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"Kitchen" (IM/Changkyun x Reader) MONSTA X SMUT

Monsta x’s IM x Reader (Smut)

Tittle: Kitchen

REQUESTED: “Could you do a Monsta X smut with Changkyun or Wonho? Thank you”
(Hope you enjoy! ❤️)

Today was such lazy day you and your boyfriend Changkyun were just at home laying around. He had a few days off before their tour and he wanted to spend it with you. He was in the shower and you were in the kitchen. It was around lunch time so you decided to make something to eat for the two of you. As you cooked you heard the door from the bathroom close followed by Your boyfriend yelling “Babe that smells amazing!” You laughed but the smile was quickly wiped away as you turned to see him only in his boxers. You two have been together for almost a year and it still makes you flustered seeing him like that.

Your face slowly grew red “you alright?” He asked rubbing the back of his head. “Uh mhm” you managed to choke out before turning back to the food you were making. You yourself was only in a baggy hoodie and panties witch always drove him crazy. “Y/n how do you look so sexy so effortlessly?” He asked slipping his hands around your waist as he packed at your neck softly. You couldn’t manage to muster out any words. You could only shrug in response. He slowly moved his hands pulling your body close to his.

He kissed your neck once more before saying “you smells so sweet.” You giggled a little but but your lip as you felt his hands move. You could feel him, he was already so hard. You stirred the soup you were making as you felt one of his hands slowly creep up the front of your leg. You tried to hold back a moan that was dangerously close to coming out. He smirked as he attached his lips to your neck and started to suck. He always left marks on you witch the other members always teased you about.

He moved his hands moving your panties as he moved a finger over you clit. You let out a quiet moan witch made him bite your neck. He was always so weak when it came to your noises it turned him on so much. He quickly slipped a finger into your entrance and moved painfully slow. You whimpered and started to move your hips grinding on him. “Mm babe” he said with a whisper. You bit down hard on your lip. He quickened his pumps as his thumb circled your clit.

“Ch-angkyun” you moaned, he groaned in response. You put your hand around your back and palmed him through his boxers. He moaned softly as he added another finger and quickly arched them. You pulled his member out and started to grind your now dripping wet core against it, making him pull his fingers out.

“Someone really wants me” he said with a chuckle. You moved your hips move in response teasing him. He grabbed ahold of your hips and pushed just the tip in. “Don’t tease babe!” You whined “weren’t you just teasing me” he said. “I’m aloud to” you said giggling. “And maybe I’ll just” he said pushing himself into you and stopping. “I’ll just stay here” he smirked.

You whimpered and tried to move your hips but his hands stopped you. “Ok I won’t tease you any more please just move!” You said in a cry. He leaned down and kissed your cheek “good.” He started to move his hips, as he did he gripped your hips tight moving fast into you. “F-fuck” you moaned out. He smirked and pulled out. You were so mad but he quickly turned you around and picked you up. He pushed himself back in as he sat you on the counter Taking your sweater off and his boxers.

“Look at that beautiful body” he said as he leaned down the kiss you passionately. “I love you” you said wrapping your arms around his neck. He started to move faster as he did he played your your breasts. He slammed in and out of you, both moaning like crazy. “Shit babe you feel so good!” He said as he went deeper. You tangled your hands in his hair pulling him down for a kiss making him go deeper than before.

“Can- can I cum inside you?” He softly asked. Your eyes widened but you nodded yes. His eyes sparkled “I’m close baby” he said reached his hand down to your clit and started to rub it. “Gah! Oh my god!” You said feeling so much pleasure come over you. He smirked as he slammed in and out of you, one finger massaging your clit the other flicking your nipples. The pleasure was unreal you felt yourself coming close. “I’m close!” You screamed as you dug your nails into His back. “Fuck baby Im- im cumming!” You growled as he pushed deep into you releasing all of his hotness.

He quickly moved his fingers on your clit until you came as well. After you two had caught your breath he smiled at you “looks like I’m gonna need another shower” he said “maybe we can have round 2 in there” he said chucking.


Pearl sometimes spits when she yells and I feel like she is unaware of this and would be mortified if someone told her

Butterflies and Hurricanes

“You’ll never beat me. I’m best at moaning, I’m used to it. After all, I’m such a bad little cockslut, aren’t I? Come on, Phil, fuck me, fuck me so hard I can’t walk home,” Dan turns around, just in time for Phil’s lips to be placed against his own, taking him by surprise. He feels someone pull his fingers out of himself, and Phil replaces them with his own, adding a third just to make sure that Dan isn’t hurt.

“I want,” Dan starts, interrupting himself with a moan, “to ride you,”

“Oh, fuck," 

Warnings: Dirty talk, fingering, voyeurism, powerbottom!Dan, dom!Phil, riding, public sex on a piano (it’s an au where dan is a professional pianist oo)

A/N: dedicated to ma biffle i hope this is everything you ever dreamed of (now give me that sherlock crossover)

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