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hey i was wondering if u could do a drunk confession thing with v and saeran please!! the first two where amazing 🐆it'd be great thank u i love ur writing

omg thank you so much lovely anon! ^^ I actually am quite mad at myself for not including these two because i love them lmao also holy crap its almost the choi bois birthday i need to do something for them 

a Saeran + V version of these  posts

Drunk RFA V + Saeran


  • This sunshine rarely gets drunk and is usually with Jumin when he is but tonight he is indulging himself in wine, surrounded with pictures of MC let’s say he’s not blind for this one
  • It sounds creepy and he knows it probably is but the growing love he has for her really cannot be contained at this moment
  • It has always been Rika who filled his thoughts but after all that’s happened he finally found peace within himself to move on and find his real sun
  • And that was MC
  • He learned to fall in love the healthy way and he felt really blessed that MC helped him throughout his journey
  • But is this man capable of being tainted by feelings of jealousy??
  • Yes
  • MC was on a date and he was feeling extra bitter that night
  • So when he was reaching for his phone, attempting to call her his eyes immediately widened
  • No he will not let her see him wreck himself like this
  • He still did it anyways
  • “V? What’s wrong are you okay?”
  • “Yes.. I’m fine”
  • “Why did you call? Should I come over? Is something the matter?”
  • “There is no matter but can you please come over?”
  • “I’ll be there”
  • When MC came, she was astounded by the amount of pictures surrounding the house and was more astonished by the man before her who reeked of alcohol
  • “MC my love” 
  • V hugged her tight 
  • He was being so uncharacteristical and she was confused until it registered in her brain what he called her
  • My love??
  • “V why are you drinking?”
  • “I am… displeased with myself”
  • “How come”
  • She held his cheek so tenderly V could feel his heart bursting with love
  • “I am such an unworthy man to have been jealous of your date today. I love you but it seems that I am too late”
  • “Oh V you were never too late. I only met up with him for a polite meal of gratitude, I was never romantically linked with him, it’s you I have my eyes on. I love you”
  • V felt so relieved and so happy he felt tears brimming his eyes as he kissed her so passionately
  • They spent the entire night cuddling and when morning came and their bodies were entangled with each other they felt so happy and content
  • Although V could feel a dull ache in his head, he was glad he remembered everything that went down last night
  • He was inhaling the scent of her hair as he pulled her close to him, never intending to let go


  • Living with MC and Saeyoung was such a chore
  • But the only reason he was so irritated was because they acted so much like a couple
  • He couldn’t stand being in the same room when they were being so touchy and smiley with each other
  • One time it was movie night and they were pressed up against each other like some married couple
  • But it was only because Saeyoung had put the popcorn too far MC had to scoot closer to properly get some
  • It bothered him so much to feel this way so one night, he escaped the eyes of his brother to get wasted in some club
  • He was only there for the drinks though and had no intention of entertaining the girls who were sticking their ass out in front of him
  • When he came home, Saeyoung was ready to fight him about his whereabouts but he shushed him saying that he had no time for it
  • He was walking properly no doubt but he was drunk enough to be bold and confused
  • So instead of going to his room he accidentally stumbled to MC’s
  • Cue his face getting hot at the sight 
  • She was curled up between the sheets and had this cute bedhead
  • He walked towards her despite the mental protest and ended up kneeling beside her bed
  • Stroking her hair he felt yet again another churn in his stomach and a squeeze at his chest
  • “Why do you make me feel like shit and this shit actually feels good? I hate you, I hate you for making me feel this way, I hate you for your stupid face and stupid actions, I hate you for trying to make me feel better I hate you I hate you”
  • MC woke up to this string of I hate you mantras and when she found out Saeran was the one saying them she wrapped her arms around his neck and pullled him
  • He stumbled and toppled towards her 
  • “Let go you idiot I hate you”
  • “No you don’t”
  • “Yes I do”
  • “I know you Saeran and you tell me these things everyday, i know you don’t”
  • He could feel MC nuzzling her face on her neck and his heart started racing 
  • “Lay beside me”
  • Curse his drunken decision making he actually listened
  • He had his back facing her but she wrapped her arms around his waist and Saeran tensed up
  • “So… warm”
  • When he was sure MC was deep in sleep, he carefully faced her and had his hands on the small of her back, trying to pull her closer, wanting to feel more of her
  • “I… love you”
  • Unknown to him, MC was smiling against his chest
  • The next morning, they were met by the screams of Saeyoung
  • “My own brother?? and MC?? in he same BED. I feel so betrayed”
  • “Shut up” 
  • Saeran was having none of his brother’s crying and buried his face in the mess of MC’s hair
  • “You two didn’t even have the decency to close the door, God knows what I might have seen. Stop polluting my innocent eyes”
  • “Fuck off Saeyoung I feel like absolute shit”
  • MC felt really worried because she knows he had a drink last night 
  • “Do you want me to get you some advil?”
  • She was about to get up when Saeran pulled her back down and was fiercely cuddling with her
  • “Stay”
  • She giggled and pressed a soft kiss to his head
  • “I love you too”
  • He groaned knowing she heard him last night but he wasn’t really complaining
S/O getting jealous


Jin was always one to talk to fan and sign things and take picture. You fine with it, but when out on a date, it could be annoying. 

“Come on Jin. Were gonna be late.” you tried telling him, slightly pullling him away. Several girl was talking to him and not just talking,but flirting. You know he was just trying to be nice,but he was also completely oblivious.

“I’ll be just a few more minutes, Okay Jagi?” You rolled yours eyes and went to a bench to wait. It was another 10 minutes before he was finally done when he came over to you and frowned slightly. “What’s wrong?”

You crossed your arms and sighed. Tonight was our night and those girls just keep taking you from me.” you mumble, knowing it wasn’t worth be upset over.

“Maybe so, but I still love you y/n.”Jin pulled you up and kissed your forehead. “That, I can promise.”

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It was late again and Suga was no where to be found. You knew that he was probably working on music, so you went to his studio. When you got there, you noticed Suran. The two of them were awfully close, but you didn’t mind since you knew nothing would happen, but seeing them together was annoying.

Never the less, you waved and said your hello’s, letting Suga know you were waiting for him. You went back up to your guys room and sighed, wondering what you had to do to gain back more attention from Suga. Another 20 minutes passed before you heard a “I’m back babe.” from Suga walking in.

He got into his pj’s and laid down next to you. The two of you snuggle close and begin to fall asleep. You look up to him and sigh.”I’m not losing you to music am I?” you ask quietly.

Suga just glances down at you and laugh. “Music makes me happy, but you make me sane. I’m never letting you go.” he gives you a quick peck on the head.”Now go back to sleep.”

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J-hope never understood why you were so jealous. All it was was some fans. “I don’t get what’s so wrong! You know I don’t care about them the same why I care about you!” he let out, obviously annoyed.

“Thats just the thing.You don’t see it at all. Literally all those girls love you and want you, yet you chose me. What if you change your mind?” you finally blurt out, covering your mouth as soon as you said so. 

J=hope’s face changed and came over to you. He grabbed your hands and moved them away, looking you straight in the face. “My mind is made up. I love you and nothing is going to change that. I promise.” he said, giving you a small kiss on the forehead.

You smiled, knowing he was telling the truth and calmed down some, happy to have your J-hope back.

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Rap Monster

You always felt awkward at award shows. You came to support Rap Monster, but when ever a girl group preformed, you felt as if he was watching them just slightly to close. You could tell his eyes were following the girls as they danced.You’d never admit it, but it made you jealous, so you decided to do something about it.

That night, you pulled on the new outfit you had bought and went into your guys room. You were admittable uncomfortable in it, but you wanted your monnie back. Rap Monster certainly noticed the new outfit, but was slightly confused. “It isn’t exactly like you to dress up like that?Is something going on?” he asked as he came closer to inspect it.”

“I just want you to look at me the way you were those girl groups today.” you say with a small smile.Rap Monster tilted his head and gave you a small smile.”I don’t. I look at them because they’re talented. I look at you with love. You’re a much better sight.” he said, smiling. He grabbed a blanket and wrapped you up in it.”Come on, lets cuddle or something.”

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Jimin always loved dancing, that much was plain to see. You never minded either, except when his new choreographer was a stunningly beautiful girl. You had always been kinda self conscious about your lack of curves and seeing her dance with Jimin made the feeling even worse.

The worst part was the fact that they were becoming friends. After a day of them hanging out, Jimin came back home to find you staring into the mirror. “Do you like her? Is she prettier than me?Do you find her pretty at all?” you asked, looking up at him. 

Jimin came over to you and hugged you, peppering you with small kisses. “She’s just a friend. I love her, but not the same why I love you. You’re my little bunny.” he said as you blushed at the nickname. “Besides,I would never try anything on her. Her girlfriend scares me.”

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It wasn’t that odd for you and V to bicker. As life long friends turned lovers, it seemed to come naturally. But this was the last straw.

“I could plainly see you staring at her! Admit it, you wish I had a bigger boobs an ass just like her!” you yelled, stomping into your room. 

“It’s not like that y/n. I’m sorry for staring. Your the one I love!” he pleaded. He knew this was a touch and go problem with you because of how things ended for your parents. “I’m not gonna leave you. I promise.”

He came over to you and hugged you from behind, putting his chin on your head. “Besides, she was to tall for me to do this.”

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Jungkook was one of the biggest flirts ever. The only problem was that he didn’t know it. “Can you please stop?” you ask him,pulling him aside from the girl.

“What? I’m only helping her with directions.” he explained, showing her the map he had pulled up on his phone.

“She’s flirting with you. Hard core too. And you’re flirting back.” You explained. Jungkook blushed and turned toward the other girl and then back to you. “I’m sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to”

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Who’s the Boss now? (ft. Jimin)
  • Word count: 2593


I changed the idea a bit, hope you’ll be satisfied anyway :)

“Mr. Park. We have to go.” You said out loud after peeking into your boss’ office.

He raised his head from the papers right away and nodded, gathering some important documents to put into his briefcase. In the meantime, you fixed your tight, black skirt to make sure that it covers a bigger part of your legs. With the corner of your eye you noticed your boss glancing at you, while you were busy trying to look decent enough for a business meeting.

An important conference was being held in the company you were a secretary in. Back a few days ago your boss, Mr. Park, asked you to reserve some time for today to keep him company and make a protocol at the meeting. Especially for this occasion, you picked your outfit very carefully. From what you’ve gotten to know, a few important personas were invited to attend the meeting, so you had no other choice, but to represent your company well along with your boss.

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Pull Me Under (Part 2)

Our watch for more Jonerys has begun but I need more so here’s part 2 to Pull Me Under

Warning: Smut

Preview: Daenerys’ legs were still shaking when she rose out of Jon’s lap and stepped out of the bath. Her fingers were entwined in his and she guided him out after her. 

For a moment they stood still, facing each other as droplets of warm water ran down their naked bodies and into a puddle on the floor. Their eyes roamed each others bodies and then they met. 

Dany reached out and took his other hand in hers. Jon craned his neck to kiss her, taking half a step forward, but Dany backed away playfully at the last second. their hot breath mingled in the air as they breathed, lips inches apart. 

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MY FIRST REQUEST!  ANON: Can you do a reaction where you go to a restaurant with BTS (your best friends) and you see your abusive ex-boyfriend there and he tries to talk to you.

Haven’t posted in awhile. HOPE U LIKE IT <3


“On second thought, I’m really in the mood for some burgers. How about you (Y/N)?”

Jin would want to avoid trouble, not because he couldn’t fight, but because he knew how badly your ex treated you and he was thinking of your sake.

“Jagiya why are so beautiful?” he’d make sure to show you all the time  that he was yours and you his.


“Give me a second, I gotta use the bathroom” he departed from the group before anyone (Including you) noticed what he had noticed.

He grabbed your approaching ex boyfriend by his collar and dragged him to the bathroom. Pinned him on the wall and let his monster out

“Touch HER, talk to HER or to anything of the sort and your F.UCKING DEAD I don’t give a s.hit about my reputation as a K-Pop idol right now so I will beat your ass” he raged and dropped the guy on the floor  while exiting the bathroom leaving the man scared half to death from Suga’s aura just then.

He came back and sat next to you trying to keep his cool, but wanting to take you home already. *GIF


“Um Jagiya wanna sit next to me? he would try and be by your side and step in if anything happened.

But when he saw your ex approaching, he suddenly hugged you so you wouldn’t notice and for a second became a not-so-sweet hobi and silently mouthed

“Get the F.uck out” to your ex, he did as so and quickly left.

“J-Hope?” you said stilled pinned against his chest.

He laughed *GIF “ I just love you so much Jagiya!” he beamed and you giggled

Rap Monster

Jagi, It’s okay. He’s in the past, I’m here and i’ll always protect you. Okay?” he assured you as you saw your ex on the table next to you.

Everything was fine in your world as long as Namjoon was by your side, but what you didn’t know was he had shot your ex the nastiest glare known to mankind.


We all know how Jimin can get angry, he was a little cute mochi most of the time and would lighten the mood all the time. But when it came to you and your tears he couldn’t bare to see them and his inner beast was let out.

“Jagiya, I love you so much” he hugged you as you saw your ex at the table in front of the two of you, then he started crying.

“Jimin! why are you crying?” you asked worried, forgetting about your ex and only focusing on the man who truly loved you in this world. “How could someone treat you so badly?” he sobbed. You gave him a small peck on the lips and smiled as you pulled him away from the crook of your neck. “But I have you now Jimin. You’ll make me happy for all my lifetimes to come. I love you”

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“Jagiya, you’re strong” V gave you his signature box smile and ruffled your hair “He got nothing on you”.

You smiled “You mean us, he’s got nothing on us. We’re a team” you corrected him while laughing.

V stood there staring at you outside the restaurant in an aww. You both had seen your ex through the restaurant windows and you had hesitated to go in.

“Yeah, a team. The perfect team” he kissed you as it began to snow on that cold winter night. But V was you’re everything. your warmth, and you to him.


This guy wouldn’t take any chances of you seeing your ex as you two walked into your favorite ice cream place. He’d grab your hand and walk past it.

“Jungkook we passed the ice cream” you chuckled as he pulled you into his chest, it was night and all the city lights were on making him look even more beautiful to you, like he was on the spotlight.

“(Y/N), I love you. You know that right?” he teared up. You wiped his tears away and held him closer “Yeah, I know. I’ll never leave you” you asnwered “But I don’t think I’m worth crying over” you chuckled. He suddenly kissed you, making it deep and passionate, then pullled away looking you straight in the eyes

You’re wrong, you’re worth everything

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50. from the prompt list with monty where myb they take a selfie and she's the one saying and they kiss?

combined two requests!!! 

from this prompt post

50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”

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“Y/N?!” A loud yell awoke you from your slumber, and you lazily rolled over onto your back, flipping your sunglasses up to your forehead as you opened your eyes. A large shadow covered you, blocking the sun as you raked your eyes over the figure standing in front of you. He was tan, totally ripped, and a bright smile spread across his face, dimples shining brightly. You felt your heart start to pound slightly harder as you recognized the tall boy.

“Monty! What a coincidence, running into you here. It’s nice to finally see you off a Snapchat screen.” His smile grew even wider, if it was possible, and he plopped down onto the sand next to you, showering you with the scratchy substance. You didn’t even notice, you were so enraptured with him.

“Sorry.” Monty took off his Ray Bans, his honey brown eyes eagerly shining as he wrapped a heavy arm around your shoulders. “I’m so glad I saw you here! I was just kind of wandering around aimlessly and then, thank god, I saw you. Whatcha doing here?”

“Nothing, really. Just working on my tan. None of your friends are around?”

“Nah. Dempsey’s working. Bryce is somewhere in Europe. I’m riding solo.”

You laughed. “No girl you dragging around with you?”

Monty smirked, his cheeks flashing slightly red as he looked away. “Nah, there’s this one girl I’ve been sort of talking to, but… I don’t know what she sees us as.”

“Dude…same. Except, like, it’s a guy so….”

“Are you serious? Any guy would be totally lucky to have you. C’mon, you’re funny, athletic, and smart, like so freaking smart…. and I mean….” He motioned up and down your bikini clad body. “Damn.”

You’re making me blush! Besides, Cruz, you’re not too bad yourself.” You poked his stomach, smiling up at him as you casually reclined in the sand, holding yourself up by your hands, making sure to graze the side of his pinkie with yours. He didn’t pulll away.

“Aw, thanks babe.”

You felt your stomach bubble at the nickname, the typical feelings of an angsty, teenage crush. But this time, through the late night Snapchats and the hours of missed sleep, you had fallen harder than usual for this boy, with his wry smirk, and his cocky self confidence attracting you like a magnet. So you gave yourself the small indulgences, the thoughts that you may actually be the only girl receiving the shirtless mirror pics, the only girl getting the “goodnight beautiful” snaps, the only girl he spoke to. But you knew that that just wasn’t the way that Monty worked, and despite his previous words about falling for a girl (who you were certain wasn’t you), you still held on to the tiny flutter, that tiny grasp of faith, the one thing that you kept, like a secret scarf tucked away as a final act for a magician. Except, this time, you didn’t know whether that scarf would fall from your hand before the big finale, or if it would be produced with a flourish, astounding not only the audience, but also yourself.

“Hey, let’s take a selfie for my story! That way I don’t look like a total loner this summer!” Monty laughed, flipping his sunglasses down as he moved closer to you, wrapping his arm around your bare stomach as you grabbed your phone. He took the small screen from you and raised his eyebrows, smiling widely.

In a leap of faith, you turned and placed your lips on his cheek just as he pressed the shutter, and you felt him shift slightly closer to you just before you pulled away.

“How’s it look?”

Monty shielded the top of the screen from the glare.

“Wow. That’s adorable. You’re adorable. Shit, girl. Stop being so cute, Y/N.” You snatched the phone from him and glanced down at the screen. Monty looked blissfully happy, and a small smile was visible on your profile even with your lips on his bronzed cheek.

“Damn, Monty. Your jawline looks amazing here.” You took a breath, pausing for a moment to steel your nerves before continuing. “Y’know, we’d make such a cute couple.”

“We would, wouldn’t we? And thank God you said that, because I was wondering how many more shirtless snapchats I’d have to send before you realized I was really freaking into you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

You smiled, eyes shining as you looked up at him. He wrapped you in a bear hug, pushing you to the ground as he hovered slightly over you.

“I’ve always wanted to make out on a beach.” You whispered, your eyes flashing down to his lips as a coy smile played across them. You reached up and tangled your fingers through his hair, pulling him down to your face. Monty paused just before your lips met, his just brushing yours as he whispered back.

“Good thing I can start this relationship off by making a dream come true.”

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#28 pleaseeee love!

“I thought you loved me”
Tears were falling down your cheeks as you sat on the couch next to Harry. He had a blank expression on his face. His face wasn’t sad, upset, or even a bit remorseful. You wrapped yourself in your arms because harry wouldn’t give you his own to comfort you.

You thought today was going to turn out differently.

Tonight you and Harry were going out to dinner to celebrate his new single and his new tour dates. He’s been really busy lately and you were excited to spend some time together and relax.

You got ready all fancy and nice. Now you were just waiting for Harry to return home.

You should of known something was wrong when he didn’t come to kiss you when he came home from a meeting with his team.

He was quiet and reserved but you didn’t think anything of it because he must of had an exhausting day.

You made your way over to the couch he was sitting on to see what was going on. You knew something was bothering him. And you guys always communicated to get it resolved.

“Is everything alright, Babe?” Harry didn’t say anything and just stared down on his lap.

You sighed and placed your hand over his to reassure him that you can tell him anything and you can get through it together.

But right as your finger touched his own he flinched and pullled away from you.

You frowned but didn’t want to push him to do anything if he wasn’t feeling up to it.

“We don’t have to go out today Harry.” You look up at him but he still wasn’t meeting your eyes.

You play with the hem of your dress and say “We can go to dinner next Friday, when you’re feeling-”

“I think we should break up.” Harry finally breaks the silence.

You stopped touching your dress. “What?” Did you hear him correctly.

“I want to break up.” Harry says sternly.

Your mind was racing and you didn’t know if this was real. “Is this some kind of sick joke?!” You sadly laugh.

Harry shook his head and sighed. “I just don’t think this is working out.” He continues.

Tears started to fill in your eyes but you blinked them away. “What why?? We were literally fine this morning, Harry” Where was this coming from?

You couldn’t believe he was actually trying to break up with you.

“We are just such different people Y/N. we need a break.”

“Bullshit! You know that’s not even a good answer.” You yell at him as you wipe the fallen tears on your cheeks.

Harry doesn’t say anything and just sits there like he was totally ok with this.

“I thought you loved me…” You tell him as you couldn’t resist the tears from falling.

Harry’s eyes connect with yours and just for a split second you saw something change in his eyes. Maybe it was hope. You knew Harry loved you. He always did.

But then he looks away from you and doesn’t say the words you wanted to hear. You couldn’t believe what was happening. How could everything be going so well and he just comes home one day wanting to break up.

But you did know why. You got your answer loud and clear from his silence.

He doesn’t love you, and you can’t force him to love you.

“Alr-ight” you say through your sniffles.

He watched you get off the couch and grab all your things.

He watched you take off your heals with shaking hands and put on flats.

He watched you slip on a light jacket to cover your arms in that beautiful dress you had on.

He watched you do all these things with tears streaming down your face and sobbing uncontrollably.

But he didn’t stop you because he couldn’t.

He didn’t run out the door as you left to tell you he still loved you and always did.

Harry hoped someday you will understand, because he just lost the best thing he had in his life.

Addictions (Jiyong)

Description: After Jiyong’s military service he comes back to you, a girl from his past only to find out she’s engaged to one of his colleagues. 

Genre: Smut/ Angst (Cheating) 

Part Two Part Three Part Four 

Originally posted by memoriestomelodies

Being with him was like taking your first drink of alcohol. At first taste bitter but the more you began to drink the harder you found it to stop. He made a raging alcoholic both metaphorically and literally. He was the one that had bought you your first drink and he was the first to give you your first orgasm. He was the man who you blamed for the addictions in your life. it was until he left the country that you finally found yourself once again. You kept a safe distance between you and bars, there was no need to tempt the devil. With distance both of your addictions slowly became memories. 

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Got7 reaction to accidentaly kissing you ^_^

YAY A REACTION REQUEST THANK YOU SO MUCH :3 I’m writing this going under the pretense that none of the boys are dating you, rather they have a crush on you and they accidentally kiss you ^_^

Jaebum - I feel that Jaebum would just go for it. Like, maybe he has been wanting to kiss you for a LONG time, but has never known if you return his feelings for him. So the moment when both of your lips touch, I think he would linger to read your reaction. Once he see’s that your totally down for kissing him (AND HOW COULD YOU NOT BE?!) I feel like JB would take initiative and make the kiss last longer and smile to himself that it happened how it did <3

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Mark - This soft bean would go SO RED. He had always imagined what it was like to kiss you, but this would take him by surprise that I think he would be like a deer caught in headlights. I think he would maybe linger for a second, and then pull away and begin to apologise profusely. And then when you tell him that you enjoyed it, I feel like he would go an even deeper shade of red at the fact you just basically confessed to him and feel like this was the luckiest accident ever :3

Originally posted by muaktuan

Jackson - Jackson would literally be the happiest and least shocked out of everyone in my opinion! I think the thing he would be most afraid of is if you felt uncomfortable or didn’t like him in that way. But I feel like he would turn the “accident” into “on purpose”. He would go slow at first but would gradually deepen the kiss as he reads your reactions to the situation, and he would be a giggling mess afterwords!

Originally posted by got7ish

Jinyoung/Junior - I feel like Junior would be the most reserved and responsible compared to the others reactions. I think he would be concerned that you thought it was very inappropriate and he wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable at all. Because while he likes you a lot, he doesn’t want to force you to do anything. I can see him pullling away and apologising seriously, and when you ask him something like “Why did you stop?” he would giggle and try for a round 2 :3

Originally posted by fashionableoppa

Youngjae - Similar to Mark and Jinyoung, I think he would be very apologetic and embarrassed. All that would come out of his mouth would be “Omg I’m so sorry, are you okay? I didn’t mean to…I’m so sorry” over and over. And when he see’s you giggling and asking him something like “Why are you being sorry? I was enjoying it” i think he would be so shocked, to the point where he can’t speak, all he can do is stare at you in disbelief, not knowing whether to continue where he left off, laughm or run away :3

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Bam Bam - Okay, so this boy has gotten so cheeky recently, that I believe he would literally just think “Fuck it, what have I got to lose”. Of course he would make sure that you actually want the kiss, but when he see’s that your eyes are closed and your lips are actually kissing his back, I honestly feel this kid would take his chances and deepen the kiss a little and maybe even putting his hand up to cup your cheek too. Afterwords though, I feel he would try to make the air a little lighter by being funny, but at the same time he’d be like “You liked it right? Oh you did? Oh…that’s good then” *wink face*

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Yugyeom - This little baby would BE SO SHY AND EMBARRASSED AND APOLOGETIC OH MY GOD. I think he would be a mix of “oh my god yes, I just kissed her” and “oh my god I just fucked up so bad” but he would be too nervous to actually tell you what was on his mind. His face would turn red and his hands would be over his face trying to hide his embarrassment. I feel like if you weren’t the first person to actually tell Yugyeom that you wanted the kiss, he would just leave it how it is and try to forget about it, even though he wants nothing more than to kiss you <3

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Title: I’ll be seeing you

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane x Bastard Stark reader

Quick apology for any mistakes, I tired my best to proof read and edit. Hope everyone who reads enjoys it, and requests are open.  

(Found the gif on Google, but still credit to whomever made it)

You were surprised at how long you lasted in Kings Landing, after all you were a bastard. You remembered the day Lady Catelyn told you that your presence was a insult to the royal family, yet here you were still alive. Though, you got the worst of it being here, probably worse than Sansa or so you thought. Poor Sansa still had to marry the boy King Joffrey, which made you sick to your stomach.

You had found yourself biting your tongue to keep from firing back at them with comments that could possibly have your head rotting next your fathers or rather where your fathers head once was. There was one person that would hold you back, or give you a warning glare to stop, and his name was Sandor Clegane

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FBI Friday

Title: Contagious

Description: You (the reader) and Spencer Reid are in an established relationship. Reid’s nightmares are getting worse, and one night while you are comforting him, you finally get him to open up about what happens in the nightmares.

A/N: Warning because this is pretty graphic, although not anymore than the show itself. Probably much less graphic actually, because there’s no actual visual.

You woke up in the middle of the night, wondering what had disturbed your rest. You quickly realized that Spencer was sitting up in bed and breathing hard.

“Another nightmare?” you asked, rolling over to face him. He winced.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” His voice was strained and shaky.

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Fam I've always wanted Jimin to fuck me so good. Like I tease him to the point he cant take it anymore and fucks me into the mattress as i scream his name and beg for him to go rougher. And when he cums he fills me to the brim. He pullls out and watches it leave me. And then cleans me with that amazing tougue

Jimin is everyones bias and everyones fantasy. Seriously.

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Rein is very good at traditional German foods, Lena does breakfasts well, Jack can cook and bake (and grill) really well but most of the time can't be bothered (at least before coffee), Gabriel is That Guy who insists mustard is a meal when hes feeling lazy but he actually is very good at pullling together a balanced meal, Angela just sucks at cooking because she never has the time to practice, Ana is the same way. Mccree has the experience to mix drinks but burns most things he tries to cook

jesse: I can cook it at 1400 degrees for 1 minute right 
gabe: sure can.

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 3

A/N. Sorry part 3 took so long, but it’s SUPER long, so that should earn me a bit of your forgiveness. Please note, I wasn’t able to tag a couple of you who asked to be tagged, please let me know what went wrong if you know. This chapter takes place about two weeks after part 2, and there is a time jump at the end. This one is long, and there are a lot of characters and names being introduced, so if it get’s confusing please let me know and I’ll try to help clear it up :) 

part 1, part 2, part 4

word count: +9,000

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