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im so happy for taeyong like he had to spend months into his debut worrying about his scandal and he was so worried about its impact on nct and how the fans would not like them but fast forward a yr and nct are performing in kcon ny to loads of adoring fans and he went to see the birthday ad put up by his fans then he was sosososo happy n im just pr o u d of our leader

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i know how you feel as the only mercy on the point!!! like omg there are times when its at 99% or a few seconds left and we still need to capture and i'm the ONLY ONE that rushes in to try and overtime it. of course i die because squish, but like, how can i be more offensive than the actual offense players or tanks? just like MOVE COWARDS!!

the other night i was so fed up of dying trying to heal and contest and capture like the ONLY ONE i just said fuck it - no more heals i’m going in. so … you know something is wrong when ur mercy has silver elims, gold objective kills, gold objective time, gold heals

come on yall.


Okay, so, this may look really weird but hear me out. It clearly states in the back of my jthm director’s cut comic in his Bio that Nny likes “little chubby babies”. …what that entails is totally never addressed but let me have this.

And lord help/bless any mom who lets this man hold they’re baby.

Ok but real talk is anyone else getting fed up with Official’s “where in the world is Takashi Shirogane” marketing strategy? Like we get it, you’re playing with our heartstrings. That may have worked the first few times, but now it’s just getting old. Can we get something new please?

you guys

okok so i need your help

wow is this the first self-centric post you’ve posted here that’s totally unrelated to your follower count? good job maddie pat urself on the back maddie


i really need help. im currently in the midst of an audition process for the addams family @ my new school and i would kill to be wednesday. (sounds like something wednesday would say im getting there!!) unfortunately, circumstances at my old school have made it so my self-esteem is at its lowest point. can anyone help me with auditions and helping w breathing & belting & stuff? would be greatly appreciated thank youuuuu

some of my favorite tags on my most recent lance photoset

#tall, dark and memeful
#danger noodle son
#lance is that guy that everyone is in love with a little bit

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i was scanning your blog but why aren't you happy you have a big cup size? like that's actually what guys like and shit. you should be happy

dude what the fuck? 

first of all, having bigger breasts does not mean you get liked better. no offence but my breasts ugly as fuck and yea YAY i got a heavy chest but people still wont like it cause theyre ugly as hell [i wont explain bc its embarrasing] second of all why would i want big breasts? it gives me back pains fuck that guys like it i dont


White chocolate


“Paris holds the key to her past…
Yes princess I’ve you at last. 
No more pretend, 
You’ll be gone, that’s the end…”
– Anastasia (1997)

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