pulling rabbits out of hats

Marvin’s pokemon team!

I’m doing pokemon teams for all the egos, starting with Marvin because his list was the first I finished.

Mime Jr. - Marvin’s little assistant during shows. This little guy is eager to help and loves getting to be on stage and practice pantomime. 

Natu - Natu is a psychic bird who helps Marvin with magic shows through psychic predictions. Marvin lets the little guy sit on his shoulder at times and Natu’s even become a mascot for “Marvin’s Magic!” 

Buneary - every magician needs a rabbit to pull out of a hat! And buneary is the perfect adorable little fluffball for that trick! Everytime she pops out of the hat the crowd can’t help but “aw”

Delphox - Delphox is a mage who uses its stick as a magic wand. This was Marvin’s starter pokemon and he raised delphox from a fennekin. He loves Delphox dearly and the two practice magic together!

Oranguru - A magic orangutan, of COURSE Marvin had to catch this! He works backstage of Marvin’s shows and is a little shy, but he’s still happy to help.

Oricorio (pa’u form) - This bird was born to perform and dance, so Marvin lets this little pokemon steal the stage with its dances. Not only that, but the Pa’u form is the psychic form, so if Marvin needs a little mystical aid offstage he has some more help!

My Lovely Assistant~


“Marvin, I really don’t have the time.” Jackie insisted as Marvin pulled him by the hand to his room.

“Aw, c'mon, Jackie! One trick, please?” Marvin whined, eyes lighting up from under the mask. Jackie rubbed his eyes.

“Fine. One trick.”


Jackie, being a superhero, rarely got a break. So, times like this, when he did, he still seemed to have so much to do. Humoring Marvin was one of his favourites, but he wasn’t going to admit that. Marvin really was trying at this magician gig, and he was getting the hang of it. Jackie decided the least hw could do was play with him.

Marvin, however, had some literal tricks up his sleve. Jackie expected some card tricks, pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or something along those lines. However, Marvin had been practicing. Now, these egos didn’t fit within our realm of reality. They dont play by our rules. They have access to magical abilities. Which is exactly what Marvin was pracicing. He needed it. Not card tricks, no, something much more than just sleight of hand or luck. Marvin was going to become magnificent. He was going to prove it!

“So what do you want me to do?” Jackie asked, sitting on the edge of Marvins bed. Marvin flipped through a book of spells, waving his hand dismissively.

“Just lie back on the bed,” He instructed, eyes glazing the page.
“Just relax.”

“Mm'kay.” Jackie did as instructed.
“What exactly are you doing?”

“Reading.” Marvin scoffed. Jackie rolled his eyes.

“No, what are you planning to do to me?” He laughed. Marvin adjusted his mask, placing it back on the bookshelf.

“Levetation!” Marvin said excitedly.
“Hopefully paralysis too. Hope you don’t mind being the test subject here, buddy.”

“No, no, it’s fine, Marv. You’re talking, like, legit magic here.” Jackie nervously explained.
“Not really what I was expecting, but I’ll roll with it.”

“Sorry.” Marvin apologized, standing at the foot of the bed.

“It’s okay! In case this does work, you know how to reverse this, right?” The nervousness was very faintly visable through his words. Marvin smiled brightly, realiving Jackie to an extent.

“Of course! What, you think I was gonna make my friend float or paralized without being able to reverse it? Please!” Marvin laughed, watching proudly at Jackie’s relief.
“Okay! Are you ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” Marvin rolled his eyes at Jackie’s unconvinced undertone. He was gonna prove he could do it! Marvin began mumbling so himself, shutting his eyes in concentration. Jackie smiled, placing his hands behind his head…when suddenly, he felt the bed no longer beneath him.

“What the-” Jackie gasped, looking down. He was floating?! This wasnt a particularly unfamiliar feeling, he could fly after all. Just something about it was different. Like someone had just got rid of a portion of gravity.

“DUDE!” Marvin yelled excitedly. He was floating a bit, too, his hands very slowly curling and uncurling, causing them both to rise and fall. Jackie managed to get a center of gravity, and sit midair, watching himself rise and fall. Marvin, still in a standing position, opened his hands completely. Jackie gasped, feeling himself fall back onto the bed with a bouce, while Marvin landed on his feet, smiling like an idiot.
“Jackie I did it!”

“Yeah, yeah, you did.” Jackie applauded, rubbing his head.
“How did you land like that?”

“You know the saying,” Marvin spun, pulling the book back out of the bookshelf.
“Cats always land on their feet!”

Jackie boo'ed at the pun, though was smiling as he did. He watched curiously as Marvin thumbed through the book.

“How are you even pulling his off?” Jackie asked, pushing himself back as to lean on the bedframe. Marvin groaned in playful annoyance.

“You ask so many questions!” He whined jokingly.
“And a magician never reveals his secrets. So shush.”

They both shared a laugh, Marvin setting the book on a table so he could read it while preforming the spell.

“Paralysis?” Jackie asked, crossing his arms.

“Im gonna try it! Thats cool with you, right?”

Jackie nodded and leaned his head back.

“Get kinda comfortable,” Marvin chuckled.
“You’re gonna be paralized, so…”

Jackie adjusted his position to a much more comcortable, though still heavily doubting Marvins ability to pull off such a trick. He opened his eyes half way, watching Marvins hands be surrounded by a glowing pink aura. It wasnt long until Jackie felt an odd, tingling sensation, starting from his head, and traveling downwards.

He knew, at that moment, something was off.

“Marvin are you- you sure this is the right spell?” Jackie twitched, the sensation covering his neck. He didn’t want to admit he was ticklish. He wad a super hero! He needed some dignity!

“I think so. Why, whats wrong?” Marvin asked worridly. The sensation paused at Jackie’s shoulders.

“N-Nothing. It’s fi-fine.” Jackie choked on his words. Marvin, though slightly reluctant, continued the spell. Jackie felt the sensations travel downwards, and when they hit his ribs, it slipped.

The sensation paused, holding its place for a minute. Jackie inhaled sharply, biting his lip to compress the smile. He could see Marvin, jaw dropped slightly. Oh no.

“Oh.” Marvin said, his expression morphing to a grin. He glanced over as his book, hand staying in place as to not disrupt the spell.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were ticklish?!”

“Obvihihi- obvious reasons!” Jackie growled, though his giggle at the beginning softened the bite of his words. Marvin cooed affectionately, smirking devilishly.

“Well, you were right. I did have the wrong spell. This one applies one of the more sinister methods of torture. One that you’re apparently suubject to. Tickling.” Marvin explained, waving his hand. This faltered the sensations on Jackie’s uper body, causing him to yelp.
“Since we’ve already started this spell, might as well go through with it, right?”

“Nonono-nohooho!” Jackie fell into another fit of giggling as the sensations began to spread. Marvin glanced back at the spell book, then began wiggling his fingers slightly. This seemed to highten the sensations greatly.

“Yeees?” Marvin asked with a cocky smirk. He titlted his head to the side, leaning on the wall.
“What seems to be the problem, Jackie?”

“All- Ahall of thihissss!” Jackie pushed in vain at the foreign feeling, to no avail. It was only a little away from his feet, already making Jackie curl up in an escape attempt. However, this only made Marvin ‘Aw’ at him.
“Marvin, nohoho, plehehease!”

“Im sorry. Its for practice! You said you’d help!”

“I dihihidnt expehehect- WAIT MAHAHARVIN!” Jackie yellped, falling into loud laughter.

“Whoah!” Marvin giggled excitedly. Jackie shook his head violently, kicking the air.

“MAHAHARVIN PLEHEHEASE!” Jackie made a final attempt at escape, before succumbing to his defeat. Luckily for him, Marvin noticed the strain in his voice, and layed off. The feeling faded away, and Jackie lie there, giggling like mad. Marvin smiled in adoration, sitting on the bed next to him.

“Thanks.” He said with a grateful smile. Jackie caught his breath.

“Youre welcome.”

Ok so full disclosure, April Fool’s is one of those holidays that I usually get salty about, because most people’s “pranks” just consist of lying about something kind of plausible and then seeing how long they can string their victim along getting them to believe it, which run from embarrassing to genuinely distressing, and I find those mean-spirited and not funny. Even when they’re not directed at me, the secondhand embarrassment and chagrin is really uncomfortable.

But FR’s April Fool’s jokes have been consistently pure and silly and harmless and fun every single year. The mysterious hats we pulled rabbits out of, the goofy sweaters, the googly eyes on all our dragons, and the beautiful HD revamp whose art is so amazing I don’t even have words to describe it properly. I love this year’s joke. It’s been a lot of fun to go through my lair and see all my aesthetic choices pared down so simply, and to see which dragons I can still easily recognize and which ones are more defined by their apparel or accents. 

And on top of that, we have the ongoing surprise presents from Marva every year, which the staff has gone out of their way to make as accommodating and no-stress as possible. We were able to switch at leisure between the different colors, when you opened a chest you got the item out of it and still kept the depleted chest too in case you’re a collector who liked the original image, and even after April Fool’s you can still collect the whole set because Pinkerton and regular chests have a chance to give them out. 

Basically I am just incredibly grateful to the FR staff for taking a holiday that I generally find kind of stressful and shitty, and making it genuinely fun. 

  • harrison: an illusionist has to have the essentials!
  • harrison: [pulling things out of his hat] a rabbit, some fake cuffs, a deck of cards...
  • harrison: [pulls out a picture of preston and nerris] ...
  • harrison: an inspirational photo of two good friends -
  • harrison: [stuffs the picture deep in the hat]
  • harrison: - you have NO romantic interest in...

Prepare to be astonished! It’s been another week of craziness, this time of the presto-magic variety.  Team Flash had to deal with a freaky-deaky futuristic magician named Abra Kadabra (who names these villains in the 64th century anyway?) This dude was so evil and so lame… he didn’t even pull one rabbit out of a hat.  Such a rip off!  To complicate things it turned out the love of my life Gypsy was after him for some terrible crimes he committed on Earth-19.  So low and behold, my main squeeze and I were finally back together… until it all fell apart.  Turns out Gypsy hasn’t been completely honest about herself and it left me feeling pretty confused.  Finding out she lost a “partner” partner wasn’t something I was ready to hear.  So I let her leave with our grand destiny for love on an indefinite hiatus. 

I think I did the right thing breaking it all off, but now I feel like the Staypuft Marshmallow Man at the end of “Ghostbusters”… a big gooey mess.  I have all these feelings for her, but I can’t trust her.  I decided to go for a mopey walk in the rain and pouted my way to a record store.  It was time to drown my sorrows in some sad songs.

I stepped inside the shop and the cute hipster clerk with purple hair took one look at me and identified my genre of need:  Emo.  I tried to defend myself saying I’m just looking for some sad songs I could sing along to and yes, maybe cry to get over my break up.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  She was right.  Ugh.  I was totally “Emo” Cisco: sad as frack!  She took my hand and led me to the section and piled on record after record into my arms.  She hooked me up with enough albums of whiney, angsty, heart-on-the sleeve tunes to see me through any multiverse breakup.  I went home and listened to every last one.  And you know what? It was cathartic to wallow for a bit.

But to tell you the truth, I realize now I need a little something more to fully snap out of the Gypsy blues.  Enough of “Emo” Cisco!  I’m putting the sad songs away and doing something I know will truly make me feel better. I’m heading down to S.T.A.R. Labs to check in on our wounded warrior Caitlin and treat her to some tasty strawberry jell-o…  and yes, complain more about my heartache.  But it’s cool. Caitlin’s my best friend and she’s always there for me. Who needs bad romance and sad songs when you have true friendships like that?

Recently a very old school friend got in touch via Facebook and we’ve been catching up. Who’s done what, who’s dead, who’s fallen off the radar screen, who surprised everyone by pulling a rabbit out of their life’s hat and become a great success. The reason he made contact was to invite me to a school reunion next summer, but reunions have never interested me. I like my memories as they are, like thousand year old insects preserved whole in amber. Old loves and grudges, the way things smelled that day out on the boat, or the strong metallic taste of fear in the mouth when we got caught stealing. Maybe it wasn’t that way at all. Maybe these memories are entirely wrong and I have created or been distorting them for decades. But most antique dealers will tell you never to clean up or polish old metal, leather, or wood because the patina that has built up on the surface over the years greatly enhances the look of the piece. So too with many memories, I believe.

Jonathan Carroll

anonymous asked:

You know, I noticed that back in Episode 2 of season 1(mascot episode), Harrison mentioned he was at camp Campbell to learn how to make his disappeared objects reappear after he pulled a rabbit out of his hat. And then in this season finale, his folks mention that he made his brother disappear?? What if he wants to learn how so that he can get his brother back?? (I haven't seen the episodes actually tho, so I could be wrong :0 )

yes!!! i was thinking this too, and saw a few posts about other people thinking this and honestly???????? it’s so sad??????? poor harrison doesn’t deserve this, his parents shouldn’t be afraid of him, but he probably wants his brother back, too. i hope he gets him back.



Can we just talk about how perfect Community’s 6x04 “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing” is?

Like there’s so much to it, from Chang’s concern that he was only cast as Miyagi because he’s asian, to Abed (canonically recognized as having ASD) having intense empathy for the baby birds (with the wonderfully tragic subtle parallel of his mother having left him when he was young).

But the best part was the amazing discussion of sexuality and it’s complexities.

Dean Pelton has always been assumed as somewhat queer. He is very attracted to Jeff and he often dresses in drag. But sexuality is so much more complicated than just liking boys or girls. There are more than two genders, more than monogamy, more than monosexuality, more than physical attraction, etc etc. And while any kind of positive LGBTQIA representation is awesome, it’s usually something like what the school board tries to do in the episode. They want the Dean to be a neatly packaged, cardboard cut out of the gay white cis male. But that denies so much of who he is and also reduces him to a symbol of how not homophobic they are rather than a complete person.

I cannot get over how well Frankie sums up how problematic this is

“When a person becomes symbolic, they gain symbolic power at the price of independent power.”

Omg. I am obsessed with how perfect that line is. Frankie Dart is my hero. Plus, she subtly comes out to Jeff and the Dean as queer like it ain’t no thing. New fave characacter. 

But most importantly is the vagueness of the Dean’s metaphor. Personally, I took the never ending handkerchief metaphor to mean his sexuality is complex and constantly evolving, while still having some things in common with being straight up gay. Both handkerchiefs and rabbits can be pulled from a hat. But the rabbit is pulled out once and done so it is much simpler, while the handkerchief progresses over time (hence “never ending” handkerchief). Additionally, the rabbit out of a hat is a magic show trope; it is the example non-magicians use as what a magician does (like how heterosexuals only think of queer people as simply gay). Whereas the handkerchief trick, while there is sometimes of an awareness of it, isn’t really as commonly thought about or represented. There’s even a ton of variety within how the handkerchief trick is performed; it doesn’t even have to be out of a hat but can be from a sleeve, mouth, pocket, or behind an audience member’s ear. I think I’m letting this metaphor run away with me, but you get the idea.

I also like that they don’t say what else the Dean is. Because, as Frankie said, your sexuality “is nobody’s business.” The Dean is simply himself. 

Sexuality and gender is a spectrum that extends in a multitude of directions, not just gay or straight. And when we stop having to label and understand something in order to accept it, then we will have truly made progress.

Interlude To The Men I've Shared My Bed With

By: Lin
I fell in love with a Comedian.
Every pun woven
Into routines
That kept me laughing
Until my lungs burst
With the danger of happiness.
The jokes
Turned sinister
When I became the punchline.
I laughed myself right out of love with him.

I fell in love with a Salesman.
With a pitch
So smooth
I’m not like the others
I’ll never hurt you
I’m gonna marry you one day
I love you more than I’ve ever loved any other woman
It felt like virgin flesh
On a sinful summers eve.
Opening his duffel bag of dreams
My eyes poured
Into every single makeshift euphoria.
I bought myself right out of love with him when I realized
That I’d sold myself short.

I fell in love with a Magician.
He didn’t know any card tricks
He didn’t pull any rabbits out of his proverbial top hat.
This man was the real deal.
This magical man knew
How to turn
Fleshy surfaces into galaxies
Like souls
That flourish
Towards a graveyard of tombs
Holding their very dreams.
I saw the milky way in him.
I fell out of love with him
When the girl I once was
After a particularly near-fatal act.
An act that left me sawn in half-
From the chest cavity to the lung.

I fell in love with a Storyteller.
God, the stories this man could tell!
His fairytales
So convincing
I love you
I’m sorry
It’ll never happen again
I promise
You’re the one
Like a catfish, I was hooked
onto each and every word.
I closed the book on our relationship
When I realized that
Clichés were sometimes
Gravely inaccurate.
Judge a book by its cover.

I fell in love with Mr. Sandman.
Sleeping peacefully
He would visit me
The tugging of the sheets encasing me
He sliced through me like
The plethora of knives
Already lodged in my back
As he breathed into my slumber
Ripping into uninhabited spaces
Until I awoke in screams
No, Please !
Don’t do this !
Please stop !!
It hurts so bad!
Get off of me!
From the brutal memories
Of his love
In a cold sweat,
Seated in a pool of my own blood
With my baby still in its sac right next to me
I woke up from the lucid dream that was Him.

I fell in love with a Reflection.
Hellbent on being broken
Even through the glass
Seeking Heaven as a means to find a fixed love.
His assumptions drove him away, from me.
Every accusation
You’ve been fucking around
You wore that for another man
Why didn’t you pick up my call? Was it him?
Each paranoid thought
Who is he
Where have you been
What the fuck are you wearing
Open up I wanna feel if he’s been inside you

I fell out of love with him when I shattered the glass
Only to realize
That he was
The constant reminder
That there are pieces of me
S c a t t e r e d
Like grains of glass embedded into carpets
That will always make you bleed-
No matter how much you sweep.

The Fearless Glamoury

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Glamoury is the art of mystical illusion; not stage illusion like pulling rabbits out of hats, but auric illusion that shifts the energy in and around your body. This shift creates a specific atmosphere designed according to your need.

Witches use glamoury like spiritual armor. When various situations arise in which the individual feels unsuited to the task or circumstance at hand, he or she dons a glamoury filled with confidence, bravery, attractiveness, strength or whatever other energies suit the moment. This way even when the inner ell is lacking, the auric field around the witch expresses the right vibrations to handle things competently. How do you do this, specifically to keep gossipers, hecklers and other unpleasant people from getting in your face? The best way is through visualization. You know the old saying “seeing is believing?” Well, that’s what a visualization does for you. It builds belief, which in turn provides the power to make the glamoury work.

To start, try to visualize yourself as you are at this moment in detail, Now think of a color or blend of colors that to you represents a fearless but somewhat reserved attitude. Remember that you don’t want to keep everyone away just those whose presence disrupts your inner harmony.

Many people find a combination of red (power) and white (protection) suits this visualization. Once you choose your colors, envision them pouring down from above and wrapping your body in sparkling radiance. The swirls clockwise around you, creating a shimmering shell above, below left and right (think of a soap bubble made from lines of pure magical force and you’ll get the idea).

Keep the purpose of this energy strongly in mind all the while you’re creating the imagery

You might also feel a bit different.

I hope you enjoyed this spell

Made with love


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The signs as less popular Good Omens characters
  • Aries: Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer
  • Taurus: Stan The Delivery Man
  • Gemini: Marvin O. Bagman the televangelist
  • Cancer: Freddie Mercury
  • Leo: Things Not Working Properly Even After You've Given Them A Good Thumping But Secretly No Alcohol Lager
  • Virgo: Mr. Scroggie's upset stomach
  • Libra: Lisa Morrow the doomed telephone salesperson
  • Scorpio: Shutzi the dog
  • Sagittarius: Jaime Hernez, tree enthusiast
  • Capricorn: Dagon, Lord of the Files, Master of Madness, Under-Duke of the Seventh Torment
  • Aquarius: Harry, the rabbit Aziraphale pulls out of his hat
  • Pisces: The signpost to Lower Tadfield that blew down
So, the girl is sitting in a café the color
of coffee and caramel with a pink umbrella
over the table protecting the sun from having
to compete with her sparkling smile and she’s
taking her tea like she takes her men (she says,
with a laugh the shade of summer): sweet
and environmentally friendly, and you’ve got
a ten-ton ball of lead sinking in your stomach
because she is a thousand colors and the boy
walking over with a smirk in his step is just two
and you know she will let herself melt and fade
so she can match his black and white instead.

Here’s the thing about girls who like girls
who like boys: it’s sort of the same way
a magician feels when he tries to pull out
a rabbit from his hat and all he finds is a dove
from the previous trick, white feathers ruffled,
and you’re tugging colorful scarves out of your
sleeves and never quite finding the end and the
audience is laughing in second-hand embarrassment,
the awkward air creeping into your lungs around the edges
and you can’t breathe and she’s laughing and you’re
trying to run but you trip on the rabbit that was
supposed to be your magic trick and the hat goes poof and

This metaphor doesn’t make sense but neither does
the way you feel, tangled up in Gordian knots limb
to limb to limb, reading books about girls who love
girls who are sad about it and girls who love girls who
die for it and girls who love girls who don’t love them
back because what kind of girl loves girls, not an alive
one, not a happy one, not a thousand-color pink-and-green-
and-silver-and-purple girl with a sweet tea smile and a
heart the shape of happiness, so here you are, again,
in a café in a city the color of smoke, going round and
round a carousel and trying to toss coins into a clown’s
mouth but missing every time because some girls are just
too damn pretty to swallow gold and have it mean something.

And this doesn’t mean something. And this isn’t worth anything.
And the girl laughs at a boy and the rabbit runs away,
just like it always does,
just like it always will.
—  abracadabra by m.j. pearl
(BMC/Harry Potter AU) Sorting headcanons, pt 1

-Jeremy Heere has been called many things in his life: bird, beanpole, stick insect
-He hates nicknames
-But wizard?
-Yeah, he can go with that
-Now he’s finally 11
-He can’t wait to learn all the cool magic tricks you get to learn at Hogwarts
-(He really hopes that part of the curriculum includes pulling rabbits out of hats, even though his dad has told him countless times it’s not)
-He rides the train impatiently, feet tapping and face pressed up against the window
-At some point, a Filipino kid sits down across from him but Jeremy doesn’t pay much attention
-Which is just as well, really, since the kid immediately puts on these huge headphones and blocks the hell out of him
-Do headphones even work here? Jeremy has no idea
-Finally, they reach Hogwarts
-Jeremy sits down for his Sorting
-The Sorting Hat falls down to his nose
-He hears hears some snickers, but that’s okay, because he’s /finally being Sorted!!/
-Then the hat shouts ‘SLYTHERIN!’
-Jeremy has no idea what that means
-It’s the first time since he’s been here that this word has been used
-He smiles and pulls the hat off
-From his left, he can hear cheering
-But from his right, and from everywhere else really, a much louder sound drowns it out
-Jeremy Heere, age 11, can only stare as ¾ of the school boos him
-Then someone pushes him, and he stumbles off to the left
-Some people from neighboring tables are still booing him
-He feels sick
- ‘Michael Mell!’
-Jeremy looks up as the next kid takes the floor
-Huh, it’s that Filipino headphone guy he was sitting with on the train
-Jeremy can’t help but notice what bad condition his robes are in
-They’re a huge lumpy mess of gray and black, like someone started a patchwork quilt but gave up half way
-On the arms of his robes, a bunch of patches are sewed
-Jeremy wonders what they mean
-He also feels a little better about himself
-Michael sits down, and puts the hat on
-Barely a second passes before the hat screams, ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’
-Michael is met with much more cheering than Jeremy was
-Jeremy watches him enviously as he pulls the hat off and swaggers to his table
-But then, just as everyone’s attention is on the next kid being Sorted (some girl named Brooke) he veers left
-He nudges Jeremy aside and sits down at his table
-/At the wrong table/
-He grins
-He’s wearing braces
- ‘Wow, people here are jerks, huh?’
-Jeremy can only blink at him
- ‘You’re… Uh… Um… At the, er, wrong table…?’
-He kicks himself mentally for all his verbal tics. Michael probably thinks he’s an idiot now
-(Michael doesn’t)
- ‘I can leave if you want me to. I just thought maybe you wanted some backup.’
-Michael nods and leans forward earnestly
-He has nice eyes, even behind the glasses
- ‘I just thought maybe you wanted a friend.’
-Jeremy doesn’t know what to say
-This kid doesn’t even know him, and yet here he is breaking school rules for him and offering to be his friend
-Jeremy can only hope it’s not out of pity
-He nods
-Michael grins again, and fistbumps him
- ‘Awesome. Starting now, this is level one, and I’m your player two. We’re helping each other all the way to the top, deal?’
-Jeremy is a pureblood
-He has literally no idea what Michael is talking about
-But he agrees anyway
- (Michael sits at his table for the rest of the year)