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AOS 2x16 was awesome

1 - Skye (not) complaining about her gloves + finding the Hulk’s fist dent


3 -  I really wanted someone to call Bobbi and Mack out on how betraying a bunch of people isn’t how to deal with being betrayed by a bunch of people

4 - Fitzsimmons <3 How long has it been since someone said that?

5 - Hunter + napkin = permenant contract

6 - ‘Hunter’s gonna be pissed’- Hartley to Bobbi on sacrificing herself

7 - Bobbi’s face when she saw that asshole pull a gun on Skye

8 - Bobbi hiding a com tablet in a fire extinguisher (Really? A fire extinguisher?)



11 - Skye’s destruction of the forest + the ‘Holy CRap what even’ Bobbi moment after

12 - Coulson having a secret elevator in the corner of his office

13 - Mack going all ‘inspirational story’ and being cut off by Gonzales

14 - (Does ‘Real SHIELD’ know Fury’s alive?)


I am in so much awe at the black students who spoke out about the micro aggressions they have experienced today at the panel. The feelings were raw. But the dialogue was honest. People opened up to each other. One girl through her tears asked, “if white people are always touted as so smart, why are they so ignorant about my hair?” Another was angry—understandably so. “I hate when white people try to tell our stories for us. Only we know who we are. And even then we’re still trying.” Another student recounted being branded “Feisty” though she insisted “that’s not my name” and was continued to be harassed by an older white nontraditional student “because she thought I was going to pull out a gun”. The experiences were heart wrenching. I was shocked and outraged by some of the tales of ignorance. But, unsurprised.

feathers were ruffled. stories were shared—dialogue between black and white students were shared earnestly, sometimes tensely, but overall with openness. Afterwards the panelists met with each other. We traded information, and made new connections. I learned so much from the wonderful students who spoke. It was an awesome panel and the professor who put it together is reconvening in thirty days for a much larger audience to re-examine black and white relations. I met some honestly inspiring people. I can’t wait for the second part of the panel at the end of the month. We’ve all agreed to try to bring as many people as possible. I feel like I have a lot to think about, and I’m glad I walked away from the event challenged by even my own perceptions.

F2F → Mateo & Iris

Seeing Iris probably wasn’t the best idea Mateo’s ever had, like any other idea he’s had lately, but it was going to be her birthday tomorrow and he wanted to at least give her the gifts he got for her. While he waited for her to come to his job, he kept working on the small portion of the tattoo he was allowed to do on the customer that all changed when he head the bell on the door ring when it’s opened. He knew it was her right away, he could feel it and the goosebumps rise on his arms just from knowing she was there. Pulling the gun away, he looked backwards to look at her, knowing he looked like a disaster. He had been barely sleeping and spent most of his free time drunk and higher than usual. “I’m going on break now,” Mateo mumbled, passing the tattoo gun to another employee before walking up to Iris. “Hi. You.. I don’t even know what to say? You look good. I’ll go with that.”

anonymous asked:

Rini, why did you pull a gun out of Serena? That was rude and you could have given her a heart-attack.

It wasn’t a real gun. Besides, I was really desperate to get the crystal and I wasn’t thinking straight.


couldn’t decide if i wanted to do nerdy, sexy, or gory Halloween

decided to dress as the new Lara Croft and do all three

Dear fellow Californian gun owners,

They are attempting to pass a bill that would limit the amount of ammo you can purchase to 1,500 rounds a year, which anyone can go through in only a weeks worth of range time, and limits the cartridges you can buy to what guns are registered to you. That means that if your father passed your grandfathers M1 Garand or Winchester or handgun down to you but you did not have it registered to you, unless you own another firearm chambered in that same cartridge, you would be unable to legally purchase ammo for that firearm.

For all AR owners, this means you no longer have the luxury of changing out the upper and switching to a different caliber. You’ll be unable to purchase any caliber you might have an upper for unless it was the one you ran background on.

This is scheduled to go back to the state senate later this month. I urge you all to actually take part in the political process and make your voices be heard.

EDIT: This is not to say you cannot reload! However it’s against California state law to have +20lbs. of smokeless powder in your home in any form whether in the actual cartridge or in other containers. It is in your best interest to contact your senator.

  • finn’s “i did it for you” chickenshit is emotional manipulation, plain and simple. he murdered people and is trying to spread the blame and therefore he still isn’t sorry about what he did and clarke is buying right into it. she’s literally down for blaming anybody except finn, even herself. finn wouldn’t feel bad about his actions if these repercussions weren’t happening and endangering him
  • clarke being angry at murphy for not stopping finn and not being angry at finn blows my mind. what was he supposed to do? shoot him? if fucking only
  • finn does not have ptsd. he has zero of the symptoms. shut the fuck up about something you know nothing about. you know who does have symptoms of ptsd? bellamy and jasper (bellamy also had/has several symptoms of depression). you know who didn’t massacre a village? bellamy and jasper. stop throwing around mental illnesses you don’t understand (and in the process throwing people with mental illnesses under the bus) just so you can justify a white boy fucking up
  • "oh finn’s such a good person because he went to jail for raven when she went on the spacewalk" finn was the reason she went on the spacewalk in the first place. it was his idea. he was equally responsible
  • i am appalled that the show threw in the word “savages” to have clarke describe the grounders (especially to their leader’s face). can we make the native american/white invaders metaphor any more obvious? and of the three main groups of people we’ve seen, the only one that seems to have any kind of fair justice system and sense of morality are those darn pesky savages
  • lincoln and kane are the only people that seem to be talking any sense but the writers probably think lincoln’s just a dumb savage too
  • the complete lack of reasoning skills and logic in these main people trying to protect finn is nothing short of incredible. if i wanted to watch a bunch of people protecting a white murderer i’d go watch news reports from ferguson
  • anyways: ding dong the fuckboy’s dead
So we were talking about Hogwarts houses today
  • Me:you know, if I had to pick a house it would be Slytherin
  • Dinah:yeah it would have be Slytherin for me too. Love those guys.
  • Gabby:you guys can't be Slytherins! Since you are muggle borns, they wouldn't let you!
  • Me:-looks her straight in the eye-
  • Me:let them try and stop me and I'll show them exactly why I belong in Slytherin.