pulling bunnies out of hats

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Imagine humans showing aliens 'magic tricks' like pulling a bunny out of a hat and disappearing acts and stuff like that

Im to sleep to form an actual response and all i can imagine is that gif of someone showing magic to a monkey which since im on mobile i cant add

*ball disappears from cup*

Monkey: :O :D!!!!!

The Rabbit is Out of The Hat! {Fluff}

 Hello cookies! This is a Halloween themed oneshot I’ve been working on! But anyways let me get to the point. There are going to be 5 couple in this whole story, so it’s not just one shipping, but it will be based mainly one one shipping which we all know is Brohm. The couples are: H2OVanoss, Terrornuckel, Minicat, Daithi De Calibre, and Basically & Droidd but they’re best friends. Now That is settled, LET’S BEGIN~!  ~Deluct~ (Happy Early Halloween!)


 It was a spooky night, and all was out for a simple fright. We have our favorite friends gathered at the Wrecker residence. With Delirious, Vanoss, Basically, Nogla, Lui, Wildcat, Droidd, Mini, Moo, and Terroriser were there, even Bryce. They planned on having a good night of trick-or-treating and a party, which Delirious said it was going to be the ‘shit’.
 "What do you mean you’re not coming?!“
 "I’m sorry Delirious, but I have other things to do. I’ll tell you this….If I finish early, I’ll come over okay?”
 "Alright, see you then man.“ Delirious hung up his phone, setting it down on the coffee table.
 "So is Cartoonz coming over or no?” Evan asked him. Both him and Delirious were playing some Mario Kart before Cartoonz called. Evan was dressed as his GTA character “Bat-Owl,” while Jonathan was dressed as the Trapper from Dead By Daylight, but with his custom skin.
 "Nah, but he’ll probably  show up if he finishes up whatever he’s doing,“ Delirious replied back before starting up the game again.
 "Seriously though, just imagine a random dude showing up in the bathroom stall every time you went to go grab the toilet paper, wouldn’t that scare the living shit out of you?”
 "That would be disturbing, Tyler. Like you would be finishing your shit, then reach out for the toilet paper and he would appear! Making you shit again! *laughs*
 "Exactly!” Wildcat replied back to Mini, they were sitting outside on the porch. Tyler was dressed as his GTA character, but it was pimped out, and Craig was dressed as Mario. Suddenly, they heard a loud clank besides the porch, and Mini jumped while Wildcat stood up quickly. “WHO THE FUCK IS THERE?!” Yelled Wildcat. Both of them heard snickering then laughter as Moo and Terroriser walked out in front of them.
 "Goddammit!“ Craig slapped the arm of the porch bench.
 "Aw! You two should’ve seen the looks on your faces! Priceless!” Brian laughed even harder; Brock snorted. Moo was dressed as Link but more of a Toon Link and Terroriser….Well…He was dressed as Terminator, Delirious had begged and begged him.
 "Oh shut the fuck up, fuccbois!“ Tyler yelled at them.
 "Droidd there is no fucking way that’s possible!”
 "Yes it is Marcel!“ Droidd argued back. Droidd and Marcel were arguing on a random subject that no one knows about. Basically was dressed as Finn The Human (Gmod), while Droidd…..No one knew exactly, but he was just random.
 "Are you guys ready yet?”
 "No! Me and Bryce will be down soon!“ Ohm called back to Nogla.
 "What was that Nogla? Just that silent 'Are you guys ready?’ It sounded like a mouse!” Lui laughed, mocking Nogla.
 "Hey don’t be mean man!“ Nogla softly replied back. Nogla was dressed as Zoidburg (Gmod) and Lui dressed as his GTA character as well. Lui didn’t know what to dress as, so he copied Vanoss and Wildcat.
 "Brycey! Are you finished?” Ohm softly knocked on the door and asked. Ryan was dressed as a magician, his beard nicely trimmed, and a top hat that sat on his head. He didn’t know what Bryce was gonna be because he would always say 'It’s a secret!’ or 'Not now!’
  Bryce looked at himself in the mirror and blushed. He was dressed as a playboy bunny with white stockings and black heels; also with blond bunny ears and tail to match. Bryce didn’t really plan on trick-or-treating, but he promised the guys he would walk around with them. So Bryce decided to look good for the occasion and wanted to match with Ryan. Sadly, he didn’t have a magician costume as well, so decided to dress up like a bunny you would see; getting pulled out of a hat.
 "Bryce, the guys are gonna leave without us. I told them we’ll catch up, is that okay?“ Ohm asked again.
 "Yeah! That’s fine!” Bryce said. He gave himself one last look in the mirror before stepping out of the bathroom. “How do I look?”
 Ryan turned around, finally seeing Bryce. His jaw dropped and eyes widened. Ohm thought Bryce looked cute and especially hot, he felt heat rise to cheeks.
 "Y-you look good. Really good,” Ohm stated, making Bryce blush even deeper.
 "Uh, thanks.“ A heavy silence filled the room, making it awkward for the both of them. Suddenly, an idea popped into Ohm’s head, and he smirked. "Ryan, why are you smirking?”
 "Oh no reason~!“ Ohm quickly walked up to Bryce and pinned him to the wall.Bryce gasped loudly, his breathing becoming shallow. Ryan kissed him hard on the lips, one of his hands moving down to Bryce’s waist. Bryce moaned into the kiss and started to squirm, wanting to get out of his grasp. They pulled apart, gasping for air.
 "Ryan…..Let me go, we’re going to be late,” Bryce panted out, squirming even more.
 "Oh you’re not gonna get off the hook the easily…Now, isn’t there a better way to ask?“ Ohm teased.
 "Let me go.”
 "Come on, you know better than that Brycey~!“
 ” *Sigh* Daddy…Please let me go.“ Bryce whined, his knees bucked slightly.
 "Are you going to listen?”
 "Then who do you belong to?”
 "And who are you only going to listen to?”
 "Only y-you, Daddy.“
 "That’s right baby.” Ryan replied before they both heard a snort in the doorway. Instantly, Ohm let go of Bryce and Bryce quickly stood up straight; the gang was there with weird faces.
 "H-how long have you guys been standing there?“ Bryce stuttered.
 "Long enough for me to arrive!” Cartoonz squeezed his way into the room, placing a hand on Ohm’s shoulder. “So daddy~, huh?”
 "Shut up.“
 "Aw~! Don’t be like that Ohm,” Delirious joined in on the fun. Everyone started laughing beside Bryce and Ryan.
 "At least I don’t scream to the whole world 'I’m going to cum’!“ Bryce roasted Delirious.
 "S-shut up!” Delirious stuttered and Evan just blushed, laughing even harder.
 "Alright, alright everybody! Let’s get going,“ Cartoonz pushed everyone, even Ohm and Bryce, outside of the room.
—————————–Extra Ending~!——————————-
 Ohm watched as the guys made their way up to the door, with the children, to get candy. Him and Bryce were standing on the sidewalk waiting.
 "Hey Bryce?“
 "Yeah Ohm?”
 "After this, you wanna see a few tricks?“
 "What do you mean 'a few’ tricks?”
 "You know…The one where the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat.“ Ryan purred, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Bryce lightly blushed and rolled his eyes.
 "Sounds great.”

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hello~ idk if your still doing random aus but how does a odd jobs!seventeen one sound ahah?? i would also like to say thank you for creating amazing writing and i love the details you put into it!!

i did career!seventeen a long time ago, but this one since it’s odd jobs i decided to make it a lil more fun ^^
i only did half the members because i wasn’t sure if like,,,,,,,,,,,this was what you wanted LOL 


  • bike courier 
  • delivers express mail all over gangnam district 
  • is super athletic and is more enthusiastic about biking than he is about anything else in his life. like honestly ask him some bike facts nO oNE else would know and he’ll know them. 
  • wears a cute snapback with his companies logo on it backwards and like old jean cut offs and like probably has a cool tattoo sleeve
  • you’re carrying like forty pounds of paperwork from your office to down to block and it’s like kILLing your back and you keep having to put the pile down because ow and cracking your back and suddenly this bike comes to a stop in front of you and you look up to see this cute guy with a big grin and he’s like
  • “hey, you need help?” and you’re like “oh no im not going far-” and he’s like pointing to your hand on your back like “you look like an old person c’mon give me half your pile ill walk the block with you.” and so you hand him over half the paperwork and he like chains his bike to a nearby street pole and runs back over to you and literally effortlessly carries all of the paperwork in like one hand and you’re like holy shit
  • and he’s smiling down at you like “so, what’s your name I’m Seungcheol and my bike over there’s named Mansae.”
  • and you’re like one: who names their bike but two: he’s cute so why not give him a chance hehe


  • flower arranger 
  • is an apprentice at a flowershop in your neighborhood 
  • likes arranging flowers for couples the most, especially when he gets to tell them what the combinations mean in flower language 
  • wears a different flower tucked behind his ear everyday
  • you see him through the window of the shop fixing the display a lot and like if you make eye contact you always look down and blush because oh my god he’s so handsome,,,,like a real life flower prince
  • jeonghan thinks your shyness is super cute and he always makes an effort to smile and wave at you even if you just run the opposite direction
  • one day you almost forget to get flowers for your friend since it’s her birthday so you run into the shop and since it’s pretty early you don’t think jeonghan will be there BUT GUESS WHOSE AT THE COUNTER 
  • jeongahn. with a pretty lil lily behind his ear and he’s like “hello ^^” and you’re like asfksllhg but you’re also like quick what are good flowers to get a friend on their birthday
  • and jeonghan is like i know just what you need! and he brings out this bouquet that is beautiful and colorful and you’re like omf thank you and he’s like no problem let me ring you up
  • and like when he tells you the price you’re like ??????? what so cheap??????? and he’s like “yeah it’s a discount we have, it’s called the “cute discount” and since you’re cute you get the discount (-:” (how smooth jeonghan)


  • camp counselor 
  • kids love him because he can play songs from their favorite cartoons on his guitar 
  • reminds everyone to say thanks before eating lunch (not necessarily in a religious way but like he makes them say thanks to the cooks or something LOL)
  • is always trying his best to give good advice and be a role model but kids still laugh about how he tripped over a twig during one of the catch the flag games two years ago
  • you’re actually one of the lifeguards out by the lake where the camp comes to swim and joshua has had a secret crush on you for like every summer since he first saw you
  • and like the kids he’s in charge of know it. the other counselors know it. the damn fish in the lake know it BUT he refuses to confess 
  • like the most he’s done is shyly ask if you had any extra water noodles for the kids to play with and when you were like “yeah, wanna come with me to grab them?” he was like uM juST TELL me WHERe i cAN Do It mYSELf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • literally joshua isn’t even the one to confess, one of the kids sneaks off and hands you like this bracelet and is like “josh hyung made this for you in arts & crafts it’s obvious because he put a little fish charm which means the lake except he didn’t want to give it to you because he’s a big baby so here you go. also: he likes you. ask him out please!!!!”
  • and you like looked down at the bracelet and burst out laughing because wow that,,,,,,,,,,,is the cutest lil thing you’ve ever heard
  • and so the next time there’s a big party being thrown and everyones over at the main campsite you tap joshua’s shoulder and he’s like oh OH oh my hello,,,,,,,,and you show him your wrist with the bracelet and he’s like 1!!!!!!! WHERe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god one of the kids,,,,,,,,
  • and you giggle like “it was cute, but you should have given it to me yourself,,,,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s damn ears turn read he’s like AH ,,,,,so adorable


  • magician
  • thinks the cap and top hat make him look “cool” and “edgy” so he wears them even though everyone’s like “you look corny”
  • mostly performs outside on the street for change but because he’s incredibly witty and handsome sometimes people will hire him to do birthday parties and things like that 
  • pulls bunnies out of hats, makes flowers appear out his sleeve, and can even sneeze out a 5,000 won bill
  • can also do a handstand on one hand and other physical stuff that gets everyone even more into his show than just bad magic tricks
  • you always pass him by when you’re on the way to study and he’s always got a crowd of people around him but one day he’s doing a trick and instead of choosing someone from his mini audience he calls out to you and you’re like looking around  with your books in hand like me??? and he’s signalling for you to come over
  • and people are looking so you like awkwardly shuffle over and he’s like “im going to let you pick a card any card” and you’re like oh my god seriously but you do and it’s the ace of hearts but you don’t show it and jun’s like “put it back in my pile” and you do and he like does a fancy hand motion and winks at you then takes the top book from your hands, opens it to a page and pulls out the ace of hearts
  • and you’re like holy shit how
  • and he’s like (———; magic
  • and the audience is clapping and you’re still trying to figure it out so jun hands you the card to see that it’s really your card but when you turn it over it has his number on it and you’re like !!! and jun just winks and bows like “thanks for helping me with my trick (-: 


  • personal trainer 
  • half personal trainer half life coach
  • thinks everyone should take up dance as serious exercise and eat egg whites everyday because it’s healthy
  • probably the kind of personal trainer that compliments you every step of the way instead of ever scolding you
  • but it works because like,,,,,,hearing him be proud of you makes you wanna work hard
  • and like he’s not even your personal trainer, he’s training a coworker of yours and like you come with them to the gym just to like see if it’s worth it to run on the treadmill for like 30min
  • and hoshi comes over and starts talking to your coworker and then he smiles at you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he’s so………cute,,,,,,,,,,,what the hell
  • and hoshi’s like “instead of that treadmill how about taking one of the gyms dance classes. you’ll have more fun, i promise.”
  • and you’re kinda shy so you’re like ahh dancing and me don’t mix
  • and hoshi’s like “i bet you’re just fine, and if not - ill help you out.” and you’re like aklfkwf
  • your coworker standing there like “ahem i thought you were my personal trainer hoshi” and hoshi’s like “ofc, your friend’s cuteness just caught me off guard”
  • and you’re like oh my gOD
  • but we all must admit, that was a good one


  • ethical hacker 
  • works for the police department by hacking into virus filled computers and breaking algorithms set up by criminals
  • works strictly from home. spends like 95% of his time hunched over his laptop with these cute round glasses on doing complex math in his head
  • sometimes, one good days, his friend mingyu drags him out to a coffee shop but even there wonwoo’s on his laptop probably hacking into someones hard drive 
  • you know him because you work as a delivery person for a takeout place near his apartment building so you’re always the one they send to drop off his food
  • and wonwoo orders the same thing no matter what time of day it is so like you don’t even need to know his name, you know him by his order
  • and you notice every now and then how worn out he looks like he hasn’t slept in days when he opens the door so sneakily you also add in coffee to his order and like an extra order of vegetables to help 
  • and you think it goes unnoticed, but wonwoo knows and secretly he gets excited to see you at his door and one day even musters up the courage to ask you how the weather is and like you have minimal conversation and when you ask what he does all day he’s like
  • “oh, i hack computers.”
  • and you’re like oh my god. are you running some kind of illegal site or something……” and he laughs like “that’s fun! no i hack for the police!”
  • and you’re like that exists and he’s like yep it does and idk how this au would even progress one day he asks if he can take you out on a date (to his living room to play video games probably) since you’re so sweet to him LOL


  • vocal tutor 
  • is incredibly picky and strict and has no tolerance for people who don’t practice
  • WILL rip you to shreds if he finds out you’re being lazy. finds imperfection in everything
  • but like he’s the best tutor in the world, he really knows what to listen for and how to improve anyone 
  • like even people with no pitch and horrible voices become decent under him and it’s obvious that under his cold approach, he really loves singing and is proud to help other people grow their talents
  • ok tutor!woozi in a lil pink sweater vest or something imagine with his hair all neatly combed ok not the point
  • and you’re in need of a vocal tutor because in all honestly someone said you sucked at karaoke and you want to prove them wrong
  • so you find woozi in like idk the yellow pages and you’re like “i want to learn to sing” and woozi’s like “are you joking around?” and you’re like what no and he’s like “you better not be because if you are i will unleash hell. ok first lesson-”
  • and you’re like intimidated at first because his approach just seems way too hard but like the more you spend time with him and the more you learn
  • you see the passion woozi has for this and how gentle and caring he can be when it comes to like encouraging your obvious improvements 
  • and like woozi won’t say this but he went a little more easy on you because like,,,,,,,he thinks you’re kinda adorable and seeing you sad makes him also sad…………
  • but yeah once you’re ready to tackle that song that messed you up at karaoke you’re like “do you wanna come with me?” and he’s like “oh to karaoke? like to mentor you? that’s fine.”
  • and you’re like “no woozi like on a…………..date?”
  • and woozi like his heart feels like it’s gonna jump out of his chest but he tries to play it cool like “oh, that’s fine too. pick you up at 8?”
  • but when you leave he immediately calls up seungcheol like HELP ME  
Halloween Prompts

Choose one, choose them all.  Just get writing and have fun.  

1. Boy meets evil, evil takes boys’ candy, and then ransom it for kisses.  That’s how my Halloween went.

2. I just caught my co-worker hiding in a closet, during the offices’ Halloween  pot luck lunch, eating the good candy.  And instead of ratting them out, I joined them.”

3. “You can call me Monster.”

4. “You don’t fear me? Well I will make you a believer tonight.”

5. “I thought we both agreed that I was wearing the maid costume to the party tonight.  No I said you could wear it tonight.  I never mentioned a party.

6. “The horns are not really helping your case for being benevolent”

7. “No what I’m trying to tell you, is that I somehow have a date with a succubus.”

8. We are the only two people dressed in costume for this Halloween speed date thing.  Please, please pretend that we’re an actually couple that planned this and just walk into the wrong event.

9. I kind of told my family that we were dating and they kind of expect us to show up to our family’s annual Halloween party.  Oh, yeah I also kind of told them that you knew how to make a special dish, and they kind of want you to bring it.  Bonus: “I said it needs a dash of salt, not sass.”

10. “Shit, why did you have to pick up that pulsating box?”

11. “I beg of you, do not investigate that noise.”

12. You are the tenth zombie I asked about being my blind date.  I don’t care if  you aren’t them are not.  I’m tired from looking, I don’t need you to talk, I just need you to help me eat this sundae.

13. “It landed on thirteen, that can’t be good.”

14. “Please tell me that’s not someone getting out of a grave?”

     “I could do that or I could tell you the truth.”

15. “I’ve been in a coma for three months; no I didn’t know about the lycanthrope coming out party.”

16. You are the worst witch in town, and the last one on my list.  And normally I would’ve stopped after the top three said no. But you didn’t run when I said I was nephilim.  So please, please help me, lift this curse.

17. “I can’t believe you’re just now telling me you’re a demon.  And after we kissed, too.”

18.  "I said it was a fixer upper.”  

     “Yes, you did.  But when you said fixer upper, one would think it might mean things,  like new wallpaper, or sanding the floors, fixing a pipe or two,  replacing gutters, maybe rewiring.  Worst case scenario a whole  new roof. Not fixer upper in the sense I have  to hire someone to rid my house of spirits, because there’s a graveyard in the basement!”

19.  “How did you know where the spare key was?”

        “Your neighbor with the white cat, Ms. Park showed me where you hid it.”

        “Umm honey, Ms. Park been dead for like 20 years.”

        “Well, someone needs to tell her that.”

20. “No..No, no ones being murder.  What’s that piercing screaming? Well that’s just my randomly selected  Haunted House companion.  No, I don’t know if the house is scary, we’re still in line.”

21. “Player one and player two, please choose your weapons.  You have one  hour to finish the job.”

22. “Where out of candy, and they keep coming! What are we going to do?  What are we going to do?!”

23. “Will you’re a warlock do something”  

     “No cutie, I’m the part time magician hired to entertain, this little shindig.  And what I’m supposed to do anyway? Pick its card till its mind is blown?  Or, I don’t know, pull a killer bunny out of my hat?”

     “Those could work, try them.”

24.”Why is there a portal in your closet?”

25. Just my luck, another zombie outbreak happens, right when I finally get the courage to ask out my boss’ cute assistant.

26. When my best friend begged me to entertain some kid for Halloween, I wasn’t expecting a cutie around my age to show up.

27.  “So what’s his story?  

      “Hmm…him he was a hero, so he died first.”  

      “So you’re not the hero?”

    “Nope I’m the villain, and you have less than 6 minutes to convince me to  spare you.”

28.  My freaking ex showed up wearing the other half of my costume. And now we have to walk around together.  I might like it a lot more then I claim I do.

29.  “Were the last two on his list.  We have to run.”

30. “Nope, there’s nothing sinister about us receiving an invite, to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere on Halloween.”

31. The person dressed like Death, who I’ve been flirting with, is actually death and needs my help tonight.  What do I do?

 Remember your writing has to be done by October 30.

Asagao Talent Show

-Luke and Jared perform a heavily choreographed Superfreak by Rick James -Jirard does a silly little magic show and pulls a bunny out of a hat -Jeff and PBG do a stupid little SNL-style cop show where they are clueless cops -Jon and Jacques perform Poker Face and Jon drops the mic at the end and everyone’s just like “wtf” -Caddy performs stand-up that escalates into full-on roasting the shit out of Ian -Ian storms up on stage afterward and grabs the mic from Caddy and begins to roast Caddy back -Wallid reads the entire Navy Seals copypasta like it’s poetry -Jon and the Continue? gang perform a scene from The Lion King and it’s straight-up beautiful

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Imagine your OTP: Person is a powerful witch that can do almost anything and is impressed with Person B who does really cool card tricks and pulls bunnies out of hats

Person B: but… that WAS my card! How did you do that??? :O

Person A: babe you can literally teleport and turn people into frogs my card trick wasn’t that impressive

When you lay a new layer of asphalt down in your heart no one will wonder if there has ever been a road here before, and I’ve lost count of how many times the road has been repainted. How many times I’ve readjusted the line, so all our words walk the same thought. I need you like dough needs hands and flowers need the sun, but we chose to melt like butter, like a firework in the sky. Language was created to lie with, and in a bed full of rocks, breathing has tied me down. I’ve never held those hands but I’ve felt the butterflies. My heart has skipped a hundred beats and I have known love by the way you smile. Loving you is like all the dead metaphors in my heart found home in a single touch. I want to wrap your flaws in a silky fabric and sew it on my favourite dress I’d wear it proudly to tell you how pretty you are made. Darling, know no matter how distant I seem, my prayers are honest enough to reach out to your heart. I’ll give you things; quiet hands that comfort, a lap to lay your head, soft moments of vulnerability, dandelion wishes, an ocean of dreams, shared laughter in the dark, sea glass and smooth pebbles, dusty sunbeams through forest canopies, and a heart that trusts. Loving you is a religion I practice, and I’m just relearning how to pray. I have made friendship with the trees and I have let go of the leaves. Our hardships made us into silent people. Our struggles folded us into origami. I once read a list of places that made us feel out of this world, out into space, and right next to the brightest star. My own version of this list would be sitting in a quiet Waffle House and playing music inside of the juke box. Every sound ever made, you became the songs I wish I could play. The darkness of a movie theatre, when the credits roll, you became the lighting near my feet, forever a flame guiding my lost soul home. I can’t forget your face, I can’t forget your name. I can’t find another you, so I’m just here to understand you. I know our arms became petals and we no longer found dew to be profound, we found out that tears don’t always mean sadness, I’ve cried because of happiness and I’ve cried because of hopelessness. I know you won’t always be there, I know you won’t always be around and I know we’re realistic but how do you manage to make me believe? Even if our smiles became honest, somewhere within our fake ones, we still lie and that’s okay. It’s one day, and if it turns sour, don’t worry, you won’t see it on my face. I have given out comfort in the form of poetry, but out of the letter senders, you’re the only one to stay. You’re the only one still here and if you decided to move your home, know that wherever your heart sleeps, that would be my tender mailbox, you will be my only home. I know perfection is a lie, but you still make me out as beautiful and I know the truth isn’t worth a damn to trust on some days, but the truth is you’re worth more than my trust issues and I’d die to believe even your sweetest lie and they say that I’m descriptive and I live inside of pens, but poetry made me into a monster, I guess some nights, we both live under the bed and became skeletons dancing inside of closets. If you hear a midnight whisper music boxing near your ears, it would be my only hello and I’m sorry that we can’t be there, but as long as the sun shines, there’s still hope. I know I’m not the happiest, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my core is full of worms– I’m rotten to the soul and my heart is still breathing to be burned and I love with my art inside of coals and I am lighter fluid on my best days, but on my sad days, you became my match. If crying fixed the world, we have made the ocean 20 times more blue. If loving people made the world, we have made the future roses this much more red and I’m sorry that some days, we both feel dead– don’t worry, in a world filled with zombies, we’re the only ones eating hearts. They said that pain isn’t poetic, but as writers of the night, we still create chaos and I’ve seen beauty live inside of eyes, but never the truer did I find out about you. You have this way of talking, your blunt cruelty is attractive and you condemn those of hate with a world of love and you still make us feel like the bitter never let go of the sweet and you still love like the butterflies never died and let me tell you, I know because I do too. Inside of a milky sea, I let my purity sing your name. I was lovable once, I guess I left myself with no choice. I became a forever poet living inside of dried veins, I became a forever pen resting on decayed bones and I became a forever word jabbing from sore throats. We love and we love and we love, but darling we never quit and you still love like you invented the emotion of never knowing when we’ll be given the same fate and I know today wasn’t good, but tomorrow it might get better– I swear. I soaked up your passions inside of a rose petal and I grew those seeds and now, I know that just because a rose is red it doesn’t mean that it can love. If you give me everything silent, I’ll give you everything loud. I won’t leave you alone. If your earphones are in use, I’ll be the music played through them. The midnight rain won’t stop me. If your heart is breaking, I’ll be the reason you believe again. If your soul is lost inside of these woods, listen to my words, they’ll take us home. If your eyes are heavy, my shoulder is for yours to rest upon. I know we write and write and write, but the answer is never clear enough and we ran out of nerves to have, so we wrote it in the sand and let me tell you, the ocean has its way of saying, let me hold you to bed. If the sun could smile, you would be the brightness I closed my eyes for. If the moon could laugh, my belly is every moon that made all stars disappear. If the earth could love, my wrist would love to be next to yours, our tattoo is somewhere, but also no where far. What’s home is home and you’ve been more than enough, you’ve been more than sweet and I love that I love you and I miss that I haven’t met you, but we made our world into poetry and every time I blink my eyes, you had made roses grow inside where we can’t grab and my hands still look the thorns, yes, we all can’t be beautiful, but somewhere lost into the sky, you made my cry as something worth cheering on. If you could grip my heart, know that it’d hold your hand. If you didn’t want to live, know that I’d be there to hold you back to the deep. We live inside of rivers, a koi fish dreamed into a dragon. We breathe in ash and yes, we let our lungs burn away and my, I’m still alive breathing out your name. I have loved people, but I have never loved someone like you. We are something the stars intended. We are something the earth wished about. We are something the universe wrote about. We are something worthwhile. We are something alive. We are something worth smiling for. I know those clouds still make your head feel fuzzy and I know those forest fires still kiss your bridges and yes, we let passion take hold of our old traditions and yes, we can’t love like how our parents did, but that’s our tragedy, we write this poetry and let the secrets do the talking and yes, we write pain and let the blood do the spelling and I know that it isn’t always peaches and strawberries, but as long as you’ve got my back, we can still grow fruits where deserts used to be and we can still give love where heartache appeared. If you’re real then I am another wild card, I’m the trick up your sleeve, I’m your heart on a sleeve, I’m your white rabbit running out of time, I’m your white bunny pulled from a hat, I’m your ink running dry, I’m your seconds coming back to life, I’m your full moon during a bad night, I’m the acid trip you still feel in your spine, I’m your lungs forgetting how to breathe, I’m your heart remembering how to beat, I’m your red acrylic paint dripping from your heart, I’m your last poem you’ll ever need to write because what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. If you ever feel the need to believe in anything, believe that we live inside of metaphors & even if they are dead, we never found a reason to let any emotion die, we only found a new reason to keep our poetry eternally and infinitely written down.
—  I wish I was breathing closer to you, but then I remember all of the people, who still breathes down my neck in the middle of the night. None of them are here and we’re so far from this place. So just because you’re not in front of me, you’re still the first person holding a sign up as we calm down from this high we never thought we would escape from. I love you.
The Ate & The Bunso

(submitted by @hiyokoifish)

you know what i cant get out of my head?? aa crew vines. i saw a post about gavinners vines but why not everyone like.

  • a vine of klavier saying “anyway, here’s guilty love” and strumming a chord on his guitar and apollo groaning offscreen and then it loops
  • trucy has a channel where she performs tricks like for example she pulls a bunny out of a hat and it loops over and over
  • clay betting apollo 5 bucks he can drop-kick a burger. it cuts to him kicking a burger– into aura’s face. it loops right when shes about to fuckin deck him
  • a vine of a clay and athena playing a v tense game of slapjack, filmed by phoenix. except right at the end you can see trucy sneaking to get a sip of wine and it cuts when phoenix yells “TRUCY!” and the camera starts shaking as he runs towards her
  • phoenix trying to have miles do something cute on camera and it loops right when he looks into the camera and says “fuck o–”
  • clay (ooh hello cosplayer clay hc where’d you come from) trying to convince apollo to wear a ladybug suit
  • the sequel: clay trying to convince him to wear it again but this time klav’s in a chat noir costume besides him
  • also clay in said ladybug costume mouthing part of the mlb intro  "but there’s something about me that, no one knows about" and cutting it off, then cut to him loudly stage whispering “IM GAY”
  • klav singing the first part of a whole new world and walking up to apollo (who is reading the newspaper) who just says “no”
  • a vine of athena and/or trucy (who is holding the phone) hiding around the corner to the agency bathroom trying very hard to stifle a giggle at apollo, who has just woken up from a nap on the couch, trying to erase writing on his forehead
  • a hastily filmed vine of simon and miles having a yugioh battle in the prosecutor’s office and there’s this whole crowd around them and klavier (who is filming) is trying so hard not to laugh poor him
  • and an aa6-verse one (before trucy’s arrest): apollo writing up strategies on a blackboard while the boss is gone. one day he sees a pic of a cat but when he tries to erase it it turns out there was a dick drawn on in permanent marker
  • the prequel: athena and trucy, both offscreen, bickering about how to draw said dick. it’s hard to make anything out, but you can hear “no, athena, I don’t doubt you’re the best penis artist in LA”
  • when did this go from “aa vines” to “everyone fucks w apollo”
  • anyway

Summary: The circus was stupid and a total con act. That was something Camila felt strongly about. Camila Cabello did not believe in things like magic and wonder and fantasy…it simply did not exist and there was no arguing about it. Now, after being forced by her mother to go and spend time with her little sister, Sofi, she has to go to the circus that’s in town for the next 10 days. And perhaps, the illusion will not be stupid. And perhaps, the illusion will not be an illusion.

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