pulling tractor

[Sophie posing as a producer meets with the guy they’re trying to hook]

Rucker: “What event are you here to produce?”
[Sophie hesitates, Hardison hurriedly looks up local events, speaking in her earpiece]

Hardison: “On it. Tractor pull in Grand Island… a livestock show in Council Bluffs… white people doing other white people things…”

–Leverage (The Tap-Out Job, S2E2)

Title: Spoopy

Pairing: Brohm

Word Count: 3404

Rating: Boi, I rate like, all of them as T

A/N: It’s October. It’s sp00py time. I couldn’t help but turn this into a Halloween oneshot, forgive my sins. Also, I know it’s not a super cute date, but I’m a super sp00py person, so I wanted to get some fear in there:/ But there are many cuddles and kisses, so I hope those make up for the funny/scary date part:3 I hope you like it, my fellow Brohm Hoe:p


“Come on Ryan! You’re so slow!” Bryce pulled the older male along, breath slightly visible in the autumn air, eyes gleaming and smile wide.

Ryan groaned, letting himself be dragged along as Bryce got in line for the haunted hay ride, his boots crunching dead leaves below him.

He wasn’t really one for stuff like this, he’d rather stay home and watch a ton of movies and eat popcorn than sit on a stack of itchy hay and try not to cringe at feeble attempts to scare him.

But, as he had recently learned, Bryce was all for anything that had to do with Halloween: he liked the hay rides, ghost trails, haunted houses, you name it. The smile that graced his features when he got in line was the only thing that kept Ryan from leaving.

That smile did wicked things to him, including making him do what Bryce wanted.

Because Ryan would go anywhere just to see that smile.

And that was why he was there, one hand shoved in his jacket pocket, nose red from the cold, teeth chattering ever so slightly.

Bryce turned to look at him, smile wide and sweet as he squeezed Ryan’s hand, his own nose red from the low temperatures.

They moved forward slightly as the next group of people got on the ride, leaving them now at the front. Once this tractor returned with its bundle of people, it would be their turn.

Bryce looked around, eyes widening in excitement as he heard the screams and snarls coming from the woods in front of them.

“Sounds like it’s gonna be scary, Ryan. Are you sure you can handle this?” He teased, nudging Ryan’s shoulder and huddling close next to him, searching for body warmth from his boyfriend.

Ryan rolled his eyes, nudging him a bit roughly before responding, his sarcastic voice making Bryce laugh.

“Yes, because underpaid teenagers with shitty Halloween makeup sounds extremely frightening.”

Bryce pouted slightly, taking his hand from Ryan’s and crossing his arms over his chest, staring down at Ryan.

“C'mon Ryan. There’s no need to be such a downer.”

The older male just huffed, shoving his hands in his pockets and shaking a bit. He stomped his boots on the ground, trying to gain some type of warmth.

Bryce noticed his shivering and did what any good boyfriend would do: he wrapped his arms around the smaller male, hands interlocking at his front, practically bear hugging him.

Ryan mumbled something under his breath about PDA and how he didn’t like it, but Bryce ignored him and squeezed slightly, smushing Ryan’s back against his chest and placing his chin on the top of the shorter male’s head, thumbs rubbing random patterns on his stomach.

Ryan cleared his throat, his hands against his sides, pinned down by Bryce’s warm embrace.

“This is so gay, Bryce.” He tried to stay annoyed with the bubbly blonde, but a small smile bloomed onto his face when Bryce spoke, his words causing him to chuckle.

“That’s kinda what we are, Ryan. Unless there is something you would like to share with me?”

Ryan leaned into Bryce’s embrace, warmth spreading through his body as he spoke.

“I guess you’re right, we are pretty gay.” Ryan said, watching the tractor pull up slowly, a mixture of terrified and laughing people hopping off the back. “And I wouldn’t change it for a thing.”

Bryce nodded in agreement, letting Ryan out of the hug, but keeping his hand in the brunette’s, urging him onto the ride, looking for a good place to sit.

Ryan grimaced at the bales of hay that he would have to sit on. The dried grass didn’t at all look pleasing, and he made a face at Bryce, but the blue eyed boy just rolled his eyes and motioned for him to sit.

Ryan didn’t protest, instead staring around for a second before plopping himself down, his hand brushing against the golden straws. He pulled his fingers away quickly, opting for keeping his hands in his lap.

Bryce sat himself down next to Ryan, smiling at the people who were getting on after him, waving at a little girl who was telling him how she wasn’t scared at all.

He thought it was cute, and her mother apologized for the child bothering him, but Bryce laughed, and told her it was no bother to him at all.

He had made Ryan sit on the very end, on the last part of the hay, where the trailer was open and sometimes monsters would reach for people. He wanted nothing more than to see his boyfriend get scared, especially after all the times he had scared Bryce.

Ryan scooted forward a little in his spot, jerking a bit when the tractor set into motion, making him lose his balance for a second.

Bryce giggled at his slip up, and Ryan shot him a half hearted glare. He looked out the sides of the trailer, not seeing anything scary or goosebumps worthy, but keeping his eyes trained on the area.

Bryce watched him, looking for any type of fear that might cross his face, but he saw nothing. Ryan was as focused as he was when playing games, and it made Bryce slightly upset, borderline angry.

He knew that look. Ryan was scoping out the area, preparing himself for a jump scare. And it didn’t sit all that well with Bryce, especially because he wanted the shorter male to get scared. He bit his lip, a flash of disappointment crossing his features for a second.

This was supposed to be fun, scary, but Ryan was turning it into a strategic game that only he understood. He was trying to “win”. There was no winning on a haunted hay ride. But Ryan would always come up with something to achieve.

Bryce sighed, looking away, staring out at the trees and creepy props set about to make the ride scarier, listening to the growls and screams of the actors and actresses.

A zombie jumped up into the trailer, and Bryce jumped a tiny bit, but smiled from the scare. He watched Ryan just shrug, not affected at all by the man.

He noticed the little girl begin to cry to his left as the zombie closed in on her, but the employee knew his limits, and hopped off the ride, sneaking back into the woods.

How he wished Ryan would cry from fear.

Bryce’s eyes widened at the mean thought. His anger had gotten the best of him for a second, apparently. He shook it off, rubbing his nose against his sleeve and sitting back.

Chains rattled against the ride, but Ryan yawned, looking out at the area, predicting where the next employee would come from and bracing himself for a scare that wouldn’t affect him.

A girl in blood covered hockey mask banged a hammer against the side of the ride, and Ryan looked down at her, looking as unaffected and bored as a librarian.

The girl jumped up and clung to the side, getting close to Ryan’s face. Bryce waited for something to happen, but the girl just stayed there, looking at Ryan through the holes in her mask.

The brunette stared right back, and the girl tore her eyes away, laughing at some guy who was currently huddled against his girlfriend in fear.

She looked to Bryce, putting two and two together as Bryce’s hand took a hold of Ryan’s own, a protective thing he did to show the shorter male was his.

She giggled in a high voice, her speaking voice lower but very feminine. She pointed to Ryan with her hammer, wiggling it in the air.

“Your boyfriend is no fun!”

Ryan looked down at their hands and his brows furrowed when he looked back up at Bryce, but he turned his attention to the actress.

“Delirious is scarier.”

The girl looked a bit confused, like she didn’t know how to answer, and instead of responding, she ended up hopping off, skipping into the woods and disappearing.

Bryce removed his hand, noticing how Ryan had squeezed his hand a bit tighter than he would have liked while talking to the girl.

Three more incidents and Ryan was sighing, the ride as boring as he had thought it to be. He looked towards Bryce for a second, who was giving him a glare, but Ryan waved it off. It wasn’t his fault this thing was predictable and boring.

He looked around at the trees in front of him, eyes focusing on the area, once again doing his little search for monsters.

Bryce frowned towards his boyfriend, who was now focused on the woods. The blonde looked away, staring out towards the back for a few moments before he raised a brow, eyes coming to rest on the face of a mutilated clown who was behind them.

His breath caught in his throat, but the clown pointed at Ryan, and Bryce began to concoct a plan.

His sullen face was quickly replaced with a smile as he realized Ryan didn’t see the clown.

His boyfriend was so focused in front of him that he had forgot about watching his back. Bryce motioned for the clown to scare Ryan, and the guy in the costume gave Bryce a thumbs up.

Bryce chuckled to himself, thinking about how he was asking a clown for a favor.

This was the only time Bryce would ever negotiate with a creepy clown, the media lately had made him more terrified than ever. And he was sure Ryan felt the same way.

He watched as the painted man climbed up the side of the trailer, directly behind Ryan, one hand hovering above Ryan’s shoulder, a wide, bloody smile plastered into his face.

Bryce pulled out his phone, clicking the record button and making sure that both the clown and Ryan were visible.

Ryan was still oblivious, his eyes squinting, obviously looking for something in the distance.

The clown looked towards Bryce, counting down from three on his fingers, his drawn on smile wide and unforgiving.


Bryce leaned back, making sure he was extremely quiet, keeping his movements mostly soundless, his phone positioned perfectly.


Ryan cleared his throat, hands in his lap, eyes searching for something in front of him that was actually behind him, waiting to scare him in just a second.


The clown latched his hand onto Ryan’s shoulder, laughing manically, and the brunette turned, eyes wide with fear, a small scream escaping his throat, his self defense instincts kicking in.

Bryce watched in embarrassment as Ryan’s elbow flew back and connected with the poor worker’s jaw, a crack echoing throughout the woods and the force knocking him off the ride.

Ryan let out a loud scream as he watched the man fall, and he stared at the downed actor, a million thoughts running through his head.

Bryce sat there, wide eyed and jaw hanging open, unable to process what had happened.

Ryan leaned forward to get away from the edge, holding himself tightly and breathing unevenly, looking like he was about to throw up. He ran a hand through his hair and gulped, completely and utterly terrified at the moment.

Bryce’s phone fell from his hands as his protective boyfriend instincts took over. He took a hold of Ryan, who was shaking uncontrollably from the fear and adrenaline pumping through him.

Ryan was mumbling curses as he tried to calm himself, catching his breath and swallowing harshly.

The other people in the trailer paid no attention to them, much too busy getting scared themselves, and Bryce was thankful for that. It was the one time he agreed with Ryan about PDA.

He held the quivering male in his warm embrace, arms wrapped around his body, rubbing soothing circles on the shorter man’s jacket clad biceps, whispering in his ear, trying to calm him down as quickly as possible.

“You’re alright, Ryan. It was just an actor. He wasn’t actually a clown, he’s gone now.”

Ryan inhaled deeply, his head in his hands as he spoke, voice trembling slightly.

“He-he came up out of nowhere and I got scared. Bryce, I just fucking elbowed an employee in the fucking face.”

Bryce held him tightly, completely forgetting about the phone that was still recording on the floor, hearing Bryce’s soothing words and Ryan’s scared cussing.

“Jesus Christ, Bryce.”

Bryce’s heart dropped at Ryan’s voice, realizing that he had went overboard with this. He didn’t mean to scare him so badly. He would have to make it up to him somehow.

He pulled Ryan into his lap, holding him in his arms while rubbing his back, trying to calm him until the ride was over. He had never seen Ryan so scared in his entire life, and it made him feel like an asshole.

He watched as hazel eyes began to close and his breathing started to go back to normal, much to Bryce’s relief.

Ryan sat in Bryce’s arms for the rest of the ride, not daring to open his eyes, afraid of another jump scare. He ended up almost falling asleep in the warmth that was Bryce’s hug, but before he could, the tractor pulled to a stop and they were once again at the beginning of the woods.

Bryce nudged Ryan, removing his hands from the brunette’s body and willing him to open his eyes.

“Ryan, we’re back. You can open your eyes, now.”

The older male cracked open his eyes and scooted off of Bryce, and he watched Bryce pick up his discarded phone, which now had a crack in the corner of the screen, but Bryce didn’t seem to care, as he just shoved into his pocket and put his focus on Ryan.

The hazel eyed man exhaled slowly, removing himself stiffly from the hay. He followed Bryce off the ride, deciding to get out of there as soon as possible, not wanting to explain to the manager why one of his employees was lying on the ground in pain.

His heart was still beating incredibly fast and he was still terrified. Of course, he had never had such a bad jump scare in his entire life.

He let Bryce lead him to the car, and was put into the passenger seat with a small kiss to his cheek and a reassuring squeeze of his hand.

Bryce ended up driving, deciding Ryan was too shaken up to do so. The ride home was quiet, and when he looked over, Ryan was staring out the window, the distant look on his face made Bryce feel worse than he already did.

He drove in silence, relieved when they finally pulled up to the apartment, but his relief turned to concern when Ryan became jumpy from the darkness that filled the apartment.

Bryce felt so bad for doing this. It was supposed to be a little revenge prank, but it ended up hurting two people.

He watched Ryan move around the apartment with searching eyes, as if the clown was going to be here.

Bryce sighed, letting Ryan use the shared bathroom first, using his waiting time to find something good on tv.

He settled for The Impractical Jokers, listening to Ryan shower in the other room.

About ten minutes later, Ryan emerged, clad in a pair of gray pajamas, the sleeves a little bit too long, his hands disappearing beneath them.

He crawled into the bed, staring at the tv and yawning, and Bryce made his way toward the bathroom, working quickly as to not keep Ryan alone for long.

By the time Bryce was done with his nightly routines, his worry had peaked. Ryan was on the bed, knees up, covered in blankets and surrounded by pillows, holding a pillow in his arms, clutching it tightly.

In any other circumstance, it would’ve been extremely cute, but right now it made Bryce feel guilty.

He crawled into the bed with Ryan, scooting down a bit so he could lay his head on the older’s shoulder, his hand resting on top of Ryan’s lazily.

They sat there in silence, watching tv, and Bryce waited for Ryan to say something, but he was mute.

Bryce sighed, his fingers tracing Ryan’s veins in his hand, his guilt practically eating him up.

He took things too far, and now Ryan probably wouldn’t get any sleep, and if he did, he would surely have nightmares.

Bryce was about to fall asleep in defeat when the soft voice cut through the silence, making his eyes pop open.

“That one definitely makes my ‘Top Ten Worst Dates’ list.” Ryan said, and Bryce could still hear the slight fear in his voice.

Bryce nodded, laying on his back and stretching his arms out, surprised when Ryan moved, changing his position so that he could lay on top of Bryce, legs tangling together with the blonde’s, hands on Bryce’s chest, underneath Ryan’s head.

“It was pretty bad for you, Ryan. But do you think some kisses and cuddles can turn things around?”

Ryan made a noise of content, and he spoke, his voice slightly muffled as he spoke against Bryce’s chest.

“I think they could make me feel a little better.”

Bryce could feel the smile tugging at his lips as he heard the calmness in Ryan’s voice. It made him feel a lot better.

He didn’t want to tell Ryan that his scare had been planned, by him of all people, so he kept that to himself, opting for making Ryan feel better.

He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, hands clasping at the hazel eyed male’s back. He planted a soft kiss on Ryan’s forehead, and could feel him smiling against his chest.

Ryan lifted his head up to look at Bryce, and he smiled contentedly, all past remnants of fear out the window when Bryce touched him.

He leaned forward so Bryce could peck him on the lips, and his hands trailed lazily up Bryce’s chest, stopping at his heart. He laid his palm flat against Bryce’s chest, feeling for the heart beat that he knew so well.

Bryce used a hand to fix Ryan’s hair, some of it out of place from moving around so much.

Ryan smiled lazily, sighing against him and rolling off of Bryce, keeping his hand over his heart, fingers light on his chest.

He nuzzled his head into Bryce’s side,  legs curling up a bit, knees against the blonde’s legs as he got comfortable.

Bryce smiled at the contact, his boyfriend looking extremely cute in the current position, looking s bit like a cat snuggling into a blanket.

Ryan closed his eyes, leaning into Bryce’s touch, who was rubbing small circles onto his back with a finger, a soothing gesture he had used often when Ryan was upset or angry.

Ryan’s tired voice cut through the air, his hand gripping at the fabric of Bryce’s shirt over his heart.

“This is mine,” he paused, taking Bryce’s free hand and planting a kiss on his palm before placing it over his own heart, smiling. “And this is yours.”

Bryce chuckled at the sudden words, bringing Ryan up to plant a small kiss on his lips, letting Ryan wrap an arm around him and pull him close, much like what he had done with the pillow earlier.

Ryan found himself burying his head in The crook of Bryce’s neck, where he placed a couple of his own kisses, hearing Bryce sigh in pleasure.

When he pulled away, he rested his head on Bryce’s chest, grasping one of Bryce’s hands possessively, speaking into the air, voice tired but filled with emotion. More specifically, love.

“You have my heart, and I have yours. No shitty date is ever gonna change that.”

Bryce smiled tiredly, squeezing Ryan’s hand in his own to let him know he was listening. He pulled the blanket over them, making sure to keep it a little bit below his shoulders, so it wouldn’t go over Ryan’s head.

He cuddled into Ryan, his own voice tinted with love and happiness as he spoke, staring up at the ceiling and holding Ryan against his body.

“That was so gay, Ryan.”

He felt more than heard Ryan chuckle against him, and Bryce couldn’t help the smile that grew onto his face when Ryan answered.

“That’s kinda what we are, Bryce.”

anonymous asked:

in honor of hoechlin superman, do you have any superman!derek sterek au headcanons?

okay so there’s the idea that derek & stiles are childhood friends, and stiles spends years thinking derek’s just amazing, naturally. they both hang out a lot in the fields (of kansas obv) that derek’s family own and derek always has the best snacks from his mom, trades baseball cards with stiles, and they argue over movies, shoot hoops, spend hours playing video games, or listening in on his dad’s police radio. stiles notices, sometimes, when derek gets a bit upset about a crime they hear on the radio, he sometimes disappears to the bathroom for ages, but whenever he suggests they don’t listen, go do something else, derek always says he’s fine, and stiles believes him. stiles trusts derek, so much. he was there for stiles when his mom died, and he’s always helpful at the police station, always watching stiles’ dad’s back as much as stiles is. he retells stories of the time derek caught him when he fell out of a tree and almost brained himself on the ground, but derek was there, right there! out of nowhere! and caught him easy peasy, and they were only 13 so there wasn’t a moment, or anything, but stiles thinks about it a lot as he grows up, about how safe he felt in derek’s arms. about the time he and derek were messing with one of the tractors, flicking mud at each other from either side of one of the huge wheels and then derek had caught his wrist, held him still, it almost seemed like they were maybe gonna kiss, stiles was 15 and feeling brave but then he slipped and got his foot stuck under the wheel, it felt like the whole thing was gonna crush him as it began to roll in the mud, but then suddenly it was gone and derek was hovering over him, mud all up his shirt and his sneakers ruined, but stiles was fine? stiles always just assumed it was the adrenaline, he managed to kick the tractor away or something? he could be magic like that! or something? derek always laughs and gives him this super fond look that makes stiles’ insides flip and says “or something” 

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anonymous asked:

OMG Pitch owns my soul. Would love to see a fic in 1x10 where Mike actually knocks on Ginny's door instead of Rachels.

Same, anonymous, same. This one flirted with some smut because that’s how my brain works, I guess. And then after that, it went immediately for total sap, so.

we’ll eventually emerge | ao3

This was the opposite of a good idea. 

This thing that he was doing didn’t even exist on the same continent as a good idea. 

But, well. How far had good ideas gotten him?

After all, pinning his future financial security on a career playing a children’s game also had to be the opposite of a good idea. But, Mike Lawson was an eight-time All-Star and destined for Cooperstown before all was said and done. He’d definitely managed to make bad choices work.

That’s what he kept telling himself as he rode the Omni’s elevator. That’s what he repeated as he walked down the blessedly empty hallway. That became his mantra as he raised his fist and knocked on a door that he definitely shouldn’t be.

It was sheer force of will that kept him believing it through the long silence after. 

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Hay Rides and Pumpkins

Summary: (USUK) Arthur promises his little brother a day of hay rides, pumpkin picking and corn maze fun. He expects a semi-strenuous day. When they meet their hay ride driver his brother gets other ideas. 

Warnings: Traditional omegaverse.

A/N: I wanted to write something fluffy for the fall, it’s my favorite season after all. /o/ 

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The Twelfth Event, When it Trains it Pours

NEW TO CRYPTOCRACY? Don’t start here! Go back and check out chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11!!!

“Don’t you think we’ve spent enough time on this?” Beam asked Ariadne. “I mean, we know how to fire a gun. We were soldiers.”

“How many times did you actually discharge your weapon in the line of duty?” Ariadne shouted back from the balcony of Ship Trap’s gymnasium.

“On purpose?” Beam asked.

“You’re not helping your case,” Ariadne shouted back.

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by  Saṃsāran

What exactly is concentration?

 People say things like “my mind wanders”, “I can’t focus” or “I daydream”. They call themselves “scatterbrained”. All of these phrases go to one thing. Mental clarity. That is what focus is. Directing your mind, all of it, on one thing. If you are scatter brained then you scatter your thoughts all over the place. The same goes for a wandering mind or a mind that dreams during waking hours.


That is to be made clear as a clear lens. Focus as a sharpening of this lens. Centering thought on one thing rather than cloudy musings arising randomly from the subconscious like distracting waking dreams. In fact the very word “distract” means to “pull away” like a “tractor” pulls things. Our mind is pulled away from our object of focus whatever that may be.

One thing that people new to concentration and self observation notice is just how few of the “thoughts” we have are the product of will. Most of these thoughts simply arise from the murky depths of the subconscious. They arise like bubbles in champagne and then “pop” and make room for more thoughts. This happens when we read and have to re-read the same line over and over again or when we try to meditate and our mind wanders. Again, “wandering” means moving away in a disorganized fashion.


Learn concentration. Learn mindfulness. Learn self observation and then learn to control thought and you will be more successful at whatever you do. It is something you can control with practice. If you want to daydream you can just by relinquishing control. If you need focus then you retake control.

Right now your subconscious mind controls you. Take control of your mind and you will take control of your life.

๑ Samsaran ๑

Theoi of the Fairgrounds

•Aphrodite flitting from girl to girl, giving last-minute touchups for Little Miss pageant contestants.

•Demeter judging the fruits and vegetables for the 4-H club projects while Hephaestus looks proudly over the crafts and wood projects.

•Poseidon and Athena judging the horse shows

•Zeus and Hera strolling amongst the cattle, searching for the perfect steer to take back home to Olympus.

•Hestia working in the food booths, making sure everyone is well-fed and comfortable, sneaking an extra roll to her patrons, handing out cold bottles of water, and giving her workers a break when they need it.

•Artemis watching out for little children and young girls when the sun goes down and the neon lights come on.

•Dionysus distributing “just a little pick me up” to weary adults behind the bathrooms and sending kids on an extra spin through the tiltowhirl.

•Ares commentating the demolition derby and tractor pulls.

•Apollo and Hermes as carnies, swindling parents out of their money for rigged games, and rewarding the successful with gifts of stuffed animals and bagged goldfish.

•Persephone snapping pictures for the local paper, placing her favorites to the side to take the joys of summer home to Haides when the fall comes.

The Theoi present in the most well-known displays of rural community and entertainment. Country Gods for country institutions.

Questions for a Saturday morning:

1. Why did Calvin delete that picture?

2. What do the skulls mean?

3. Why did Louis dress for a tractor pull rather than a Vegas club opening?

4. Why did he look so good anyway?

5. What does that emoji mean (you know the one)?

6. Why is Louis partying with Annas and the lad crew again?

7. Does any of this have anything to do with RBB or are we just grasping at connections?

8. Why did Briana like Louis’ Insta pic? Why is she approving of him off partying?

9. Why isn’t Danielle with Louis in Vegas when she went to Coachella with him? Will she show up at the end again?

10. How many times will I read an ask from an anti that sounds indignant but is based on the misunderstanding of what a “plaster” is?

11. Did Louis enjoy his reunion with his beloved bus?

12. Why don’t stalkers understand how invasive they are? 

13. Why did Louis and Harry miss the Seacrest interview?

14. What was the point of the Utah trip?

15. Why hasn’t Jeff Azoff registered Full Stop if it’s going to be a real company?

Anyway. There are a lot more, but these are the ones at the top of mind this morning.