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At some point the Famethyst and Holly Blue Agate come to Earth wanting to return the Zoomans to their natural habitat, which they only realise on arrival is going to take years of gradual reintroduction and rehabilitation in a secluded and protected location, so they set up on Mask Island where the local watermelon people are happy to help the Zoomans learn to cope with real life without Little Voice and an environment that provides everything they need without risk or difficulty.  Watermelon people are very generous and altruistic like that.  

So they live there and can visit back and forth with the Crystal Gems via the warp pads, and Amethyst (and Jasper) both get to spend time with their long-lost families and it’s a happy and healing thing for all concerned.  However, there are still problems because Amethyst, out of loyalty to her newfound sisters, detests Holly Blue for bullying them for so long and can’t understand why they keep her around now that they’re not stuck with her.  

It’s difficult for them to explain to her that although they appreciate her loyalty they don’t need her to show it in this way; that nobody knows Holly better than they do and they’ve seen such a genuine change in her attitude and behaviour since her humiliation (following which they made her wear their uniform and work alongside them as a kind of penance/probation) that they trust her now and she and they actually care about each other.

Amethyst grudgingly accepts that (she feels sort of hurt by it, honestly, since she thought they had a kind of solidarity on this point and is still sensitive about any perceived rejection) but still clearly dislikes Holly and it’s awkward for the Fam.  Knowing that what turned things around for them and Holly was working together and and coming to see each other as equals, they come up with a plan and tell Holly what they need her to do.  

At first Holly bitches and moans and digs her heels in because she feels she’s humbled herself an awful lot already and it’s just one more thing and doesn’t she have enough to deal with blah blah blah but eventually huffs loudly and says, “All right, if it means that much to you,” and goes to find Amethyst.

“What do you want?” Amethyst asks.

Holly takes a deep breath and says, “I want to ask for your help.”

After Amethyst finishes hooting with laughter she asks what the high and mighty Holly Blue Agate thinks a defective Earth Quartz like her might be able to help her with.  

Holly takes another deep breath and reminds herself that she’s doing this for her friends and admits, “I’m not actually very good at using a whip.”

“Lolwut,” says Amethyst.

“I’m not!  It’s the customary weapon of an Agate but often I can’t even get it to crack properly.  I only got away with it for so long because I didn’t really need to use it.  You know how easily you beat me,” she says, folding her arms and looking away.  “And you can do all those… clever tricks and I hoped if you had time in your busy schedule” (a little bit of salt slipped in despite her best efforts) “you might help me improve my skills.  Please.”

“Well,” says Amethyst, “I could teach you but I’d have to charge.”

After some pop-cultural explanations they get on with it and in the process Amethyst can actually see Holly making herself think before she speaks and treat her with respect.  And teaching her is sort of fun.  And even if Holly is a giant priss with a stick up her butt she can probably get along with her okay.  And she’s actually working hard and getting pretty good.

And that’s how Holly Blue Agate ended up winning a blue ribbon in the rodeo games at the county fair.

Today we’re going to update a story we first brought you back in 2004. That September, NPR set out to document what may be the most important day in any young child’s life — the first day of kindergarten. For parents it’s a day filled with hope, anxiety and one big question: Is our child ready?

The answer back then, as far as 5-year-old Sam Marsenison was concerned, was “No, no, no!”

For his parents, Paul and Maryanna Marsenison of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., it was tough letting go too. They had spent weeks, if not months, preparing themselves. But on that day, Sam made it very clear that he wanted no part of his new school, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary.

Sam lunged towards Maryanna and wrapped his little arms around her waist, tears rolling down both their faces.

In the background, the principal was on the PA system with a not-so-subtle warning: It was time for all kindergarten parents to leave. Immediately.

And now it was Maryanna, not Sam, who didn’t want to let go. For a while it seemed that even a tractor couldn’t pull her away.

Thirteen years later, Sam says he only has vague memories of the drama that unfolded on his first day of kindergarten.

How It All Turned Out: A Kindergarten Story, 13 Years Later

Photo: Zak Bennett for NPR

Farmers Daughter - Stiles Stilinski {Part Two}

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long to put out. I had a little trouble writing it and what I wanted to come out of it. So, I hope you lovelies enjoy! Thanks to @lovelydob for proof reading this for me!

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hey um cars au doesent sound too bad. keith could be that red car, and shiro could be that huge truck who draggs him along everywhere. an D THEN LANCE COULD BE THAT OLD PULL TRACTOR (mater or whatever his name is) HUNK COULD BE THAT OLD VAN WITH LOTSA COOL PATTERNS AND PIDGE WOULD BE THAT ONE FEMALE BLUE CARE // i did not know cars had genders

omfg stopppp

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Linked questions: 1. Do you know what tractor pulling is, 2. How would farm boy home boy clark feel about it?

i confess i didn’t know but a google search revealed it to be… a motorsport? like you pull a sled or something with your tractor???????!!!! IN WHICH CASE I LOVE IT???

clark would love it but the family only has one tractor(ol’ betty) and he doesn’t want to risk it by participating in competitions so he’s content with being a spectator…. someday maybe…. if he got a rich bf…..


Ford in the Dark! Gotland great Pulling Evening! #traktorpower #tractor #traktor #ford (på/i Gotland Grönt Centrum)

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