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What if Kara goes for the Supergirl reveal, and tears open her shirt, but forgets that she isn't wearing the costume and instead flashes Lena

So Kara is so nervous, because she has planned on telling Lena her secret for weeks, right? The Lucy reveal was easy, so she’s going to copy it, just go in and take off her glasses and pull open her shirt and it’ll be just like ripping off a bandaid.



Because Lena does not react like Kara anticipated.

She expected some confusion, maybe a little anger, some hurt -

She didn’t anticipate the way Lena’s jaw drops slowly or the way her eyes widen, or the way her lips curl into a smirk before diving after Kara’s.

Later, when they’re naked and half wrapped in the blanket from Lena’s couch, Kara turns to her.

“If I would have known you were going to react that way t finding out I’m Supergirl, I would have told you a long time ago!”

“Wait, you’re Supergirl?!”

“Yeah,, that’s why I stripped down to show you my - … oh.”

“‘Oh’ is right!”

“I’m sorry? I had this whole plan-”

“It’s fine, I like the way it ended up better. Besides, I already knew you were Supergirl.”

“What? No way!”

“Yes way!”

Kara is silent for a moment before she speaks up.

“So … what now?”

“We could go on a real date?”

“I know just the place.”

The Crook and the Assassin (Captain Canary and the Legion of Drabbles)

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“Len…” Sara cried out as she tried to escape from the man’s hold in vain. “Leonard.” There was finality in her tone and Leonard decided to let the woman go. He moved off of the bed and went to retrieve his shirt which had landed somewhere on the room after their night together. Of course it wasn’t the first time that the two had ended up in Sara’s apartment and they knew that it would certainly not be the last.

“Wouldn’t want to keep you from your work.” He said as he buttoned his black shirt and pulled on his pants. Sara had found her clothes all over the place and she was now sitting on the bed; tying her lace up boots. Leonard was looking at her intently, as Sara stood up and retrieved her black leather bodice that had landed on her dresser. She put it on and turned her back on Leonard.

“Zip me up?” She asked with that pleading and innocent voice she kept only for him; only between the four walls of their apartments… away from the madness of their lives. Their lives that were full of assassins and crooks and police; lives filled with pain and only death.

Leonard’s fingers traced Sara’s soft skin as he pulled the zipper up and placed a soft kiss on her bare shoulder. Sara hummed in appreciation, but took a step back from the man and instead she grabbed her leather jacket.

“I can’t be distracted by you.” She reminded Leonard as she gave him a quick kiss and grabbed her compressed batons. “Amaya is already downstairs and Darhk hates it whenever we are late. Don’t forget to lock before you go.”

“Never. We wouldn’t want someone to break in.” Leonard said and Sara snorted at the comment.

“Just because my boyfriend is a world-class thief and I am a paid assassin it doesn’t mean that people can’t break into my apartment.” She pointed out as she fixed her hair.

Leonard and her had been in this… relationship for quite a while now and she had to admit that the man was really intriguing. A successful crook that had his way with words… and well, everything else too. A man who made her feels things that she didn’t think she was even capable of understanding. “Amaya is gonna be pissed that I’m late, again.”

“Just tell her that you were sleeping. Technically we were in bed.”

But in both of their lines of work any serious connection of any form was strictly forbidden and could be used against them, so that was why no one knew about their relationship. And they were both okay with hiding and with the thrill of sneaking around. They were just content with each other and that was enough for them, even though they couldn’t share it with the world.

“I’ll think of something. Be careful today; I heard that the bank hired more security guards and I wouldn’t want you caught in the crossfire. You know because I really like your omelets; no other reason.”

“So, I am being used for my amazing cooking skills? Well you would probably starve if something happened to me or you would feed off of take out and canned beans. And I can take care of myself out there, just as I know you can.” He said and Sara opened her front door. “Don’t forget that tonight we’re getting take out in my place.”

“Then I’ll make sure Mick and Amaya go out tonight so we won’t be bothered.” She said as she closed the door and went down the stairs to meet her partner. “Be safe crook!”

“Always am assassin!”

Meanwhile on the other side of the town Mick Rory was realizing that he had just made a huge mistake trusting the Legion… and that he had to find someone to help him fix it.

So he picked a car’s lock and started driving to the bright Smoak industries tower; hoping that the over enthusiastic ex of Palmer could be of some assisting in finding the rest of his team

Lana had just finished her shift at The Velvet Strip around midnight, her hair a bit of a frizzy mess and her chest seemingly out of breath. She’d been dancing for what seemed like hours. Once in one of the two dressing rooms, she sat herself on a stool at one of the makeup counters and quickly began counting the money that was thrown at her during her shift, mainly crumpled $20′s and some $1′s. With all the noise around her she found it hard to focus on counting. She estimated around $200 before she gave up trying to count. She bit down on her glossy lip as she stuffed the money in her bag before standing and grabbing her clothes, pulling a gray t-shirt over her head and pulling jeans on. It being March, it was beginning to get warm outside; she hadn’t bothered bringing a sweater or jacket with her to work. She grabbed a wet wipe and began wiping the extra black eyeshadow off her eyes but left the rest of the makeup. She grabbed her bag, said her goodbyes to the other girls and left out the back door. It was as warm out as she’d expected, something that lifted her mood despite her chagrin at her low amount of tips—she usually received more than what she’d earned that night. She rounded the corner onto the main street and began walking the route home to her apartment. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a carton of cigarettes and rolled her eyes when she saw it was empty. She reached a corner and caught sight of a stranger across the street. “Hey, do you have a cigarette?”

The Waterfall

Thomas Jefferson x Hercules Mulligan, ft. Whining Alex

Modern AU

Part (1/ ?)

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 579

Warnings: Jumping, danger, waterfalls???possible drowning

Request: Request for all Dead and Dying? Jeffercles, childhood friends to lovers?

A/N: Back on requests again! So, rather than make this one imagine, I’m MAKING IT INTO A SERIES! I loved the idea of childhood Jeffercles so much, I had to do more. Plus I need a cool new series to write. There is no definite whether they will be short or long. I think of them as little snapshots in their childhood and their long developing love story. Please enjoy!

The sun beamed down on the two small children. Waist deep in the river, splashing and skipping rocks. Their trousers rolled up. Shoes flooded with mossy water.

Thomas shook the water off himself and pulled off his shirt. Hercules followed suit. Thomas smiled, took a deep breath and dipped his body under the water. He resurfaced, so moss in his wet afro. A bug on his face.

Herc smiled and flicked the bug off.

“Person who reaches the waterfall first wins!” Thomas shouted. He jumped from the water to a rock on the surface and hopped between rocks. Herc didn’t find it useful to copy Thomas’s strategy. He smiled and checked back on Alex for a second then swam downstream.

“Where are you going?!” Alex screamed. His feet barely dipped in the water. A few splashes on his shoulders. “Don’t leave me here! I can’t swim! Guys, come back!”

“Shut up you cry baby!” Thomas shouted back at him.

Herc and Thomas met towards the end of the waterfall. The stream started to pull them down to the lake below. The waterfall was no more than a twenty foot jump. Not considerably dangerous to these two best friends.

Competition always turned into collabration.

Thomas pulled Hercules out of the water. “Ready to go?”

Hercules smiled, held Thomas’s hand and pushed them off.

Thomas screamed. “we ARE GOING TO DIE!”

Hercules laughed and coughed when they hit impact. They broke the water’s surface like grass and fell several meters below. Thomas resurfaced coughing and sputtering out water. Panic all over his face. “ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED? I can’t swim, Herc, help me!” Thomas doggy paddled.

Hercules knew full well, even at the age of eight, that Thomas was a very competent swimmer. So, he decided to give him a little scare. “Herc! Where are you? We left Alex to drown!” Thomas swam around in circles, ducking into the water to search for Herc.

Hercules dodged Thomas’s line of sight. He resurfaced for a second for more air, then he went back under. He swam down and stared at Thomas’s naked ankles. He threw his hand around one of them and pulled Thomas down.


A distant shout from Alex, “I’m already dead!”

Thomas was pulled under, Herc’s grasp around his ankle. Realizing the sheer panic of Thomas, he let go and put his arms around his waist. He pushed Thomas up to the surface, and carried him to shore.

Thomas, now crying, laid out on the sand. He looked at Herc and shook his head. “I hate you.”

Herc tried to smile but only was able to frown. He sat down next to Thomas and put an arm around him. He hugged him. “I’m sorry, Tommy. I was trying to have a bit of fun. I won’t do it again. I was afraid I lost you.” Hercules squeezed Thomas.

“Are you guys still alive down there?!” Alex screamed.

Herc and Thomas smiled and laughed at Alex. Herc stood up and pulled Thomas to his feet. He threw his arm around his best friend. “Let’s go home.”

The two boys walked with drunken miscounted steps, one foot swinging in front of another. Their arms around each others shoulders. Herc gave Thomas a nuggie against his protest of him fixing his hair. “I still hate you, Herc.” he said darkly.

Herc punched him in the arm.


“I hate you more.” Herc smiled.

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