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Vixen : Toni Topaz

request: Hi! I was wondering if you would be okay with an imagine with Toni x fem reader and like Toni leaves hickeys on her neck but if not, just one where she’s a River Vixen and Toni’s reaction to seeing her in her uniform, maybe she’s Cheryl’s best friend? Thank you.

requested by: anonymous

a/n: OMG I love Toni so much. I really hope you like the outcome of your request, nonnie! xx, aubree

warnings: a make-out session at the very beginning

word count: 373 (sorry it’s short)

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harry has back issues crop up in his like mid thirties (just general aches because of work )and he generally tries to keep his mouth shut on how bad it hurts and after a really long really tiring shift it almost hurts for harry to straighten his spine and he groans and grunts all the way up to bed, skipping dinner and muttering he needed to lay down. And Draco just following up soon after and harry tries so hard to find a decent position to lay in but god he cant and finally draco gets tired 1/

“2/2 tired of potter complaining and he just sighs and orders harry to pull his shirt off and roll on to his back. All the while Harrys telling Draco its okay it doesnt hurt to bad and Draco ignores him and just focuses on working each knot out of harrys back. Eventually draco hears harry snoring ever so softly.”

Oh I can’t explain how much I love this headcanon. Draco loves him so much it hurts my heart. I imagine that once Harry is asleep, Draco stops rubbing his back, but Harry immediately grunts back awake when he stops, and finally when Draco tires himself out. He just kinda falls asleep on top of him in a heap. :’)

Sterling stretched across his bed, forgetting for a moment that he wasn’t alone the last time he was awake. Sitting up, he remembered the words Josiah had spoke to him the night before.

“I’m an idiot.” Sterling whispered to himself as he looked around the room.

Alec was already up, pulling a shirt over his shoulder.

“Morning, princess.” Alec smiled at him. “Fun night?” He quirked an eyebrow.