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Poor Dentistry

Our party’s dragonborn fighter just won a brutal bar fight against a half-orc slaver

DM: “Your strike fells Baeshh Bloodhand, and he falls to the floor. Do you search his pockets?”

Player: “Yes, and I attempt to pull out one of his tusks as a prize.”

DM: “Roll a strength check.”

The player proceeds to get a nat 20

DM: “In an attempt to pull a tooth, your dragonborn accidentally rips the half-orc’s entire jaw off, sending it flying across the room and into the lap of a very disgruntled elf.”

Player: “I thought he was just asleep, but… not anymore?”

The entire party erupts into laughter

Player: “If I had a copper piece for every time I’d accidentally dismembered someone, I’d have two copper pieces- which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

So you know how, in a romance, you ask Bull about how Qunari show a relationship is serious, and he goes off on this whole: “Yeah, so you just kill a dragon, take a tooth, split in half, something something always got a piece of them with you no matter how far apart you are”? 

I was just thinking, what if he’s lying

Or, rather, not lying but exaggerating the truth a bit, or purposefully being overly specific. Dragons are supposed to be pretty rare and also were thought extinct for awhile right? It wouldn’t be plausible for that to be the tradition. (Not to mention not everyone under the Qun is a fighter.) 

So what if instead of being a standard everyday thing, it’s actually, like, a tradition that’s the sole purview of ridiculous over-the-top legends and the Qun-equivilant of romance novels (probably full of relationships that strengthen the whole of the unit, full of glorious dutiful purpose and the people who slot easily into position alongside you and make it easier for you to fulfill your role, like a well-oiled machine where all the cogs fit just right, which is, like, probably the most romantic thing the Qunari can think of, and these two Qunari conquering a dragon at the climax through the sheer perfection of their partnership’s cohesion and strength, and they take the tooth in remembrance of that perfect moment and a reminder of how well they can serve the Qun together), and wee little Bull with his stubby little horns and gawky limbs curled up with a candle “practicing his reading” taking it all in with wide eyes and ever since his heart was set. And, yeah, he never thought it was really gonna happen, but then the Inquisitor asked and it’s the first thing that popped into his head and then it was like, “oh, shit wait,” but it was too late. 

Because as far as I’m concerned, either Bull is a giant romantic doofus, or he was trying to trick the Inquisitor into taking him dragon hunting.

people that try to immediately shut down others’ pain and belittle them w/ “oh it’s not THAT bad” are so weird/unsettling, funny, and aggravating.. these are minute examples but things like “oh i had braces when i was like 12 lol it was a piece of cake toughen up buttercup” “i had a tooth pulled and immediately went back to work afterwards lmao some people are such babies” like.. that’s fascinating, man. suffering isn’t a contest that people lose at bc they experience it more. you’re not superior. we all have different tolerance levels. you cannot sit here and tell me the situation you experienced that has discomfort at its very core did not have you feeling uncomfortable/hurt at all, not even slightly, not even once. bc you probably did. at least once. for at least a split-second. and, also. you’re a dick

so today I had a call for a patient having an asthma attack. me and my partner go, and we’re treating the patient, and her fiancee shows up with her daughter, who had a tooth pulled that morning and isn’t in school. we take the patient to the clinic and I sit out in the hallway with the daughter, who was a bit scared cause her mom wasn’t well. we start talking, about her brothers and her school and her pets and video games and her favourite ice cream that she gets to eat all day because of her tooth. she asked what I was studying, and I told her, and we talked about what I did volunteering as a first responder.

then she says ‘I have autism’
and I look at her and say ‘guess what? I have autism too.’
and she was so excited. we high fived. I told her it was nice to meet another girl with autism, because it was mostly boys.
she asked if I had sensitive hearing too. then when her mom came out, attack over thanks to the medication, she told her mom.

then afterwards she told me it was nice to meet me and she gave me a hug. it was great. I’m still so happy. I’m happy that I got to meet that young girl who probably doesn’t know any other autistic women, who probably won’t meet many more. I’m happy that I was able to distract her from worrying about her mom. I’m happy that she gets to see me, going to school and helping people and generally being successful and also autistic. I’m glad that I was able to share that with her, that I wasn’t afraid of other people finding out or realizing that I’m autistic and it’s okay. I’m glad she knows it’s okay too, to be autistic, and to be proud of being autistic.

Matthias: Alright, moving on to the Ice Court security.
Kaz: *groan of pain*
Inej: You okay, Kaz?
Kaz: Just a little tooth pain. I’m fine. Continue.
Matthias: Okay. There are three levels of alarm protocols–
Kaz: *groan of pain*
Matthias: Do you need to go to the medik, Kaz?
Kaz: I don’t like mediks. Just a second. *whips out pliers*
Nina: Hey!
Everyone: Oh no no nO NO!!!
Kaz: *yanks out tooth*
Everyone: OH OHHH *screams of horror*
Nina: %&*#&#!!!!
Jesper: Oh my god!
*people flee the room*
Kaz: I’m sorry everybody. What were we talking about? The Ice Court?
Kaz: Medik pulled the tooth out yesterday. But it’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your coworkers that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain.

Kaz: Plus it’s always fun to see Wylan faint. *evil giggling*


uhhh here’s some gross niche yandere stuff. :’)

pairing: Soldier 76 x Reader (not gender specific)

warnings: noncon, violence, tooth pulling, maybe slight feederism but also not really, blood, abusive themes

blame the lovely strikecommandher, overwatch-yanderes and we-are-yanderewatch

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Rowdy, Labrador Retriever (13 y/o), Canby, OR • “He has vitiligo. I’ve seen other dogs that have it, but never so symmetrical. His belly and toenails turned white too (he used to be all black). He’s the ambassador for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and has built some relationships with kids with vitiligo who may have been bullied because of it. He’s also gone kind of viral. He was on the front page of Reddit for days. They said he looks like Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Hamburgler, Spawn, Venom, Kiss, an orca whale, reverse panda, fried eggs…some people think we bleached his eyes. There should be a movie about his life. He’s declining a bit, but there were many times he should have died. He’s been shot by a cop, survived a poisoning, has had a tumor removed from his ear and the wrong tooth pulled. He’s got some dementia, senior bladder, and barks for no reason. He still acts like a puppy sometimes, too. And he still smiles.”

Meanwhile, the UK Bros
  • North Ireland: While were in this meeting, can we talk about the whole Brexit thing? I have a few questions.
  • Ireland: Not my problem.
  • England: Then tune it out, wanker!...What is it my perfect little brother?
  • Wales: *Rolls his eyes*
  • Scotland: Ow...
  • England: Everything okay over there, or do I need to halt our discussion?
  • Scotland: No, it's just my tooth. I'm fine, you were talking about brexit?
  • North Ireland: Yes, uh, I was wondering-
  • Scotland: Ouch...ow...
  • England: Do you need an ice pack or something?
  • Scotland: You know what, let me just- *Pulls out pliers*
  • North Ireland: Woah-woah! Wait don't-!
  • Scotland: *Pulls out his tooth*
  • Ireland: Oh my god!
  • Wales: *Screams*
  • ......
  • Scotland, aside: The dentist pulled it out yesterday, but it's always important to let your allies know you can tolerate immense pain.
  • England: *Unconscious on the floor*
  • Scotland: Plus it's always funny to see Artie faint!
Unbreakable (Part 6)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction, Fire, Injury, Hospitals
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4 Part 5

It was another few days before you woke again, this time to the feeling of a large weight resting on your hand. Letting out a groan as you shifted slightly, you cast your eyes down to the source of the weight. A fond smile tugged at your lips as you saw a peaceful-looking Bucky, fast asleep with his hair flopping down into his eyes. Reaching your free hand over, you brushed the hair back from his forehead, just as he’d done for you the last time you were awake.

“Nice to see you conscious again, Y/N.” A soft voice murmured from the corner of the room, causing your E/C eyes to flicker up in their direction.

“Bruce?” you said, smiling at the doctor, “You’re back!”

“Well, when I saw what happened, I knew it was time to quit hiding.” he said, clutching your medical chart to his chest, “How’re you feeling?”

“Like a building was dropped on me.” you smirked, absentmindedly carding your fingers through Bucky’s matted hair.

“Well, it was a close call.” Bruce smiled, reattaching the chart to your bed, “They want to keep you here for a few more days, just to make sure everything’s okay, then after that we’ll try and figure out what happened to make your powers take control like they did.”

“Fun. you said, head falling back against the pillow with a thump.

“Right, I should probably go check in with your doctor.” Bruce said as he turned to leave, “Oh, and Y/N? When this one wakes up-” His head tilting towards Bucky’s slumbering form, “-try and get him to have someone take a look at his arm, it’s been out of commission since the fire.”

“Course.” you nodded, frowning slightly at the new information.

As Bruce silently left the room, the door clicking shut behind him, you moved your hand to cup Bucky’s stubbled jaw. Swiping a smudge of soot away from his cheek with the pad of your thumb, you quickly realised that you were well on your way to forgiving him for everything that had happened. Yes, it still hurt; that feeling of betrayal piercing your heart like a knife, but in the grand scheme of things, you didn’t think it really mattered. He’d been there for you when you needed him, literally saving you from yourself.

Scrabbling for the phone that sat on the side table, you punched in a familiar number before bringing the device up to your ear.

“Barnes? Is everything alright?” Tony’s voice crackled through the speaker, concern clear in his voice.

“It’s not Barnes.” you said, smirk tugging at your lips.

“Kid? You’re awake! How’re you feeling? Is everything okay?” he asked, rambling slightly.

“Tony, I’m fine; well as fine as I can be when I’m bound to a hospital bed. I’m phoning about Bucky; can you get down here? And bring your toolkit!” you said, not giving him a pause to question your request before you hung up the phone.

Time Skip (1 hour)

As you lay watching the tv that was silently playing in the corner of the room, you nearly missed the sound of Bucky grunting as he began to wake up. Casting your gaze back over to the super soldier, you smiled fondly as his dark eyelashes began to flutter awake.

“Morning sleepy head.” you murmured, head tilting to the side to look at him.

“You’re awake…” he said, voice thick with sleep.

Humming quietly, you chewed at your cracked lips, watching his face screw up as he tried to move his metal shoulder. Your quiet moment was quickly interrupted by the sound of the hospital room door slamming open.

“Y’know kid, it’s not nice to hang up on people.” Tony said, flouncing into the room with his toolbox clanging at his side.

“Well, it got you here, didn’t it?” you said, a pleased expression taking the place of a frown on your face.

Rolling his eyes, Tony just plopped his tools down on the table, not even casting a glance to the tense-looking soldier hunched by your bedside.

“Right Barnes, let me take a look at that arm!” Tony said, clapping his hands together as Bucky flinched beside you.

Lowering your voice, you placed a comforting hand on top of Bucky’s. “Let him check it out, Buck, for me?” you asked, smiling as Bucky cautiously agreed.

“Geez, you’d think I was asking to pull a tooth.” Tony tutted, pulling a chair over to start working on the metal appendage.

“Tony…” you said disapprovingly, rubbing small circles across Bucky’s knuckles with your thumb, “Stop being an ass.”

“Really? You burn down half my tower, and then you insult me?” he said, brown eyes not wavering from his work.

Casting your eyes back to Bucky, you smiled as you noticed his gaze fixed on your bedridden form. Squeezing his hand gently as Tony’s tools scraped against the metal, you watched his jaw clench and eyes harden.

After a few minutes of tense silence, the only sound being the clanging of Tony’s tools, Bucky’s arm whirred back to life, the plates flexing and shifting slightly.

“There we go! Good as new!” Tony said, refastening the hatch that revealed the arm’s mechanism.

“Thanks Tony.” you smiled, patting Bucky’s hand to let him know he could relax.

“What would you do without me?” he grinned, mock saluting the two of you before taking his leave.

Rolling your eyes at the eccentric billionaire, you let your head drop back down to the pillow with a sigh.

“Y’know, I don’t deserve this Doll…” Bucky murmured, eyes cast down to the ground, clouded with guilt, “After everything I did to you, I don’t deserve you taking care of me, I don’t deserve you…”

“Well, let’s say it was a thank you, for saving my life.” you said, smiling sadly over at him.

Nodding his head slightly, Bucky knew he hadn’t yet been forgiven, and it was going to take everything he had to earn that from you. He was going to show you just how much he regretted his actions, how if he could turn back time, then he would undo it in a millisecond. He’d show you that everything he had done, was out of fear, the fear of his own feelings, and the fear of rejection.

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  • HAMILTON: Do you need to go to the dentist, sir?
  • WASHINGTON: I don't like dentists. Just a second.
  • [unsheathes pliers]
  • ALL: No, no, no.
  • WASHINGTON: [pulls out tooth]
  • ALL: AAAH!
  • JEFFERSON: What the [BLEEP]?
  • MADISON: [faints]
  • (later)
  • WASHINGTON: Dentist pulled the tooth out yesterday. But it's always a good idea to demonstrate to your co-workers that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain. Plus, it's always fun to see Madison faint.

So the ortho is really nice, her whole team is really reassuring and caring. And shiny.

They didn’t even quibble over taking out the teeth that have been hurting me just “yea nah rip those suckers out, get yourself out of pain and we’ll fix the rest”.

So I’ll be having the dying tooth pulled asap, the two problematic root canals removed eventually, and then one more tooth on the other side which is too far out of alignment to even try fixing it. They don’t even want to touch my wisdom teeth, they think they are fine and will actually be vital to stabilizing my jaw again so thank goodness I never had them pulled.

They are also confident they can fix my muscle/joint pain as looking at the CT scan they did this morning, the damage in my jaw bone is not yet bad enough on either side to require surgery, so this is excellent news. I do however need to deal with it sooner rather than later because of how my upper jaw and lower jaw are drifting in opposite directions. I’m also losing bone and gum tissue because of this but the realignment should help stop that.

They’re also not going to charge extra for the fancy ceramic sapphire technology braces because I’ve got known issues with metal and it’s not purely aesthetic (why most people get white braces) so that is nice of them to not glue more metal onto me than they have to.

Overall I’m looking at two years of gradual adjusting (they did say it could be done in less but with my pain issues they don’t want to put me through that) and $7000.00

…yea…that’s the uh, the issue now….

I need a 2grand deposit minimum to start this and qualify for the interest free payment plans ($200 a month for the next two years) This doesn’t include the cost of my extractions. And my dental insurance covers none of it, not even my special magic dentist man because he’s a specialist and not a saw bones.

I need that image of the dog surrounded by fire saying ‘this is fine’.

Although if I think about it yea nah this is fine, this is okay. This gives me time to get the problem teeth pulled at well paced intervals to give my slow healing defective body time to heal. And maybe get the braces placed toward the very end of the year…maybe…if I’m lucky.