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Someone pulls down lafs hair and takes off hercs blue ribbon- headband- thing and calls them out on how incredibly similar they look

Alex held Lafayette’s bow and Herc’s headband, looking at the both of them. You sat there, your arms crossed.

“Okay, do you see? They both look the same as Jefferson and Madison. Right? Right? Please don’t tell me I’m crazy.” He pleaded, gesturing toward them. You looked at Lafayette.

Okay, so with his hair out, you had to admit. He did look just like Thomas. And Herc without the headband made him look exactly like James. But still, you could tell them apart if they stood next to each other. Right?

“Hey, it’s okay Alex. They do look the same. But, I don’t understand the point of telling me this.” You replied. Alexander sighed.

“I’m disappointed in you, Y/N…” He mumbled, tossing the boys back their hair accessories.

I See It

Can I request a colorblind soulmate au with spencer please ??? ? (basically everyone is colorblind until they touch/see/whatever their soulmate) I’ll leave the details for you :)

Oh, this sound fun!  I can definitely do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

The sunlight hurt.  As someone grasped your arm and led you towards a big…thing…you felt their grasp tighten as you tried to scurry away.

Everything was behind you.  Your bed.  Your clothes.  Your books.

Your family…

“Mom!” you shriek as you try to wrench away from the grasp that you had by the arm.

“It’s alright.  It’s ok.  You’re safe,” a low voice coos as you are turned around.  You were face to face with a tall, strong, dark man, and it frightened you.

He was a…darker color than your mom.

Did people come darker?

Your eyes widened in fright as his eyes flooded with worry.

“Come on.  Let’s get you somewhere where you can clean up,” he coos as he turns to guide you towards the big…thing.

“No!  No, please!” you scream as you try to get away.  You kick and you thrash.  You bite down with your teeth as the man that was holding you cries out in pain.  You try to run away, back to the house that had held you close your entire life.

But when you looked up to the porch, you saw it.

Your mother and father laying on the porch.

“Mommy!?” you shriek as you go to run to her.

But someone throws their arms around you and picks you up off of your feet.

“She was hard to bring in,” Morgan murmurs as he presses alcohol wipes to the skin you broke with your teeth.  “Hotch had to thrown his arms around her and lift her into the SUV.”

“That means she probably won’t be comfortable with either of you interviewing her,” Spencer rattles off.

“I don’t think she’ll be comfortable with anyone,” Prentiss emphasizes as she comes from around the corner.

Her eye was pretty swollen.

“She packs a hard punch,” Emily murmurs.

“She’s frightened.  Try not to take it seriously, she’s been locked up in that house for 28 years.  Never been to school.  I-I-I’m honestly surprised she speaks as well as she does.  As far as we know, she’s never seen her front yard.  She was probably just scared of all of the new stimuli hitting her at once.”

“Then you should probably be the one to interview her,” Rossi stepped forward.

“Yeah, you seem to be the most sensitive towards her right now,” J.J. offers.

“Are we even aware of how much she knows?” Spencer asks.

“No clue,” Hotch murmurs as he presses an ice pack against the side of his jaw.

“Good luck,” J.J. sighs as Spencer looks back at the door that housed you behind it.

“Yeah, she’s right behind the green one,” J.J. points before wincing at her words.

It was hard for Spencer, being on a team who had all had their sights restored by that one person in their life.

Spencer had yet to see what green was.

“I mean, the one all the way at the end of the…hallway…” J.J. corrects.

“I know.  Thanks, J.J.,” Spencer croaks out as he begins walking down the hallway.

The chair you were sitting in was cold and hard.  It was comforting, being reminded of home in such a foreign place.  You rested your cheek on the table as you closed your eyes and sniffed hard.  The unforgiving surface reminded you of your own bed.

All you needed was a wool blanket and you could go back to sleep and dream of the only place you’d known.

Dream of the only people you’d known…

But the door opened and you jumped, causing you to curl into into your seat as you draw your legs to your chest and bury your face in your knees.

You heard a chair pull out as someone sat down in front of you.

“Y/N?” you hear a light voice say.

You hadn’t heard this voice yet.

It wasn’t harsh, or gruff, or angry.  It wasn’t intentionally soothing, or ornery, or fed up.

It was soft.



“Y/N.  Do you know why you’re here?” the voice asked.


The voice was a boy.

But not a little boy.

A grown boy.

Like you were a grown girl.

“I think…” you begin.

“It’s alright,” Spencer coos as he leans lightly towards you.

“Is it because I didn’t go to school?” you asked lightly.

Spencer was even shocked that you knew what that was.

“Do you know what school is?” Spencer asked.

“Of course I know what school is,” you spit, “it’s where you go to learn all the stuff I don’t know.”

You felt tears burning behind your eyes as you sniffle and bury your face deeper, muffling your voice.

“I’m sure you know a lot of things,” Spencer smiles as he continues to look at you.

He kept blinking his eyes.  It was like something was trying to impede on the corners of his vision.

“Am I here because I’m not supposed to know what sex is yet?” you ask lightly.

But Spencer was struggling to hear you.

“What was that?” he asks as he leans forward more.

“I said,” you begin in anger as you whip your head up.

And when your eyes connect with Spencer’s, your vision bursts as your eyes widen in horror.  You spring from your chair as the walls flood with flowing things and your hands brighten before your eyes.  You look back up in fear at the man sitting in absolute shock at the table as you watch his suit dance with things you’ve never seen before.

What was happening?

Where was all the dark?

“What did you do?” you whisper as your back hits a wall.

You whip around, your Y/C/H flying across your face as you take it between your fingers and watch it drip with something you’ve never seen before.

And Spencer was rooted to his chair in silence.

He had studied everything on colors.  Tonal scales and gradient fades.  Why they appear the way they do and memorized their order on a rainbow he couldn’t see.

And then you had looked up at him.

You, the victim of a man who had hidden you from the world.

You, the daughter of a child slayer who had made you clean his bloodied utensils night after night after night.

You were his soulmate.

“What?” he breathed as tears rose to his eyes.

But as he was rooted in shock, you were seeing a reflection of your face in a broken mirror on the wall for the very first time in your life.

You saw all of the bumps and dark spots and dark crusty things lining the things you spoke with.  You had no names for them, but as you looked at Spencer’s face in the reflection before focusing back on yours, you knew that your face wasn’t supposed to look the way it did.

And you crumbled to the floor and cried.

Spencer got up from his chair and rushed to your side.  He wrapped his long, strong arms around you as he pulled you close, and you struggled and struggled before giving up and sobbing into him.

“Daddy always told me every night, after he would rock me to sleep, that I had to keep telling mommy that I didn’t know about sex,” you cried as he held you tighter and tighter.

Spencer felt anger boil in his stomach.

You didn’t mean rocking as in physical rocking.

You meant rocking as in rocking into you.

And the thought made him sick.

Hotch barged into the room, but before he opened his mouth, he looked into the wide, confused, and relieved eyes of his colleague.

And he knew exactly what had happened.

“I see it,” he whispers as he begins rubbing his hand lovingly up and down your back.

“I see it,” he smiles through his confusion.

Good Girl Ch 36: Daddy Lulu (M)

“Where’s daddy Xiumin?” I wonder after we are all settled in the van. Kris has me cocooned in his arms as he rocks me gently.

“He is in a very bad mood so we decided to let him rest for awhile. He would be even more mad that we came and got you without him,” Kris chuckles softly.

“What did Jiyong hyung mean about your nightmare?” Luhan asks from where he sits next to us.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now, can we do it in the morning?” I mumble before snuggling deeper into Kris’s embrace.

They sigh but nod.

The drive home is quiet after that but I can tell they are itching to find out what my dream was about. I just don’t know how to talk about it without letting them know that I over heard their entire conversation with Jiyong’s people. That will only lead to more trouble and fights I don’t want to even think about right now. They would probably ban me from going anywhere near Jiyong and after our little confession I doubt he would take that without a fight. I really don’t want to start a fight right now.

But that is exactly what I do the moment I say I want to sleep with Luhan instead of Kris. The giant is fuming when he has to hand me over to the smaller deer man. I don’t talk to any of the others, I can’t even get myself to look at most of them, especially Chanyeol. I know it was a dream the image in my head of him coming towards me with that pliers in his hand was way too vivid, I shutter at the thought. Luhan tightens his grip on me as he lies down in the bed. He pulls the covers over us and snuggles me so close that nothing could get in between us.

He’s humming some song, it calms the anxiety in my chest a little bit thankfully. His hand rubs my back slowly, trying to sooth me back to sleep but right now, that’s the last thing I want to do. I don’t want to wake back up in that hell hole, that dungeon. But I doubt Luhan would let me just stay up without expecting me to explain my nightmare to him and that’s just a no go too. I’m planning on pushing that off until I have no other options and just like that, I have another option.

“Daddy,” I mumble softly into his neck.

“Yes baby?” He hums.

I’m hesitant not wanting to sound so forward but how to ask, “Can you um…love me?”

He’s quiet for a minute, “Baby, I do love you.”

“I love you too but that’s not what I mean.” He doesn’t respond and I can sense his confusion. Shyly I begin kissing his neck, he stiffens at my touch but only for a second before I start leaving small hickies on his collar bone. Only the sound of his quiet pants and soft moan can be heard in the room as I kiss my way back up his neck to leave a line across his jaw. When I finally reach his lips I stop with our lips barely touching and look into his eyes. His black orbs burn into mine.

“Baby,” He purrs.

“I want you to love me daddy, please,” I let the neediness and desperation I’m feeling seep into my voice, hoping it works.

It does.

Suddenly I’m on bottom and Luhan has his hips pressed hard against mine in just as much neediness, “Baby, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted to hear you say that.” His lips ghost over mine, “I’ve missed you so much. That bastard is never getting you for that long ever again. You’re ours, no one else. Say it,” He growls.

“I’m yours, only yours,” I whimper.

“Damn right,” He smiles before smashing his lips against mine, he devours me for what feels like forever as his hips grind against mine, teasing me. I feel myself getting wet at his words, I love his possessiveness, I need all of this right. I need his reassurance and attention and his love. He is very willing to give me all of that, his slow pace makes sure he can kiss every part of my face until I’m pink in face.

When he pulls away I frown but only for a second before he’s in my grasp again, this time without a shirt. His skin is hot beneath my finger tips, I run my hands down his chest until my finger tips graze hem of his sweat pants making me frown. I look up at him with the same pout making him chuckle.

“What’s wrong baby?” He pecks my lips softly.

“Too much clothing,” I whine.

“I could the same about you,” He tugs on the over sized shirt that belongs to him. Without any hesitation I shed the shirt and throw it on the floor leaving me in my bra and underwear. I pull him closer wanting to feel his skin against mine. “Are you okay baby? You seem different, is something wrong?” He wonders as he brushes my hair out of my face.

I shake my head a bit to quickly, “I just missed you, I want you.”

That seems to be all he needs to forget about his questions and continue shedding his clothes and mine until we are both completely naked. The moment my bra is gone his hands are there to replace it, cupping them gently. His expert hands massage them before leaning down to kiss each nipple, earning a small moan from me. It feels so good to have his fingers trail over the little buds but I don’t want foreplay, I want him so much right now.

When he starts trailing kisses down my stomach I stop him, holding his face in my hands I lead him back up my body and kiss him passionately. He pulls away confused but I stop his questions by wrapping my legs around his waist, hoping that is a big enough hint.

“So needy tonight aren’t you?” He teases. He holds me close as he lines himself at my entrance. I take a deep breath and try to relax right before he thrusts himself fully into me. We both moan out, his face is in the crook of my neck masking his but mine is let out into the room, echoing off the walls. “You take me so good baby,” He says almost proudly, leaving kisses along my throat, “you’re always so tight and hot, oh my fucking god.”

“Daddy, move,” I groan with a little thrust of my hips. He growls and pushes me deeper into the bed so I can’t move at all. Those dark eyes of him pierce into my soul making me feel so small and helpless just like he wants.

“What was that baby?” His tone is warning me that my next words are important.

“Daddy, please move,” I beg.

“Since you asked so nicely, who am I to say no,” He kisses me as his hips move in a circle a few times before pulling out to just slam back in. My walls clench around him trying to hold him in with no luck. He continues his teasing pace of thrusting and grinding his skilled hip against mine. The knot in my belly begins to coil tighter with each thrust of those fucking hips but I know from experience I won’t be able to cum from his lazy thrust. He trying to make it last longer and I appreciate that. But as much as I don’t want to sleep I can’t stand his teasing hips either. I nearly scream when he hits me just right, hit my most sensitive place. A grin spreads across his face as he does it again and again until I’m a moaning mess beneath him. His end is coming as well, his thrusts become more and more erratic and his knuckles turn white from holding the sheets too tight.  

The world seems to stop as we both hold each other tighter as our climaxes rock thru us. I honestly feel like it’s just him and I in the world, his eyes are locked with mine as we rock our hips together, riding out the rest of our orgasm. But even after that when he tries to pull out I hold him closer and ask, more like beg, him to just stay.

“If that’s what you want,” He hums as he positions us more comfortably with me on top straddling his hips. “Now tell me baby, what is really wrong? You seem different.”

I snuggle deeper into his embrace, “Bad different?”

“No, you look so small, so needy, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it but what made you like that?”

“Nothing,” I lie, “I’m just tired of being big and brave. I just want to be little right now. Is that okay?”

I can tell he doesn’t by it but he loves my answer too much to question it, “Of course that’s okay. Your daddies will be here to be brave for you.”

“Thank you daddy.”


“I’m going to kill you!”

I shot up in bed, my heart is racing in my chest as I scramble to my feet to run. But the minute I’m able to stand on the bed I’m being pulled back down by someone, I’m in too much of a panic to figure it out. I’m pinned down on the bed with my hands on either side of my head trying and failing to get out of this person’s grip. My eyes are closed tight but tears still manage to pour down my cheeks.

“I’m not going back!” I finally scream when I finally find my voice. “I’ll be a good girl! Just don’t put me back in the dungeon, please!”

“What the hell is going on?” The same voice yells.

“Hyung,” Another voice snaps back with a softer tone, “Yelling isn’t helping!”

“Baby,” A third voice coos sweetly from above me. “It’s okay Baby, we’ve got you, you aren’t going anywhere.” I stop for a second and let the gentle voice sink in and then remember that I’m not in the dungeon. I’m at home in Luhan’s arms. With a deep breath I open my eyes to find not only Luhan hovering over me but Suho and Xiumin sitting on either side of the bed. When I stop moving Luhan lets go of my wrists and strokes my cheek gently. “Good morning baby girl.”

I sniffle and wipe away the stray tears left in my eyes, “I’m so sorry daddy, I was just so scared, I’m sorry!”

“Hush now baby, you have no reason to apologize, Xiumin hyung is the one who should be saying sorry,” His tone gets a little hostile at the end as he gives his hyung a glare. The older barely acknowledges him, his eyes are focused on me.

“What were you saying about the dungeon?” He asks softly but I know he hates when I mention it.

“I had a nightmare last night that I was in the dungeon and you were going to kill me,” I answer meekly, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to lie to them.

“So Hyung busting in yelling that he was going to kill Luhan hyung probably didn’t help,” Suho joins in glaring at the oldest.

“What the hell were you going to kill me for?” Luhan asks.

Xiumin huffs, “Why did no one tell me she was back and that she specifically asked for me before settling for you?”

“You were way too busy and crabby we were afraid to even go near your door let alone knock on it.”

“Is she awake?” A cute voice wonders as he joins us on the bed, Sehun smile drops at the sight of my probably pink eyes and small pout. “Who the fuck made her cry?”

“Shut up,” Xiumin pushes the youngest off the bed.

“What happened?”

“She had a nightmare,” Suho answers.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I lie as I sit up, Luhan sits back still straddling me.

“Are you sure?” They all ask in unison.

I nod, “It’s just some silly little nightmare, it’s no big deal.”

“You were crying in your sleep, it seems like a big deal.”

“Well it’s not! Can we just not talk about it?” I snap.

They nod.

“Thank you.”

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Yay! The Uchihas reaction to their s/o/crush's skirt/dress getting blown up by the wind?

Madara Uchiha


At first he would make sure no one is watching them. If someone is, he’d give a deadly glare. Afterwards, a smirk comes along combined with “helping” his someone, by pulling down their skit/dress.

Izuna Uchiha


Unlike his brother, Izuna gets completely lost by the look in front of him. 

Itachi Uchiha

“Baby, your skirt it up”

Itachi just smiles and politely helps the skirt to be fixed. But we all know that his thoughts had became dirty the exact moment he saw their bare ass naked.

Sasuke Uchiha

“Fix your skirt”

It would be more like demanding. He’d really enjoy the view but wouldn’t like sharing it with anyone else. What is his, stays his.

Shisui Uchiha

“Babe, babe ASDFGHJKL”

At first, he’d help his someone to fix their skirt/dress. BUT LATER… OH… Joking would be endless. He’d be annoying.. like 

“Omg BABE, thAt asS of Your’s was SpEcTaCuLaR!!”

 “oMG Babe!!!” 

“tOnIGHT, i wiLL desTRoy yOu”  


*wiggle wiggle wiggle the tounge*

Obito Uchiha

“Love, your skirt!!”

His cheeks become flushed, he starts blushing rapidly. He tries his best not to look as a pervert… that he actually is.

Indra Otsutsuki

“Your skirt..” combined with loud laugh, deep, sexy and husky. 

He’d lick his lips and imagined everything he would have done to his someone. In fact, the one blushing is his beloved.

Someone took a shit in the hallway today. We have three floors, and on the second floor we have the main area- the pit. It’s where everyone hangs out and the staircase connecting it to the third floor is the busiest place in the entire school. Someone literally pulled down their pants and took a shit at the top of the staircase. What makes it worst is that it got everywhere, and people were stepping it. I guess you could say WHS had a pretty shitty Valentine’s Day.

Cheater Pt. 2

Cheater Pt. 1 >>

A/U: BACK BY REQUEST.  Because y’all wanted to know what happened. Also not going to lie I’m proud of this word count. That is all 

Word Count: 2,263

Your name: submit What is this?

“What?” Was all I could say.

Her head fell and her hair surrounded her face hiding it slightly. “I fucked up Shawn.” Her voice was cracking and her breathing was harsh. Sobs began to escape her lips and she leant forward over her body and began to cry into her hands.

“I cheated.” She cried.

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The worst thing ever is when you can feel someone important to you getting bored with you.

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I was wondering if you could make an HC with the RFA+Saeran+V. Reacting to seeing a past video of a drunk and wild teenage MC at a party, dancing on tables and stuff, as well as screaming random and stupid things. I hope this is not too much.-

Of course I can and I hope you not had to wait too long for this.  I´m not wild at all so I can only image wild ppl .


  • The internet never forgets even when you did.
  • Years ago their was this one party where you been really wild.
  • Now someone send a Video of it to your boyfriend Zen.
  • You saw it in terror you barely remember any of this happening you where really drunk.
  • You saw your self dancing on a table singing loudly to really strange songs.
  • When someone pulled you down from the table you randomly screamed the most random thinks.
  • You where giggling and then you where threatened everybody to sing some more if they will not give you more beer.
  • You just wanted to die seeing this it was so terrible you never thought that anyone recorded it.
  • Who uploaded it anyways ?
  • You look at Zen with fear in your eyes and he is laughing.
  • He find your past drunk self very cute.
  • You are disagreeing with him you been so wild.
  • Zen tells you how much more wild he was then you where in that video.
  • You are very embarrassed about that past you.
  • Zen tells you you don´t have to worry he will protect you when you are drunk from now on.
  • He keeps the video saved even when you tell him to delete it.


  • One of his friends send him a video of a party it´s not really interesting him but they tell him to keep watching.
  • So he does and he sees why they send it to him.
  • You are in that video and you are dancing like no tomorrow you are getting on a table and someone is chasing you around to stop you but you are having too much fun.
  • You drink and you start to sing really badly while the ppl around you encourage you to dance some more around.
  • Someone asks you to undress and Yoosung prays that you did not do that.
  • At that point you come in and you see what he is watching and you are so ashamed you thought this think was long gone and now he sees how you been in your wild days.
  • You tell him to not watch this he gets worried and thinks you undressed but you tell him no you actual kicked the person who asked that.
  • Yoosung thinks you are really cool for that but he is also glad that you are not that wild anymore.


  • You where going threw your old stuff with her and she found a old DVD it had no title.
  • She asks if she can throw this in and you agree.
  • The film starts running and you see its a Video from a past birthday party.
  • You are first not 100percent sure what birthday party it was.
  • Till you see how drunk you are and how you where yelling random thinks out and then you started dancing on a table.
  • You just grabbed the remote control in a panic you hit the pause button and you where so embarrassed.
  • You tried to explain Jaehee who that was years ago and how you where so much wilder back then and how alcohol just makes you really break loose.
  • Jaehee understands you completely she is like that too.
  • She finds it actual kind of funny to see you like that.
  • Its a completely new side of you.
  • Jaehee will keep an eye on you whenever you are drinking.


  • Some coworker of Jaehee shows the Video to her and she figures it´s best for Jumin to decide how to deal with this situation.
  • Jumin makes sure that there are no traces left of it but he still has the file that Jaehee had given him.
  • Jumin only deleted it to prevent possible damage since you can never know what the media will make out of that.
  • He is kind of curious how wild you actually where according to Jaehee you just had fun.
  • So he starts watching it at first its really harmless you are playing some drinking game with your friends.
  • Then you play truth or dare and you mostly choose truth and its quite interesting to Jumin what past you thought.
  • Then you and your friends start to dance and you are really drunk and say the most random thinks and you just stand on a table and start to sing and dance to not existing music you seem to have a great time.
  • Jumin finds it interesting how wild you where.
  • At that point you come home and you see that Video on the huge screen and you are almost screaming in terror.
  • Jumin finds it not bad at all though he does not understand how that is bad for you he thinks you where really bold back then.
  • He will make sure you not get drunk like that again though even when you tell him you know your limit and you wont dance on tables anymore.


  • He found it one day by searching for your name online.
  • So of course he watched it.
  • It was really entertaining to him to see you getting all wild and dancing around he found it hilarious what random thins you said while being drunk.
  • You where dancing on tables , still fun.
  • Someone offered you some more to drink but you had enough you where much rather singing loudly.
  • You where screaming the most randoms this while singing badly it was all fun.
  • Till someone came up to you and hit on you then his face turned a bit darker how was that past you reacting to that ?
  • He was praying to the seven gods that he was not just witnessing the start of your first love.
  • You came in at that point and saw what he was watching and you where laughing at your past drunk self.
  • You had still memories of that night you ask him if he is at the part where you got hit on by that one idiot.
  • He nods and you say that it is the best part since you really showed him.
  • He looks back to the screen and he sees how your past self is laughing at the guy and tell him to get lost you not just hooking up with some random -insert swear words here- .
  • Your boyfriends never heard that you used that foul language he is impressed how you handled it.
  • You tell him how glad you are that you found the right person now and before he can ask who that is you kiss his nose.

Spoilers for V and Saeran just in case


  • Do I need to say that he can see for this ?
  • You where sorting out some old stuff and you made a pile to trash.
  • When V came home later he saw the pile and he was curious what you are trashing.
  • He saw a untitled DVD it looked like self made so he thought maybe it was important so he decided to take a quick look at it.
  • He would hate it if you would accidentally throw a childhood memory away.
  • The Video starts and its a party from where you where just turned old enough to drink.
  • You having fun with your friends you all get drunk and doing the most random thinks.
  • You first get giggly and then you lough at random thinks and start yelling at a wall for getting in your path.
  • You start dancing when you proclaim that your  favorite song is playing and you step on a table an start dancing wildly.
  • It really looks like you have so much fun V is laughing at your silliness.
  • You come in and see him laughing at you dancing like crazy and you panic a bit.
  • V tells you that you where just too cute back then.
  • You can´t be mad at him since his laughing is a blessing from heaven.


  • His brother send him a video at first he just wants to ignore it but Saeyoung texts him and says its a video of you.
  • So he is watching it and she sees that it´s showing you and some people having a party.
  • You get drunk and you start talking random thinks and you complain about everything oin a very sill way.
  • You scream and blame your teachers for making you getting early up in the morning.
  • Then you randomly start dancing really wildly and you sing loud and then you climb on a table and keep on dancing.
  • Saeran thinks you might get hurt he gets a bit mad at the past you for being that reckless.
  • He sighs and you just come in and look at him the screen and you see yourself and you remember how much you regretted it the day after.
  • You sigh at yourself and say that is exactly the reason why you not drink much at all anymore.
  • Searan remarks how you at least learned your lesson.
  • You wounder how he even found this though you had no idea this was even recorded.
  • He tells you Saeyoung found it and it´s not really surprising you you rally wish this think would just vanish from the face of the earth.
  • So Saeran does just that and removes all traces of it but he keeps a copy for himself just to see you being so random and he thinks its really not that bad at least you had fun.

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I was watching Transformers Prime again and I kept noticing how Soundwave would project live security footage or computer screens on his mask and people (mostly Megatron) would just stare into his mask and watch. It got me thinking: do you think he’s ever tried to show something to someone something, but the image was too small and too far away, so they grabbed the sides of his face and tilted it so they could see better? Maybe someone pulls him down a bit because they’re short, or a tall person gently tilts his chin up, or someone gets literally in his face because they can’t see the tiny details otherwise?

(How awkward would that be, especially if he has a face behind the mask and can see them through the projection?)


Genre: super angsty !!

A/N: it’s been long since i wrote a short story and tbh im glad some of yall actually read the previous few i posted and im very thankful but please do request for anymore scenarios or storylines because i can hardly think of anymore and i need people to help me and save this blog so thanks !! on a side note , i’ve been feeling really snappy and upset these few days so i guess it explains why i came up with this storyline , i apologise in advance if it isnt good or interesting but also i hope you enjoy reading too !


Everything was quiet and the atmosphere turned into suspense and tension . The sound of traffic and cars could be heard clearly from beneath the apartment that both of you owned-

at least for now.

The sound of the sofa creaking caused you to turn your head as you stared at him with your bloodshot eyes . His frown and clenched up fist told you that he was feeling the same way as you , and both of you had no plans to calm down .

Letting out a frustrated groan , you heard him mumble something under his breath . Raising your eyebrows , you crossed your arms across your chest and scoffed .

“ What did you just say ? ”

“ Nothing , you don’t need to know. ”

His cold reply sent chills down your spine as you had never heard him speak in that tone before . The cute , funny and romantic yuta was long gone , and you missed him dearly . But yet , it only seemed to get worse day by day , until you couldnt take it anymore so you decided to settle everything just a few moments ago .

Fame , popularity and money got to him . You remember seeing him coming back home one day bragging and sharing with you how successful his soccer team was and how much he earned just by playing in a single game . Hugging him closely , you were happy for him and proud that he could finally do what he wanted and love , and you wanted him to achieve more .

But who knew it was totally wrong to think of that

He became greedy , participating in different competitions and becoming a professional instructor to teach many other school teams . He hardly went back home , ignoring your calls and messages and often went home just to sleep and disappearing the next day again , not saying a single word to you .

Both of you grew further apart , becoming more distant . Although staying under the same roof , your hearts weren’t together anymore like how it used to be , you felt rejected . You missed cuddling in his arms and watching movies together , attempting to cook together without burning the kitchen down and sharing inside jokes with each other .

All of these were long gone , and you had to deal with it for 3 months .

You became tired of the relationship , feeling like you were the only one contributing and giving . He of course wasn’t aware , because he was too caught up with his own things . You couldn’t take it anymore , you needed a getaway .

Going on different dates and making out or hooking up with different guys , you lied to them that you didnt have a boyfriend . You needed affection and love , and yuta wasnt giving you any more so you were left with no choice . It felt good , but the emptiness was still there , as the warm and fuzzy feeling wasn’t there ,

the one you constantly felt when yuta expressed his love to you.

Sooner or later , you figured out yuta had found out as he stopped going home for a few days and even when he did , both of you slept in different rooms . But yet , he did not do anything . He didn’t stop you and talked to you about it . It was like as if he didn’t care anymore .

Were the both of you still a couple ?

You gave up , you didn’t want to try anymore.

“ I think we should end this . It’s not working out and all you care about is about playing a stupid ball and earning money , being that ’ oh-so-wonderful-popular-soccer-player ’ . When was the last time we even had a conversation apart from when we’re eating ? ” you blurted out , an upset expression showing as you glared at your boyfriend , who didn’t seem to be affected by your words at all .

“ You said you’d support me , and my dream . I’m working this hard for us , and you . If you think you cannot take this anymore then fine , we don’t need each other anymore . I don’t need someone who pulls me down for doing something i love . ” he bit his bottom lip as he avoided your gaze . His fists were still clenched and you could tell from his flushed face that he was angry .

You felt twitching on your left eyelid and your heart rate slowly increasing . Taking a deep breath , you said out loud again , “ Fine , i don’t need someone who neglects me all the time when he’s supposed to shower me with love too . I’ll leave tomorrow , you paid more for this apartment so you keep it . ”

Without saying another word , he got up from his seat and slammed the main door behind him . You saw his masculine silhouette slowly disappear as you finally let the tears that you’ve been battling in your eyes to fall. You bit on your lips as you pulled your legs closer to you.

How did love turn out this way ?

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i'll have you know that i refresh the page like mad to see the tags you put under asks and i Relate™ to being a cuddler -🌹

Shout out to all my fellow cuddlers y'all are my people and we can all cuddle together.

Confession: I am sitting here laughing so hard at my own fucking nonsense that I am gonna have to compose myself before writing a rambly artist note.

Will you even look at this.

Okay, so: This was a gag gift, you know it was a gag gift, obviously a very well-thought out one that took some planning, but the person who gave it was apparently unaware that while you can take the man out of Iowa, you cannot take the Iowa out of the man.  Even if you manage to surgically excise every trace of Midwest, you’d STILL have someone who used to wear a purple miniskirt to work.

Last statement here is that if you’re new enough to Hawkeye that you don’t recognise the GOSH I LOVE ARROWS thing, I am going to give you the pleasure of Googe-Image-Searching it yourself.  Enjoy!  You’ve picked the right Avenger to love, you really have.

Everything Part Four (Smut) [Requested]

“The way you flirt is just shameful.” You say as Murphy murmurs little comments to Bellamy, nuzzling into the older man’s neck. You smile at the two of them. It was late, not many people were still outside, and the three of you had decided to turn in for the night.

“You don’t do much better, doll.”

“I flirt way better than you!”

“No you don’t.” Murphy snickers into Bellamy’s neck, turning to look at you.

“Yes I do!”

“I bet I could flirt my way into way more people’s pants than you could.”

“I bet you couldn’t.”

“So it’s a bet then?” Murphy asks as he stands up.

“What? No! I thought we were joking!”

“Sit down.” Bellamy says, glaring at the two of you. He grabs Murphy’s arm and pulls you down onto the bed. “You two are not going around camp and having a flirt-off.”

“But I need to prove Y/N wrong!” Murphy whines.

“No, Murphy.” Bellamy says, dark eyes flickering between the two of you. Murphy leaves the tent. You follow him, you find him taking to Clarke.

“I think your father was a-” he’s cut off by Clarke slapping him and walking away. “Maybe not the best line for her.” He starts walking towards Octavia.

“Murphy stop it!”



“Come over here and make me.” He smirks at you.

“Murphy. Tent. Now.” Bellamy says lowly.“You too, Y/N, I’ll be there in a minute.” You walk towards the tent and go in, seeing Murphy on the bed, glaring at the ground. You sit down next to him.

“You got jealous.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you di-” you cut him off by kissing him, kissing him down onto the bed. He had been starting fights and doing weird things for a while now, you didn’t know what his deal was. You kiss him hard and feel his arms wrapping around you, pulling you down further. Someone clears their throat. You pull away and see Bellamy standing to your left. You try to get off of Murphy but he hold you still.

“What the hell were you trying to do, Murphy?” He asks, crossing his arms.

“I- I just- I-”

“Spit it out, Murphy.” You try again to get off of him but he looks up at you with pleading eyes and you stay, still straddling him.

“I justwantedtobedominatedbecauseIdon'tlikealways beingincontrolallthetime.” He rushes out.

“Slow down, take your time.” You put your hand on his face and lean down to lightly kiss him. You pull away and he takes a deep breath before speaking.

“I just wanted to be dominated because I don’t like being in control all the time and when you started to get mad I took the opportunity.” He mumbles. “I’m sorry.” Tears start forming in his eyes and you immediately take notice, sitting up and pulling him with you, holding onto him tightly. He quickly wipes away the wetness.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Bellamy asks, walking closer and sitting on the bed. “I can be more dominant with you when you want me to be. You don’t have to act out to get me to do something…John.” You feel Murphy smile for a second or two. That was the first time Bellamy had called him that.

“I…uh, also…wanted um,” He gets quieter as he says the rest,“Y/N to be dominant with me as well. I mean…uh I like to be in control but sometimes I just- I want to be under someone else’s control.” You pull away and kiss him. Then you lightly pull his hair.

“Why didn’t you just ask, you dork?” Then you are kissing him, lightly and he pushes into it, it quickly becomes heated and he lets out a soft little moan as you lightly rock your hips against his. “You like that?” You say as you pull away, still rocking against him.

He lets out a quiet ‘yes’ and you suck on his neck. You see Bellamy grinning at you for his place behind Murphy. He nods at you as he moves off of the bed and behind you. “You’re good at this, Y/N.” He teases as you push Murphy down onto the bed, your knees on either side of him. Bellamy gropes your ass while you push off Murphy’s jacket. He helps get it off while Bellamy takes off your socks and shoes. You mark Murphy’s neck and he lets out little gasps and moans as you continue to grind against him. You pull at the hem of his shirt and sit up. He takes it off and you kiss his collarbones. Bellamy takes of your pants and underwear.

Two fingers push into your entrance as Bellamy gets off of the bed. You kiss Murphy again and it isn’t long before all three of you are naked. You kiss your way down Murphy’s chest and take him in your mouth, moaning around him as Bellamy speeds up his fingers. Murphy bucks up into your mouth as his fingers thread through your hair. “Y/N! F-fuck!” You hum around him, looking up at him. His eyes meet yours and he groans, throwing his head back. Bellamy adds another finger and you push back on them. He just grins and twists his fingers in you, finding your spot and pressing.

“Ride my fingers, baby girl.” You moan loudly and start moving back and forth, Murphy’s cock going in and out of your mouth every time. Murphy cums in your mouth and you take him out of your mouth, letting him calm down, watching him sit up as you continue to ride Bellamy’s fingers. Until they disappear. You whine, looking back at Bellamy. “I don’t think Murphy’s well is empty, why don’t you fix that.” He nods to Murphy’s half-hard cock and you take him in your hand, listening to his whine as you sit up and straddle him. You stroke him hard and fast until he is fully erect.

You lift yourself up and lower back down on his cock, feeling yourself stretch slightly. He groans and Bellamy just grins from his place behind the two of you, “You like that, John? She’s so tight isn’t she? And wet too.”

“Y-yes. Th-thank you!” He moans as you start to bounce on his cock. “C-can I touch you, Y-Y/N?”

“Go ahead.” His hands instantly go to your breasts, toying with squeezing and toying with your nipples. You let out a moan, riding him faster. Bellamy walks over so he’s in front of Murphy.

“Wanna get me off too, John?” Murphy moans with a nod and Bellamy pushes into the boys mouth. You speed up and Murphy moans loudly, his hips stuttering, he was close so you slow down a bit. He whines around Bellamy, and you can practically see the smirk on the older man’s face. You speed up again, you hadn’t realized how hot this had made you. His cock hits your spot and you almost scream, cumming hard around him. Murphy moans, “Gonna cum? Go ahead, John. Cum for us.” Murphy cums inside of you and you let him, lifting yourself up and off of him when he’s done. Bellamy keeps using Murphy’s mouth, moans slipping out of him every now and again. He cums not long after, pulling out and sitting on the bed with the two of you.

“Th-thank y-you.” Murphy stutters out, to embarrassed and tired to say it without his uncharacteristic stutter. You thought it was cute, leaning over and kissing him. He smiles, dazed. You wrap your arms around him and then you are spooning, Murphy in front of you and Bellamy holding onto the two of you from his place behind you. You all say your goodnight a and slip into unconsciousness with smiles on your faces.

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@the pissy hunk anon? Umm okay? I was saying Lance is strong and I'm about 90% sure Keith was standing in that scene where Lance was kneeling in the one I mentioned and would've had a harder time pulling someone back and down than just back. Way to take something that's pretty much as innocent as saying "hey Lance is actually pretty strong guys" offensively though. So :)))))