pulling someone down

Fuck You

A customer took a shit right in the middle of our craft aisle. I work in a dollar store and the craft aisle is one of the furthest ones away from the tills. Someone pulled down their pants, shit in the middle of the aisle, and purposefully stepped in it to drag it along the rest of the aisle. The public washroom was ten feet away. I fucking hate people.

Someone took a shit in the hallway today. We have three floors, and on the second floor we have the main area- the pit. It’s where everyone hangs out and the staircase connecting it to the third floor is the busiest place in the entire school. Someone literally pulled down their pants and took a shit at the top of the staircase. What makes it worst is that it got everywhere, and people were stepping it. I guess you could say WHS had a pretty shitty Valentine’s Day.

Front end calls me because a customer is saying something was on the clearance rack and it’s not ringing up. The customer decides to come back to apparel and show me where it was hanging. The shirt in question was hanging on the wall next to a clearance rack, and it was incredibly obvious that someone pulled the shirt down, decided they didn’t want it, and stuck it on the clearance rack instead of reaching up to put it back on the wall, at least obvious to me but the customer wasn’t buying it. She just kept saying, “But it was on the clearance rack.” Yeah, but every other size and every other color is hanging on the wall. The sign doesn’t magically change what price the shirt is. I don’t even have proof that you aren’t just saying you found it on the clearance rack, so no, I’m not going to give it to you for $9 when it’s a $17 shirt.

I was watching Transformers Prime again and I kept noticing how Soundwave would project live security footage or computer screens on his mask and people (mostly Megatron) would just stare into his mask and watch. It got me thinking: do you think he’s ever tried to show something to someone something, but the image was too small and too far away, so they grabbed the sides of his face and tilted it so they could see better? Maybe someone pulls him down a bit because they’re short, or a tall person gently tilts his chin up, or someone gets literally in his face because they can’t see the tiny details otherwise?

(How awkward would that be, especially if he has a face behind the mask and can see them through the projection?)

Messy Hair and Hallways // Anakin x Reader

anakin imagine he & his padawan are together & obiwan knows of this & decides to help keep their secret. usually they do a good job at keeping their relationship secret but anakin is extra horny & can’t help it. one day anakin just wants to do it riskly in the halls & it does get heated & obiwan passes by with mace windu & tries to divert him somewhere else as soon as he sees anakin and the reader making out. obiwan uses the force to get their attention and mace sees them w/ messy hair!! ;)

You and Anakin did a pretty good job at keeping your relationship a secret. No one knew about it, with the exception of Obi Wan, Anakin’s master. Other than that, no suspected a thing.

However today, that statement may be in jeopardy.

You were walking down the hallway when someone pulls your arm down a side hall. Suddenly, lips crash down onto yours and you immediately know who it is. You push Anakin off of you, so you could hear his reasoning for doing that.

“Baby, I need you. Right now,” he says, panting.

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “What? Why here and why now?”

He shakes his head, gripping your waist tightly. “No time to explain. Just help me out here.”

You shake your head laughing before grabbing his face, reconnecting your lips. Ani backs you up against the wall behind you, pinning your hands up over your head.

This kiss is hot, heavy, desperate. His one hand that is not pinning your hands over your head is groping your body. Your back arches as you wriggle out of his grip, letting your fingers roam his hair.

“Master Obi Wan, I expect a lot from Anakin and his padawan. They seem to be with each other a lot. I assume they are training. That makes me very happy,” Master Windu says to Obi Wan as they walked down the hall to the training arena.

As Master Windu as those words, Obi Wan’s conscience says Oh they are doing more than training. “Oh, yes. Anakin is determined to make (Y/N) the best she can be.” When he says that, Obi Wan passes down the hall that you and Anakin were making out in. His eyes widen and he pushes along Master Windu.

“Shouldn’t we go down that side hall? It’s quicker to the training arena that way,” Mace says to Obi Wan, trying to go back down that hall.

Obi Wan starts to freak the fuck out. “No, no, no we should go down this way. Trust me, it’s not as nearly as confusing as that side hall!”

As Obi Wan and Mace Windu fight, Obi Wan starts to focus all of his concentration to the Force, using it to send you and Anakin a mind message.

Anakin was in the midst of taking off your top when Obi Wan’s voice erupts in both of your heads.

I swear on my life, you both better get the hell out of that side hall. Master Windu almost went down there and he is insistent on going back down it. Go now, you touchy feely idiots, Obi Wan says.

You push Anakin off of you, pulling your hair up into a bun, him re buttoning his shirt. After you fix yourself up, the two of you walk out of the hall.

“Master Windu, Master Kenobi. Nice to see the both of you,” you smile at them.

Master Windu smiles at the two of you as Obi Wan puts a finger to his neck, slowly dragging it across his neck saying I’m going to kill the both of you.

“Nice to see you and Anakin, too…Why do you both look so disheveled?” Master Windu says referring to your hair.

Your heart stops, but Anakin smoothly replies, “Training. A lot of it.”

Crooked Smiles - m.

member: Kim Taehyung

genre: Smut, Angst, Punk!au 

warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Depression, Drug/Alcohol use

  words count: 4.6k

Black banners raised as the crooked smiles fade. Former heroes who quit too late. And in the end I’ll do it all again.

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It was like you have murdered someone or robbed a bank, that was how you felt. There was a wave of heavy emotions that you felt. You tried keeping up the hope but there was always someone pulling you down. It was like watching paint dry and you were suffocating inside. No one really asked how you were that day. Cause you hid it well with a crooked smile. When your friends felt down, you were always the one comforting them. But when you’re feeling down and hopeless, where are they? 

You wandered around alone in the dark streets, it was late at night and you couldn’t help but feel a little scared. The street was known for being dangerous with drug dealers roaming around. You never thought that you’ll be walking through the dark street all alone, but the numbness you had inside your chest was the only thing you could think of. 

The wind was chilly since it just stopped raining from the evening. You pulled up your hood, wrapped your parkas tighter around you and kept your head down as you walked towards the subway. 

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They aren’t really talking about it. Nursey sits at his desk reading literary theory texts (fuck Roland Barthes, seriously, and what the fuck is Foucault even saying anyway). Dex sits against an armchair pillow on the floor doing problem sets and cursing gently into his graphing calculator or swearing into his computer about Mathematica.

Then they’ll look up at the same time.

“Break?” someone says.

“Yes,” the other answers.

Then get up, stand in the center of the room, and kiss until someone can’t breathe. 

“Wait, give me a minute. I need to catch my breath.”

“Seriously? You can skate suicides and come in second to Bittle and this gets you out of breath?”

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📝 ^^

📝 - Story from your childhood.
Okay so this is a story from when I was in grade 4-5 ish. Everyone in my class got along really well right, so for like an entire month we played hide and seek tag. Until we started to add “dacking” into the equation. (Pulling someone’s pants down) One day I was chosen to be the tagger right, then I spotted an unsuspecting classmate so I proceeded to tag her. By pulling down her pants. (Hey those were the rules okie) But instead of pulling down her pants/shorts, I gripped a little too hard and pulled down her underwear too… The worst part is as I was pulling them down, I knelt down on one knee which meant her BARE butt was inches away from my face. Never in my life have I ran away from someone so quickly.
(We’re still on good terms if you’re curious 😂)

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💣 ✌ 👀

Ship you’re curious about: 👀

// If by “curious” you mean “desperately wants to find a reason to ship so I can enjoy the fuck ton of fan art and fanfics out there but can’t for the life of me see why it appeals to people and I want to know please tell me” then I’d have to say BillDip.

Ship that pisses you off: 💣

// Uhhh…..ok honestly I wanted to stay within the GF fandom for this meme unless I absolutely had nothing, and I DO have something for this, but it’s complicated and also a dear friend’s OTP so I’m gonna discuss that last, under the cut.

Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: ✌

// Mabifica. At least, not yet. I’m more than willing to fall into Mabifica hell someone pull me down.

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I honestly just want someone to pull me down next to them and look me in the eye and say “I know you’re not okay. Tell me. I’m here.” Then I just want to cry on their shoulder so hard then talk then cry again then have them say, “it’s going to be okay.”