pulls at my heart

God Robert deserves so much more than this cheating storyline.

He is a man who has been turned away from his families because of what he has done, which is something of a by-product of who he sees himself as. Notice I said ‘families’ because in not ONE OF THEM has he really and truly found his place yet. Yes he has Aaron and Liv, but as @rocketdocket so wonderfully put it (which did not cause me to want to pull my heart out and stamp on it!), he is still having to apologise for who he is.

Robert is so much more than a plot device to use as a catalyst for things to go wrong. He’s this complex man, with a past which still affects him so much. He’s never felt that he’s been accepted, and even when he comes close, something happens to knock it back. I just… i want emmerdale to really give him what he’s due. He’s not perfect, not by any means, but he deserves to be able to move past his mistakes and find peace with a family that loves him and accepts him for who he is.


february/march ‘17— hong kong is the city i will always come back to. one that i don’t know how to leave, which is to say: this is my north point, the place that holds the strongest magnetism, pulling my heart into the rhythm of train wheels over tracks. across oceans and i am here. this is not my motherland, only a daughter of it. like me. her tongue is my sister tongue; a song sung in another octave that i can only that i can only half understand and only if i sing my song first. if i was a country this would be it: the aftermath of a mainland mother and father, colonised. languages in halves. two ways of thinking in a fist fight. the old under market stalls in mongkok, chestnuts roasted in giant woks on the sidewalk, voices rising over scaffolding. and the new finding a place on hong kong island caught in the throats of expats and small bars and conversations holding three languages. hong kong breathed polluted air into me and i can’t stop coughing out her skyline. 

The Hobbit DoS is on TV right now and as I watch it I am reminded how much ‘Hollywood’ is in this. LOTR was made as a beautiful tribute to the source material and handled with such care. Now, while I believe the Hobbit movies were handled with care, these movies were made more for the money and it shows in the bloating of the story so much that they turn it into three movies.

I’m not saying there aren’t great things about the Hobbit movies (Thrandy) and beautiful moments (Thrandy), but it doesn’t pull at my heart like the LOTR movies did. The LOTR movies for me were truly magic and were near perfect for me even though things had to be changed/cut out of the film.


14. KH EDIT CHALLENGE ↬ favorite GAME:

So many are still waiting for their new beginning, their Birth By Sleep. Even me…and even you.


William & Dolores + killing for each other

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.

A personal headcanon of mine is that Lea was an orphan who got tossed around family to family all his life due to him being something of a problem child until Isa’s family took him in (and they gave him a snazzy scarf for his first birthday in the family)

Years later he gets to learn that he can build a family, not have to have the one he was born to that left him behind. Probably why he’s so desperate to keep the ones he was part of together.

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