  race car noises*. Put in a fridge for 20 minutes.

#5 We’re making whipped cream! *excited crowd cheering*. Add two cups of cold heavy whipping cream and ½ cup of sugar in a mixing bowl. Whip on low speed for 2-3 minutes until your cream has a texture of a frothy cloud. Yummy. What do you think you’re doing with that sneaky finger in the whipped cream? I see you.

I splashed cream all over the freaking place and on myself. Yay me.

#6 Add whipped cream into your refrigerated raspberry mix. Blend everything together.

#7 Put it back in the fridge to chill before serving.

I chose the tiniest raspberries to dot my soup. They gonna pull a Titanic on you and sink, so put the raspberries on right before serving.

Capitol version probably had over the top decoration.

It’s creamy, frothy, sweet yet a bit tart because of the wine and tastes like very fresh raspberries. I’m sure Katniss loved it.