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13.06 “Tombstone“

I went through my day like a zombie thinking about how I needed to watch the episode, but when I went home, my laptop had broken down. However, Chuck was apparently with me because I got it to work under 5 minutes!

So I watched the episode. And I am so not disappointed.

  • We also got a bit of Sastiel (which is my BrOTP btw) when Cas came back I enjoyed it
  • The Cas/Jack relationship is already amazing, Cas loves his son so much, and when Jack pulled him in for a hug, I swear I heard my heart gasp and clap
  • Sam ships Destiel so hard I can’t even. The whole bit where he was like “Wassup y u happy bro?” and the smirk he had all along? I love him.
  • Dean made Cas watch his fav cowboy movie. I repeat. Dean made Cas watch his fav cowboy movie.
  • Dean said Cas is his win. I can’t even get excited because it’s just too much to process. He said Cas was his win.
  • Jack asking for cold spots, weird smells, loving his new job was adorable. That kid is such a fresh wave to the show.
  • Cas checking on Jack, then trying to make him feel better… I’ll say it again, he loves his son so much.
  • When Jack said “Maybe I’m a monster”, I was in tears crying “No you’re not” on a loop, but when it was Dean who said it I just broke and shattered because DEVELOPMENT

There are so many more things I’d like to say but my brain is kind of a mess right now. I swear, every new episode becomes my favorite from s13. It’s beautiful. Who said SPN was running out of breath?

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Whenever I leave Camren in the past, it seems to pull me back more. "My heart beats a little faster when our eyes meet in the middle of a crowded room." "And I can't deny that I want you to stay." "But maybe I should wait. Let it fall into place." The lyrics of All Night just fucks me up, like the whole song and its context. Or maybe that's just how I interpret it. Music is art and art is purely subjective however you take it.

Music has the potential to touch everyone’s hearts in more ways than one. So your own interpretation is as valid as anyone else’s. It makes you feel something, I think that’s what’s important.




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She Never Stopped Smiling

by reddit user Pippinacious

Fly was an odd kid, even by odd kid standards. I met her in sixth grade, when our alphabetically ordered last names landed us in adjacent seats, and she turned to look at me with a cheerful, gap toothed smile.

“Hi!” She said.

“Hi.” I replied quietly.

I was shy and intimidated by my first day in middle school, but she wasn’t the least bit nervous.

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There. The road has crumbled before his feet; what he chooses now will break the rest of it. He has been Danarius’s slave all his living memory, every moment, every heartbeat bent to his master’s will; and here is the offering of that life again, given at the price of everything he has learned since Hawke won him from his master. The only thing he’d wanted, once—

But Hadriana smiles, and Fenris must choose here where he will cast his lot. Either Hadriana may command him or she may not. Either his master holds power over him, even from this distance, or he does not, and Fenris—

Fenris must decide what he has left to fear.

Invicta, Invictus, chapter 6

This beautiful, beautiful creation is by @thepandaleon, who hadn’t even told me it existed until last night and has given me permission to share it here today. I have yet to find the words expressing how much this means to me, but–I am so very, very grateful and honored and will probably never quite be over this. Thank you. <3

Full-size PDF available to view here, since tumblr makes this text awfully difficult to see.

To my first love,
I don’t think you will even recognize that these words are for you. I knew you didn’t think you were beautiful, or even relatively attractive, but I would have loved to spend the rest of my life convincing you of your perfection. Your flaws were what defined you. Your strength in the face of all your adversities, all the abuse you endured, inspired me. Your beauty was unconventional and every day I have gone without it, without you, tore my soul apart. Years have passed and we’re both adults now. The façade of childhood has left me. I no longer believe in the things I once fought for. I no longer recognize who I was with you. I doubt I ever cross your mind. Truth be told, you rarely cross mine. But, you still do. You continue to have this hold over me, a hold that forces me to compare all my lovers—past, present, and future—to you. Why? Our love was imperfect, abusive, tarnished. We held each other’s hearts in our hands and repeatedly poked and prodded and exploited the weaknesses we found until one of us cried for mercy. We reduced the other to tears on more occasions than I care to revisit. I wished you nothing but happiness when you left me. You wished for me to feel every suffering this world had to offer. You wished for me to feel as dirty, broken, alone, betrayed, as you felt when our truths were revealed. I was fucked up, you’re right, but you were as well. You are not without blame here. We were both too damaged to ever be good for each other. Your wish came true and for years, I have lived with a searing pit in my stomach. As I sit here and write these words to you, I realize that you are the reason I am like this. You are the reason I am the way I am. You are to blame for my cold, unfeeling ways. I may have loaded the gun, I may have pressed it into your hands, and I may have aimed it at my heart, but you are the one who pulled the trigger. I wrote this to put you out of my mind forever. I wrote this for the closure you never granted me; the closure I used to repeatedly seek through apologies and professions of guilt while you turned your back on me, admonishing me with threats if I did not disappear from your life. I wrote this because it’s been over four years since we met and two since you left and I still cannot get my thoughts off you. You ruined me, we ruined each other, but you recovered quicker. I am leaving you on this page. I am leaving the memories, the sleepless nights, the love, and the abuse here, in hopes of finally being free.
Regrettably yours,
—  the-hasslehaas, It’s been a year since I wrote this and the freedom has come.
I love the sound of your voice whispering in my ear, i love that the scent of you is still lingering in my room. I love lazy days in bed with you, having you here chest to chest, looking into your eyes and seeing my future with you. Your hands are tracing every curve of my body, while I trace the curve of your lips with mine. Here, with you, pulling you closer with every gentle kiss, my heart whispers I am home.
—  Tenari Ioapo
I simply can’t relax. My mind is like a brook, always running, always seeking, always murmuring. I was born with an arrow in my heart, and it is painful to pull it and it is painful to leave it.
—  Kahlil Gibran, in a letter to Mary Haskell, from Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell, and her private journal
Front Bottoms Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Lone Star// "She looks me dead in the eyes and says 'hey Brian if you still believe in the Lord above,
  • get on your hands and knees and pray for us"
  • Taurus: Santa Monica// "Where I'm standing there is a cool, cool breeze. Heavenly bodies make the devil a little uncomfortable."
  • Gemini: Father// "And I am leaving as soon as I come.
  • As soon as I come you will probably forget my name.
  • I hope I fall asleep at the wheel and crash my car."
  • Cancer: Flashlight// "You are still here, you are still happy, you are still smiling and laughing, you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life."
  • Leo: Cough It Out// "All the branches on the tree, that we carved our initials in seem to bend and take the shape of them."
  • Virgo: The Beers// "And I will remember that summer, as the summer I was taking steroids, because you like a man with muscles, and I like you."
  • Libra: Funny You Should Ask// "But you were young, you thought you didn't have to care about anyone, but you're older now and wish that you could."
  • Scorpio: Swimming Pool// "There's no doubt in my mind that if you could then you would try to crack my ribcage open and pull my heart right through."
  • Sagittarius: West Virginia// "I thought I had it figured out, how to organize my words good before they fall right out my mouth."
  • Capricorn: Awkward Conversations// "I personally think it's too cold to have the window open, but you want to smoke your menthol cigarettes."
  • Aquarius: Maps// "And what about your friends. Don't you love them enough to stay? And I say if I don't leave now then I will never get away."
  • Pisces: 12 Feet Deep// "Maybe college won't work out, I can come live at your house. I'm supposed to be at class now but my roommate just passed out."