pullip celsiy


Amy is back! She has been for a couple of days now, but I just now was able to take some decent-ish pics of her. :3 Also, she and Arimi look almost like sisters! Arimi seems like she’d be the older sister, and Amethyst would be the younger, teen aged one. ^.^

My Grail Collection Is Complete!!!! x3

I wasn’t supposed to get anymore dolls until my husband and I got settled into our new place, but I had found a fairly priced Pullip Celsiy NIB on ebay! I wasn’t going to buy her right away, but with some enabling from my husband, I ended up getting her! I felt lucky enough to have obtained two of my three grails, Chloi and Bonita, and I thought getting Celsiy was a pipe dream, but here she is, on her way to me! <3 I couldn’t be more happy right now. :3 Not only is she one of my grails, but she also will be the 50th doll in my collection!

She’s so pretty! I can’t wait to see her!