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Sneak peak?xx

I think it’ll end up being posted tomorrow afternoon. I’ve had some issues with my phone that I needed to sort out - I went to update the software and it’s completely fucked the phone up and it won’t turn it back on or anything. 

Obviously this part (and the majority of the rest of the story) still needs a high amount of editing but here’s a little, mini sneak-peek for you guys;

“Did you see us, Harry? Were you here to see it?”

“I was, I was,” he hummed softly, pressing his lips to the top of your head before you pulled away from him and found comfort in the seat beside his, “I popped out after your performance to get you girls some champagne as a well-done for doing so well. I didn’t think it was right to give you champagne from a half-opened bottle that Jeff opened when we sat down. I wanted to give you girls the opportunity to pop the cork yourself.”

“You know I love popping the corks at home,” you grinned cheekily, reaching for the neck of the bottle that was only moments ago placed on the tabletop, a smirk on your face as you spun on your heels and hollered quietly to the four girls finding comfort in their seats beside their loved ones, “girls, Harry brought us champagne to drink. Let’s pop this bad-boy open and sit back until our nominations.”

“Cheers, Harry,” Jesy grinned, reaching over and squeezing his forearm in a thankful manner, a twinkle in her eyes as she watched you pop the cork.

“You’re welcome, ladies,” he stated warmly, falling to his seat and pulling one out for you,  “come and sit down. Make yourselves comfortable,” he suggested, watching as you took the seat between him and Perrie, Alex on her other side that lead round towards Leigh-Anne and Jade and Jesy, “excited for your nominations tonight? How many are you up for again?”

“Three. Group, Single and Video. Which One Direction are also nominated for. So, expect to sleep over the sofa tonight if you win,” you teased cheekily, squeezing his thigh playfully as you looked up towards him and nudged your nose to his cheek. The feeling of his slight stubble tickling and scratching at the tip of your nose, “I’m not joking either, Styles. I can’t deal with your big-head boasting about another win.”

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I imagine a lot of things about Harry, but arguably my all time favorite is just how he would be after you’ve had a terrible day.

One of those days where your eyes sting and your head is pounding and you feel restless and tired at the same time.

He would frown deeply after taking a look at you before pulling you into his arms and kissing the top of your head before mumbling, “You’re okay my love,’m right here.”

And he wouldn’t hush your sobs, or do anything but let you dish out what’s got you so upset. And if you want, if it’s that type of mood, he’ll stay completely quiet and just hold you. Content with popping in a favorite movie of yours, even if it’ll make you cry even more.

He won’t complain or whine or badger you- he’d just be there with his soft demeanor and gentle kisses.

He’d make it… well- okay.

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makeouts with monsta x

anonymous said to mx-scenario: can u do like what it’s like in a makeout session with each of the boys?


  • loves making out with you on top of his lap
  • lots of tongue
  • little moans from each of you
  • hands on the small of your back
  • loves when you pull his hair
  • lip biting

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  • gentle kisses
  • likes when you lay on top of him
  • hands in your hair
  • strokes your arms and your back
  • pulls away and looks in your eyes
  • forehead and nose kisses

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  • deep kisses
  • loves hearing you gasp
  • neck kisses
  • pulls you close to him
  • smiles when you pull away breathless

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  • likes when you take control
  • neck and lip biting
  • kisses so good he’ll make you dizzy
  • holds your face close to his by the back of your neck
  • rubs your thighs with his hands

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  • lazy kisses
  • likes when you play with his hair
  • his lips are big and soft against yours
  • wraps your arms around his neck
  • light groans when you kiss his collarbones

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  • is desperate for you
  • gets really into the kiss
  • goes limp under your touch
  • begs for more
  • whispers baby, babe, please in your ear

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  • overly enthusiastic
  • bites your lips a couple times by accident
  • gets the hang of it though
  • smiles as he kisses you
  • likes to use tongue when things get more heated

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A personal headcanon of mine is that Lea was an orphan who got tossed around family to family all his life due to him being something of a problem child until Isa’s family took him in (and they gave him a snazzy scarf for his first birthday in the family)

Years later he gets to learn that he can build a family, not have to have the one he was born to that left him behind. Probably why he’s so desperate to keep the ones he was part of together.

Do not repost or use on this site or any other without proper credit. Asked permission is preferred.

Wanna Bet? III

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Reader


Warnings: SMUT. Oral (both), face sitting, rough, daddy kink, dirty talk

Word Count: 1,707

A/N: This is my fic, I’m just re-posting onto my sideblog

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you, baby girl. I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Jimin looked at you with a smirk. He pushed you off of his thigh and moved down the bed so that his head was now on the pillow. He motioned for you to move closer to him, eyeing you as you crawled closer. When you got within his arm’s reach, Jimin grabbed your waist and brought you on top of him, facing his legs. He pulled you by your thighs, so that you were now hovering above his face, the realization of what he was about to do sinking in, “I’ve been dying to find out how you taste baby, don’t make me wait any longer.”

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Since becoming aware of O Magazine’s comments on flat bellies and crop tops I’ve been thinking a lot about how women’s clothing is policed and how much turmoil that causes within the many different subgroups of the feminine identity experience. I’m going to talk about that more in the future, but piggybacking on that, I want to say this: That statement ripped open an old wound for me as I’m sure it did for many others. I don’t have a flat stomach. In fact, this is the smallest my stomach has ever been. I remember being young and feeling like I didn’t deserve to explore the physical aspects of my womanhood because it was co-occuring with morbid obesity. It’s statements like these, published for all eyes, that make girls and women succumb to the allure of unworthiness. It’s statements like these that make wet pillows at night and starving stomachs during the day. It was statements like these that made me stop believing in myself time and time again. Body equality is important to me and I don’t ever want to stop challenging those old and harmful ways of thinking. I want to help shape a world where a woman doesn’t have to defend her right to be in a crop top or in her underwear if she so chooses. I’m sending good vibes to everyone who has been negatively impacted by the media’s harsh regulations on your freedom of style and I hope you never stop wearing whatever the f*ck you want. Sorry for any typos. Typing this on the fly.

There we were, lying on a creaky hammock, gazing at the stars. You pulled me on top of you and kissed me so delicately, I could have mistaken your lips for wispy clouds. Your eyes gleamed brighter than any constellation I could see.
Oh, how I longed for a shooting star to dance across the night sky.
So that I could wish that you would fall for me too.
—  Moonlight adventure
Private Moments

Drabble request from anonymous

Jon Snow x Reader

24. “Get over here and make me.”
30. Attending a wedding together

Warnings: fluffy Jon

Words: 751

“Y/N if you get any more beautiful I’m not going to be able to let you out of this room” your love chuckled, wrapping his big arms around you from behind. You let yourself relax into his embrace, giggling as his scruff tickled your neck and collarbone.

“Oh hush Jon” you said, twirling in his arms to face him. Your hand cupped his cheek as you leaned up on your tip toes to kiss him.

“I’m serious, sweetheart. You’re all mine and I can’t have other men eyeing you up” he let out a playful growl and pulled you down onto the bed, rolling on top of you and peppering your face and neck with kisses as you giggled. Through his hail of kisses you managed to get a few words out,

“Excuse me, sir but I need to get ready for your brother’s wedding” you kept laughing at the soft, sweet kisses Jon was now placing all over your arms and hands.

“Call me sir again” he mumbled with out looking at you and bit down on your shoulder.

“Jon!” you nearly screeched as he pinned you down and continued biting and kissing your neck. Somehow you managed to wriggle out of his grip and get back over to the mirror to do your hair and readjust your dress since Jon pushed the straps off of your shoulders. Once you were finished braiding your hair and fixing your dress, you fastened the necklace that Jon had given you when the two of you had been together for a year, a delicate silver snowflake pendant with a silver chain.

To your surprise, you turned around to find Jon passed out on the bed, snoring lightly and still in his sleeping clothes. You threw a pillow from the chair at his head, hitting him square in the face. You chuckled as he startled awake, nearly falling off the bed.

“Not funny, Y/N” he grumbled, turning to his side and cuddling the pillows tight. A signal that he clearly was not ready to go to the wedding that was only in a few short hours.

“Come on Jon, you have to get ready” you said over your shoulder as you put your earrings into your earlobes and put the final touches on your outfit, making sure everything was perfect.

Get over here and make me” he smirked, raising an eyebrow, taunting you.

“Jon Snow if you don’t get ready for this wedding and we end up being late, you won’t touch me until winter comes” you threatened, a smirk playing across your own face when his eyes went wide with concern. He let out a groan that you could have sworn was him whining and he growled “Fine” as he got up off the bed and grabbed his clothes and furs for the wedding.

After your boyfriend quite regrettably got dressed into the clothes for the wedding, he walked over to you while puffing out his chest.

“How do I look?” he asked, pulling you to stand by lifting under your chin with his hand.

“Dashing as always, my love” you smiled, pressing your lips to his with the intention of it being a brief kiss, but Jon had other ideas.

He snaked an arm around your waist, pulling you flush to his chest and kissed you so deeply and passionately that you were sure if he wasn’t holding onto you so tightly you would have passed out and fell to the floor right there.

“How you manage to take my breath away every single day, I don’t think I’ll ever understand” you laughed out, resting your head on his chest.

“Same here, sweetheart” he kissed you lightly on the top of the head, “Come on, let’s go show up everyone else at this wedding with how incredible we look.”

The giggles that escaped your chest this time were ones you couldn’t stop. The kind Jon always got out of you, the carefree laughing that made him love you even more.

He loved you so much he couldn’t wait until it was your wedding that the two of you would be getting ready for. Unbeknownst to you, that day would be coming much sooner than you thought, Jon thought to himself as he lightly played with the ring in his pocket. Tonight would be the night. He’d even gotten Robb’s approval to propose to you at their wedding feast. He was finally going to ask the woman he loved to be his wife.

Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend
  • Where do I start with this boy
  • Goofy and kind of dense but overly loving?
  • “Chan I have work to d-”
  • *pulls you back into bed resting his large on top of yours with his gravely morning voice*
  • “Just a few more minutes Y/N…I want to spend all my good moments with you”
  • AND RIP! There goes your resolve to refuse your lovable boyfriend
  • He’s the type to get you in trouble, LIKE UNINTENTIONALLY THOUGH HE SWEARS HE DIDNT MEAN TO!1!1!1
  • “Oh it’s my boss from work!” *avoid avoid avoid*
  • But let’s be real you can’t really get mad at him, he just wants what’s right for you
  • He could be annoying though using text terms like, lol, lmao, brb, ttyl, tt, omg, etc. in a basic vocal conversation
  • Speaking of Baek, oh boy he and Jongdae,,,,well let’s just say you got 3 for the price of one
  • *opens door to home* “Channie I’m ho-”
  • *three heads pop up to say hello*
  • He might be soft but he’s not innocent at all (remember the time he and Kyungsoo laughed cause some squishy things Kyungsoo was holding looked like a dick? Oh yea)
  • He…just can’t read atmosphere that well
  • *slides over to kiss you in front of parents*
  • But what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he can’t see the outside world because you are his world
  • Fashion shopping would be so easy with him though omg
  • “Y/N? Which hoodie, this blue one or the black? Or should I get the purple one”
  • I’d say he’s territorial, easy to get jealous and needs validation from time to time. Poor baby gets so many unnecessary hate that it will affect how he is in the relationship
  • But that also means as the person he chose to build a relationship with he’ll ask you for validation first
  • “Is this okay to post on Instagram?” ; “Is this song good?” ; “Did I do well today?”
  • And just seeing that heartwarming smile he gives you when you say yes well it just helps with your day a little more
  • He may suck at reading atmosphere but he can tell when you’re upset or down
  • Pulling you into a hug where he wraps his long arms and legs around you to just listen and try to help you through.
  • He tries to do the things you’d usually do just to help you a out a little more even if he makes a bigger mess than before
  • Your dates would be so pure and simple or extravagant and wild; it depends on his spontaneous personality 
  • But in the end of the day you two would snuggle in bed and tell stories to each other as his voice helps slowly lull you to sleep, giving one last kiss on your forehead as his eyes shine at you as if you were the only person in the world and frankly you were to him

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Going down on you
  • Little breaths and gasped moans against your clit, his jaw teasing the sensitive skin on the inside of your thigh, holding onto your hips when you raise them desperate to get closer to his swollen lips. 
  • His plump swollen lips being almost red from being so focused on mouthing at your clit. Little slurping sounds against your skin, sometimes you feel his teeth grazing your clit, a stark contrast to the soft plush lips laving you with attention.
  • He would be so enthusiastic, he wouldn’t necessarily have a technique yet. But his enthusiasm would more than make up for it. He would bury his face in your pussy and lick you for all he is worth. You would sometimes guide him, pulling on his hair tell him when you liked something or bringing his head to a certain area he had neglected.
  • He would love the effect he has on you, seeing you writhing on top of him, pulling on his hair, arching your back, the breathy moans riling him up. He would be so incredibly hard, grinding into the mattress trying desperately to somehow cope with the aching need. 
  • His hands holding on to your thighs keeping them apart, little finger sized bruises left on your skin. His fingers leaving bruises on your hips from holding onto them so tightly.
  • Looking up at you, his nose resting on your pubic bone, a smirk playing on his lips, his cheeks flushed and his eyes incredibly dark. Humming against your clit, the vibrations travelling up your spine raising goosebumps on your skin.
I’m sorry I don’t know what this is… I just had a conversation with *ahem* someone and I couldn’t get it out of my head… but it’s very short? I’m sorry guys… ALSO KIND OF WANTED TO DO SOMETHING BECAUSE THE STORM WITHIN HIT 500 NOTES THANK YOU MY LOVELIES

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader

Word count: 3982

Warnings: Smut, Dirty Talk, Dirty Thoughts, Sex on Baby, Outdoor Sex (there’s nobody around though), Kissing, Biting, Teasing, Sexual Frustration, Sexual Tension, Dom!Dean, Dom!Reader, Rough sex, Mechanic!Dean, EXPLICIT GIFS AND PICS

Summary: Dean is working on Baby and the Reader joins him to keep him company, but things get a little more heated than expected.

Notes: Okay, so…this happened *grin* Let me know what you think about it guys, and as usual, enjoy! *kisses* FORGOT TO TELL YOU, THIS IS A THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE 500 AMAZING CUTIES THAT FOLLOW ME, LOVE YA, GUYS! ♡♡♡♡♡ Also, I know the gifs don’t really fit the plot perfectly, but it was the best I could find

DISCLAIMER: the gifs and pics are NOT mine

Tags: None


You yawned, pulling the tank top down your stomach, before you grabbed a pair of the shortest shorts you owned and wore them.

It was hot as hell lately, and while you knew Sam would be gone for the day; you also knew that Dean was still wandering around the bunker, which meant you had to put on something.

Walking down the hall, you immediately decided to put your hair in a high ponytail cursing the way it stuck to your skin, managing to make you feel even hotter than you already did.

Usually the bunker’s temperature kept a bearable level, and you just couldn’t stand how the air conditioning had decided to break down exactly during the hottest week of August.

The first thing you did when you reached the kitchen, was grab a freezing bottle of water and gulp it down; you knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, since you’d just woken up, but you didn’t care.

You didn’t feel like eating, so you just took a fruit and wandered around the bunker to find Dean. You’d looked everywhere but you couldn’t find him, until you realized he was probably outside working on Baby.

“Hey!” He lifted his head as your voice reached him over the music blasting from the Impala’s speakers, “Oh, hey! Still can’t cope with the heat, huh?” He eyed you up and down, subconsciously licking his lips.

“Yeah, I can’t understand how you do it, man! I feel so hot, I’m suffocating” Your fingers pulled at your tank top, trying to unstick it from your heated body.

‘Oh, you are hot, alright. So damn hot!’ He smiled at his thought, wishing he could just tell you what he was really thinking about you, “Hang on in there, Sammy’ll fix the a.c. as soon as he’s back”

You nodded, smiling to him as you walked towards where he was standing, “So, how’s your patient doing?” He gave you a dirty look to which you just chuckled; you loved to tease him, especially about Baby.

“It’s not funny, (Y/n). She’s been doing some weird noises and I will find out what’s wrong with my sweetheart” As much as you loved to tease him, you couldn’t help but admire his love and commitment towards his car.

“I know you’ll figure it out, you always do” A proud, smug grin appeared on his face at your encouragement and you patted his back, feeling your heart race at how sexy he looked under the hood.

“Uhm, do you need some help? I’m not an expert, but I can follow instructions” A pretty vivid image of you following his instructions popped in Dean’s head, the only thing was that they weren’t about fixing Baby, and the both of you were wearing far lesser clothes.

“Uh…no, it’s okay for now, I’ll let you know if I need something” You nodded, and he turned to flash you a cute, little smile, “Won’t turn down your company, though” He accompanied the statement with a wink, and you smiled, sitting on the cooler.

Not even ten minutes had passed since you’d sat down, that your mind was already clouded with fantasies involving the elder Winchester. Your eyes were following the rippling muscles of his back, moving under the thin layer of his gray, fitting t-shirt.

His broad shoulders attracting your attention, before it was drawn by his strong arms. You fantasized about gripping and digging your nails into his biceps, as his lips kissed down your neck, making you sigh in pleasure.

Your cheeks turned red when you realized you had indeed sighed, and you thanked God that Dean didn’t seem to notice. Your hands fanned your face, as you tried to compose yourself at least a little.

‘Seriously, (Y/n)? C'mon, get it together, he’s just a man! A very handsome, sexy, hot, strong man…’ You were sure if you’d been a cartoon, you would’ve had heart eyes at the moment, but you brushed it off and got up.

You opened the cooler and, just as you were expecting, you found some nice, cold and inviting beers; you grabbed two and walked to Dean, “Beer?”

He lifted himself up from under the hood, and swiped his hand across his forehead to clean the small droplets of sweat that had formed there. Some grease stained his face, and you giggled, cleaning it off yourself.

He laughed with you, cleaning his greasy hands on the rug he had been using, and you handed him his bottle, “Thanks, sweetheart” Shivers ran down your spine at his husky, smoky tone and you smiled, nodding and opening your bottle.

Your lips touched the cool glass, and you gulped down some of the refreshing liquid, sighing in relief. Dean on the other hand, hadn’t even opened his beer yet, he was too focused on you to be able to think straight.

He watched your lips, envying the bottle, wishing it was his lips touching yours instead. He knew they would feel great on his; he remembered how soft and plump, and just perfect they’d felt each time you’d pressed them to his cheeks.

His eyes then moved down, following the curve of your neck. He wondered how you’d react if he kissed and licked every inch of it; how you’d look if he took his times and marked you up, making sure everyone knew you were his and his only.

He was about to let his eyes scan the rest of your body, when you spoke and his eyes snapped up to lock on yours, “This is the best thing ever” He cleared his throat and smiled, “Yeah…totally”

Dean didn’t know if you were aware of the effect you had on him; didn’t know if you’d noticed the way he stared at you, or purposefully brushed your skin every time he had the chance, but he sure as hell hoped you hadn’t.

He flirted with you, every single second since you’d met, and you always flirted back, but you did the same thing with his little brother, so he guessed you weren’t really interested in him.

Everything you did was driving him crazy: your laugh, your voice, the way you bit your lip when focused on something, or your little affectionate touches for him and his brother, your scent, even your walk was too much to bear at times.

Just like now for example, as he watched you swaying your hips, the same hips he’d fantasised on gripping so many times; as he stared at your ass confined in those tight shorts of yours; the only thing he could think about was taking you right there and then.

You turned around then to sit back on the cooler and Dean was glad that he’d placed it close enough for him to still be able to see every single detail of yours.

You smirked at him, and he didn’t know if you’d guessed what he was thinking about or what, but he didn’t care because that smirk you shot him, had to be the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

He swallowed the dryness in his mouth, if he wasn’t feeling hot earlier, he definitely was now. You tipped your head back, bringing the bottle back to your lips and he almost, almost groaned at the sight.

A drop of the condensed water fell on your collarbone and he licked his lips as his eyes hungrily followed its trail, ‘Son of a bitch! She’s gonna be the death of me…’

Dean bit on his lower lip when the drop disappeared between your breasts, and he knew that he’d never had any idea to what strength was, until he had to watch you without touching.

He opened his own bottle now, gulping down half of it, cause he needed something, anything, to stop him from walking the distance between the two of you and tear your clothes apart.

Dean brought his eyes back on you, and for a second he could’ve sworn that you were staring at him while licking your lips, but he brushed it off, cause he knew it was just his mind playing, yet, another trick on him.

“How come you always wear jeans? I mean, you gotta be hot, why not go for shorts?” He smiled, it wasn’t the first time you’d asked him that, “That’s cause I’d never look half as good as you do, sweetheart!”

He loved the barely visible blush that coated your cheeks whenever he complimented you somehow, and he probably loved even more the shy smile that etched on your lips as you looked away.

“Now, as much as I’d love to just stand here and keep staring at you in that little outfit of yours, I really gotta find out what’s wrong with Baby!”

You flashed him another shy smile, and he winked at you before downing the rest of his beer and turning back to duck under the hood of his car.

You bit your lip watching his bow legs; you loved his legs. The strong thighs hiding underneath his dark blue jeans always had you fantasising about him taking you against a wall, supporting both of your bodies with little to no effort.

And then there was his ass; his perfectly shaped ass. You’d lost count of the amount of times you’d dreamt of digging your nails into the firm flesh, urging him to go deeper inside of you.

Your body temperature rose with every second that you stared at him working on the car; each dirty thought that crossed your mind, making you slicker.

You closed your eyes, imagining his rough hands kneading your body, gripping tightly onto you as your back arched and you moaned his name.

“There’s something stuck in there. Damn it! I can’t reach it” His voice brought you back to reality and you drew in a shuddering breath, trying to compose yourself before you walked up to him.

“Where is it? My hand’s smaller, maybe I can help?” You stood by his side, and he turned his head to look at you; green eyes focusing on your face.

You shamelessly stared at the bulging muscles in his arms, covered in grease just like his t-shirt was, making him look right down delicious. Dean straightened up, giving you a better view at the expanse of his chest.

“-(Y/n)? You with me or what?” Your eyes snapped up to lock on his green ones, and he smirked, “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“The piece’s stuck there! If you can’t reach it it’s okay, I don’t want you to hurt yourself, you hear me?” You nodded, winking at him with a smile.

He stepped aside, and you bent under the hood, stretching your hand to reach the object you had to take out. Dean was standing a few feet behind you; eyes focused on your ass.

Your extremely short shorts, gave him the best view ever, leaving nothing to the imagination as you bent over and your ass stuck out in his direction.

His eyes followed the curve of your back, an image of you naked in his bedroom as he took you in the same position popped in his head, and he had to turn around to actually calm himself a little. 

Dean soon understood it was useless, cause the picture was now seared in his memory, and he decided to just turn back to you; resuming his contemplation of your body.

“I got it, but it’s like really, really stuck! I need a hand, Dean!” He didn’t answer you, and you frowned, snapping your free hand over your shoulder to get his attention.

“No, yeah, sorry, I’m here! What-what do you need?” He moved to stand behind you, making sure to leave some space between your bodies, “I can’t do it on my own, I need you to pull with me!”

Dean took in a deep breath, catiously bending his body over yours; his scent filling your senses and making you bite back a moan, as you felt his strong muscles coming into contact with your own.

You sank your teeth in the plush skin of your bottom lip, catching your breath when he placed one hand next to yours and the other one gripped your wrist, ready to pull whenever you said the word.

“Okay, one…” He smiled against your neck, but you couldn’t see it from the position you were in, “Two…” His voice was a gruff, hoarse whisper in your ear and you couldn’t stop yourself from shuddering.

Hoping that he wouldn’t read too much into the reaction you were having from his proximity, you drew in a deep breath, “Three!” You both pulled and you managed to get the piece that was stuck.

You stumbled back, and you were sure you would’ve landed on your ass if it hadn’t been for Dean’s sturdy body behind you, and his arms around your waist keeping you steady.

“Woah, thanks for that!” He chuckled, his breath fanning along your neck and down your spine, sending shivers throughout your whole body, “I’m the one who should be thanking you! You fixed my Baby!”

You both shifted your eyes on the plastic remainder of what could have been, well you had no idea what that thing could have been in the past, the only thing you knew was that it got stuck in Baby somewhere along the way.

“What the hell is even that?” You looked up at Dean, who was frowning down at the greasy object in your hand, “I have no idea, it was stuck in your car not mine, buddy!”

You let out a small chuckle, your stomach vibrating under Dean’s hand and making him shift his green eyes on you. You felt him tightening his arm around your waist, and looked up.

“Please, tell me if you’re feeling this, too. Cause, damn, it’s been driving me out of my mind, (Y/n)! It’s just-say the word and I’ll stop…” You kept silent for a second, weighing the pros and cons.

But then again, this was Dean Winchester you were talking about, the pros undoubtedly outnumbered the cons. You gently took in your hand the arm that was keeping you secured in his hold, and turned to face him.

“What would you do if I felt it, too?” A deep groan left his lips, before they were crashing on your own as he walked you back until your ass found his car.

He blindly closed the hood, never breaking the kiss and you moaned when he picked you up and sat you on it; the warm metal of the car sticking to the flesh of your bare thighs.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love these shorts on you? They make your ass look so damn good!” You tugged on his head, humming absently as you pulled his lips back on yours.

“God, Dean! I want you so bad!” He nodded, trailing kisses along your jaw and down your neck, harshly sucking on your skin and pulling back to watch as a red mark showed on the surface.

He threw away the greasy rug he had been holding, and you watched him for a second, before you were fisting his grey t-shirt and pulling him back against you, craving the feeling of his hard muscles against your own.

“Fuck, you’re sexy, (Y/n)! You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamt of fucking you senseless, baby” You moaned when he whispered the words against your lips; his hands gripping your thighs.

“Gonna take me here, Dean?” You were vaguely aware of the fact that you were outside but you couldn’t bring yourself to care as Dean’s hands roughly kneaded the insides of your thighs.

“I could take you wherever you want, baby girl, it just has to be as soon as possible!” You rolled your hips on his, feeling his erection straining against his jeans and adding to your arousal.

“Here’s fine. Nobody comes around here anyways, right?” You tipped your head back as he hummed his answer, suckling and biting on your supple flesh, while his hands snaked under your tank top.

You lifted your arms up, helping him remove the clothing and silently giving him the permission his eyes were asking for, as if he really needed to ask for any at that point.

His big hands cupped your breasts, squeezing them gently and enjoying the feeling of them, “Mmmhm, they fit perfectly in my hands!” You were about to tell him to move along, but he shut you up.

His full lips wrapped around one hard nipple, tugging on it and making you arch your back closer as mewls of approval fell from your kiss-swollen, parted lips.

You looked down and found him looking up at you, his eyes fixed on every single twitch of pleasure that appeared on your face. He reserved the same treatment to your other nipple, and by the time he was done, you were a dripping mess of need.

Your hands worked to rid him of his shirt, desperately craving the feeling of his hot skin under your hands, and when he finally discarded it, you practically moaned at the sight in front of you.

His forearms and biceps were covered in smudged grease, partly because of you gripping them, and the large expanse of his chest was covered in a sheen layer of sweat, making your core even more slick.

Dean gave you a few moments to look, mostly cause he himself was admiring your bare upper half, before he couldn’t take it anymore and settled between your parted thighs and pulled you flush to him.

You groaned at the sensation of your hard nipples rubbing against his hard chest, your hands going to grip and feel his broad shoulders, while his went to unbutton your shorts.

Your hands followed the curve of his muscles, trailing down his toned pecs and softer abs, until you hooked your fingers in the waistband of his jeans and pulled his hips to yours.

Dean moaned at your actions, hungrily watching as you unbuttoned his jeans and undid the zipper, “Enough with the foreplay. I’m so wet for you, Dean, you’ll slip into me with no problem!”

A deep, long growl bubbled in his chest, and he worked to rid you of your tight shorts, cursing under his breath as it took him more than he expected, “They might be sexy, but they’re a bitch to take off!”

You grinned down at him when he let them fall on the hood next your thigh and pushed down his own jeans, “Uh-uh, the things I do, or wear, to make you hard for me, Dean”

You seductively bit down on your lip, before his lips were claiming your own once more, teeth sinking into your lower one and dragging it roughly.

“Clean, tell me you’re on the pill, cause I really need to be inside your tight, little pussy! Right fucking now!” You nodded, pushing your hips forward on the hood of the car, as Dean tore your panties away.

“Dude!” He flashed you a sheepish grin, while pushing his underwear down, “I’ll make it worth it” You raised an eyebrow at him, “You bett-ffffuck!”

He sank into you, your juices making him slide smoothly inside your core and bottom out, before he stopped to let you both adjust to the feeling, “Shiiit! You’re tighter that I thought, (Y/n)!”

You chocked out something that sounded as an 'I know’, making him let out a breathless chuckle, “God-damn it, Dean, move! Pleeease!” What was supposed to be an order, ended in a moan as Dean slightly rolled his hips.

“Ugh-you feel good, sweetheart” He withdraw his hips, pushing back into you and you both moaned, “Fuck me, Dean, please I need you to!” He complied, working his hips against yours and starting to build up a pace.

His thrust grew harder and faster, your boobs bouncing with each one of them, and making him growl as he latched his lips around a nipple and bit down hard, making you tip your head back in pleasure.

“Damn it! You feel so-ughhh, so…fffuck!” You rolled your hips back onto him, pushing him even deeper inside of you, “Yeah? Like how my little pussy wraps tightly around your big cock, baby?”

Dean growled, the grip he had on your thighs tightening, “If you keep that up, I won’t be able to control myself anymore, (Y/n)!” He snarled the words in your ear, making you shudder.

You smirked to yourself, leaning down to lick at the shell of his ear, “Can you feel that? Can you feel how my walls are stretching to accommodate your huge cock? Ahhh-shit, you’re fucking me so good, Dean!”

He pushed you back until you were lying on the hood, your legs spread wide for him and allowing him the best view, “I warned ya, princess!” As the words left his lips, he began to pound into you.

His hips snapping furiously against your own, the sound of slapping skin filling your ear as he relentlessly thrust his member into your entrance, “Oh, fffuck! Just like that, don’t stop, Dean, p-pleeease!”

Dean bent down, covering your body with his, and sinking his teeth into the spot were your neck and shoulder connected, making you arch your back off the metal to get closer to him.

“You’re such a dirty girl, (Y/n)! Whispering those filthy things into my ear to get me to fuck you harder. This is what you want, baby? This is what you wanted me to do to you?”

Your walls shook around him, every muscle in your body tensing as you felt the tight coil in your belly about to snap, “Yes, yes! Fuck, Deeean! I’m gonna-gonna c-come!”

Dean groaned, pistoning his hips faster and bringing his hand to roughly toy with your clit, “Then come!” Your pussy clamped down on him, nails digging into his biceps as you let go.

You rolled your hips, body shaking under Dean’s, “Sonofa-damn it, princess!” Dean pulled out of you, hurriedly jerking himself, before spurting his hot come all over your thighs.

He collapsed back on top of you, both of you completely spent as you tried to regain your normal breathing, “Well, that finally happened!” He smiled against your shoulder, before placing a kiss onto it.

“Mmmhm, finally!” You closed your eyes, basking in the afterglow and enjoying Dean’s bodyweight on top of yours, “Why the hell did you ask about the pill if you ended up coming all over me anyway?”

He chucked, his chest shaking against yours, “Yeah, well…I just always fantasized about you covered in my come, I think it’s sexy”

Dean shrugged his shoulders as you giggled, before he lifted himself up a little and kissed you, “Look, (Y/n), I don’t know about you, but I’d like to do this again…sometimes, maybe as often as possible?”

He innocently raised his eyebrows at you, grinning down like a little kid, “I don’t want this to be a one time thing, either, Dean” You felt him draw in a relieved breath, before pressing another kiss on your lips.

You pushed him off of you and grabbed your clothes, along with what was left of your panties and started walking away, “Wait! Where you going?” Dean was pulling up his pants when you turned around to him.

“To take a shower, wanna join?” You sent him a wink and turned around, swaying your naked hips inside the bunker, “God, you’re definitely going to be the death of me, (Y/n)!”

He heard your chuckle and smiled, grabbing his clothes and jogging behind you as he made a mental note to clean the imprinted shape of your ass off of Baby’s hood.

Piano Man (Reader’s POV)

Title: Piano Man (Reader’s POV)

Summary: The reader finds Dean alone in the hotel bar.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Word Count: 1224

Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (woman receiving) unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  This was written for @casownsmyass Scenes of Smut Challenge. I was given a famous sex scene from a movie and I had to put my own twist on it. My scene: the piano scene from Pretty Woman (x). I decided to write two versions - one in the reader’s point of view and one in Dean’s point of view (here).

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Characters: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1776

Warnings: fluff, smut, walker killing

A/N: Written to cheer up @a-sea-of-fandoms after this week’s TWD episode. Set in Season 2. This is my first time writing non-SPN and is a one off – for now ;)

“Fuck,” you breathed out, as you pulled yourself up onto the top of the RV, your breath visible in the cold night air. It had been a long day and laying out under the stars in the silence of the evening gave you chance to almost forget all of the madness around you. The quick run out for supplies with Rick and Glenn had gone sideways and you found yourself out of the secure gates of the farm until long after the sun had set. Somehow, and you still have no idea how, you all managed to fight your way out of the ambush of walkers, holding them back just long enough to pile back into the car and return empty handed. You were silently kicking yourself for wasting the trip, and the fuel, and all that energy on a pointless run when you heard metal chinking beneath you. You smiled when you saw familiar hands gripping the edges of the ladder near your feet.

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When you wake up to Jhope’s kisses

Warning: You’ll fall for Jhope by reading this ;3

JH: *pokes your cheek* Y/N~~

Y/N: *still half asleep* Nhnhnghnhnnnn

JH: *smiles* Wakey wakey sunshine

Y/N: *opens one eye* let me sleeeep for a wee bit moreee

JH: *grabs and pulls you on top of him*

Y/N: *startled* Jhopeeee why don’t you let me sleep?? *pouts*

JH: *gently grabs your face* Did you know that I love you?

Y/N: *blushes* yes I love you too, hobi

JH: *chuckles* I love it when you call me that

Y/N: *smiles* do you really?

JH: Yes, now here’s a present 

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