pulmonary emboli

Heparin is an anticoagulant. It prevents FIBRIN from forming a clot and helps prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emboli. It doesn’t break up a clot; it just keeps it from coming together. Who breaks up clots??? Fibrinolytics!

Heparin is the PREFERRED anticoagulant during pregnancy.

Bleeding precautions is a MUST. And it is contraindicated for postoperative patients.

Monitor PTT & aPTT - should be 1 ½ -2x the normal range.

Protamine sulfate is the ANTIDOTE for overdose.

Polytrauma patients are at increased risk of developing pulmonary emboli in the early and late post-traumatic state due to vessel injury and stasis. The images shown are from a patient with shortness of breath following a fall from more than 30 feet. The chest x-ray (left) demonstrates a pattern of bilateral diffuse increased lung densities with a normal heart size, findings that are concerning for acute respiratory distress syndrome. Pulmonary angiography of the same patient (right) confirms a large embolus (yellow arrow) to the right upper lobe pulmonary artery branch.

A Heartbreaking Announcement

I tried.

I found out I was sick and I went to the “best” hospital and I found the head surgeon and I organized my entire life around getting healthy again. I scheduled surgeries and followed regimens and kept notes and did everything I could. I got my mom to New York. I missed Beyoncé, I missed Michelle Obama, I missed Oprah. I missed speaking at my alma mater. I turned down dozens of opportunities–

And now I have to miss Vidcon 2016.

If you know me, you know that I love making videos. In the past 3 months that part of my life has had to stop in an effort to get well and overcome triple diagnoses of giant liver tumors, lyme disease, and pulmonary emboli. Well the surgery is now urgent and I am using all of my energy to put together my new, better surgical team and get this surgery taken care of in the coming days.

If you were going to Vidcon to attend one of the panels or shows or talks I was doing, I am so sorry to let you down. My mind is with you, but my body just cannot keep up. Please have a good time in spite of my absence. Please accept my deepest apologies. I am so disappointed, but I’m mostly sad. I was really looking forward to seeing you.